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Vick’s Indictment: What You Can Do

Written by PETA | July 18, 2007

workingpitbull/Creative Commons

The PETA offices have been in overdrive since last night responding to Michael Vick’s recent indictment for dogfighting. The vague statement released by the Atlanta Falcons about this disturbing news is simply not sufficient. This morning, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader The Rev. Al Sharpton, and PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk sent a letter to all of Vick’s corporate sponsors, Falcons CEO Arthur Blank, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell roundly condemning dogfighting and other forms of violence. You can read that letter here. We are also calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to immediately suspend Michael Vick in light of this indictment. According to Deadspin the indictment includes the following allegations, which highlight exactly how reprehensible this vicious blood sport is:

  • “In March 2003, PEACE, after consulting with Vick about the female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”
  • “In April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS and VICK executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in ‘testing’ sessions by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Please click here to contact Roger Goodell about this news and ask him to immediately take action. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the news of Vick’s alleged involvement in this horrific cruelty is not swept under the rug. I can only hope that the high profile nature of Michael Vick’s case helps to shed light on an epidemic that, too often, is not treated with enough gravity by law-enforcement officials, and that needs to be stamped out immediately.

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  • diana says:

    that is sooo HORRiABLE..

  • Rick Pearl says:

    I am so appalled by Nikes endoresment of Michael Vick I can barely sleep at night. Please advise me on any action I may do to show my displeasurebesides just boycotting Nike products.

  • mansbestfriend33 says:

    Vick should still be in prison not in footbal. this country is going to hell for allowing people like vick to get away with this crap and be redeemed in any way….

  • brian says:

    I can see by the post that some people on here are using the race card. Im so sick of these people. This is not a racial issue. Black or White this is a heartless issue. If a lawyer goes to jail he cant get out and be a lawyer. If a teacher dates a student they cant get out and be a teacher. Why is it when you screw up in the NFL you are somehow obsolved of what you did? Playing in the NFL should be a privlege and not a right. Kids should not be looking up to these thugs as role models. If this was done by a white man I guarantee we dog lovers would still be saying the same thing.

  • brian says:

    They say you can measure a mans heart by the love he has for his dog. I think this proves this “man” has no heart. The NFL should be ashamed for reinstating him. I for one will not be watching football anymore. The league has become a play ground for millionare gangsta wanna be’s and thugs. I for one will no longer support these monstors.

  • Della Attisani says:

    I want a sponosor list to boycott! PETAget the word out!!

  • Shawna says:

    JakeHilfter Yes you can repost the entry on your site. Thank you for asking.

  • CreditCardsOffers says:

    Original post by mattusximus

  • Melissa Nunez says:

    I own 2 Pitbulls and they are loving animals. They should not be treated like dirt and tossed into a ring to kill each other. Its cruel and wrong. How can you own and care for an animal and cause it so much pain. As for Michael Vick he should be ashamed of himself. A lot of people look up to him and hes doing cruel thing to animals. He should be punished to the fullest. Honestly sorry to say this but he needs to rot in HELL. DON’T DO THINGS TO ANIMALS THAT YOU WOULDN’T LIKE TO BE DONE TO YOU!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i hate machael vick! i am nine and i have two dogs and i think machael vick should be put in a pen with an angrry pitbull that he trained and let it bite his bottom off!

  • Brandon Kennison says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I think Michael Vick is the most disgusting human being there is. He should die slowly and painfully. I HATE HIM! I own a pitbull the kindest friendliest dog I have ever owned and it makes me sick to my stomach to think someone could so something like that.

  • LAUREN says:


  • Andrea toth says:

    Mike is a bad man he should be attacked by 10 pitbulls and his balls ripped off Thank you

  • Carmen Gonzalez says:

    While I agree that what Vick has done is horrible I dont believe he deserves the punishment that Peta and others are pushing for. Im not an African American but I do believe this is a race issue. If he was a white athlete he would have simply paid some fines gone through counseling and that would have been the end of it. Considering how spoiled white female celebrities are given the royal treatment for multiple offenses it doesnt seem appropriate the manner that this situation is being handled. Theyre black men serving 10year sentences for less minor offenses. I think its disgusting to starved animals and cause them to fight each other to death however America has a hunger for violence. Its obvious in our movies the video games we play and the level of perversions of the criminals in our prison system. We are a violent nation who gets off on violence. Boxers get paid millions to beat the crap out of each other. Peta would argue that the difference is that the dogs didnt have a choice. Animal nature is inherently violent and aggressive. Should Michael Vick be punished? Yes but not to the level that is being pushed for. I dont think he deserves to lose his contract with the NFL a substantial paycheck should suffice as behavioral conditioning. Hell learn. Americans need to get our priorities straight. We care more about dogs than people. Were willing to voice our opinions and picket and cause a major raucous for this but where are you when it comes to the people that die needlessly everyday around the world for lack of basic goods that we take for granted? Where are you to galvanize your leaders to support debt forgiveness? Where are you when you buy products from major corporations who have helped crippled third world countries economies and governments to make a buck? Where are you when the citizens of New Orleans are still living in deplorable conditions? Where are you when we turn a blind eye to the actions of our government? I could go on. The point is that American society needs to be vocal to all activities that are morally questionable not just what one black man did against dogs.

  • Jackie Smith says:

    Wow I can’t believe how hateful people are being toward whole groups of people. This is about one person who happens to have a very sadistic streak and needs to be shown that the behvior will not be tolerated. Jail time could actually make him worse. However he should definitely not be able to maintain the standard of living he is accustomed to. Millions of dollars of his could be helping all kinds of animal societies. The NFL seems so concerned over the gambling aspect of his crimes but lets not forget that cruelty to animals is often the first step on the road to becoming a serial killer.

  • gail goodman says:

    When the news first broke about the atrocities committed by vicks and his pathetic cohorts I was as stunned as the next person. I couldn’t comprehend how anybody could possibly justify these unspeakable cruelties upon another living creature. He was given so much in this life yet took part and seems to have initiated a great deal of it in such perverse and horrible actions. Now seeing him attempting to minimize his role and out right lying about it he looks PATHETIC and COWARDLY!!!! I for one hope he never plays football again and that people no matter what their ethnicity see him for the coward he truly is.

  • Tim says:

    I’m incredibly proud of PETA for standing up for whats right in this instance. I’m proud of you for ignoring bogus calls to reduce this to a racial matter or anything other than what it is incredible viciousness and cruelty inflicted on other sentient beings for the sadistic pleasure of twisted people. You are doing God’s work. Keep it up.

  • Tisha says:

    Wy did he have to do dat 4 anyways. Now I totaly hate u Michael.

  • robert says:

    I’ve never been so outraged in my life.This guy is a real lowlife scumbag. I think it’s ridiculous just because he is a celebrity that there is a chance he might get off scott free.The nfl needs to stop letting these criminals or should I say animals get away with murder.He needs to be made an example ofbefore peoples morals go down the drain.I will not give the nfl another dime of my money if they allow DOG MURDERS in thier organization.

  • Anonymous says:

    While I agree that this gentleman has not been convictedlet it be a wakeup call to those who think things like this is okay. While people make money on these cruel acts and profit immensely maybe we should send a signal and report them as often as possible. People like this do not understand compassion or humanity all they understand is how fat their wallet gets and how little they have to do to get it. Remember that when you are working extra hours to pay for your home mortgage and they are “loafing somewhere” spending your hard earned money. People like this are disgusting and I hope that anyone who believes this is just remembers most serial killers could be your neighbor who abuses an animal and maybe your family.

  • Ron says:

    This is NOT about being convicted in the public place. This is about a person not a man that abused tortured and killed animals. I understand there is a tape recording of Vick discussing options of how to kill a poor performing dog. I understand that rabbits cats and other small animals were mutilated maimed and killed to train these dogs. AND his three partners have pled guilty to obtain plea deals. And this is by NO MEANS racial. I judge a person by the color of his character NOT by the color of his skin. And Michael Vick has no character. And as far as I’m concern he’s not a man. I very much admire Steve Largent a former Seattle Seahawk. I think he is a tremendous human being. But if the same allegations were brought against him I would despise him long after his dying day. But Steve Largent ISN’T that type of man. During his football career he and his wife had to deal with a handicapped son. Did he use that as an excuse to do drugs? To abuse children or animals? NO!! He acted like a real man stayed focused on his career and did whatever was needed for his son. He didn’t make excuses. He did what needed to be done. I have no respect at all for Michael Vick. I don’t care how great an athlete he is or was nothing he can say or do can justify what he did. And it took me 2 weeks to make my 11 and 5 year olds finally understand that you don’t treat life that way no matter who you are or who you THINK you are.

  • Chlothilde says:

    EXCELLENT COMMENTS GETS RIGHT TO THE HEART OF THE SUPPOSED ROLE MODEL ISSUE and the need to demand that our childrens’ heroes are held to a higher standard and required to conduct their lives with integrity respect for all human life honor and dignity the alleged criminal activity of Michael Vicks and the HORROR of the situation if found to be true should warrant severe consequences from the NFL and the federal judicial system prison and banning for life from playing professional football

  • Chlothilde says:

    All PSychiatrists agree that bedwetting arson animal cruelty are precursor behaviours to people torture and murder All psychopaths have a charming side and followers who are convinced of their great qualities but underneath the veneer of normalcy lies pure EVIL Role models in the NFL that’s another matter A priveleged entitled alleged animal torturercriminal raking in the millions in endorsements and telling our children do whatever you want and become a celeb like me and get away with anything after all it’s all about the dollar

  • Chlothilde says:

    Michael Vicks Black white green purple .this is race crap diversion and BS as is His celeb trial sham to be. He’ll be protected by greedy amoral brown tongued distortionist synchophants if it looks like a duck walks like a duck it is a duck I suppose someone planted all the tortured dead dogs on his estate Of course the glove doesn’t fit ROLE MODEL SADIST ARSONIST BEDWETTER AND ON TO PEOPLE MURDERER Even John Wayne Gaycee and Jeffrey Dommer and of course Adolf Hitler were popular in their own entourage with big smiles and charm but they were all EVIL TO THE CORE I rest my case

  • Annonymous says:

    Most of you are referring to Mike Vick as though he was convicted. He is only accused. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The same thing happened with the Duke LaCrosse players. People condemned them like they had already been found guilty. For all of you who called for him to be suspended from the NFL and lose all his endorsements. Congratulations it worked. You have convinced numerous people to reject “innocent until proven guilty” and further erode our core democratic values. Animal rights are important but our democracy won’t last if we disdain its founding values. And try convincing a dictatorship to respect animal rights and you’d probably be thrown in jail. If he’s found guilty I hope he gets the book thrown at him and is made an example of. If he’s innocent I hope he gets back all his endorsements his NFL contract compensation for lost pay and I hope we all learn a lesson and respect “innocent until proven guilty” in the future.

  • Morgan says:

    To all of you who are simply writing on here and attacking everyone else…People are outraged. They are reacting in outrageous ways because they are furious. They are letting it out in the best way they know possible by writing on this blog and trying to find ways to help. We KNOW that he hasn’t been convicted yet we KNOW that it is not humane to do the same things to him that he did to his dogs we KNOW that we’re not perfect we KNOW that we sound crazy. Have you never been mad before?

  • Morgan says:

    Please people this is s situation of animal cruelty. This has nothing to do with race. It is NOT only black people that commit these horrible crimes and it is not only white people that are enraged by it. The bottom line is that it is a horrible thing and Michael Vick should be punished for his crimes and then forced to get the help that he needs before he is allowed to rejoin society. This is a saddening situation and there is no need to make it even more depressing by incorporating race into the equation.

  • Jillian says:

    Just a sobering fact to think about It’s a proven fact that most of today’s murderers of humans have a background of animal abuse. Here are just a few examples of this 1 Jeffrey Dahmer who killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. 2Richard Allen Davis who raped and murdered 12 year old Polly Klaas in 1993. 3Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who shot and killed 12 Columbine High school students in 1999. 4Albert DeSalvo the “Boston Strangler” who killed 13 women in the 1960’s. 5 Samuel John Dieteman and Dale S. Hausner who shot 17 people during their 2 month killing spree in Phoenix in 20052006. 6 Steven Green who while in on active duty in Iraq as a soldier raped and murdered an innocent 14 year old Iraqi girl and her family in 2006. He also burned the girl’s body to hide any potential evidence. 7Steven Avery who raped murdered and mutilated 25 year old Teresa Halbach in 2005. 8Patrick Sherrill who killed 14 coworkers at a post office and then shot himself in 1986. 9Carroll Edward Cole serial killer who murdered 35 people in the 19701980. 10Ted Bundy serial killer of over 40 women from 19741978. 11David Berkowitz a.k.a.Son of Sam who killed six people and wounded several others in New York City in the late 1970’s. 12Brenda Ann Spencer who killed 2 children and wounded 9 others at a San Diego elementary school in 1979. 13Kip Kinkel a 15 year old who killed his parents and 2 classmates and wounded 25 more in 1998. 14Luke Woodham who killed 3 people including his mother and wounded 7 more in 1997. 15Michael Carneal 14 year old who shot and killed 3 classmated in 1997. 16Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Johnson teenagers who shot and killed 4 students and 1 teacher in 1998. Some info. from the U.S. Bureau of Statistics A 1997 study by the MSPCA and Northeastern University found that 70 of animal abusers had committed at least one other criminal offense and almost 40 had committed violent crimes against people. A 1986 study reported that 48 of convicted rapists and 30 of convicted child molesters admitted perpetrating acts of animal cruelty in their childhood or adolescence.Tingle et al 1986 A history of animal abuse was found in 25 of aggressive male criminals 30 of convicted child molesters 36 of those who assaulted women and 46 of those convicted of sexual homicide.Petrovoski 1997 “The majority of inmates scheduled to be executed for murder at Californias San Quentin penitentiary practiced their crimes on animals” according to the warden at facility.

  • Carly says:

    I own a Pit bull his name is Spot. He is the best dog I have ever owned. I can’t believe people fight these animals I thought they were supposed to be pets and who would ever do that to a pet? I guess Michael Vick would. I wish they would put him in a room with those poor dogs that have been trained to kill and see how it feels. But we all know that won’t happen. Michael Vick isn’t the only person that does this so people every where need to call the police if they her of this happening near them. But all of these evil people will get whats comming to them what goes around comes around!!