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Vick’s Attorneys Reportedly Negotiating Plea

Written by PETA | August 14, 2007

Michael Vick’s attorneys are reportedly engaged in plea negotiations with prosecutors, following the news that two more of his codefendants have stated that they will enter guilty pleas this week. Federal sentencing guidelines dictate that Vick will likely face jail time if he does reach a plea agreement.

PETA has written a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill asking that he include a provision in any plea prohibiting Michael Vick from owning or harboring any animal in the future. It’s absolutely vital—though sadly often overlooked—that criminals who are convicted in animal cruelty cases be permanently barred from owning animals, since the likelihood for repeat offenses is extremely high with this kind of crime. This is especially true of dogfighting, and when you’re talking about cruelty as gruesome as the charges against Vick and his codefendants allege, the number one priority of the prosecutors should be ensuring that these guys are never allowed near an animal again if they’re found guilty of dogfighting.

You can read our letter to the prosecutor below, and I’ll keep you updated on any developments in this case as it proceeds.

August 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Gill:

One small but vital matter with regard to Michael Vick’s possible plea bargain:

We implore your office to include a provision prohibiting Mr. Vick from owning and/or harboring any animal.

Our office is made aware of hundreds of cruelty-to-animals cases weekly. Some involve animal fighting, and involve dogs who have been forced to fight, cruelly trained, and set afire and/or drowned if the match is “lost.” One commonality shared by animal abusers and dogfighters is recidivism—we see this time and time again. By keeping animals from their hands, and off of their properties, your office is in the position to help ensure that Vick (if he pleads guilty) and his codefendants do not cause more harm than that which has already been alleged in the indictment against them. Further, any plea agreement, with respect, must also permit local officials to visit any suspect properties at their discretion, in order to determine compliance with the prohibitive provision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martin Mersereau, Manager
Cruelty Casework Division

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  • Anonymous says:

    INNOCENT….YEAH RIGHT….and don’t pull the it’s because he’s black card…look at the evidence ANGEL….i was a big vick fan coming from va tech myself. He and anyone else blackwhite whatever that can do such things should be punished…..what if it was your animal or your child?????

  • observer says:

    paul obrien get your dizzy head on straight!!!! animal organizations aren’t rehabs for people!!!! vick had all the chances and the money to get rehab before. people close to him not involved but merely content could have persuaded him to get rehab before. vick is now in the hands of the law. now you want animal organizations to go against the law to rescue and rehab him?????? where the hell are you coming from????

  • Dana Ponder says:

    Paul O’Brien Why would you even think that PETA or the ASPCA should be part of rehabilitation for these people? It is up to animal organizations to make sure that fair and ethical treatment is given to animals..these organizations push for more laws and justice to be served when they are broken…but it is not up to Peta to make sure these people change. Comparing animals to People in jail is just simply crazy. Animals did not go out and commit crimes murder people or rob a bank to get in jail…I think where people miss the point with animals is they have no other choice!!! Humans control every aspect of their lives such as to breed more more of them toss them on the road when they dont want them anymore…drop them off at the humane societies when they no longer meet their lifestyle. People make choices dogs dont! I wish that people would look at the other side of this and realize what an important role dogs play in many different areas in this world…they are drug dogs security dogs seeing eye dogs rescue dogs… they can play a very important role in finding lost children in the woods…and there are still people that come on here and act as if they are just disposable and people should just get over it! When did humans become superior that they actually think that everything on earth is ours to own control abuse and do with what we want? I long ago accepted the fact my dog is a gift in my life and I by far do not own this dog it is a part of our family not a slave!!!!!!!!!!

  • millie says:

    It’s amazing that some people actually believe that animals are inferior to humans. Humans are animals and should never consider any other form of life lower than them because life is life regardless of whether the creature is an ant or a fish or bird or dog or human. Oh and Dan Chavous just to clear any doubts I have been a vegan since I was eleven years old.

  • victor nalli says:

    This man should never be allowed to play football again if he is guilty.

  • Anonymous says:

    yes I understand that it is wrong for Vick or anyone else to do the things that they are doing but come on people 50 of you wear leather of some sort and eat meat. I love the comment that the one lady wrote about picking up the dead animals from the street as we pass by. Priceless. All I’m saying is champion this cause and keep letting the bottom feeders of society keep preying on the children women and elderly. Who cares right? What about the dogs who attack a jogger or a child for no reason just for being there. I know I’m painting with a broad brush but so are some of you blood thirsty people who want a human to suffer. Make him settle with PETA for 2 million and do commercials saying he sorry and of course that’s more money you can keep in addition to the antiVick products selling as we speak.

  • matti says:

    I just hope if he makes a plea that he will never be able to play football again.The dogs that were taken from his property are still in cages. They are being used as evidence. They are so vicious that they can only be let out of their cages maybe once a day. I wonder how he will be feeling locked in a cage and only being let out once in awhile.

  • Brad Pitt says:


  • suzyq says:

    I read PETA’s letter to the Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill. It did not mention jail time for Vick even if he made a plea deal. And I mean a long jail time. One year or less is only a slap on the wrist. I thought we were all fighting for justice for the dogs. There is no justice without jail time.

  • suzyq says:

    I believe that any plea deal should definitely include jail time of just a little less than five years. Remember he was the financier of this illegal venture. Besides it would not be fair to the three codefendants who preceded him in making a plea deal and would most probably face five years individually plus fines. What I want to see is justice for the dogs and fairness in our justice system.

  • Arizona E says:

    I find it interesting that hypocrites like those of you that are members of and support PETA call yourselves Christians in most cases. Forgiveness and a compassionate heart are two of the most Godly traits one can exhibit. Stop condemning this man for a cultural pasttime that is quite frankly not as horrific as it has been made out to be and get on with the business of forgiving and healing. Regardless of how you feel about dog fighting the fact remains that Mike Vick is our brother and needs the same love and compassion that you want to give to the non essential animals you supposedly stand for.

  • Ed says:

    They are just dogs but they do deserve good treatment. Be real people. No human should have to pay an excessive price for their use. The bible says that the animals were put here for mans use including as food. just be humane about how they are used. None of us would be here had not our ancestors used animals for food and clothing.

  • tom vb says:

    Here we go againathletemoneycrimeplea barganbull shit. Average man would be hung out to drybut the big athletes get off again easyim sick of it like everyone elseSEND HIM TO JAIL!!!!!!

  • Nicole Amendolare says:

    Hi I am a proud pitbull owner who could not believe that dog fighting exisits and thanks to VICK now we can be more aware. This is a deeper issue then making money off of the dog fights. HE is a multi millionaire. His issue is basically he is an evil human being that I am in shock that I see parents buying his jersey to wear. this week I saw 2 children wearing the jersey and was disgusted. It starts in the home right? My pitbull Soprano made an appearance on my tv show that airs on ABC and Soapnet. I wanted him to be seen because pitbulls get a bad rep. I was watching Bryan Gumble and dog fighting investigation he did. And when the police find the dogs with heavy 50 pound chains no water or food in there own feces the dogs are stil wagging their tail. PITBULLS ARE LOVING DOGS. MY 100 POUND PITBULL SLEEPS WITH ME EVERY NIGHT IN MY BED. THEY DO NOT HAVE IN THERE BLOOD TO KILL THEY ARE TAUGHT BY THIS COWARDS AND MENTALLY SICK INDIVIDUALS. PLEASE LETS DO SOMETHING!

  • Anonymous says:

    Angel are you Afro American???? When ever things are said IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE RACIAL ON AN AFRO AMERICAN’S part. GET A LIFE DOGS HUMANS All living creatures should not be tortured by a BLACK white mexican or an sucky NFL quarterback. HA HA

  • Harold Gross says:

    First things first. As a defender of animal rights PETA must insist to the states attorney that there to be NO DEALS. Right and wrong are not to be negogiated. If Mr Vick is innocent as he claims then he can proove it in a trial. Please do not take even one srep backward on this point. The dogs cannot talk to the states attorney to make this request so PETA must do it for them.

  • susie says:

    angel first of all you need to learn how to spell.i for one am sick of hearing the “boo hoo…i’m black issue.get over it! this has nothing to do with is about innocent dogs who were tortured for money.vick the pr..k makes enough money throwing a ball around for a few hours. he is a greedy and heartless creep!

  • Ana says:

    Social organizationsservices rehabilitate people but first these organizations must take dog fighting seriously enough in order to provide them those services. Organizations for nonhumans do not rehabilitate humans.

  • Mars says:

    and no person is allowed to do with an animal what he likes! an animal belongs to god and itself we have no right to abuse them in any way! are you god to decide about an other living creature’s destiny? reflect about this deeply!! You need to read your Bible. God gave Man dominion over the animals to use anyway Man saw fit. At one time Southerners said that about THEIR propertyit led to a civil war. Try seperating humans from animals.Also read Civil War history slavery was not the cause or reason for the War. All feel pain and bleed when cut So do plants.

  • observer says:

    dan chavous YOU are as dumb as MARS and the rest of psycho vicks psycho supporters!!!!!! DUMB!!! DUMB!!!!! DUMB!!!!!! get off the stupid bullshit line that we destroyed his life!!! Who and how many of us here told vicks to have illegal dogfighting and told the government to indict him??????

  • Ryan says:

    How come PETA is only going after Vick what about the other player that beat his girlfriend dog to death. Only for publicity.

  • Paul O'Brien says:

    While I personally do not condone the actions of those involved in any sort of dogfighting activities I feel that nothing is being done as far as efforts go to rehabilitate those who do participate in these horrific acts of animal violence. Wouldn’t is be wise perhaps necessary to assist in some sort of rehabilitation efforts to the people involved in the alleged dogfighting rings? It seems the media and so many people are very fast to condemn Michael Vick and his cohorts to swift and harsh punishment. And while punishment is necessary I think it is also necessary for the likes of PETA and the ASPCA to take a proactive role in the rehabilitation of all those convicted of these crimes. I wonder if any of the animal rights organizations have offered up any support to Michael Vick and his codefendants in rehabilitation efforts? Or are these same activists merely content to let these men dwell in a cell for X amount of months or years? Fortunately the ASPCA and PETA has the support to rescue and rehabilitate abused and caged animals. I wonder if they would do the same even for a criminal? Hmmmmm….

  • Richard says:

    How about a provision where he gets a complimentary bullet to the back of the head? That’d be fair right? Screw this scumbag and screw Nike.

  • Ana says:

    Dan All of the animals you mentioned are precious unfortunately hunting and slaughterhouses are both legal. I don’t eat or wear animals I’m vegan so I can speak with all honesty that many other vegansanimal advocate like myself oppose both hunting and eating animals. Slaughterhouses are an abomination and humane slaughter is an oxymoron. I have never supported the ban of pit bulls but I have demanded more severe penalties for dog fighters and trainersthey need to serve long sentences for the abomination that they practice. What Vick did is inexcusable and his supporters are just as guilty as he is. Mars At one time Southerners said that about THEIR propertyit led to a civil war. Your argument is a specious one to say the least. NO no one has the right to what they want with humans or nonhumans!!!! All feel pain and bleed when cut and all deserve proper care respect and love. The laws for animals need to reflect that animals are sentient beings not property. Perhaps then the status of animals will be elevated and more protection will be given them.

  • Dana Ponder says:

    Dan Chavous Just for your information I do not run around slaughtering animals. I even took the life change of not eating meat or consuming dairy so that I can make sure that animals are not slaughtered on my behalf. So when I speak of my feelings of Michael Vick I speak clearly. I am so sick of people using the “animals should not be considered more valuable than humans” when trying to defend Vick. I dont really care you invented dog fighting….I hope the person that did spends many many years in hell! But just because wrong was invented by someone else does not in any way give Michael Vick the right to participate in it. As for the comment of banning pit bulls I am more in favor of banning stupid people! I think the idea of banning pit bulls was brought about because some groups of people think that if you can demolish the breed you can stop abuse. That however will not work because stupid unstable people like Vick will find some other breed of dog to meet their sick needs. I can not understand people that will defend this guy…besides play football on your TV what will he ever really do for you? It is time to wake up and realize this guy did this to himself not PETA….not animals lovers…not the humane society….he made a choice and it was a stupid one!!!! And now all of his loyal followers want to blame everyone else for standing up against him….if you want to blame someone blame your hero for being an idiot! Also people get it through your heads PETA works for animals not HUMANS! But if you really care about child molester child abusers drugs murderers….keep in mind that they all gather around at these dog fights…so when you take away dog fighting you help stop CRIME as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia S. Beecher says:

    Cruelty to animals has been linked to serious psychological and criminal behavior. Michael Vick is a criminal and possibly a psychopath. Michael vick needs to be incarcerated an banned for life from owning any animals. may god have mercy on his soul.

  • Michele says:

    Junior get your head out of the clouds!! Your comment “I can think of tons of things with animals that arent taken as seriously the running of the bulls” etc is just a tad off base. Try doing a search on PETA’s site for the “Running of the Nudes” and maybe then you will find out the facts before shooting off your mouth. The Vick story just happens to be getting more media coverage than other animal issues because Vick is a socalled celebrity. That does not mean that animal rights folks are taking his situation more seriously than others. As for Vick pleabargaining even if he went to trial and was found guilty which of course would be the result he would never serve enough jail time to make up for what he did to those poor dogs. It would be ideal if he got the maximum but 6 years is not even nearly enough! I am just glad that Vick cannot pretend he is innocent anymore. Fortunately because of his “celebrity” status everyone will know what he did and no one will ever respect him again. I do hope that PETA and other organizationsindividuals are successful in ensuring that Vick is banned from owning animals for life. He is a sick pathetic excuse for a human being and his past charitable donations are just “blood money” as far as I’m concerned.

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    to mars and tica your reactions directly show me that you just appear here on this blog without any idea about the whole peta files! you ignorant folks pretending that an animal who was bred to fight should be evil! it’s the human being who is evil it’s the human being who brought the animal to that point! and no person is allowed to do with an animal what he likes! an animal belongs to god and itself we have no right to abuse them in any way! are you god to decide about an other living creature’s destiny? reflect about this deeply!!!

  • Mary Guajardo says:

    Why should there even be a hint of Michael Vick to only get as little as one year. If it was anyone else they would have to serve the full sentence. They bring it on a news station that American animal lovers don’t really care and just love it when Michael Vick says he is sorry only to save his job and millions of dollars that he will be excepted back into football with our blessing. I think that stinks to put that idea into our heads and also the may dog’s that suffered and were horribly killed by this man!

  • Tica says:

    I read most of these messages as well as the message stating that individuals have to await for approval to a message. I am not a person who wishes to see any animal hurt but I would think that wishing death on a human being which is crazy for the death of an animal that was bread throughout the ages from the beginning for fighting and warfare. This is animal is dangerous and yet I don’t think it diserves to die nor do I think that a man should be punished until he is proven guilty. If he is guilty he will do time but if not should he really be dragged through the headlines and convicted before the courts can get him. I have seen people with their children holding up signs that communicate a series of awful messages and I really think people should take time to really to think before we put up a sign that pushes an adults views on kids.

  • Mars says:

    It’s his dogs so he should be allowed to do what he wants with them.He has harmed no human or society and nothing will be gained by his prosecution.

  • Dan Chavous says:

    Most people are guilty for judging Vick unfairly. When did the life of a rabbit squirrel deer duck or boar become less valuable than that of a dog? The same people who are calling Vick a bad man probably slaughter thousands of innocent animals yearly and after killing them speak of how beautiful they are. They are hypocrites. These animals have right to life too. These Vick bashers with homes full of food and pockets full of money pass Publix Kroger or Food Lion to go and kill for fun and not food. If you judge Vick to be a bad man you are too. To mention since when then pitbulls become the so precious center of attention. Was it not years ago so called animal rights group were banning the raising and care for pitbull dogs in residential homes and requested to put these type breeds to sleep. Others other than Vick are doing countless dogfighting everyday but I guess if it’s not for money but for leisure it’s sooo wrong. Go ahead destroy a man’s life for watching animals fight but praise a man so called of GOD who malest young boys.

  • Jake says:

    I hope that Vick gets the maximum sentence for his cruel and evil actions. But the real punishment for him is in the hands of the NFL. I hope the NFL gives Vick a lifetime ban which it can do under NFL rules because of his association with gambling which is always there at dog fights along with drugs guns and violent felons. When Vick wakes up and realizes that he pissed away a multimillion dollar NFL career for what? Dogfighting and getting to hang out with some “gangsta” types and pretending to be a tough guy thats when his punishment will really begin.

  • Nina Colschen says:

    This is for the stupid idiot..Oh sorry M.V supporteryou know some things are just wrong rape murder fedral offenses…weather they are human or animal if you have any sense whatsoever you could see that!!!Imagine the horor if this was one of your children!And by the way yes i do stop on the side of the road to help any living thing and people like you are why…God or someone else save your soul!

  • ann says:

    to all the vick supporters who are still putting ur stinky foot in ur mouth ur darling vick ths thug is GUILTY AS HELL. plea bargain now? ha ha ha what happens to his defense in public? ” i don’t go to my propertyother people uses my property i am going to clear my ” good name “. michael vick SHAME ON UU SCAM!!!!!!!!!! i would like to put u on the rape standput ur two flea infected balls with high voltage electric wire give u a good shock which i am sure u ll enjoy it very much then pour cold water over u wake u up then slam ur stinky body against the wallEVERYDAY. beofer u lv the jail i hope some animal lover prisoner break up both ur legs so u ll NEVER play football again.

  • Bud and Doc says:

    I think that Mike Vick should have to donate money to the Peta the American Humane Society….why hasn’t that been brought up…with all his money that should be a stipulation….he should not get off scott free with not helping the animals that he made suffer…..all the animals…the animals that had to suffer that were used in the training of the dogs

  • Damien gosse says:

    micheal vick is sick and shoukd go fuck himself

  • junior says:

    I love how everyone in there oh so perfect life is quick to judge this man. I can think of tons of things with animals that arent taken as seriously the running of the bulls rodeos where competitors almost ring the neck of a cow and the list goes on. People dont be so quick to throw stones. What about this referee who was basically working for the mob nobody wants his head. Maybe the europeans should have thought twice before they came up with dogfighting.

  • Anonymous says:

    race ant got nothing to do with this the guy is a sick evil person so stop being so arrogant when your wrong your wrong

  • Sophie says:

    No deals to a murderer!!! Justice must be done! What message will our justice system be sending to others who torture other living things to death? He should get one year for each dog that was put forced to die by this monster. And to watch all those poor dogs till their last breath it is totally sick. No human being should get away with this! Wethe people need to speak loud and clear on those dogs behalf now! Let us speak loud and clear NO DEALS! JAIL TIME!!! All living things have hearts feeling and pain just like us humans its no different. If plea deal is made then of course its all about money blood money and not respect for life at all. One would think that law is applied equally to rich and poor is it? And now maybe they will find something wrong with him mentally? its always the case either something mentally or he will find God happens all the time. He and others knew exactly what they did they did it anyway for the money even if it was blood money they didnt care and now they will try all tricks not to do jail time people like him the criminals know the system how it works and his lawyers are doing it all for money they arent any better human beings then him they are all worthless! advising him about deals.

  • observer says:

    Psycho vick and his psycho supporters are prime candidates to be terrorists. the phoney mouths yapping about social activism are asses. full of hot air that leaves farts here!!!!!!!!! therein proving animals are better than people.

  • Richard Hausig says:

    I dont think 1 year is close to enough and I hope PETA has something to say about it

  • Anne Franklin says:

    Please make Michael Nick go to trial. He should be given the most the judge can throw at him. Jail for at least 6 years and a huge fine and not be allowed to play footbal anywhere. Let us have justice as there are a lot of animal lovers out here!!!!!!!Me included!!!!

  • RobinF says:

    Lets see…human life vs animal life. Which matters more? Kind of hard to put Vick in either catagory. He looks like a cross between a snake and a cockroach. I don’t think the length of time in jail matters. As long as he gets raped the same way his dogs did.

  • Rhonda says:

    Statistics show that people who tend to be cruel and abusive to animals move onto bigger and better things…..such as murder. Of course we are talking animal mutilation but as I see it Michael Vick has done just this. I am so sick of pitbulls getting a bad name because they fight. If I were put in a ring after being starved beaten and tortured and knew that my opponent would kill me I bet I would fight back too. It is disqusting and I hope Michael Vick gets some prison time out of this. Of course he will still have fans kinda like O.J. After All he is a football hero right?? Piece of Sht! Loving Pit Owner Rhonda

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I told myself I wasn’t going to comment on Vick anymore but there’s just something I have to say to all the people who are saying that dogfighting only affects dogs. Back when I lived in TN there was a story about some sick dogfighters that went around to all the neighborhoods and stole all the dogs to be used as bait. An entire neighborhood lost all of their dogs. How do you think the owners felt? What about the little children who lost their best friends? What about the blind people with guidedogs? What about the cancer survivors who had a dog that detected it? And for those of you that consider animals to be property what about all the money that was lost when the dogs were stolen? Obviously this does not only affect dogs.

  • Vick Supporter says:

    You people are crazy! You are the same people who wat animals at restaurants and also walk around with shoes amde from the leather of animals. This case is an attempt to push PETA and not for anything further. The next time you see that dead dog or cat sitting in the middle of the road make sure you get out of the care and pick it up instead of just riding by like I’m sure most of you do!

  • Sandy Holmberg says:

    Vick should be given the same treatment as he did to those poor dogs. A cattle prode to his balls! To anyone who defends him should get the same treatment. I would take animals over 99 of the human population.

  • Ana says:

    dip All those issues you mentioned are social issues that MANY organizations address with the luxury of having billions of dollars from both the government and in donations to spend in order to help people. Again the “A” in PETA stands for animals. Since these social issues concern you so much perhaps you should consider joining those MANY organizations to help alleviate those human social issues that human beings have created. PETA and animal advocates have so many types of animal abuse neglect and cruelty to address that it becomes overwhelming for both PETA and advocates alike. Again the forum is about helping animals from the abuse of humans there are billions of animals crying for help everyday from true animal advocates.

  • Dana Ponder says:

    Justalittlebiased You may not be judging anyone here but you are missing the point all together. Children homeless and molesters are not part of PETA…..they are an organization for ANIMALS….there are organizations for the homeless children and molesters. No one is trying to say one is more important than the other BUT Peta is not where you champion these causes. As for the drug infested streets funny you should make that comment considering that it is a proven fact that drugs convicts and gang members all focus around dog fighting… in order to make the statement that you seem to care about drug infested streets you should care about dog fighting rings that revolve around this crap. I dont think people should look for other causes to champion this is one that I believe strongly in stopping animal cruelty and taking animals and making them into monsters for your own self sick fascination is the worse form in my opinion. As deer hunting I am in no way for it BUT it just so happens to be legal! As for the Leonard Little killing someone with drug driving there is a huge organization called MAAD that champions its cause just for drunk drivers. Why you might ask are people so MAD when people do things to animals like VICK….animals are unconditional loyal creatures that will follow you to the end of the earth when no one else will…..they do not make choices such as do I get a job to pay my rent do I get a job to eat… society as a whole places them here with over breeding and then disregards of them like trash………they have no voice to speak up for themselves so someone has to do it for them!!!!!!!!! I am sorry that peta is so strong that Michael Vick may actually have to pay for what he has done…I dont care where you come from the streets or some rich fancy neighborhood DOG FIGHTING makes you the scum of the earth….if you have that little regard for animals then you are a danger to society!!! There are people out there that do not even really like animals that think this is SICK! Dogs are mans best friend and until you really have that bond with a dog you do not understand why so many people that do become outraged when they see this abuse and know that it could be their dog being used as a pawn for these pits to practice on…or it could have been their pit punished to this life of hell. Until you fully understand that dogs are more important than something…when infertility strikes a couple and they can not afford the expensive treatments or the high price of adoption the dog becomes the missing link of a childless marriage….when children leave for college and the parents are left a lone the dog picks up the slack………when older people are left with no one but their animal to keep them company and the animal does this with the upmost respect and loyalty…..catch my drift………………This is why PETA is so strong because people cant control a lot of things but we can be the voice of those defenseless animals that cant speak………………………..So no there is no explaining your point on this one………….PETA will not back off of VICK and he will PAY!!!