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Victory! Angel’s Gate Founder Charged

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 15, 2012

Update: On May 15, 2012, officials filed 17 additional charges of cruelty to animals against Susan Marino, based on evidence gathered as a result of PETA’s undercover investigation. Animals like Tuxie—the cat whose gaping neck and head wound Marino picked at and who, PETA learned, died last fall after suffering terribly for many months—will finally be granted a chance at justice. Marino now faces a total of 22 cruelty charges as well as a drug-related charge.

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel’s Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call “a hospice and rehabilitation center.”

PETA’s investigation of this hellhole exposed the daily neglect and terrible suffering of disabled, elderly, and ailing animals, many of whom had been shipped to Marino by well-meaning but severely uninformed individuals and agencies, including the New York Center for Animal Care and Control (NYCACC), which doomed Malcolm the Chihuahua and hundreds of other animals to die slowly at Angel’s Gate through its “New Hope” program.  

PETA had provided the District Attorney with the evidence that our investigator gathered while volunteering at Angel’s Gate. Our investigator saw Marino allow animals to suffer, sometimes for weeks, from treatable conditions as well as terminal illnesses without providing veterinary care, medication, or pain relief. Paralyzed animals dragged themselves until they developed bloody ulcers. Animals developed urine scald after being left in soaked diapers for up to two days. Dehydrated animals were denied water, and others were forced to stay outside in freezing temperatures. The bodies of dead animals were left among those of the living for days.

While Marino has been charged, the nightmare is not over for the animals at Angel’s Gate, as they have not yet been seized. Please help us ensure their welfare and the safety of future victims by joining us in urging the New York State Attorney General to revoke Angel’s Gate‘s nonprofit status and ensure that the animals are removed from Marino’s custody. Please click here to send a letter to the Attorney General, and please, when your animal companions become elderly or ill, let them live out their final days with dignity in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their families, not at the mercy of a conniving stranger.

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  • D-R says:

    Lord have mercy. I am so glad they stopped these people.

  • Hollyoak Yvonne says:

    Heartbreaking. How could anyone be so cruel. Poor innocent animals.

  • Kathy Kron says:

    WE need to put pressure on the Attorney General who has the power to get those animals out of there but apparently has done nothing. There is no excuse for delay. They could be removed within hours if the people of authority would get their act together. Lets start a petition to get the local public to put pressure on this “do nothing” Attorney General. There is an address and email address provided to write directly to him – and I hope all concerned will do so – I did.

  • Whistleblower says: I was a former volunteer at Angel’s Gate Long Island. I have dedicated four years to exposing this place. The HSUS received my documents and pictures in 2008-2011. ASPCA investigated 2010 just a few weeks prior to Peta being up there. They were at Angel’s Gate at the same time Peta was there. Cheyenne, kudos to you for making that call. The animals are still at Angel’s Gate. Susan Marino needs to step down as director and/or relinquish the animals to any org that would please step up. MANY Rescues are willing to help. PLEASE CALL THE HSUS, ASPCA, AND PETA AND ASK THEM TO NEGOTIATE THE SURRENDER OF THE ANIMALS!

  • Chantal O'Brien says:

    That is wonderful! She has some nerve to flex her vocal chords to talk about helping animals and does this! Thank you so much for helping these animals. I hope they have happier lives ans finds great homes.

  • Kathy says:

    Dear God, really? Oh please help these animals…. all animals….this is sick. Why do we, as so called humans, think that this is okay? Please help.

  • Chrysta says:

    Someone should start a petition on

  • Annette Ross says:

    This is disgusting you have to do something to help those animals! She is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Heart that is for sure shut her down make her pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheyenne says:

    I went up to this place for an interview cause i had previously worked at the humane society and thought i could at least be there to help the animals out if i could not be at the humane society. I got there and i was completely devastated. I had seen a lot of really horrible stuff at the humane society but all that was a walk in the park compared to this place. I was the one who originally turned her in. She was getting all of this money from Oprah Winfrey and all these other people and i want in the worst way to write to them. I’m glad there has finally been justice done. And i hope this woman rots the rest of her days suffering in prison and suffers some of the pain she has put these animals through. I really could not believe my eyes and the one other thing peta does not mention on this site is that she was feeding them all raw burger.. I will never forget my experience there and neither will my mom because when i got home i was hysterically crying and once i calmed down a bit i called peta!!!!!! This woman is a horrible horrible person…

  • Deborah Wasko says:


  • Lee Riddell says:


  • MARILA says:

    I think this is terrible how the poor animals are suffering! Everyone need a second chance, but all shelters put so many health and pretty dogs and cats to sleep everyday, why don’t they put these poor animals to sleep and stop the agony and torture of them! creatures?

  • Patricia Galvez says:

    Why can’t these animals be taken out of that hell hole? It makes me furious to think that steps have to be taken before the animals can be removed. And this deranged womam should have no rights whatsoever. The video is horrific and should be all that is needed to put this woman behind bars for life! What exactly do they need to allow these animals to be confiscated? Peta is doing a terrific job gathering evidence. Why isn’t this video enough?

  • tom moore says:

    Every single one of these animals need helping.

  • Laura Lorenzetti says:

    I have zero tolerance for what Ms Marino has done to those animals.  There is no excuse.  She hurt helpless creatures.

    I want to see her brought to justice and receive a well-deserved prison term.  She must never be allowed near animals again.

    Laura Lorenzetti

  • Karen says:

    Ok she’s charged, big wow. Is she going to jail? Are the animals safe? NO! Now what?

  • Jen M says:

    @Reality: Yes; however, for those who are irredeemably suffering, that’s the better option. There may be others who can be socialized and adopted. All I know for sure is someone needs to go in and get these poor creatures out of there!

  • valeria remondinia ameixeiro says:


  • Jenifer Weigand says:

    what needs to be done to get the animals out of there?

  • Reality says:

    I was reading the comments posted and it is so nice to see the outpour of concern for these animals and others like them. Just a reality check though, from experience, if and when these animals are removed, most of them will be put down. There will likely only be a handful that are deemed “Adoptable”

  • Caleb says:

    Normally, I lean towards the far right on animal’s rights issues, but on this one I would like to extend a “good job” to your organization. Animals suffering for no other reason besides neglect is intolerable.

  • Dianna Orr says:

    Why was this allowed at Angel’s? Why didn’t PETA just get the animals? I would have done just that. This psychopath is dangerous. Can’t you tell by the tone of her voice and calmness? Why didn’t you get some of these animals? Don’t stand by while they are treated so badly. It’s again the law. Simple as that.

  • sue wooding says:

    thank you Peta for bringing this out in the open but I don’t understand why these poor helpless animals are still there they need to be removed

  • Lee Riddell says:


  • Stephanie R says:

    Why are these animals still in Marino’s care when she has been charged? Surely there has to be a process to remove them immediately? It is insane to leave them with her a minute longer!

  • geri says:

    Thank you PETA for providing this info to the DA’s office. With all of the money given to this woman by famous sources, such as, the Oprah Winfrey Show and Rachael Ray, why weren’t they more vigilante in investigating the source of their generosity? And I ask the DA’s to follow through to the extent allowed by law in prosecuting this woman… as well as those who stood by and assisted in the cruelty. And I further ask that laws be written to attach a more stringent penalty to the abusers. Thank you.

  • Carol says:

    My heart definitely goes out to these sick and hurting animals. However, I am wondering why Marino who may have had good intentions in what she wanted to do for these animals failed to give them proper care? Did she take on more than she could handle? Did she not have the staff or funds to care for them properly. The video showed the place was orderly and clean. What happened to Marino’s ability to manage them all?

  • abi says:

    I just dont understand who in its sane judgment could even leave their pets to this woman??? who could go to this house and drop off a pet knowing that as soon as u look inside its hell for them??? it just doesnt make sense…and it will never do!!just hope that all these lil ones dont suffer anymore or find peace in heaven 🙁 heartbreaking….

  • Pamela Burney RN Hospice says:

    As a Hospice provider our first duty is to do no harm. Iam appalled at what I saw. Isnt there a licensing program one has to go thru to get a non-profit rating? Isnt there any unnanounced visit to make sure the organization is keeping up its end of business deal they entered into the state with? Where is the follow up? To die alone, be it animal or human, is something noone should go thru. I just pray that God gave them an extra measure of peace during there time. Please revoke this lady 501 status and never let her own a pet again. I she couldnt see where the problem was then she doesnt deserve any type of animal.

  • Liz says:

    so glad to hear this , thank you PETA & Delaware COunty DA’s Office . So glad that both PETA & DA’s office had the moral character to go ahead with this and not let it drop. A little dog named Sammy died of neglect there and at least he did not die in vain

  • Allyson says:

    i was horrified after watching this. all i want to do is know how to help. i have sent my email to the attorney general. once these animals are seized what will be the adoption process? thank you peta for your work and dedication to all animals!

  • sushicat says:

    Look, I am a nice person. But things like this make me angry. I feel like it’s my job (and everyone’s job) to protect animals and our earth since they do not have a voice. I could say absolutely horrible things to this woman and anyone supporting this. But I will choose not to because it will not help me or the animals. All I can do is try my best to prevent things like this from happening. Some things are out of my control though.

  • Hana says:

    It’s difficult to understand why and realize that people can do such cruel, impure, violent, and heartless things to living creatures – and dear animals that are so loved by the furry family’s innocent trust to believe they are putting them into experienced and helpful hands. :o( THANK YOU PETA for finding this cruel woman and helping putting the steps in to make life better for all of these poor animals.

  • Francoise Dupen says:

    The depths of some people’s cruelty completely confounds me. It is heart breaking that defenceless animals are subject to the treatment of crazy people like this woman. Animal Welfare Legislation and penalties need to be so much stricter.

  • Kat says:

    thank god the authorities are finally stepping in .. for anyone wondering, the small yet wonderful&caring humane society in the same town does not have a peace officer trained on staff. due to this and general lack of care from local authorities they were unable to step in legally and do anything about this place .. it took a large organization with a reputation like PETA to get their attention to and step in. im sure there is hope for a majority of those animals to be adopted after receiving the proper veterinary treatment =) couldn’t ask for better news for the new year <3 lets hope the charges stick!!

  • vera says:

    When are they going to be rescued from this hell, how much longer??? Where are they going, who’s in charge at this point??? please please be merciful and let them be saved even if means cross the bridge,

  • Kflower8 says:

    This is HORRIFIC. WHY haven’t these animals been rescued from this situation, and brought to proper care and safety????? It is of NO consequence that this woman was charged, if the animals continue to suffer in this situation! State of NY: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? PLEASE ACT NOW.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    How this person can sleep soundly, in her dry, nice, warm, cosy bed at night is beyond my comprehension. She’s nothing but a money-grabbing, sick person, lets all pray and hope this place is closed down, the remaining animals rescued, and she gets her just deserts, I shall certainly spare her no sympathy.

  • Serena Vann says:

    Why wasn’t this woman found out earlier????? Give her the max!!!!! Preferably in a filthy cell!!!!!

  • QueenieKat says:

    People get into this business to earn a quick dollar at the expense of other peoples ignorance. In turn, they have no compassion or empathy when they see animals suffering. Rather than spend the money on vetinary care, they would sooner buy a nice vase or whatever these people desire. Every agency should be checked for things like this. Well done to all who helped, without people like you we wouldn’t be able to move forward.

  • Tracy says:

    Thank GOD! So glad to hear this news. Now I just hope they can get those animals the care and attention they need so badly.

  • Margo says:

    Although it is good news that something is finally being done,what about the animals that are still there?This nightmare has been in the public’s eye for MONTHS and yet,they have not seized the animals.We are still allowing these poor souls to suffer and die.Can’t the SPCA step in and remove them?

  • QueenieKat says:

    People get into this business to earn a quick dollar at the expense of other peoples ignorance. In turn, they have no compassion or empathy when they see animals suffering. Rather than spend the money on vetinary care, they would sooner buy a nice vase or whatever these people desire. Every agency should be checked for things like this. Well done to all who helped, without people like you we wouldn’t be able to move forward.

  • melissa says:

    PLEASE help advise the public on how we can best get involved! I made a donation to Angel’s Gate on behalf of my sister’s birthday a couple of years ago and to see this news now is absolutely DEVASTATING. I would personally like to sue this place for my money back and donate it to a deserving animal rights group.

  • vegangsterARNP says:

    Please keep up the pressure. PLEASE set a precedence. PLEASE.

  • Rocky says:

    There is something wrong with some of the no kill hoarding group. they think keeping an animal alive in a cage with no vet care and in filth is saving them but it is worst than death

  • Sneha Stephen says:

    It is truly wonderful to hear the news. Thanks and so much love to the kind souls who made the effort to help. Is Angel Gate going to be shut down or will it be allowed to function without the ‘non profit’ label attached to it? I hope it is to be shut down completely and all the people responsible made to pay for their crimes. ‘No Tolerance’ is the only way to deal with people who have no soul.

  • sholloway96 says:

    There’s no excuse for this. When overwhelmed, it’s so easy to just pick up a phone and call an agency, such as Peta, for help but instead these people just let animals suffer. I’m glad action will be taken against these cruel, gross people. But why did they get in this rescue business in the first place if they have no compassion for animals? I just don’t understand, but I know one thing and that is I’m truly grateful for and proud of Peta and so thankful for all the hard work Peta does for animals.

  • Dean Ween says:

    This is amazing news. Thank you, PETA and Delaware County officials for not giving up on this. My heart and gratitude go to the investigator, others and prosecutor who took this on and never let go. It’s time for the state to step in and remove these animals. And let us remember those for whom this news comes too late, but whose agony there will never be forgotten.

  • Joel says:

    … and a happy new year!