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Victory! Angel’s Gate Founder Charged

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 15, 2012

Update: On May 15, 2012, officials filed 17 additional charges of cruelty to animals against Susan Marino, based on evidence gathered as a result of PETA’s undercover investigation. Animals like Tuxie—the cat whose gaping neck and head wound Marino picked at and who, PETA learned, died last fall after suffering terribly for many months—will finally be granted a chance at justice. Marino now faces a total of 22 cruelty charges as well as a drug-related charge.

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel’s Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call “a hospice and rehabilitation center.”

PETA’s investigation of this hellhole exposed the daily neglect and terrible suffering of disabled, elderly, and ailing animals, many of whom had been shipped to Marino by well-meaning but severely uninformed individuals and agencies, including the New York Center for Animal Care and Control (NYCACC), which doomed Malcolm the Chihuahua and hundreds of other animals to die slowly at Angel’s Gate through its “New Hope” program.  

PETA had provided the District Attorney with the evidence that our investigator gathered while volunteering at Angel’s Gate. Our investigator saw Marino allow animals to suffer, sometimes for weeks, from treatable conditions as well as terminal illnesses without providing veterinary care, medication, or pain relief. Paralyzed animals dragged themselves until they developed bloody ulcers. Animals developed urine scald after being left in soaked diapers for up to two days. Dehydrated animals were denied water, and others were forced to stay outside in freezing temperatures. The bodies of dead animals were left among those of the living for days.

While Marino has been charged, the nightmare is not over for the animals at Angel’s Gate, as they have not yet been seized. Please help us ensure their welfare and the safety of future victims by joining us in urging the New York State Attorney General to revoke Angel’s Gate‘s nonprofit status and ensure that the animals are removed from Marino’s custody. Please click here to send a letter to the Attorney General, and please, when your animal companions become elderly or ill, let them live out their final days with dignity in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their families, not at the mercy of a conniving stranger.

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  • christy says:

    shut this down and take good care of the poor animals!

  • Amante de los animales says:

    Esa desgraciada mujer debería estar entre rejas, por crueldad animal y por estafa, porque ha ganado millones a costa de estos pobres animalitos! Todo lo que ella quiere es el dinero. ¡Ojalá que la encarcelen de por vida!

  • maryann says:

    i can not believe affter watching the videos, how thoose animals can remain there!!!!when are they going to take thoose animals out of that prison!!isnt 22 counts of abuse enough for them to go in?? what are they waiting for??

  • Sarah says:

    I hope the poor animals that are still alive find some happiness.

  • beverly gannon says:

    sickening .People are evil and these people are insane. ROSEBUD i agre with you 100 percent. Im glad u sending letter to the attorney general. This woman is pure evil

  • Maree. L. Morris says:

    I could not watch the terible vision of these poor “furry babies” being treated in such a way. My hope is that this will in some way happen to Susan Marino. Prison is too good for her!!! What a sick individual this person really is. I hope that be the time I write this, these poor babies have been rescued, and are being treated in a way that they deserve, and by that I mean NOT BEING PUT TO SLEEP!!!!!! But are living with the love and respect they deserve in a forever home.

  • Tiffany says:

    This is so disgusting what she did to these animals. I have always, and will always be an a HUGE animal lover. I wish i knew what i could do to make a diffrence for animals but im only 17 with no money to help.

  • Irma says:

    Humans are supposed to have evolved to a ‘higher degree’ – I many times wonder why they have evolved to such a high degree of cruelty. AS humans we should have the moral responsibility of helping our fellow creatures as well as human beings. I cry many silent tears for all the suffering humans put animals through for different reasons. How horrific – sometimes its even for entertainment! Somebody help animals – quickly! I am suffering with them and feel such anquish.

  • carla says:

    I am sickened by the human race… an eye for an eye… Stick them in a hole and throw dirt on them and leave them to suffer and die…

  • Bianca says:

    stop dit soort “mensen”. Er moet veel strenger worden opgetreden voor dit soort misdaden.

  • Rosebud says:

    OMG!!! How horrifying was that video. My heart aches & with tears I cry for all those poor furbaby’s.How anyone can be so heartless is beyond my wildest comprehension. The suffering she put those poor poor animals through she should be fined & have to spend yrs in jail with only a pan of water. My heart aches for all those poor souls that are still suffering becauce of Susan Marino!!!! & their still suffering because their not out of there yet!!!I’m sending a letter to the Attorney General.They need out ASAP!!! Praying for the poor animals that are left that they make it <3 <3 <3

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you PETA for stoping this woman. This was so sad and I feel so bad for those animals. May they rest in peace

  • Maggy says:

    Beware humane organizations that tell you about shipping off unwanted animals to be adopted out somewhere else. We have one.

  • addie says:

    I just wish people didn’t hurt animals..

  • Rayna HW says:

    Thank you PETA and all those involved in exposing the cruelty and abuse here and making it end. Of course, these animals need homes now so if people can volunteer to foster, do so here and spread the word. I am able to foster cats and you can email me.

  • Penelope O'Connell says:

    I truly cannot believe the cruelty humans are capable of when it comes to animals. Everytime I read something like this, or hear about the the bear baiting, shark finning etcetera, I cry. The horror of it all is beyond my comprehension. Thank-you for doing something about this woman P.E.T.A.

  • Penelope O'Connell says:

    I truly cannot believe the cruelty humans are capable of when it comes to animals. Everytime I read something like this, or hear about the the bear baiting, shark finning etcetera, I cry. The horror of it all is beyond my comprehension. Thank-you for doing something about this woman P.E.T.A.

  • Freya says:

    Finally this women has been brought to justice!! though she should be punished more severely as she is responsible for the extreme pain and suffering of so many inoccent animals.

  • jackie says:

    People like this should be arrested and fined and put in jail for life, in a small cribe size cage, and put the same painful existance on her for the rest of her life, eye for an eye , and justice should take place, otherwise this sickining human race will continue to strive, and this will keep this happening, the law should be doing somethi.g right now to help these precious animals, i love animals, they all are coparible to a 3to 5 yr. Old child, thats a fact,, can u see a 3 yr old. Going through this sick exsistance,? Well, u just did! 🙁 its everywhere! I cry, it twists My mind apart, i wish every person who harms animals should pay in details, for every bit of pain they had done, but most of all, somehow this must end

  • zshep says:

    Take note: For someone who is an animal hoarder, starting a sanctuary is a perfect way for them to continue their sickness, unexposed. There are many well-run rescue groups. But just don’t assume all of them are legit. Thank you PETA, I am a member. I give as much as am able.

  • Ashley says:

    Animal cruelty should be against the law!I have 4 rescue dogs and I treat them like they are a part of a family!