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Vick’s Indictment: What You Can Do

Written by PETA | July 18, 2007
workingpitbull/Creative Commons

The PETA offices have been in overdrive since last night responding to Michael Vick’s recent indictment for dogfighting. The vague statement released by the Atlanta Falcons about this disturbing news is simply not sufficient. This morning, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader The Rev. Al Sharpton, and PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk sent a letter to all of Vick’s corporate sponsors, Falcons CEO Arthur Blank, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell roundly condemning dogfighting and other forms of violence. You can read that letter here. We are also calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to immediately suspend Michael Vick in light of this indictment. According to Deadspin the indictment includes the following allegations, which highlight exactly how reprehensible this vicious blood sport is:

  • “In March 2003, PEACE, after consulting with Vick about the female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”
  • “In April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS and VICK executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in ‘testing’ sessions by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Please click here to contact Roger Goodell about this news and ask him to immediately take action. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the news of Vick’s alleged involvement in this horrific cruelty is not swept under the rug. I can only hope that the high profile nature of Michael Vick’s case helps to shed light on an epidemic that, too often, is not treated with enough gravity by law-enforcement officials, and that needs to be stamped out immediately.

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  • Krista says:

    I just saw that Nike is still planning to release their Michael Vick shoe this year!!!!!! I am so appalled. Nike isn’t listening maybe we go to Foot Locker and other shoe and sporting goods retailers and ask them to not stock the product. Let them rot at Nike just like Vick should rot in prison preferrably with a large pit bull as a cell mate.

  • Kate says:

    It’s disgusting that some of you have made this a racial issue. You are straight up ignorant if you really think only minorities and black people have an interest and role in dog fighting. Seriously what is wrong with you? Your question about “why do blacks always have dog fights” is stupid and irrelevant. The bottom line is that dogs are being treated in a horrible manner for no reason at all than to benefit the people organizing the fights. Ethnicity has nothing to do with this terrible fact. Stop bitching about the color of skin and recognize that we’re all in this together to stop animal cruelty. Your comments on particular race participation are distracting and don’t serve anyone at all. You’ve disgraced everyone who is committed to end dog fighting.

  • Tvshooter says:

    Falcons open traing camp the day Vick appears in court.Perhaps a show of support against Vick would be a great way for the other Falcons to see how the dog killer is going to set the tone for the team this year. I urge as many as possible to show up every day at the Falcons camp in georgia. Address is Falcons Headquarters 4400 Falcon Parkway Flowery Branch Georgia 30542 Phone 770 9653115 Falcons GM is Rich McKay. Director of Event Marketing is Roddy Whitecorporate sales is Tim Zulaski. These are people that have clout and if shown how much this is going to affect the bottom line…like corporate sales and events…then maybe Vick will get kicked. Another person that should get callsformer player Tommy Nobis.He has a good bit of influence in the community. All these can be reached at the Falcons number above. When Players Report July 24 First Practice July 25 230 5 p.m. Vick’s court day is the 26th…but everyday the playersall of themshould be shown how this thug is destroying the entire team. As for Arthur Blank and Roger Goodellthey should innundated with calls and letters protesting the decision to allow Vick to play. What happened to the “get tough on bad behavior” in the NFL? Apparentlyit does not apply to marqee playersonly the lesser known ones.

  • Ariel says:

    CAL 71807 Stop playing the race card already! It’s beyond ridiculously ad nauseum! All is fine with the “black” people when “white” folks buy “their” music patronize “their” movies when they are the stars spend money on sports that include “blacks” on and on and on…but when a “black” person commits a crime well according to “black” people “white” folks are suddenly considered prejudice. Prior to Vick’s indictment did you ever hear even one time anybody complaining about his color that he shouldn’t be on the team because of it…or the fact that he was being paid big bucks for being in the NFL…or the fact that he was chosen and making big bucks for all his advertising endorsements??? I bet you hadn’t! In fact “white folks” if I must use these terms to “segregate” cheered him on just as much as any other player. No matter what ethnic race any person who commits a proven atrocity like this would be and ARE indicted! Did you ever hear of “white folks” complaining about that?? I bet not! So stop crying predjudice and about “worse things going on.” None of us can solve ALL of the world’s problems…but we have to do what we can when we can to fight against crime! And I am sick and tired of the “black” people segregating themselves by hearing them say “the black community.” People are people no matter what color and there is no need for categorizing into “communities.” AND I don’t like to use the term “black people” but since you are playing the race card I had no alternative.

  • Robin says:

    I agree that these people can not be punished enough but lets not make it into a race thing. A few years ago in Arkansas I believe a dog fight ring was busted and they where mostly white men and a few women! It goes both ways. I think it is a matter of being uneducated about respect and being egotistical. Also read some of the stunts he has pulled in the past. They all point to a seriously inflated ego as well as an individual with no capacity to think past their own needs and wants. Why he is still a spokesman for NIKE or anybody is beyond me. He has already behaved shamefully. I think as a society we have given these guys to much of a “Royalty” status. Some athletes are actually good role models but they are getting harder to find. But please everyone keep writing and emailing sponsors. This man should get 0 of our money and should have lots of his taken away! I feel like the legal penalties are pretty much slaps on the wrist. So make him pay with his bank account. Right now he is pretty much the most hated man in America. If you want a real case of nausea go to his fan clubs and listen to those poor deluded individuals.LOL Even if this man was not involved with the actual fights and tortures to let this go on at a property owned by you is enough reason to go to jail and never play in the NFL AGAIN!!!

  • PamW says:

    Will PETA or the Humane Society hire someone to picket the Atlanta Falcons on the first day of training camp next Thursday or the Arthur Blank Family Foundation offices in Atlanta in my place? I will gladly pay the person you hire a reasonable wage. I can’t get to Atlanta and this has my blood boiling. I don’t want to “donate” to PETA generally because I’m afraid the money wouldn’t go to this direct cause. However if you’re willing to do this for me I’ll pay for the protestor AND give you a donation. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Monica Young says:

    I’m sorry. Shame on us for “worshipping the NFL” or for that matter anyone with a little money in this country! Money sure doesn’t buy class and the blackhearted evil in this man who assumes he’s rich enough to get himself out of everything needs to go down HARD. He needs to suffer until he realizes what he has done to those innocent creatures who depend on us for their care. God saw all of it!!!! I’m certainly glad I’m not in Vick’s shoes!!! What comes around goes around! Rest assured about that!

  • hadley james says:

    Jack . . . you need to sleep!!!

  • Chris says:

    PETA WILL NOT SEE ANOTHER DIME from me until I see demonstrations in front of either Vick’s home or the courthouse where Vick is appearing. I will not accept some commonsense letter from two psuedo black leaders who not representatives of the black community as the answer and solution to this unconscionable behavior. My donations mean nothing if PETA is not out in front of this issue every day until he is sent to jail. NOT ONE DIME!!! GOODBYE FOR NOW!!!!

  • Leslie says:

    I am so appalled by the treatment of these innocent creatures. Not only are they executed for not winning a fight but their living conditions are unbelievably sad. I hope more laws are put into place to protect all pets from this terrible abuse. If the NFL shrugs this off then I will boycott watching the NFL games. As one of the highest paid NFL players you would think Vick would do something more useful with his time and money. What happened to being a decent role model to young boys? He is nothing but a criminal with a very high paycheck.

  • Mick says:

    Michael Vick needs to be banned from the NFL for the rest of his life. He engaged in this sick abusive behavior for years knowing full well what he was doing. It’s not like he was in a barfight that spontaneously erupted. I will turn the other way when I see a product endorsed by Vick and furthermore if the Falcons don’t step up real quick on this issue I will be avoiding buying anything endorsed by any Atlanta Falcon permanently.

  • Aparna Rao says:

    Why is it that black people are so drawn to this sick “sport” i dont think there are whites who take part in this madness. I say castrate Michael Vick and hang him by his nails.

  • ANGIE says:


  • melanie says:

    peta should spend more time getting all these dog fighters brought to justice vick is just one sick idiot there are plenty more

  • Mark Jackier says:

    Animal lovers should unite in taking effective measures to insure that both Michael Vick his employers sponsors know that such barbaric vile behavior has severe consequences. If the charges prove true this “man” is the “Adolph Hitler of the animal world”. Turn of the cash spigots to his sponsors. Let all Atlanta Falcon ticket holders boycott the games. Let the NFL speak with real integrity and humanity and bar Vick for life ! Prison in an open population with known dog lovers as his cell mates would certainly be a just sentence !

  • Devon says:

    Vick should never be allowed to own another animal…or for that matter be around another animal for the rest of his life. In fact…he shouldn’t even be allowed freedome because they should put him away for the rest of his miserable life. What a ROLE MODEL for young kids…and with all the sports figures I’ve seen in the news these days…kids shouldn’t even be able to watch sports! What is the world coming to.

  • Jen says:

    As much as he makes me sick he has probably been through some sort of trauma and needs help. Anyone who needs to resort to mistreating another individual needs compassion. I am sad for him and the dogs injured in his fight. Please remember most of us who are able to make these comments have had a happy life. Please get help Michael

  • Brandy says:

    Simply this is awful. When my mother told me about this I had to supress the vomit moving up my throat. I have lived in ignorance of the whole dog fighting thing because I could never conceptualize a human being ever wanting or needing this as entertainment. Doesn’t he have an XBox or a game named after him he can play? I really hope that no defense attorney will take this case…and I really hope they put Vick et al. in a mental hospital…preferably and appropriately one that still does shock treatments.

  • Greg says:

    WoW you people are all pretty damn ugly on the inside. How can any of you convict a person without any of you knowing any particular evidence or facts about the case. If Vick is covicted then you have proof of the disgusting person Vick is himself but your statements about a person yet to be proven guilty shows you all in a light not much better than Vick currently stands in.

  • hd says:

    Why is it that minorities tend to abuse animals in that way…dogfighting is common in third world countries… It’s one thing to need fur and meat to survive but to pursue raising dogs for the purpose of a life that soon ends in in a brutal death is an atrocity. Imho it all boils down to greedy people with no respect for animals. Everytime I see a pit bull terrier type dog I pray it has a good owner that doesn’t subject it to that abuse. I cannot believe that people raise animals just to watch and and bet money to see one dog kill another. One more thing that might be offensive to some people but not me me anyways…I consume meat and dairy and vegetables too.

  • tony says:

    Home Depot IS a legitimate boycott target. Arthur Blank is a Home Depot cofounder and still a significant shareholder despite stepping down from active involvement with the company. And Home Depot is also the official home improvement sponsor of the NFL. So the company is both a major NFL sponsor and has deep family ties to the only person in the league capable of acting decisively at this point in time the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Don’t be swayed by the arguments of Home Depot shareholders!

  • Shanda says:

    Before you boycott these companies that you think endorse Michael Vick do some research….MOST OF THEM HAVE ALREADY DUMPED HIM! I spent quite a bit of time today submitting letters to companies that already dumped him….like EASports and Rawlings. He’s toast!

  • Michael says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a second…what will all of you that want Michael Vick burned at the stake say if he is found to be not guilty of these charges and had no involvement in all of this? This is still America and for all the rights that PETA pursues for animals I would think that same should apply here or do we forget the adage “innocent until proven guilty”. All I can say to each of you is “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”.

  • Laura Richards says:

    Thank you Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Simmons for adding your voices to those of PETA in condemning the actions of the monster Michael Vick. His friends on the Washington team are just as bad for standing by and being good Germans. I have emailed the Atlanta Falcons seeking his immediate dismissal. Vick should be kicked off the field and under teh jail.

  • Gabriella says:

    This is an awsome video! Thanks to its creator. waiting anxiously for justice!

  • cal says:


  • chris says:

    The recent indictment of Michael Vick reflects the profile of this individual an uneducated barbaric heinous individual. Its one thing to destroy yourself but to act innocent animals who depend on us for guidance is completely horrific. As stated above in other posts i will immediately stop purchasing any product or company endorsed by michael vick. Additionally the FEDS should investigate his friends like Redskins running back Clinton Portis who went on national television and laughed about this incident defending his “friend” michael vick when these allegations were brought to life. I truly hope this case is not plea bargained down and that michael vick gets the full 6 years in general population. i believe he made money on “survival of the fittest” with his dogs. Michael Vick is a a property of the Falcons and should be dismissed immediately.

  • Anonymous says:

    Call your local and national talk shows and tell others to have Vick banned from the NFL.

  • Amy Messner says:

    Please let us make an example out of this barbarian who is paid x times the amount of even the most “affluent” incomes in the US let alone the rest of us who fall below. Who could hurt an animal? This is all about power. It’s equivalent to the theory we know about rape it’s not about sex . . . but about power. What separates humans from animals? Apparently not much. These poor animals are completely defenseless. An NFL player beating up on a poor unknowing drugged up animal. These dogs are pure victims. This guy is crazed . . . with a dark dark heart. He is the Jeffrey Dahmer of the animal world. He is perverted. The animals did not deserve this. And who was next?????? You know what Jeffrey moved on to. This guy needs some serious mental help.

  • Michael says:

    Please DO NOT boycott AirTran or The Home Depot!!!! I fully encourage an all out boycott of the sponsors and affiliates of Michael Vick the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL to get the point across. Some probably not all that should be targeted are Nike CocaCola Kraft Sprint Motorola and Wendy’s. AirTran and The Home Depot should NOT be targeted! AirTran terminated their endorsement deal with Vick after the water bottle incident. The Home Depot is no longer owned by Mr. Blank nor does he serve in any capacity with the company since 2001. We should not penalize those who are not affiliated with Vick or Mr. Blank. As far as the NFL and Mr. Blank go give them time as I fully believe they will act decisively against Vick just ask Tank Johnson Pacman Jones or Chris Henry!

  • greg says:

    Why isn’t PETA demonstrating in front of Vick’s house for his atrocities. Is PETA afraid of afrianamericans? The letter from Russell Simmons and Al Sharpton is meaningless as it does not even mention Vick’s name. What can’t they admit that an afrianamerican can do such a heinous act? It happens everyday

  • David Risley says:

    Frankly I’m so happy to see the major coverage of all of this and have to thank the moron Michael Vick and his gal pals for bringing this to the public eye. Let’s face it this cruel sport has been going on under our noses forever everyone seems to turn a blind eye no one has been really been able to control it. We need some idiot football player like this to bring it to the public eye in our celebrity starved world. So I am grateful for him. Now hopefully people will see how disgusting this practice is and talk and ACT. I feel sorry for these jerks who need to do this clearly they are lacking in all other departments and need to prove their “manhood” by taking it out on dogs. Same men who take it out on children and women. And we know how popular they are in jail… There I made it through without one swear though as I was typing it I was inserting profanities out loud through every word. Please feel free to substitute “jerk” and “moron” with your personal profanity of choice that you think best serves Michael and friends.

  • Ursula says:

    I realize I sound repetitive but I can’t begin to express my anger and disgust over this situation. I agree 100+ that Michael Vick should pay the price DEARLY. And i say with pride that I will avoid any Nike Kraft Coke and Airtran products for as long as it takes… And for the Atlanta Falcons and NFL in general they are definitely at risk of losing viewership… If anything good comes of this situation I hope some awareness of what is happening to innocent animals.

  • Billy says:

    If Vick is truly guilty of these crimes then he should pay the price. But he needs to be tried and convicted before he is thrown under the bus. A lot of the comments on this site tend to take the additude that if you are acused of something then you must be guilty which as we know is not always the case. The thing that makes me a little skeptical is that some of the alledged crimes happened long after this issue was public. If this is the case then Vick is not only a criminal but is also retarded. Also many are getting on Arthur Blank. I guarantee you that if Vick is guilty he will be out and out fast.

  • Mike says:

    If you want to affect Mr. Blank I have an idea boycott or protest at your local Home Depot. Blank owns the Falcons AND Home Depot! What better way to affect the head of the Falcons organization! I think I’ll start my next project a Lowes!

  • Tim says:

    Oh How I wish I were a judge and have people like this barbarian come into my court room….PETA needs to lobby more for stricter penalties tougher laws for these bastards. I’d love to spit right in the faces of those involved.

  • Brenda says:

    I hope enough people take a stand and get into the NFL and Atlanta Falcons face that they will throw him out and that he’ll go to jail. What a sicko and to think anyone who pays $$ to the NFL Atlanta Falcons and anyone involved with that franchise will be supporting his habit. Come on NFL players are you going to let him tarnish your images take a stand and do the right thing.

  • Naomi says:

    This man is sick and i think he should be put in a cage with one of his pit victims. God has a special place and plan for thease kind of people. leave it not to me to judge after all only god can.. .and i won’t be near him when it happens i pray!

  • coolfusion says:

    A fish rots from the head down. Arthur Blank is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons or Alantic Felons. He has the authority but not the will to pull Vick’s contract. All those concerned should contact either his business or his foundation. The clients of his foundation should also be contacted and notified where there blood money is derived. The foundation number is 4043672100. Email address is His business AMB Group communications director is Kim Shreckengost of AMB Group LLC +14043672140 or cell +17703353039

  • tiberius says:

    The Feds should take all his money and give it to PETA and HSUS. Then strip MICHAEL VICK NAKED hose him down and electrocute him until death and use his body for dog food.

  • steve says:

    What needs to be done is getting out footage or pics of these animals hanging being electrocuted etc to the mass media. People live in a bubble in the western world and unless the mainstream media starts showing what really took place at that Virginia farm it will be yesterdays news. No offense but the PETA website is not mainstream. It needs to get to the masses for people to really get it. PETA needs to use this as their platform. This should be PETA’s rallying cry. I live near Calgary and we had a case last year of a guy taping up a dog and dragging it behind a car. Vet had to put it down. Said it was worse thing he ever saw. It is now yesterday’s news because no impression was left. No animal cruelty laws were changed because of this. This is your chance.

  • Diane Judex says:

    I have been trying to find a Nike email address so that I too could say that neither I nor any of my family will buy a Nike product again if they don’t stop sponsoring Vick!

  • Fabiola says:

    It is so sad to see how low a person will go to harm innocent animals all in the interest of making more money. I will stop buying any Nike Coke Airtran and Kraft products that will still endorse Michael Vick. I also emailed these companies. We are the voices for these innocent animals who suffer in the hands of masochists.

  • Gabriela says:

    CONTACT THE ATALANTA FALCONS AND ASK THEM TO DUMP THE SICK ABUSER! httpwww.atlantafalcons.comAboutContactUs.aspx

  • Rhonda Siegers says:

    The NFL is fast becoming THUGS like the NBA and if Vick is not fired immediately for his pathetic filthy evil sick activities the NFL is no better than that scumbag black bastard. He should be hung and electrocuted just like he did to those poor innocent animals. Then he can burn in HELL!!!

  • Heather says:

    This is a no brainer. People are defending this guy? I have stayed away from this news until now. He should never see day light again. But before that he should be wet down and electrocuted.

  • bud fox says:

    PETA should list all of the NFL’s major advertisers and have phone numbers and emails that we can contact them with.

  • Christine Spruston says:

    Michael Vic and his pals should receive the same treatment as the dogs!

  • Mark Horne says:

    The Falcons organization owners and managers are as much of a group of cowards as thier scumbag QB Vick. To sit back and “defend” a degenerate scum like Vick when they know the truth makes their organization and all the cowardly scum in it no different than the lowest form of filth that Vick is. Great role model. I will never buy a Nike product if they dont dump him. This is not the Duke case. If anything that case all but gurantees the charges against him even though he might get some scumbag lawyer to defend him.

  • April says:

    I say put him in a pen with an angry pitbull and let the pit have a little snackie!