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Vick’s Attorneys Reportedly Negotiating Plea

Written by PETA | August 14, 2007

Michael Vick’s attorneys are reportedly engaged in plea negotiations with prosecutors, following the news that two more of his codefendants have stated that they will enter guilty pleas this week. Federal sentencing guidelines dictate that Vick will likely face jail time if he does reach a plea agreement.

PETA has written a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill asking that he include a provision in any plea prohibiting Michael Vick from owning or harboring any animal in the future. It’s absolutely vital—though sadly often overlooked—that criminals who are convicted in animal cruelty cases be permanently barred from owning animals, since the likelihood for repeat offenses is extremely high with this kind of crime. This is especially true of dogfighting, and when you’re talking about cruelty as gruesome as the charges against Vick and his codefendants allege, the number one priority of the prosecutors should be ensuring that these guys are never allowed near an animal again if they’re found guilty of dogfighting.

You can read our letter to the prosecutor below, and I’ll keep you updated on any developments in this case as it proceeds.

August 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Gill:

One small but vital matter with regard to Michael Vick’s possible plea bargain:

We implore your office to include a provision prohibiting Mr. Vick from owning and/or harboring any animal.

Our office is made aware of hundreds of cruelty-to-animals cases weekly. Some involve animal fighting, and involve dogs who have been forced to fight, cruelly trained, and set afire and/or drowned if the match is “lost.” One commonality shared by animal abusers and dogfighters is recidivism—we see this time and time again. By keeping animals from their hands, and off of their properties, your office is in the position to help ensure that Vick (if he pleads guilty) and his codefendants do not cause more harm than that which has already been alleged in the indictment against them. Further, any plea agreement, with respect, must also permit local officials to visit any suspect properties at their discretion, in order to determine compliance with the prohibitive provision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martin Mersereau, Manager
Cruelty Casework Division

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  • payton says:

    Okay Michael is guilty now all of you animal lovers can go celebrate it. You people are killing me. All of the wrongs done to humans mainly kids and you’re all rantingraving “imploring” certain offices to put restrictions on what Michael Vick can or cannot do about dogs? Are you people missing some marbles? PEOPLE need people to fight on their behalf what are you doing to help them? What are you doing right in your own cities neighborhoods to help humankind? And for those of you wanting to argue biblicalreligious points….don’t. God would have a person put to death in the O.T. quicker than you can blink an eye once when a man gathered wood on the Sabbath once when a sacrifice wasn’t up to HIS standards and on and on. And BY THE WAY sacrifices were always animals. Thousands of them sacrificed because that was God’s commands. Guess you people have arrived and TRULY know the mind of God. Hmmmm guess for you people and PETA God would be on trial huh?! Get a life. If Michael Vick was NOT well known this case would have only been in the media for a day or so. And you people who are oh so happy about his “due punishment”?….Don’t misunderstand this statement YOU HAVE GREATER AND FAR WORSE ISSUES THAN HE DOES!!! Don’t even try to exclude yourself. If you’re gloating about it you’ve got issues. His actions are out in the open for all to see to judge because you’re all so righteous you can do that huh?but most of you? You’re no better. And if you think just because you’re standing up for the rights of animals or whatever else you’re doing that places you “oh so high above those who don’t live so righteously as you” smirk your time will come. Don’t doubt it. Find something worthwhile to do with your lives and time. Obviously you haven’t yet.

  • 007 says:


  • 007 says:

    KOCAV… correction you mean immoral minority you’re right tho in that Vick supporters were not arguing his innocence because in light of the mounds of incriminating evidence they really couldn’t although there was an onslaught of desparate attempts to do so… Sounds like you have a problem with Michael Vick and his evil posse being held “accountable” for their depraved illegal actions AND even more of a problem with those who are responsible for and a party to making it happen! are you in denial or what?! the moral majority IS ruling! your ignorant feeble attempt to defame those who are outraged by the heinous abuse of so many dogs and bait animals doesn’t work! It only proves YOU to be the emotionalcriminal here. Get real.

  • E. in VT says:

    I have so many comments about what I have read that I barely know where to start!Unfortunately the first thing that I must say is directed toward both the supporters of Vick and the detractors. People are usually much more willing to listen to your point of view if what you wright is at least somewhat correct gramatically and your spelling is correct. Sorry I simply know that people are more apt to respect your opinion if you sound like you might know how to express your opinion in an educated manner. I am so sorry that my preface was off subject. First let me say that I am not currently nor have ever been a member of PETA. My opinions are strictly my own and often differ from those of this organization. I hope that this will be posted anyway! Dog and cock fighting are really the last bastions of “accepted” cruelty by humans. One sign of possible future cruelty against humans is an individuals curiosity and ability to torture and kill an animal. This is sometimes called sociopathy. The curiosity of causing the pain and then death of another living creature often leads to violece against other human beings. I don’t however believe that all sociopaths move on to kill people. Sometimes the lust for blood and cruelty is satisfied by limiting it to helpless animals. Granted dogfighting was once considered a sport. So was pitting a bull against a bear a wild cat against a human and not the least one human in a fight to the death with another human. These times have passed. Or should have. Blood lust in a human being regardless of race or background should be worrisome to every one around that person. Cruelty to another creature is and should be against the law. Yes technically speaking our pets are property. That does not give anyone the right to torture or kill the animal that they “own”. This is for “Mars” and “Ed”. It is my understanding that the bible says that humans hold providence over and may use the beasts for their needs. I believe that this was meant for sacrifice to God which hasn’t really been a mainstream practice in a few thousand years and to provide sustinance. I have personally never heard anyone say that they fought dogs and then proceded to eat the flesh of the loser and then use the hide to clothe themselves. I know people who raise beef and I know for a fact that the cattle are never tortured and trained to kill before they are quickly and as kindly as possible put down. Once they are every possible part is used and nothing is wasted. Never have they electroluted their cattle to death. All of the talk about the Civil war is just plain assinine. No the war was not begun to free the slaves that was as it should have been long before a benefit. But no one can deny that before the war human beings were considered property and could be used in any way that their “owners” saw fit. Thankfully that has been behind us except for the rememberance for a very long time. Unfortunately some people still consider those living creatures who can’t speak out theirs to do with as they choose. How would you like to feel a cattle prod inserted into your rectum? How would you like to be beaten starved and neglected then sent to your job knowing that if you didn’t kill your coworker you would be drowned or have your head bashed against a wall until you were so injured that you would be left to suffer until you died? The fact that you can speak out in your own defense doesn’t mean that these things couldn’t happen. Anyone remember the Holocaust? No I am not equating the losses of human life to that of these poor animals. What I am trying to do is make people understand that cruelty in any form is wrong. Some people seem to think that compasion for people and animals can’t coexist. In my opinion there is a special place in Hell for those who pray on the most innocent those with no voice Children and Animals. Vick and his cohorts deserve the same treatment as anyone else who preys on the innocent. Fighting dogs are made that way not born. I know how it is to be abused as a child and I would wish the same punnishment for Vick as would for my abuser. Unfortunately those who are unable to protect themselves don’t always get the justice that they deserve. I know that some think that Vick is being unfairly targeted because of his celebrity. I believe that he is actually getting better treatment because of who he is than those who don’t have a public name. As with those who were involved in the same enterprise he should be held to the same standard. Actually a harsher standard because he chose to become a public figure and thus must have thought himself untouchable. I am an avid fan of professional football and have read a quote by the coach of the Detroit Lions that he would be welcomed back to the game and even fought over by some twenty teams. I can honestly say that were he to be allowed back into NFL I might have to stop being a fan. I am aware that there have been many indescretions by NFL team members including spousal abuse and the possiblilty of vehicular homicide. If any of those players were playing for my team I would loose all respect and have to pull my endorsement. But the fact is that this man deliberatly tortured and killed innocent beings. That would be the end for me. Anyone who believes that this is racially motivated or motivated by name recognition should hear me say loud and clear that were it up to me anyone connected to dog fighting in any way would be strung up by theexcuse this balls until they became disconnected and he fell to the ground. Thank you for giving people a voice. E.

  • JAM says:

    I hope that I have found some people with common sense. I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but AC360 had a panel on the other night made up of Jeffrey Toobin and Stephen A. Smith from ESPN neither one seemed to really support the animal side of the issue. My problem with the discussion was the fact that Toobin complained that we the viewing public are paying too much attention to this animal abuse case and not enough attention is paid to the abuse of women by athletes. Some people emailed the show and were upset that Toobin would bring that issue up when this is about the abuse of animals so he said that those viewers were “out of their minds” well needless to say it has started up quite a controversy with the Toobin supporters saying that animal lovers are putting animals ahead of people. I went into a few of the Anderson Cooper blogfansites to say that Toobin was out of line and I got repeatedly trashed. These women are so worried about impressing Anderson Cooper that they will trash anyone who disagrees with his panelists. Frankly I am not so sure he agreed with Toobin’s remarks. I am not saying animals are more important than people but they claim that’s what I meant because I said Toobin was out of line. Do these women sound crazy to anyone else?

  • mdw says:

    Michael Vick will be the example that the NFL does care enough to ban him.

  • KoCav says:

    The Vick supporters aren’t arguing his innocence they are arguing the morality of his actions and whether or not the law can serve him justly. The majority will prevail and the emotionallycriminal animal lovers will have to deal with it.

  • Jordana says:

    I agree with Mary about the shelter. The only thingthough there needs to be a supervisor to run the shelter. I wouldn’t trust Vick to be close to animals. I wish he was executed but in reality at least hope he gets 10 years.

  • svnfordelta says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading. I am a christian and believe in the love of GOD’s creatures but I also realize we are living in the days warned before. Where men will love the things of this world more than each other and more than GOD. Katrina victims still have nothing and are commiting suicide. 4 black kids we’re victimized in Newark by illegals. As an african American I cannot understand why when AfricanAmericans do things it becomes so vile.But you know lindsay lohan has cocaine or the fact paris hilton didn’t serve a stupid 45 days. Trust me we don’t get off like you think and I had family members that fought dogs and went to jail and there was no 5 yr sentence. Vtech is still remembered but not the kids in Newark or the black kids slained in Atlanta some bodies still havent been found.Crap happens to ppl everyday and there are so many victims of dog attacks.Pitbulls no matter how loving the owner will attack and have attacked. In the south old wht men used to train there dogs to attack blacks and I am only 24 I remember running from preachers dogs. And mrs. Janet”demon muts” I called them. I was only 9 and those dogs would have killed me. Are ppl with dogs that attack not liable. You all use words in Reference to Vicks behavior as if he was a serial killer and you keep attaching him to the killings even though the cousin and friends admitted to it. Please don’t think this was a fair trial. It was racially stirred and hatefully set up. Peta and all the other organizations should be sued for slander. This was too much and to tell you the truth if he had been wht none of this would have happened. Why? because it happens everyday and no one cares. The way you analyze dogfighters as future killers so have your children been analyzed. And if race isn’t a factor watch what you say. Some words only bring back old attitudes. Those pplsubhumanetc I hope that there are no christians behind this cause I promise you your not in GODS favor with that much hatred. Vick turned from GOD he is paying the price but instead of hate how many prayed. Locking everyone up isn’t alwasy the solution in this country. Vic’s snitches may have a hard time in prison. And seriously ppl you do not represent the incarcerated only they have the right to say”he should get the same time we did”. But dogfighters usually don’t.Heck! killers get out before half of the prison population. And by the way we will never know if he is innocent or guilty when PETA put pressure on everyone and all the witnesses gave in to plea deals. When you have no one on your side your not left with too many options. Everything I wrote isn’t about his guilt or innocence it’s questioning the angle of all this hatred and the hatred you are teaching the kids who really could care less!! Now PETA you owe it to everyone to go after all animal killers but your solution better cause change because all locked up will eventually gt out and trust me the thugs on the streets are nothing more than the same ppl we gave up on in society. Congragulations you now have offically began the cycle of decay!! oh Aand dont think all blacks support blacks vick is wrong for any participation but to go this far is stupid! please lie and say white killers don’t have a fan base. We dont support killers we get angry over the attitude surrounding the trials and manners in which they are conducted.This is the time PETA should have spoken you know only what you are told nothing more.

  • Patti Hughes says:

    Let the dogs have vick in a backyard all 55 of them. Let the killing begin. See how it feels and lets take some good pics of them ripping him to shreds and let the blood fly. I would love to watch that and put my bet on the dogs. Vick is a sick evil soul. rot in hell. I love PETA!!!!! Protect our animals. They are so innocent.

  • mary says:

    We all know Michael Vick won’t serve a day in jail and money doesn’t mean anything to this or any other over paid athlete so I’ve come up with an idea. Vick should be forced to open an animal shelter in his home town funded by him and his buddies too. Then they should be sentenced to work there for 8 to 12 hours a day for the next 20 years or so. There might even be a lesson or two in a sentence like this. Humanity conscience etc.

  • Iris says:

    I find it very offensive that we would even think about the possibility of letting this individual back in the NFL after a short time in prison If any and a minimal fine. For him. He is a very cruel and mean person that dosen’t deserve to get any plea deal. Animals are a gift from God and we make them into what we want them to be.That can be good or bad… We should be ashamed of ourselves for putting up with this kind of behavior…I say give him the max….he doesn’t deserve any better….and he should NEVER be allowed the opportunity to play football again….

  • justin wood says:

    grew up in Alexandria VA… and i can tell you first hand that the commonwealth of VA is a great place to buy your way out of any crime. I hope to see him do all the time. but in VA if youve got the $$$ you’ve got a ‘get out of jail free’ card. P.S. anyone in the charleston SC area interested in a purebred 95lb solid white american bulldog…3 yrs old 100 house trained doesnt chew anything.if you play guitar he will sing. will swimfetch. just the best dog you could have… my wife and I gottook him about 78 months ago from someone who was abusing him. he weighed 86 lbs… and at 95 still looks kind of skinny. we have no where to live until we find him a home and are sleeping in our ford explorer in walmart parking lot… the SPCA says hes looks too much like a pit to be adopted.we will NOT let him get put down after all the progres hes made! if anyone is interested call.. justin and callie wood 843 327 9313

  • Sheila says:

    Thank you George G. I doubt you will hear from Mr. Vick but thank you from my heart for your honesty integrity and above all humanity.

  • Some dude... says:

    Please post. If the allegations are true Michael Vick should not be treated with kid gloves. He should do EVERY SECOND of the maximum sentence. I am a life long lover of mans best friend and will not accept this crime being treated as trivial because the victims were “only dogs” or because of Vicks status as a in my oppinion overated football player. That said… It bothers me that the web site for an organization whose members have been known to break the law B E vandalism assault etc are now calling on the courts to follow the law to the letter. If you wish to be taken at all seriously stop being hypocrites. Michael Vick is and this is quite well documented an ass. That does not make him guilty. He is due his day in court. I’ve read here how some I do realize that not all PETA members subscribe to this would have Vick tortured. Sorry but you lost me with that. Are PETA members and Amnesty International now at odds? I support whole heartedly the movement for recognizing the inherent rights of all of Gods creation. I would love to openly support PETA and it’s main goals. PETA however will never get my financial or personal support as long as it’s members would support such actions as those championed by too many of the posters here. I honestly have such fear of reprisals for this I feel even handed post that I refuse to leave my name or email address. Shame that a true animal lover who would love to support such an organization has to write such a sentence. I will check this page again to see if reason wins out. To call those of you not all of you again I realize that not all PETA supporters are sociopaths who advocate overly extreme measures in response to this crime assholes is to do a grave injustice to assholes everywhere. Get truly humane and perhaps the millions of people like myself who love animals but do not advocate voilence of ANY type will start supporting PETA financially and at the polls.

  • Jerry says:

    I think he did it too. Dead dogs on the property. Come on. Not to change the supject but what americans do you mean? Northcentral or south? I think you mean United states

  • Steve says:

    To quote a lady who called into a sports radio show yesterday “Michael Vick is a piece of crap!” They should lock him up and throw away the key. He is decidedly STUPID!

  • Sheila says:

    This sick sadistic man should NOt get away with a slap on the wrist. He needs to go to jail because what he really needs done to him is what he did to those poor dogs.

  • Megan Hart says:

    Am I missing something here? Isn’t this pathetic waste a murderer? Michael “ICK” should do jail time anything less is justice turning a deaf ear and blind eye! NO PLEA what happened to do the crime do the time. He did the crime now it’s time for him to do the time! If not his plea should be as follows Throw his naked body hands cuffed in a room full of hungry dogs pour steak sauce on his weiner and see who’s left standing!

  • Anonymous says:

    If Vick doesn’t “serve” at least 5 to 7 years this will be a true injustice !

  • Craig Hubbartt says:

    I invite Mr. Michael Vick himself to read this.. I am writing this not as a response not as slander but as a plea to Mr. Vick. I am a dog owner….and yes…. a pit bull owner I am thoroughly sickened by your accusations. Letme start by saying I was a wrong side of the tracks type. I come from a poor blue collar family got in myfair share of trouble I even did a stint inprison. The great thing about people though is we as humans can recognize or imperfections. You Mr. Vick have either ignored or don’t really care about yours. You apparently have no consideration for life. whatever God you believe in you have ignored. I have seen the effects of people with your train of thought. As I said I am a pitbull owner. I rescued my friend from the type of people you associate with. I have enjoyed my friends company for 2 12 yrs now loving him for the true loving companion he is yet still he has the mark of neglect and abuse. He is the mildest mannered dog I have ever come into contact with yet he still bears scars he is still barren of hair in spots. He greets me every day when I come home with a renewed confidence though because he knows he will not be hit. Hewillnotbe beat. He has no expectations to him other than to be a good dog. You have not only robbed the dogs you apparently sent to slaughter of their happiness you have robbed countless pet LOVERS of a lifetime of joy. Your disregard for life deeply disturbs me….and apparently it runs through your veins. Your own brother found it acceptable to step on another mans leg while wearing football spikes. You are apparently the worst of the worst kind of person. I invite you if dogs or any other kind of life are of no concern to offer up your mother your wife your children to participate in a live fight. Perhaps a trained fighter perhaps one our soldiers that selfishly fight for your rights as an American. Perhaps they can battle your offspring in a dark carpeted room. And in the instance they perform poorly you can drown them or electrocute them. Maybe even slam them on the ground until the good Lord’s mercy says theyve had enough.That Mr. Vick would certainly be OK by your standards.Afterall you can always breed another.

  • george g. says:

    pull off his arms and legs if he’s still alive electrocute himif he’s still alive drown himif he’s still alive shoot him.

  • Byron Baker says:

    Let’s assume that a plea from Vick is imminent. If he offers money to PETA Humane Society etc. and animal rights orgs accept the money they’ve failed. Blood money is blood money no matter how many innocent animals it makes well or saves. Don’t take money from Vick or his lawyers. Hypocrisy wears poorly no matter how soft or colorful the cloth.

  • Nancy Britten says:


  • Patricia says:

    I don’t understand why people are coming to this site and criticizing those of us who have compassion for animals. And it is frightening to read comments such as “it is only a freaking dog” or “its his dog he can do what he wants with it”. It is pathetic that people think this way. If someone does not choose to fight for the rights of animals well there are hundreds if not thousands of worthwhile causes to fight for. Why don’t some of you fight for battered women or abused children or the homeless instead of coming here and posting messages that serve no purpose other than to stir things up? Animal lovers are caring compassionate people who care about all living creatures human animal bird fish it doesn’t matter… we care. We all have to choose a battle why don’t those of you who criticize do the same? “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” Saint Francis of Assisi

  • observer says:

    tracey vick supporter half of my yard is a cemetery with dead animals I picked up off the road. other animal activists and some not do too. no orders are needed from you!!!!! how do you figure peta is able to stop on the spot dog attacks???? you know nothing ‘cuz your sick vick brain can’t see anything peta does before or after attacks happen about the owners and the law!!! protesting vick. supporting legal action!!!! point made!!!

  • Pam Moyer says:

    We should all contact the prosecutor’s office and leave messages against giving Michael Vick the plea deal. A very polite message saying we as animal lovers and owners speak for those who can’t. No society should cut anyone a break that chooses to hose down an animal and electrocute it. Brutality is brutality and he should not be rewarded with a plea. Let’s all call!!!

  • observer says:

    angel why are you wasting your time and energy posting here when you could be out protesting the war???? what makes you think that some peta people aren’t protesting the war too? answers please!!!!! waiting…….

  • observer says:

    support vick Who the hell do you think you’re bullshiting except yourself??? a mans life is in danger???? on board to donate thousands of dollars of your hard earned money to peta but if vicks goes to jail the money will stay in your pocket??? get the hell going YOU WACKO LIAR!!!!

  • Dan Chavous says:

    Just to reply to the comments and to the ones who replied with their opinion including explanation I greatly respect you guys for that. But let me just say supporting Vick does not mean you support what the man may have done or did not do. But let me ask is all this hype about destroying Vick’s socialemployment life a lesson for others who dwell in the same activities they are trying to convict Vick of or is it you guys never liked VIck and now is the time to express it. I don’t understand since they claim VIck had something to do with dogfighting it’s a massive uproar for saving the dogs now but it’s has been going on for years now and had trials for the very same reason why now why this man? What about like the previous user stated unfortunately hunting is legal. HUNTING IS LEGAL and left it like saying “oh well” afterwards. Then what about the dog pounds who puts lots of animals to sleep daily. ALso long before Vick’s accusal what about the confiscated dogs from previous dogfighters they put those dogs asleep right away saying they are untrainable for safety of humans. No uproar and criticism on those societies. But now Vick and there is still no valid dogfighting proof that he actually did it. I guess since others allow celebrities to run their children’s lives it’s oh so bad for that person. Vick is barely in the media for violence or anything. The previous media upbringings was something to put in the news but nothing effecting another human’s life. It’s something more to this than all the commotion brings. So the next time you kill a roach mosquito fly squirrel pig rabbit ant ect. think about being on trial for that as well. No one caught VIck in the act of dogfighting which is a felony charge so all the evidence supposely found why not fine him and tell him to stop his Kennel he is running. Simple as that no you guys want to bring in the NFL saying they condone to his mistakes and want the man endorsement gone.

  • Patricia says:

    To anyone posting on this site saying that we are “crazy” and “out of our minds” because we care about these poor animals who were abused tortured and killed why are you even on the PETA site anyway? Are you just here to cause trouble and stir things up? Those of us who are serious care about all creatures human animal bird fish it doesn’t matter. These dogs suffered a brutal existance and died brutal deaths. No living creature should have to endure that. And remember it is human beings that caused these dogs to become this way. It is human beings who bred these dogs to fight trained them to fight and forced them to fight. These dogs can’t speak for themselves those of us here have chosen to help be a voice for them. If you don’t want to offer support for abused animals then why don’t you find another worthwhile cause battered women abused children homeless people there are hundreds of causes that could use your help and support. Do something useful with your time instead of coming to this site and posting useless messages. They serve no purpose. Maybe YOU are the ones who should THINK. “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” Saint Francis of Assisi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Ghandi “A man’s soul is judged by the way he treats his dog.” Charles Doran

  • Jim says:

    The message posted by Wolfran is just as sick as Vick. I too was an avid fan of Michael until this. And this is a big deal. Go to jail do pass goal and do not get paid your contract. I’m sure there is an escape clause outside of his guaranteed money. Any money to him is too much. At least punish him so that others will take heed. No slap on the wrist with a minimum fine. Do the crime and do the time

  • Nancy Britten says:

    I was trying to think of a nonemotional statement concerning the actions of Mr. Vicks and his partners. I do hope that PETA can use to case as an oppurtunity to educate the public. As for Vicks and his friends…death sentence or community work for life in a poor foreign country.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a pitbull owner i am so sickened by Mr. Vick and his codefendants. I know first hand how wonderfulsmartlovingoutstandingloyalcuteamazing this breed is and to see them treated that way is unacceptable in my eyes there is no punishment harsh enough for these men.. i say no deals max him out on all counts and ban him from football for life tha’s a decent start

  • mindy says:

    I am disgusted to see that the feds are trying to get Vick to take a plea deal???? What he did to all of those dogs and you know he has been doing it for longer than reported 2001 he should go for much more than the max 6 yrs he could get…if I had my way he would never see daylight again….anyone who hurts an animal is a sick human being that deserves to die!! I love animals and Vick sickens me!!!

  • animal angel says:

    We all need to stick to the subject here. If you want PETA to stand up for some of the other causes join them and make a stand. This subject is about torturing animals and using them for money. If anyone thinks that this practice is ok for anyone white or black then you are truly sick and need serious counseling. Jeffrey Dahmer killed and tortured animals before he moved on kill people. Here is another black man with money does he get off too?

  • Margaret Moore says:


  • Dana Ponder says:

    Arizona I find it intresting that you seem to want us to have compassion for someone that has no compassion for any life at all. You are so in the dark you may never find the light! To call dog fighting a cultural past time that does not seem as bad as it is..might almost just be as stupid as what Vick did to himself. Dog fighting is as bad as you see it on TV people. To call this a pass time is SICK! Pass times are knitting watching TV reading a book….not watching innocent animals that have been trained to fight rip each other necks off. Maybe you either need to do more research on this or possibly you just need to stop being one of the immoral persons that partisipates in dog fighting. As for the comment of pit bulls attacking innocent children as they ride their bikes….thats another research project go on and read about attacks by dogs you will find that not only are pits down on the list you will see that Chows Labs Golden retreivers are higher than pits…..the only reason you hear so much about pit attacks are because it makes better news thanks to people that are giving them such a bad name scum bags like VICK!!!!! As for this being a race thing people GROW UP and get more comfortable in your own skin….This is not a color thing this is a immoral stupid thing and stupidity and immorality runs wild in every race…. Oh and Arizona people that dog fight and abuse animals will never be what you call a brother of mine!!!!

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    to Mars and Arizona E I think you two need a head wash and a R E A L bible lesson! Before you come here for nonsense go to read the whole Isaiah and Job! And know also that there are not just christians in this world but many other religions and all have the same right like black people white people red people and yellow people!!! And also animals deserve a respectful life and a respectful death if you don’t get this you are no human beings and you have no knowledge of any religion!

  • Cecil .B. Johnson Jr. II says:

    I do not advocate any violence to a domesticated animal under no circumstances. I have been raised on a farm and around animals all my life. I must say the first time that I was sent out at 3am in the morning to kill the hog for breakfast was the most heartless thing I have had to do by myself. My younger brother had to help me in the end. I was disgusted and could not eat breakfast that morning. The most important thing was that I had to learn about life and its costs. I would not want an innocent man to go to jail for any reason. Instead I would want the sick maniac that allowed this to happen and taught this behavior to these boys and made to suffer for all our sakes. So if any deal is made make them all tell how they got started who even mentioned to them to start it and trained them to do such acts. The last statement I would make is that this was too easy. The other defendants gave in too easily and have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They are hiding more discoverable evidence in this case. I would even say paid silence and fall guy are in order. Our legal system has its flaws. When it is wrong it takes public Knowledge to expose adjust and correct it. When public knowledge is wrong it takes legal authority evidence pictures reciepts correspondence to expose adjust and possibly correct the same. Once these two things are answered and put to the test I will feel better altogether. My response then would be that if he is guilty his career would be over like Pete Rose and never mentioned again. My personal opinion would be for a total ban from sports in the United States of America. I would also ask the government for permanent exile for all included in this crime to justify my tax dollars being waisted on this case to any degree. I would expect the government not to let the persons who profited from this network to get away. I would want this to set new laws so that personal kennels and hording of any animal has a limit and equipment sold by merchants is registered and inspected on a regular basis just as we do guns. I support Vick if he is innocent only but I will be an exicutioner with a black hood over my face ready to pull the lever if he is guilty. Either way he has to spill it win or lose. The end will be when we set defensive laws that will end this in our society.

  • Ana says:

    Once again HUNTING IS LEGAL!!!!! Even so PETA and C.A.S.H and animal advocates all oppose and protest it. Cowards with multiple weapons smeared in feces and urine enjoy killing innocent animals. Why don’t you tell cowardly hunters to do something for humans instead of wasting time and money on killing innocent animals??? What about the dogs who helped and worked many hours helping human animals after 911? Arizona If Vick wants forgiveness let him go to a priest. This has nothing to do with Christianityit has to do with Vick killing dogs which is illegal. “Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and give to God what is God’s”. According to Jesus this belongs to Ceasar and Vick should go to jaul. He broke the law!!!

  • Wolfran says:

    you people are out of your minds I can not believe what I am reading IT IS A FREAKING DOG NOT A HUMAN what is worth more Black men and White men aside? Think!!! I think Peta is out of order some one will stop this madness this has to end dogs are not human think!!! There was a time when all of the above statements were made about Negroes as a justification for slavery the Dred Scott decision of 1856 being a great example. However as a society we came to our senses and realized how wrong this was. Do you not think it is possible that we might one day view your ideas about the animals the way the Dred Scott decision is generally viewed today? Secondly on what basis do you make the distinction between animals and humans as far as ethics are concerned? Is it that man can reason and animals can not? This is not much of an argument as illustrated by Jeremy Bentham some 200 years ago The question is not ‘Can they reason?’ nor ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?” or more recently by the Philosopher Peter Singer All the arguments to prove man’s superiority cannot shatter this hard fact in suffering the animals are our equals.” If you chose to ignore pain and suffering as reason enough to grant the right not to be hunted and molested to animals then I can only assume you consider the fact they cannot reason to be all that counts. That being the case can either of you tell me one good reason why we shouldnt hunt the mentally retarded? Perhaps we could train them to fight each other to the death after all many of them lack what we would call the ability to reason. What about people who are not very bright but not retarded couldnt the smarter people in society make a case that they have the right to hunt them or experiment on them? Can PETA explain to me the difference in dog fighting and killing of dogs and the killing of deer and other animals that are hunted by most of the big name NFL stars? No there really is none. None of these activities are acceptable to civilized people. I honestly believe that anyone that can look at a deer down a rifle scope and shoot it is lacking in humanity. How can anyone whose brain is not damaged in some way actually enjoy killing animals?

  • Angel says:

    I grew up with dogs that I loved dearly. I understand that everyone is sooooo upset about the charges against Michael Vick. I see all of the prostesting and cries of how inhumane the charges are. All you hear is about the money he makes and how he should be imprisoned. Am I angry because he’s accused of these crimes? NO! Do I care how much money he make? NO! Everyone hollers about Freedom yet he’s guilty from the start. Is it racism? Partially YES! But do I really care about all of this? NO! I lost my brother in Iraq. He was blown up. I guess killing dogs should be more important but NO it isn’t. I have a brotherinlaw that’s on his 5th tour of Iraq. Will I lose him also? Yet all people care about is taking someones Freedom for killing animals. Is is right no but we have so many young men and women fighting for us to protest against what we think is wrong. Why aren’t any of the peta members protesting the deaths of innocent young men and women. Oh sorry that’s War and only humans.

  • suzyq says:

    I read one of the bloggers mention dogfighting as a cultural pasttime. Not in my culture. Dogfighting is a heinous vicious barbaric murderous activity. Anybody who engages in dogfighting and allows the dogs to be hurt and die has no respect for life.

  • Vicki says:

    This guy should go directly to jail no matter what. He’s obviously guilty what other proof do you need? And I really hope he loses his NFL career. I’d love to see that happen.

  • Peggy Greene says:

    Can PETA explain to me the difference in dogfighting and killing of dogs and the kiling of deer and other animals that are hunted by most of the big name NFL stars?

  • Michelle says:

    Mr. Vick has a responsibility as a public figure and one of a role model to carry himself in a way that young children can learn and grow from even idolize. A man who supports dog fighting in any manner to any extent be it large or small should not be allowed such a privileged a position as that of the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback. Any human being that can sit back and watch or even participate in innocent beautiful animals be tortured and destroyed is quite possibly capable of far greater cruelty. Please make an example of Mr. Vick in order to prevent future abuses to these beautiful animals and others.

  • Support Vick says:

    I do not condone this act by Michael Vick but a mans life is in danger! I was on board to donate thousands of my hard earned dollars to PETA but if he goes to jail my money will stay in my pocket. And everyone can thank the idiots for casting judgement before court.

  • ann says:

    i bet vick is not going to plea guilty for he is so CUNNING. i bet he was trying to make a deal with NFL but failed so he wants to take a chance at court. i hope he gets the maximum jail time and rot in hell.

  • Tracey (Vick Supporter) says:

    I agree with Sandy Holmberg. The next time you people who are with PETA see a dead dog or cat or even an opossum or raccoon in the street dead get out your car and pick it up. Do we see PETA protesting when dogs like pit bulls attack and kill children and adults and the owners only get a citation as well as their dogs being euthanize?