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Victoria Beckham Picks Up Skinny Bitch

Written by PETA | June 15, 2007
Spotlightingnews/Creative Commons

A photo snapped by paparazzi of everyone’s favorite ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, buying a copy of Rory Freedman’s Skinny Bitch has sparked a massive spike in sales of the diet book that has been described as “a no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous.” What interests me in particular about this little piece of gossip is that if Victoria and her fans follow the book’s advice, we’ll have even more talent batting for the vegan team pretty soon, since Skinny Bitch is a fantastic piece of advocacy for a vegan diet. Here’s what Ingrid Newkirk says about the book:

“Skinny Bitch combines a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude with cogent analysis and scientific proof to make an engaging, wickedly irreverent, and iron-clad case for eating healthfully. If I had it in my power, I’d provide a free copy to every young woman in the developed world; we could then become, instead of the fattest next generation in history, the healthiest.”

Enjoy the new diet, Victoria. And thank you, Rory—you’re amazing.

You can read more about the story here.

Vegparadise/Creative Commons

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  • My says:

    I think the book is great. To the point with no BS. Healthy body healthy eatting. That’s it. As far a Beckman is concerned….She’s gorgeous and so is her husband. This might be good move for PETA.

  • Tonya says:

    This book changed my life along with my husbands. We are so so so thankful for this book. We are both proud vegans now and couldn’t feel more healthy or happier. I’ve lost a whole pant size and working on another almost thereAnd it’s only been a few weeks! We do not miss out on anything. Most of the vegan foodsrecipes are BETTER than what we’ve had before. We don’t spend more because we don’t buy fast food meat or dairy. We actually save money. Our marriage is thriving and we are so happy. I’m so glad to know that I’m not eating those poor baby animals that were suffering and not eating poisons. THANK YOU FOR SAVING OUR LIVES!

  • Stacy says:

    PETA does not promote anorexia dont you get it and the more people read the skinny bitch book the more animals are saved. I am so glade someone had the guts to write that book because finally someone told me the truth. This Skinny Bitch book tells the truth and talks about the vegan diet. Skinny Bitch is a catchy title and yes I must admit I find out about the book because of Victoria and I must say its the best book I ever read. Thanks PETA and Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin for promoting Veganism. I love being a Vegan thanks for showing me the truth.

  • Zoe says:

    it’s a good book to start on vegan eating. what’s wrong with that? if you read the book it will become clear they aren’t promoting diets or bitchiness. Just a vegan lifestyle.

  • crisp says:

    i read the book and i loved it. it gives you so many good reasons to eat better and i have already lost a couple pounds in the first week! i’m so excited and ready to begin a more healthy lifestyle!

  • Lindsay says:

    I recently read this book. About 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college I became very interested in eating whole minimally processed foods and began reading nutrition literature. I also did a research report on how food companies use false advertising to market their products mainly on grains and high fructose corn syrup in snack foods and cereals. I agree that the title is simply a Marketing Tool used to capture the attention of young women. I am a marketing major and I think it is genius. It appeals to women brought up on Cosmo and America’s Next top model but it promotes a message not about being skinny but about being responsible for who you are and what you are eating. It is suggested that my generation is has been so over marketed to that we don’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore we just want truth and facts to support it and this book does that. Skinny Bitch is based on research not simply the authors opinion and all facts are properly cited. In all actuality it reads more like a research report. After reading the book I used the reference section to do my own research which is how I found this website. Benefits I had some idea about what went on in the meat and dairy industry but no idea how horrible it actually was until I read this book. Since reading it I am no longer eating meat or dairy and I feel so much better about myself inside and out! I have been trying to get my roommate to eat healthier and after I shared this book with her she gave up Raman noodles and started eating more fruit and veggies! Don’t knock it before you try it…

  • Emily says:

    I’ve read this book and I think its great! My mom has followed the same diet for years not with the goal of being freakishly skinny but of being healthy. The foods the authors tell you to eat will make the average person lose weight because it is all nonprocessed foods. I think the book is great and its a much more healthy alternative to the thousands of other diets and fads people try these days.

  • Christina says:

    I own the book and think everyone is missing the entire point It’s revealing the harsh reality of the cruel farming industry and exposing the dangers of animal consumption. The second book is even more valuable because it provides nutritional recipes and protein substitutes. Please get off the Beckham topic. She’s supporting the cause just as you are.

  • Dee says:

    this book is not promoting anorexia in any way! its just the title “skinny bitch” is meant to grab your attention in the book it clearly states that it is not about being skinny it is about being healthy! it substitutes unhealthy things like chocolate with a more healthy option no harm done! this book is gr8!

  • Danniell says:

    I find it ridiculous to see that some people who blog about the book have clearly not read it. People would be more knowledgeable of the contents if a person would have got past the title as I did and read it cover to cover like I did. This book is common sense and it is quite sorry on Maya’s part for anyone to think that common sense of the relationship between plant and animals and sustaining a healthy body is promoting people to be skinnier and skinnier. Aren’t we the world’s heaviest country? Could some obese citizens lose a few pounds from eating healthy? I think that may be the consequence of using common sense and a knowledgeable mind. And also Kerstin a person can still drink beer but it is advised to drink organic and additivefree.

  • kerstin says:

    You people who sit here and say they are promoting anorexia are dumb. The book is a healthy guide to slim down. The name is simply a joke. It is showing support for PETA. If you aren’t a fan here’s a clue don’t read the book. The girls aren’t anorexic. They are helping people to find a healthier diet than hamburgers and beer. If you don’t want to feel good about yourself…EAT UP!!!

  • carrie says:

    This book doesn’t promote anorexia at all! One line from the book even says we want to be skinny bitches not scrawny bitches. It’s about being healthy. I have already met people that were influenced go vegan because of this book.

  • Mindy says:

    Other reports clarify that VB didn’t buy the book just picked it up and looked at it. Obviously she looks amazing and doesn’t need to lose weight. This book is a great way to make people aware of what they are contributing to through the diets they eat. Also let’s keep in mind that a degree does NOT make you educated. The world is full of educated morons!

  • lori says:

    Hey if she confortable and if she feels great and heathy people should mine there own business on what she looks like…………

  • athenart says:

    I just flipped through this book at the store yesterday. It is a book that advocates a vegan nonchemical noncaffeine super healthy diet AND exercise. PETA is right to support it!!! The title is misleading and really just a marketing tool. The fact that someone was photographed with the book… well that doesn’t mean said person can even READ! If I was photographed with a golf club in my hand that doesn’t make me Tiger Woods. The book is good and if PoshTart accidentally finds herself promoting a vegan diet then so be it! PS The descriptions of slaughterhouses etc. in this book are VERY graphic and have affected even the most traditional of meat eaters I know.

  • Kristin says:

    I’ve read the book. I love the book. How is the promotion of eating healthful a bad thing? Skinny does NOT mean healthy at all but someone who eats pure healthy organic foods legumes fruits veg etc has a ‘healthy’ look the clear skin toned body and so forth. Go Victoria!

  • Faye says:

    I am no great admirer of VB but this book did convert a heavy duty carnivore such as myself to becoming vegan and loving it! Many people such as myselfdon’t realise the crulty involved in the meat industry and if it takes a book with a daft title to bring it home to us so be it.

  • Pamela G says:

    I would be the first person to agree about promoting the wrong message. However I would suggest that people read the book before they make opinions here. I just finished reading the book and it promotes EATING! HEALTHY EATING! “Skinny” has gotten a bad reputation. Now people hear skinny and think Nicole Richie. That’s not “skinny” that is malnurished and unhealthy. Go spend an afternoon at a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats and you’ll find all of the food that this book talks about. Organic fruits and vegetables whole grain pastas and breads legumes and rice and delicious soy products. I just ask that you all PLEASE read the book before you jump to conclusions. I don’t have an opinion about Victoria Beckham because I don’t know her but I do know that the book has a lot of cold hard facts and good information.

  • stasya berber says:

    Im a vegetarian and a beginning vegan im also a scientist and have had a past with eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. I think that previous comments on science are not applicable to all scientists. I study wildlife biologyand i am saddened by the circumstances surrounding the poor creatures i dissect I will also be dissecting humans in the future albeit they die natural deaths. but i also know i do not support scientific research which harms animals in any fashion i want to preserve nature and i have strong feelings towards animal cruelty. i just feel i dont have a say in some matters how else could i learn about animal anatomy? as for victoria beckham supporting this new book a wrong message can be inferred. for starters the description of the book says nothing about vegetarianism. is Victoria a vegetarian? she looks healthy but we all know that physical beauty is only part of the package. at any rate i hope we can all learn to respect people too

  • Canaduck says:

    VeronicaI’m afraid that you’re wrong about healthy people necessarily being thin. I’m healthy and though I’m not heavy I’m not skinny by any definition of the word. I never have been. And I’ve been vegan for three years now. You’re right that vegans are often thinner than the general population but to imagine that we can change our actual body types with any sort of diet is irrational. brbrHowever I have no problem with people wanting to buy a book that promotes a truly healthy vegan diet as part of weight loss. Victoria Beckham is really freaking skinny though who knows if the book is for herself. Or maybe she’s looking for an easy way to stay thin!

  • Stacy Pfeifer says:

    No post toasty my last comment. Oh well Probably for the best I went the F off about god knows what? Anyways I guess it’s a personal thing w me I hate all effing celebrities but I want to help the animals. I just don’t like Euthanasia in any kind of shelter. I wish all Shelters were NO KILL. But then again that’s very idealistic of me and euthanasia is humane as long as there’s no cruelty involved. I used to work in a veterinary clinic so I get that. Okay enough ranting for me I think I’m going to go donate $$ to my local animal shelter now. P.S. If ya don’t see how this comment pertains to the blog it’s because they didn’t post my last comment which was very out there.

  • Sue says:

    Victoria Beckham is unhealthy and too skinny. Vegetarianism is not healthy especially if you eat those fake vegetarian processed products. If you stick to vegies fruits nuts and seeds seaweeds and good vegetarian protein sources than it can be called healthy.

  • Gerardo Tristan says:

    As long as this book results in less animals killed and more people turning vegan and healthy ..who cares if the devil himself buy it!! We are working to end ANIMAL suffering and abuse not to please people!!! Hello!! Get real! Stop whinning and start helping animals folks!! Well done Victoria B!!

  • CupcakeMagee says:

    Well said “K.” I’m ever so tired of people bashing trashing and smashing women who want to be thin or women who already are thin or women who actually enjoy and have fun with the fashion industry sans animal torture of course. Look folks 180 degrees from sick is still sick… Maybe just maybe Mrs. Beckham was simply doing a wee bit of PR work for the book and made a point of picking it up for the cameras did anyone ever consider that? Or perhaps she is indeed getting it for a friend? Or even to flip through herself? Who said you have to be portly to pick up a book about improving your health? Settle down and let skinny vegetarians buy the books they’d like to buy…

  • K says:

    Some of the previous posters should be ashamed of themselves for being so critical of Victoria for wanting to control what she eats in an attempt to get healthier. if in fact this book is for Victoria herself Nobody especially outsiders has the right to make any such hasty false generalizations. 1 If any bothered to look up more information on the book “The Skinny Bitch guide encourages women to eat whole grains fruits and vegetables while urging them to abandon dairy products eggs meat and fish.” Hello? 2 “The book was written by two LA fashion luminaries former model Kim Barnouin who has a degree in holistic nutrition and exFord model agent Rory Freedman.” My how quick we are to rail against the oppressive standards of beauty in our culture only to turn around and dish someone for being too fat or too skinny etc. It’s pathetic.

  • Veronica R says:

    Just because someone is skinny does not mean they are healthy BUT if you are truly healthy you WILL BE skinny! Skinny mabye a negative word for some people but most people classify body types as skinny fat or average. There may be semihealthy average weight people but anyone truly healthy will be classified as skinny. Our society is so fat now that when they see someone like Victoria Beckham they think she’s too skinny. She’s not in my opinion. If you look at most vegans who have been vegans for a few years or raw vegans you will find that they are pretty skinny too but these are usually pretty healthy folks unless they are a vegan that just eats a lot of junk and sweets. Skinny is good. Fat is bad. Deal with it.

  • vegan4animals says:

    hey being thin is healthy. so what’s wrong with promoting being thin? i think it’s great if everyone were thin there’d be a lot less dead animals meat eaters disease from obesity liposuction people depressed because they hate being fat and so on. i think it’s great that this book came out and promotes the vegan diet while also promoting the healthiness of having a low fat body. Beckham probably wants to know how to STAY thin so more power to her for picking up this book.

  • Krissie Shadows says:

    Im not against vegan or anything but I HATE victoria beckham. And I am sort of disapointed in Peta for supporting anorexia.

  • Maya says:

    Kelly my dear those are quite large generalizations you’re making. I won’t be a jerk and say something like “so what’s your degree in?” but unless you’re in the field you shouldn’t stereotype people so much. As I said in my comment it’s not that I think the book is inaccurate but rather that the name “Skinny Bitch” for a diet book worries me. Skinny people are not automatically more healthy than nonskinny folk. If you’re going to have such a flippant name for a book you’d better have good credentials to back it up. Obviously that’s just my opinion. Again skinny does not automatically equal healthy. That’s a scientific fact. So stop stereotyping scientists. There are all different types. And if you think degrees are a dime a dozen I wonder where on earth you attended grad school. ps I admire your devotion to animal causes. I hope eventually you and I can be on the same page.

  • Stacy says:

    OMG. Eat what you want people!!!!! This is a load of Bullcrap!! I don’t think it is wise to try and change people!!! Why Not write a book called “Get a better attitude.” I Luv Peta! I do but I’m so tired of cynical skinny little bitches!! can we say Hipster Trash. Why not Healthy bitches. I don’t know? This one pissed me off but I still luv ya Peta at least when you make points concerning compassion and not elitism. Viva la elitist hipster trash revolt..arriba..arriba

  • kelly says:

    Maya. your comments disturb me. First of all if you are a scientist you know full well that just because someone managed to pick up a degree does not mean they are competent or knowledgeable or ethical in any way. In fact many “scientists” support the animal abusing industries with concocted nonsensical “science.” Degrees are a dime a dozen in the American educational system. also as a “scientist” you might be aware of the repeated positive results that calorie restriction for humans has in research. However with regard to diet plans or aids or health or whatever the American degreed “science” community in its many manifestations has produced some of the biggest charlatans quacks and liars on the planet.

  • Jason Levy says:

    The book isn’t promoting anorexia…the name is just kind of a joke. It promotes a healthy vegan diet. The name is just in reference to how most vegans tend to be skinny…like I said it’s meant to be a funny title not taken so seriously.

  • Chris says:

    I’m confused by some of these comments. Are the first few people to comment antihealthy weight? Victoria Beckham can buy whatever she wants to buy. If it’s something that happens to promote humane treatment of animals so much the better. Will everybody just take it easy ? Thanks. Nice out Jack.

  • Rose of Sherwood says:

    Victoria Beckham is sublime and has a fabulous body and her vegan dietbook is evidently not meant for herself I’m surprised that there are people suggesting this but these delicious recipes are for example exactly for people like me i’m a socalled puddingvegetarian who eats too much sweet so I think this shall change when I shall study this very interesting new book and above all why should animal protectors become angry from a vegan recipebook or are they not!?!? hm I mean animal protectors

  • Coolidge says:

    The point of course is that if people are going to be buying diet books they should pick one that advocates a healthy vegan diet. Victoria Beckham obviously doesn’t need to be on a diet but it would be great if people who do want to responsibly lose weight followed this book rather than the godawful Atkins Diet.

  • aj says:

    I am very disappointed in PETA for showcasing this book and Victoria Beckham out of all people! I care about animals but promoting anorexic women in their name? Disgusting!

  • aj says:

    I am very disappointed in PETA for showcasing this book and Victoria Beckham out of all people! I care about animals but promoting anorexic women in their name. Disgusting!

  • Maya says:

    Oh My God I don’t even know where to start. First of all someone who looks like Bechkham does NOT need to lose weight. What are we saying to young girls? That she’s fat and ugly? Can you say eating disorder? I’m not suggesting that Beckham has one but rather that why does she need a diet book?? Second one of the authors had no degree whatsoever. As a scientist this makes me nervous. If the info is good okay. Good for them. But I’ve only observed for two seconds and I think it suggests that skinny healthy. Bull. And I can say that because I’m only 115 lbs. That does not equal health.