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Vick’s Attorneys Reportedly Negotiating Plea

Written by PETA | August 14, 2007

Michael Vick’s attorneys are reportedly engaged in plea negotiations with prosecutors, following the news that two more of his codefendants have stated that they will enter guilty pleas this week. Federal sentencing guidelines dictate that Vick will likely face jail time if he does reach a plea agreement.

PETA has written a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill asking that he include a provision in any plea prohibiting Michael Vick from owning or harboring any animal in the future. It’s absolutely vital—though sadly often overlooked—that criminals who are convicted in animal cruelty cases be permanently barred from owning animals, since the likelihood for repeat offenses is extremely high with this kind of crime. This is especially true of dogfighting, and when you’re talking about cruelty as gruesome as the charges against Vick and his codefendants allege, the number one priority of the prosecutors should be ensuring that these guys are never allowed near an animal again if they’re found guilty of dogfighting.

You can read our letter to the prosecutor below, and I’ll keep you updated on any developments in this case as it proceeds.

August 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Gill:

One small but vital matter with regard to Michael Vick’s possible plea bargain:

We implore your office to include a provision prohibiting Mr. Vick from owning and/or harboring any animal.

Our office is made aware of hundreds of cruelty-to-animals cases weekly. Some involve animal fighting, and involve dogs who have been forced to fight, cruelly trained, and set afire and/or drowned if the match is “lost.” One commonality shared by animal abusers and dogfighters is recidivism—we see this time and time again. By keeping animals from their hands, and off of their properties, your office is in the position to help ensure that Vick (if he pleads guilty) and his codefendants do not cause more harm than that which has already been alleged in the indictment against them. Further, any plea agreement, with respect, must also permit local officials to visit any suspect properties at their discretion, in order to determine compliance with the prohibitive provision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martin Mersereau, Manager
Cruelty Casework Division

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  • 30 Dogs says:

    I think George G is the shit! You said it!! I have 30 pittys and if anyone tryed to fucking fight them or anything like that i would kill them so it shouldnt be so different if they are not my dogs…he should die a slow and painful death strung up by his ball with rusty hooks showered down then electrocuted at the same time his eyes being pryed out with spoonsand then pull out all of his teeth one by one and if all my dogs were not so friendly feed the fucker to them!! What more can i say humm… Karma is a bitch

  • E.VT says:

    For Payton I told myself that I was finnished with commenting on this site but I was apparently mistaken because when I read your post I simply had to respond. First of all I origionally logged on to this site to find more information re Vick and what was happening in his case. As I’m sure you’ve noticed this site contains no real news but simply opinions. When I started to read some of these opinions I felt the need to respond. Once. I have revisited this site rarely mostly to see if anyone had responded to my post and in the hope that cooler heads might have started to prevail. I was obviously mistaken. As I stated in my previous posting I firmly believe that there should be a special corner of hell reserved for those who prey on the most innocent of creatures children and animals. I do not believe that you have the right to assume that just because someone is concerned about the treatment of an animal they are not also concerned about the fate of their fellow human beings. Some of us have enough empathy to care about all living creatures human and otherwise. As to your opinion that only animals have been sacrificed in the name of God you are mistaken. All through history you will find examples of human sacrifice offered up to various Gods. I don’t pretend to know the mind of “God” but I truely doubt that you know where HisHer thoughts are either. What people are capable of doing to one another is truely horrific but what they feel the right to do to those who can’t fight back is atrocious. Unfortunately those who are able to inflict pain and suffering on an animal who wants nothing more than to please are all too often the same ones who go on to do harm to the most innocent of their own species. You are correct in stating that were Michael Vick not a public persona this story would probably not have recieved the kind of coverage that it has. Only you should understand that to have such a public name associated with this kind of atrocity is actually a potentially good thing. Vick’s name has led to a very public dialog about something that has been mostly in the shadows for far too long. This man and all of the others like him need to be held publically and leagalyresponsible for their actions. Maybe this will jump start peoples awareness of a greusome practice that needs to stop. By the way the fact that you took the same kind of time to leave your posting that others have done may indicate that you should also find something better to do with your life and your timeShelter volunteer perhaps?Because you obviously haven’t found anything worthwhile either.