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Vick’s Codefendants Plead Guilty

Written by PETA | August 17, 2007

Three dogfighters knocked out of the ring (or should that be pit) early! Two more of Michael Vick’s alleged accomplices entered guilty pleas in Richmond today, and there is no doubt that Michael Vick is huddled with his attorneys, deciding whether or not he will follow suit early next week.

According to The Houston Chronicle, “A statement of facts signed by Taylor as part of his plea agreement placed Vick at the scene of several dogfights and linked him to betting. Taylor said Vick financed virtually all the “Bad Newz Kennels” operation on Vick’s property in Surry County.”

If Vick is ultimately tied to betting on these dogfights, it is likely to trigger a lifetime ban from the NFL under the league’s personal conduct policy, which does not look kindly on illegal gambling. Does anyone else think it might be a good idea for the policy to include a similar stance against charges of electrocution and drowning?

PETA was present at the hearing, and I’ve posted some images for you below.


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  • Tj says:

    deer hunting and dogfighting is nothing alike. Deer have been hunted for years for food. Dogs have been our pets for years so when is it okay to murder our pets. I think Michael Vick and everyone involved should receive a very stiff penalty. He is so sorry for his ways what about the dogs what they suffered through until death. Maybe this is something Vick should experience. He should never be able to be around any animals ever again. His girlfriend is pregnant what is he going to tell his child when his child ask about this situation. What is he going to do when his child wants a dog? I think he is only sorry because he got caught. I look at my dogs big and little and don’t know how i could ever hurt them. I guess you have to have a warped brain or an extremely ice cold heart.

  • Anonymous says:

    i see that the mike vick has been taken care of. what he done was truly wrong. what i don’t understand is why isn’t there any media coverage on killing animals for sport like ducks and deer that’s just as bad as dog fighting to me. men hiding in the woods killing animals. where is the media coverage on that?

  • Laura says:

    HEY Ann just cause he was black had noting to do with him being brought up on fellony charges he could have been white and the same thing would have happened DOG FIGHTING IS Illeagel in all 50 states the prosicuters in VA are doing the right thing and all DOG FIGHTERS ARE SCUM and deserve to rot in jail .

  • 007 says:


  • tracey says:

    I think we should all do our diligence in bringing down dogfighting and cruelty to animals. There is a reward of $5000 leading to the arrest and conviction of dogfighters. I personally plan to make up bumper stickers to hand out to all rescuers etc with necessary info regarding this. Also it would be really awsome if some individuals or corporations would sponsor this message on billboards in neighbourhoods where dog fights are prevalent. We need to get the word out each and every one of us. I think the reward would be one way to really put a dint in this bloodsport. Thugs and their acquaintances would do anything for a dollar. Also the reward is more than they would make wagering on a fight. Get the word out in these areas please. Mike Vick should spend the rest of his life in the hole the hole of hell!!!!Thats where his kind belong!!!! Take these predators down!!!!

  • Ethel says:

    I think it would be appropriate if Michael and his posse were sentenced to the same cruelty that they inflicted upon these dogs. I say let them hang electrocute beat rape drown and shoot these evil monsters. I think they need a taste of their own “punishment”…and then let them all rot in hell for eternity!!!! I find consolation that the ones who died are all safe up in Heaven with God and will never have to endure Michael Vick’s cruelty again.

  • me says:

    I agree that Vicks should be made to work for and or with animals instead of putting him in jail. Make him really work his time off maybe that way he will grow a heart. I can not believe the comment that was made comparing animal fights to human fighting. If a human wants to get in a pen and get his brains beat out then that is his choice. these animals HAVE no CHOICE that is wrong. me

  • eagle says:

    Vicks needs to do positive things for animals rights. Throwing him in jail won’t change him but making him work for the rights of animals may open up his heart and mind.

  • Anonymous says:

    sam You are on the wrong blog. This is a nonhuman animal rights blog!!!! If you are so concerned about abortion then stop wasting time writing insults on this blog to animal advocates and go out there and do something about those abortions you are so passionate about. You want to feed people…well donate a large chunk of your salary to feed them volunteer time to feed people or better yet go to those 3rd world countries and help all of those suffering people in person. You want to see those pictures well go to those orgs’ websites that do post them and then send some money via pay pal. Put your money where your mouth and your fingers are! ALL LIFE IS IMPORTANT AND PRECIOUS!!!!! HUMANS ARE JUST TOO ARROGANT SO THEY THINK LIKE YOU THAT ONLY HUMAN LIFE MATTERS. WRONG!!!!!!

  • observer says:

    david anger is normalis human for a peaceful person too. you have come to learn to be honest to self. honesty to self has been added to your peace and compassion. thanks for being honest. from one who has been there and finally became verbally honest to other people. observer. TRUTH BE TOLD!!!!!

  • Dott says:

    I cannot believe a man woman or child could abuse any living thing like a puppy kitten or any of the little animans being born every day. I feel Mr. Vick should have the book thrown at him put him in cell 8 X 8 and chain him to a corner for at least a week. He could pass this treatment on to others who have and are doing the same thing. Mr. Byrd a senator said that this sort of action is “Barbaric” and how true it is. It will still go on and is still going on I am most sure. I would like for Mr. Vick would come forward and tell the authorites all of the people he knows that indulge in sort of to terrible way to make money. Bow hunting for deer or other game should be outlawed too. An arrow can injure the animal and if not found can die a slow horrible death either by the shock bleeding to death or the poor things will get an infection and die slowlyhorriblehorrible.

  • DLP says:

    Again Vick is wrong but try going over to China with that dog mess and after dinner they will tell you to get out of their face. Better yet go down to the local joint and you might get to taste your passion first hand. Hey I know that’s mean but just because you or I wouldn’t do it there are billions who would so lighten up. Since when is a dog better than a deer rabbit goat chicken cow etc and half of you eat meat I guess hypocrisy is the law of the land today so I guess you are all excused then.

  • Licorne says:

    sam we have become used to repeat it on every page this here is an animal rights organization! me i don’t go to a human rights organization to tell them that they should make animal protection! for further info go up to read the observer! cheers!

  • rainbow says:

    dear sam i completely understand your feelings for humans and many of us feel exactly like you but this here is an animal rights organization and our concern is animal protection! there are a lot of human welfare organizations outthere so please join them! me i don’t go on a human rights organization blog for to tell them that they should care about animal rights! everyone has his task! me i’m a peta member but i support also amnesty international and native americans without telling this every day here around! do you understand?

  • observer says:

    sam is it too hard for you to understand there are organizations for said concerns??? is it too hard for you to understand that peta people can be in those organizations too???? is it too hard for you to understand this is organization about animals??? is it too hard for you to understand people and animal organizations have to be separate by law??? you do your thing if you do anything at all. we do our thing. my thing is putting animals before people ‘cuz most people are any or all ungrateful lying cheating stealing abusive backstabbing egotistical users!!!!! ana and this is what I say to the bleeding heart thin the herd excuses from the killers. do you ever come out of the woods with an emaciated deer. no. you brag how big the deer is and how many points the bucks have. COWARDS AND LIARS!!!! say they appreciate nature and God’s creatures. TWO FACED LIARS!!!!! THEY DESTROY AND KILL!!!!!

  • shawn says:

    actually dogs through the beginning of history have had an unusual bond with humans unlike any other animal and yes they did it fact used to be considered very equal if not more than fellow human beings they protected they hunted they defended people it wasnt until religon got involved with the concept of animals being inferior did domestic animals and non domestic animals be considered so inferior. Only dogs have been there for us since recorded history. it isnt the fighting that makes me mad yes it is wrong to me but the torture that went on the rape stand the beatings the process of baiting and then death. humans make a choice to torture and humilate and kill and rape as we do in darfur and other places animials kill when threatened or to protect not for a wallet or oil or material things or religon so placing us so far above animals may be a mistake. I believe that when someone is found guilty of animal cruelty they should have to register as animal abusers and not be allowed to own or house any animal for life nor be around them. Also torture of animals and the manner of which they where killed is a precurser to how they view human life also doctors have always pointed out that animal abuseing is how many violent offenders of humans start. It amazes me that grown men felt so demasculated that they had to utilize the trained murder of animals to prove their manhood as an extension of their masculinity.

  • Dana says:

    I have seen more lame excuses as to why Vick should be set free on these forums than I can stomach. You Vick supporters have pulled out every card you can and still have not found any justification as to Vick’s behavior. I wish the people that are so worried about the war the homeless children abortions and so on and so forth would find the organizations set up for these causes and help them out!! BY the way that organization is not called PETA! Just because there is a war going on homeless people murderers loose on the streets does not in anyway make what Vick has done any less important people. Just because Patton Manning deer hunts does not in any way excuse Michael VICK! No matter how hard you people try there is no excuse for what he has done…he is a sorry useless individual who is just taking up more air space than needed on this planet. BUT he has money and he plays for the NFL so we should all just let it go………NOT As for the guy that was mauled by a dog you ever stop to think that maybe by the hand of a human that animal was taught violence? That maybe if people like VICK did not exist we would all be better off? Humans have become so heartless and arrogant that as a race we claim to be the superior race…but are we really? I am not so sure anymore because animals do not go out and commit murders rob old ladies rape people and cause wars…but People do! So when looking at the animals vs Human thing keep all of that in mind. As for the people that keep saying most of us do not practice what we preach from reading these forums I have found that many on here are vegetarians and some like myself are vegan…the majority of us do not wear or buy anything that causes animals to suffer….so we can all speak with clear consciences on issues of animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Face it people MICHAEL VICK IS AN IDIOT SCUM BAG THAT GOT BUSTED.. tried to turn the blame on all his buddies and hopefully will now spend many years behind bars!!!!

  • sam says:

    is dog fighting illegal. yes it is. Is a dogs life as important as a human if you have any sense at all the answer is absolutly not!!!! in the world today we could really use you guys to fight for the babies getting holes knocked in the back of their heads and getting their brains sucked out!!! thats called PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION!!!! How aout feeding the hungry PEOPLE!!!! If you dont post this at least you read it.. Love your animals but dont put them before people.Your dedication and resources are amazing. You should post pictures of abused children and elderly people. Imagine how many of them you could help. Just a thought.

  • Violet in Atlanta says:

    Micheal Vick is a loser by all accounts in sporting terms. In short Vick has failed to bring a Super Bowl win to Atlanta. It is a wonder that he has not been electrocuted drowned shot or worse given his lackluster performance. Oh yeah! Vick is allowed to lose again and again. He just will NOT tolerate the same behavior in innocent dogs in his custody. Thank you Michael Vick! Animal abuse will not be tolerated! We live in a civilized world now! Thanks for brining the horrific world of dog fighting to the forefront! Many more dogs will be saved because of you! You have done the world a great service and you don’t even know it!

  • Ana says:

    observer Great message!!!! Now let’s see if they will help all the humans they claim they are so concerned about. Duwayne I have heard that same excuse over and over by hunter enthusiasts and it is a specious argument. The wolves and big cats that were slaughtered by hunters are the deer’s natural predators so if they had not been murdered then there would be no specious argument to try to defend hunting. What excuse is there to use the bow?? What a horrible slow death!!!! I eat lots of food…delicious food…I am vegan. Being vegan allows all animals to live so even with a specious argument used in order to defend hunting those beautiful creatures that live in the wild can continue to do so. Since you live in the USA I find it hard to believe that the local butcher or grocery store wasn’t near you where you can find many animal cadavers hanging in the windows or in cellophane packages. I am also sure the ranchers killed those creatures via a bullet or poison. Hunting is for cowards!

  • honey says:

    you sick vickers here my adult advise for you read the observer even if i’m guessing that you’re all beyond 13!

  • observer says:

    NEWS FLASH FOR SICK VICK SUPPORTERS. VICK COULD GET UP TO 20 YEARS FOR RACKETEERING. soooooo while vick is doing time you’ll have all that time to do what you said is sooooooo much more important. but not nearly important to you as supporting vick the law breaker now. Plan since you can’t spend your money on vick junk donate your money to the poor. donate your falcons ticket money to the hungry. stop teen pregnancies. stop drugs. stop child abductors. be active in every humanitarian society in existence. take in all the homeless. help the police capture rapists. prevent rapes and abductions. enforce all the laws. stop the war.the hell with the government. you can do it. do it all. just like you expect of peta people. sick vick law breaker supporters GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Vick needs to go to jail for life. This is not just any murder this is the murder of defenceless creatures. Using them to gamble earn money and fight is just sick.

  • Millie says:

    I am a loving pitbull owner that can not explain the saddness for these animals. I also caught the bryan gumble investigation and I am wondering if he just interviews them and doesnt have them arrested. It was very sickening to watch. I watched 70 because I could not stop crying but I forced myself. We need to target the New York area all the way to the Mississippi areas that do this.

  • Michael P. Curley says:

    Let’s hope Michael Vicks pleads innocent and goes to trial. in this senario he should be brought up on Rico charges which will definitely give him a long jail sentence end his carrer and put him in a place where Humans act as wild animals a place where he will get whats coming to him.

  • Duwayne says:

    I am sorry to say that I did hunt in my younger days but hunting is in no way connected to the savage and brutal bloodsport of Organized Dog Fighting.I never hunted for fun nor for the pleasure of killing one of GODS creatures.I hunted for food only and the reasons they even have hunting at all is actully for the sake of the deer herds also.Every year the Dept of fish and Game take a count of deer or elk in any given area.They also take into consideration if it will be a harsh winter and if the amout of animals counted will make it through the winter.Deer and elk need to feed and if there are to many of them in an area they die a slow painful death to starvation.Literly 100s of carcasses are found dead trying to find food or trying to get into a ranchers feed for his cattle.If herds are not thinned by hunters then there would be 1000s of dead animals that would die from lack of food.I know it seems like a cruel thing but in the end thinning herds is much more humane then letting them die a slow death.In return people can feed their families.I do not take any pride in killing anything but there were times I thanked the animal for helping me to feed my family when there would not be any food otherwise.Only so many tags are issued each year and only a certain number of buck and doe can be taken.Most hunters hunt for the food NOT to just take a trophy like many people might think.It is not an easy thing to do and noI for one never enjoyed it.I am an active ASPCA and HSUS member and fought very hard to pass the new laws to stop the slaughter of horses for out of the USA meat sales.I fought very hard to help pass into law making Organized dog Fighting a Federal offense.I have talked with Inga Swenson Pres. of HSUS about the poorly enforced laws in Idaho and Rep.Tom Trail who at age 11 had his own dog stolen and killed in a test fight for these sickophants.I hope you can understand the differenceit is a huge one.I would also just like to ask that would you all PLEASE contact and condon there sales in movies and magazines of Dog Fighting and Cockfighting and giving access to information on getting items for this bloodsport and selling movies of these rotten SOBs to the public. Thank you all and GOD bless. Duwayne

  • Sue Arms says:

    MIchael VIck should never ever be alllowed to play football againand he needs to be punished like the killer he is. This story makes me so angry! I am shocked at the things 7 witnesses say he did.

  • Joe says:

    Has anyone thought of attending the VDGIF forum on deer and dog hunting? The Dept. of fish and game will be hearing comments on this very important issue in the very near future. This would be an excellant time to push for the human treatment of hunting and hunted animals!! Check out the Virginia Dept. of fish and game dept. website. Peace!!

  • Attucks 1990 says:

    I can only hope that the human suffering in Darfur is of importance to all. They are being fought and they are dying just as the dogs are. I do not condone what Vick was involved in but it seems Darfur is condoned by many in the US.

  • Kelley says:

    AnonymousI am sorry you feel that you gave 20 years of your life to our country for nothing. Now what does this have to do with dogfighting? Do you feel defending and helping to preserve our country is somehow connected to allowing degenerate thugs fight dogs to the death?

  • mlo says:

    The best way for Vick to pay is with money. Pay a flat penalty to PETA ASCPA Humane Society etc. now than have the court order any future salary and endorsement deals be transfered to the animal rights organizations and shelters for ten years or more. He must also be ordered to work with all the animal organizations to set up an educational course and travel to schools around the country teaching the youth to respect all living creatures. This will remind the public and himself what he did every day for the next ten years! Jail will not hurt him nearly as much and definitely won’t benefit the animals.

  • David says:

    I’m an otherwise peaceful person but reading the confirmation on CNN from Quanis Phillips and Purnell Peace said all three men “executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions” in April of this year by methods such as hanging and drowning for the first time made it very real to me even though I have paying close attention to this issue since it broke. It made me sick to my stomach I shed tears for those 8 dogs and their last minutes. Imagine their eyes questioning what they did wrong the inability to speak and justify what they did wrong horrid execution without the same luxury of trial and communication these very men get. I held a pillow to my stomach cried very hard questioned God and for the first time in my life my otherwise peaceful mind imagined taking a sledgehammer to these men’s heads and pulverizing them to mush. Sorry that sounds violent but that is how angry I am and I don’t know how to otherwise express it. Disclaimer I love people as much as animals but these men aren’t people they’re not even qualified animals we otherwise use in the wrong expression for situations like this such as vermin pigs beasts rats etc. they’re crap. That’s the only word I can think of that best describes these men. And all other people who are involved in dog fighting whether arranging them or watching them you’re shit.

  • Heather says:

    Ya know when you’re at the dog park and two dogs start to really get into it everyone’s normal reaction is to run over there and separate the two. Stopping the fight is like a reflex. Clearly Vick and co. don’t have this internal control and excite at the idea of animals hurting each other. That seems like sociopathic behavior that should be examined by a professional to ensure that it never escalates to other living things like people.

  • Pam Moyer says:

    The US Attorney’s office in Richmond Virginia phone number is 804 8195400. Let’s leave a very respectful message asking them to forgo the plea and punish severly these brutal acts.

  • PETE says:


  • Nina Colschen says:

    I’m still all for the rape stand…Give him what he deserves!!!

  • MBETHROWE says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever thought that maybe just maybe this case is such a high profile because of Michael Vicks fame and because he is a pro football player. I have rarely seen the federal government go after dog fighting with such tenacity. Why is it always the case to try to make an example out of wealthy high profile black athletes. Would this case have gained as much attention if it did not involve Michael Vick? This is just another example of how AMERICA is willing to spend endless amounts of funds and resources for their own motives. I do not agree with dogfighting and understand that the law should be enforced to protect the animals. Remember we are a nation that does have the death penalty and have repeatedly LEGALLY killed individuals. If our government took more interest in the high crime indexs of our nation we would probably have safer heighborhoods and schools. Dogfighting is still very prevalent in the large metropolitan areas. I have not seen PETA making a campaing there.The funds used in this case could be used to help victims of hurricaine Katrina.

  • ann says:

    it is sad to see the pictures the demonstraters were holding but i hv to say can’t PETA use some pictures of dogs that can show more to the ” true ” horrible image of dogfighting so we can show our society how horrible the crime is?! i know the image i am talking about can be shocking but we can’t afford not to show those pictures every chance we have just because some people can not stand terrible image of dogs been killed and tortured. it is time to show the public the true suffering of the innocent and voiceless animals.

  • DLP says:

    wow how quickly do they roll over to snitch. Didn’t all of our mothers tell us it’s not polite to rat. Oh sorry animal reference. Let mankind just go back to the days when there was no civilization and let animals be their equals. Don’t get me wrong I don’t condone what he is doing but next time Peyton Manning or anyone else is deer hunting throw him to the wolves sorry another animal reference. Vick is the scape goat for the hypocrisy of the country and the inner hate and jealousy that is still embedded in this country. Remember people if you plant a seed no matter what you do the tree is not going to change. The man is wrong how many of you eat meat shoes made from some kind of lifeform drink milk people are dying in Iraq the wussification of America is taking place before your very eyes. Deion Sanders said it best ” some people like to kiss their dogs on the mouth let them eat from their plate and others like to see who has the biggest baddest dogs on the block. What about when i was seven and was mauled for no reason by a dog in my own yard. Not every dog is bad and whose best friend not mine. Let’s just vote dogs in as God since that’s there name spelled backward anyways so eat your meat where your clothes and go pray to the preacher who likes little boys while you watch other animals getting killed on tv and the pestly humans die on the streets and in war while the old lady gets her purse snatched and neo nazi groups are growing in America while your phone is being tapped while your children are on drugs and the hypocrisy eats us all from within.

  • Wendy says:

    Now lets hope these assholes get what they deserve too. Not just Vick. They were evil and they need to be punished. I personally hope he doesn’t plea just so he’ll get more time when the case goes to trial. What a worthless sack of shit. I’m hoping that his entire career will be destroyed…just like the career of any murderer. As for “anonymous” deer is actually singular and plural. Also why would it matter that you spent 20 years “protecting this country”? That has nothing to do with hunting. BTW I am antihunting and do a lot of protesting against it in my area.

  • Tamara says:

    I’m glad to see the three others doing a plea bargain. I hope Michael Vick doesn’t do one but he probably will…it’s said he will only get ONE YEAR jail time… I’m also a little unnerved that now the media’s focus seems to be on the illegal gambling and not the dogfighting. THOSE victims need justice too!

  • Ana says:

    Vick’s codefendants already have stated that Vick financed the whole operation was present at fights was present and participated with the killing of the 8 dogs and when the 3 that were hung did not die all three took them down and drowned them this all according to espn. I watched this report and was both horrified and angry. What a monster is Vick!!! All dog fighters are monsters those that attend are just as horrible also. This whole business is so sick. YES HUNTING IS HORRIBLE ALSO BUT IT IS LEGAL!!!! And yes animal advocates will continue to speakprotest against the murder of nonhuman innocent animals even if it is legal “sport”.

  • Kendra says:

    I am so happy to see some progression in this case. I have a very hard time thinking about this logically because I get so emotionally involved in the situation that I can’t stop thinking about all the terrible things I want to happen to this man.I truly hope his life is destroyed and he spend the rest of his life locked up in a cell rotting away like the piece of rotten garbage he is. There is no need for something like him to be on this planet…

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Great pictures great people. This idiot should hang his head in shame for the rest of his life. He should never be allowed to be around animals again… VOTE Bill Maher for President Judith

  • elena says:

    It is about time that abusers no matter how rich or poor get what they diserve!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Michael Vick needs to be punished just like every other killer. He’s somehow overcome the natural mechanics of our souls that tell us that killing is wrong. He must have thought about it over and over again until he decided that the taking of innocent lives is acceptable. Eventually he could use that thought process to justify in his mind that harming human beings would be acceptable as well. He’s already killed animals humans are only one step up. Killers don’t care who they’re hurting all life is trivial compared to the momentary satisfaction they get from destroying a life. He will get bored of killing animals. Just like every other damn killer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why have you not been at the HQ of ESPN.They have TV shows that show that it okay to kill Deer’s. It really crazy to me to know i gave 20 years of my life to protect this country for what .

  • Anna says:

    This is great news! Justice for all victims indeed!