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Vick’s Attorneys Reportedly Negotiating Plea

Written by PETA | August 14, 2007

Michael Vick’s attorneys are reportedly engaged in plea negotiations with prosecutors, following the news that two more of his codefendants have stated that they will enter guilty pleas this week. Federal sentencing guidelines dictate that Vick will likely face jail time if he does reach a plea agreement.

PETA has written a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill asking that he include a provision in any plea prohibiting Michael Vick from owning or harboring any animal in the future. It’s absolutely vital—though sadly often overlooked—that criminals who are convicted in animal cruelty cases be permanently barred from owning animals, since the likelihood for repeat offenses is extremely high with this kind of crime. This is especially true of dogfighting, and when you’re talking about cruelty as gruesome as the charges against Vick and his codefendants allege, the number one priority of the prosecutors should be ensuring that these guys are never allowed near an animal again if they’re found guilty of dogfighting.

You can read our letter to the prosecutor below, and I’ll keep you updated on any developments in this case as it proceeds.

August 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Gill:

One small but vital matter with regard to Michael Vick’s possible plea bargain:

We implore your office to include a provision prohibiting Mr. Vick from owning and/or harboring any animal.

Our office is made aware of hundreds of cruelty-to-animals cases weekly. Some involve animal fighting, and involve dogs who have been forced to fight, cruelly trained, and set afire and/or drowned if the match is “lost.” One commonality shared by animal abusers and dogfighters is recidivism—we see this time and time again. By keeping animals from their hands, and off of their properties, your office is in the position to help ensure that Vick (if he pleads guilty) and his codefendants do not cause more harm than that which has already been alleged in the indictment against them. Further, any plea agreement, with respect, must also permit local officials to visit any suspect properties at their discretion, in order to determine compliance with the prohibitive provision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martin Mersereau, Manager
Cruelty Casework Division

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  • silent tongue says:

    to david tadesse this here is an animal rights issue! if you are so eager to help humans you should not hesitate to do so it’s wrong to wait always for an organization! you can do much even adopt a child or work as a voluntary in an alcoholic rescue place etc. it’s our duty to help the two one is more inspired to help people anotherone is more inspired to help animals! but i don’t like that you come here to tell us that animals don’t deserve as much help as we humans do i don’t like small hearts i like big hearts who have place for the two!

  • Tia says:

    This ridiculous! NO plea deal for Vick! Animal lover should contact the U.S. Assistant Attorneys Office for Eastern District of Virginia Richmond Office and tell Mr. Michael Gill this. I did and emailed them too. I don’t understand why PETA isn’t pushing this other than this letter.

  • Rene says:

    I hope Vick burns! People like him are the reason pitts have a bad name. People like Vick are the reason me and my pitts are no longer welcome to go to any city we please! He’s no human and should be put away for life.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I don’t like this at all. He needs to go to prison. This asshole will never change his stripes. This is what my husband said the powers that be need to pick out a prison and put Vick’s rape stand right in the middle of the workout area and strap Vick to it and release all the men prisoners and let them have a “SWEET VISIT” with Vick. Enough said…. Judith

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh and June Marie….I am a Golden retriever rescue volunteer and may I suggest you could volunteer for your local “PitBull” or other rescue of your choice in your area. So many animals need homes and foster care! I love your comment!

  • Stephanie says:

    Great job PETA. I am a huge football fan myself….I believe keeping healthy and eating healthy…no meat is such a good cause. But I am definetly for Vick being tossed to the dogs…I guess we could say!

  • Sarah B says:

    I don’t think that Vic is getting what he deserves…he need to be strung up by his toes and shocked and whipped and everything else that he did to those poor dogs. I think that we all need to stop watching football and stop buying anything with the NFL logo until they do something harsh to Vic like letting him not play football anymore….I know I persoanlly am done with football.

  • Keith says:

    Michael Vick is a typical male that will lie to the very end he lied when first questioned in this matter and now is looking for a plea deal. If he did nothing wrong why does he need a “plea deal” If he was innocent why would you need a “plea deal”??? Yes lets do think….Maybe Michael thought that no one cared about these animals?????Looks like he thought wrong…..Huh?????

  • Peter says:

    Although I feel absolutely that Vick should be spared NOTHING and should be sentenced to the full five years surely this will not happen. Likely he will plea to avoid this which will still damage his reputation and will have to suffice. Certainly the request by PETA that the plea include the provision that he never own animals is sensible and warranted. I hope the feds see the worth of it and include it.

  • ann says:

    where are u stupid vick supporters now ? VICK should NOT allow to plea !!! VICK should PAY for his crime !!! VICK should go to JAIL for 6 yrs !!!! VICK’S property should be TAKE AWAY by the goverment!!!! VICK should NEVER allowed to play professional football !!! VICK should sweep human society’s floor for LIFE !!!!! VICK should ROT IN HELL !!!!!!

  • Pat Overman says:

    I think we should let Michael Vick play. If M.V. goes to prison a message is sent but that’s the only good that comes out of it. Instead he should play for the next 5 years and every cent he earns goes to NPO’s that support animal rights or that take care of animals. So much good could come out of this. He would live under house arrest or at the jail and would have a parole officer go with him when his work takes him out of town some of his millions could pay for this too. M.V. would still lose his freedom but at least would be working to make conditions better for other animals. M.V. would also be playing for his freedom if he loses his starting position or earning potential then he serves the rest of his sentence in Prison. With that kind of motivation the Falcons could easily win the SuperBowl! all the more money for the animals Things will never be put right for the Dogs M.V. exploited but forcing M.V. to work to support animal rights with every penny he earns could help to make things right for many other animals out there. M.V. you choose Prison or 5 years of the game you love but you lose your money. I’d take this agreement if I were in this situation.

  • Lorraine says:

    It’s pretty obvious that he is guilty and his lawyers are advising him of a plea bargain cause they know they can’t help this lug. I am so disgusted and tired of the lawyers and their plea bargaining. Anymore these criminals get away with everything! 5 years is nothing for what he has done! How pathetic!

  • Cyndi says:

    I am so sick of these dam “plea deals” in other words you get off easy. This bastard does not deserve anything else but to be put in jail with people just like him criminals I had a feeling this bastard would get off easier this is repulsive come on PETA dont let us down help us fight! No Plea deal for this animal abuser!

  • Rebecca says:

    It is absolutly astonishing that Michael Vick is even getting the option of a plea bargain. This man if you can call him that deserves the death penalty plain and simple. If there were that many dead HUMAN bodies in his yard there would be no question of the death penalty. That “man” should be strapped to a chair and executed immediatly. Another thing how does the federal goverment even think 1 year or 5 is anywhere close to fair for the unmentionable acts this monster has commited? PETA I really hope you will persue Michael Vick anyway you can even if he pleas out. Just taking away his rights to own another animal is not nearly enough.

  • marie romano says:

    This DOG KILLER must do time and not be allowed to play again what kind of an influence would it show to any humane being that it’s ok to abuse mange torture and kill MAN’S BEST FRIEND THE DOG…MATRIE ROMANO.. NEW JERSEY

  • dlp says:

    I’m not judging anyone herebut i would appreciate it if you guys hear me out. I know that cruelty to animals is wrong but don’t you think this is going a little too far I know we all have to share this planet but it’s all kind of children who are getting molested and dying drug infested streets of America as well as health care issues divorce rates aids hunger etc. I know someone has to step up for the animals who have noone to protect them. I’m Michael Vick’s 1 fan I have a strong feeling that he did those things to crucify him is unjust without the judicial process. I’m from the inner city and I’m 29 years old and dog fights and cock fights have been going on all my life I can say and it’s not going to stop. All this attention that you guys are putting behind this is only going to drive the purses up. I believe PETA is one of the most powerful organizations think if you championed the other causes that I mentioned earlier with the same tenacity what a better world we would be living in. True story I was on a date with this female and I wore a fur coat to the date by the way I won’t wear fur anymore and I haven’t eaten meat in ten years. but anyway she was a member of PETA or so she said she got all over me for wearing a fur coat and I said to her “you hypocrite you sit there and judge me because of my fur coat and look at you eating a steak she said I need this food for nourishment I proceeded to say that I needed the fur to keep warm and there ended the date. Last but not least I would appreciate it if you take a look at yahoo sports nfl and read the article by Silver he talks about the hypocrisy of Peyton Manning deer hunting and nothing said Leonard Little killing someone with a DUI and nothing said. Please post so all PETA members can read I would appreciate it if you truly are unbiased even if I’m justalittlebiased

  • Joy says:

    Why to you publish the opinions of people who see this cruelity as commonplace and permissable? Leave their stupid comments out!

  • Catherine says:

    I can’t beleive the comments about how these are “just dogs not humans”. So that makes it okay to severely abuse them in a sadistic manner? Have you people not seen the pictures of what these animals look like after these fights? Have you not heard the horrific tales of what was done to these animals? It kills my soul just to think about it. As “humans” we have a responsibility to ensure that the animals on our planet are cared for and not exploited abused or cruelly treated. Anyone who doesn’t get that…is an idiot! And anyone who is not completely horrified and disgusted by the actions of Michael Vick and everyone else that participates in dogfighting is just as sadistic as they are. To sit back and do nothing say nothing excuse and condone this kind of behavior is the same as being an active particpant!!! Shame on every person that says what he has done is no big deal!!!

  • T-Bone says:

    NO PLEA unless it ruins his career!

  • Valerie says:

    Every dog in the world is 100 times better than this monster Vick. I hope this ends his career permanently and he has to give a huge part of his earnings to a humane society. Thank you Peta for all you do. If he does take the plea agreement that means he pleads guilty and it is all over for him. But I do hope and pray he gets 6 years of jail time at least.

  • observer says:

    reginald Read this and believe it. your thinking is why dogs are better than you!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica says:

    Vick is a murderer plain and simple. If I were judge he would be serving a LIFE sentance. The PLEA is bull. Anyone that is on Vicks side deserves to rot in jail beside him.

  • ozzy says:

    dogs are not human think u are sick in the head u loser… Human f…ing suck more then dogs…. i will pick a dog over that sorry shit Vick anyday of the week…….. PETA ROCKS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  • pathma raj says:

    People who treat poor innocent defenceless animals so horribly should be shown no mercy. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My heart cries for them.

  • Dana Ponder says:

    I myself think that one year or less in jail for Vick is not enough. He waited to see if everyone really would turn on him before ever thinking about a plea deal…Did he really think all these other people would just accept the charges for him and him get out with a small fee? An attorney on the Nancy Grace show was talking about how they had to get an agreement together that Michael Vick could live with…WHO CARES WHAT MICHAEL VICK CAN LIVE WITH!!! There are 54 dogs sitting on death row right now that as soon as an agreement of some kind is reached will be put to death..where is the dogs plea deal? Do they get a choice in their own fate? NO so why the Hll should he? The only bright lights I see at the end of this very dark sick cold tunnel are that now the media has raised the awareness that dog fighting is an issue and maybe just maybe for Vick to save his own A he will have to rat out more NFL players that are involved in the same illegal activity!!! lets see all the Vick supporters faces when he rats out his own to save his self! Vick is aware that if he takes this to court the stakes will go up and his chances for spending 6 years in jail increase..he knows that with the evidence and the testimony of his “FRIENDS” will kill him in court. So I expect by the end of the week we will know the ending of this whole story. I just hope when it ends he has exposed every football player any kind of sports player friend and entertainment star that is guilty of running the same dog fighting rings!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all the Vick supporters wake up and smell the coffee your star football player tried to hide behind the coat tails of all his friends …he would have been ok with them taking the fall and going to jail FOR HIM!!! I cant figure out if he is the coldest person in the world for being able to run a dog fighting ring and then try to lay the blame on his family and friends..or if he is dumbest person in the world for throwing away a 130 million dollar contract and then actually thinking that if they ever go caught no one would turn on him!!!

  • Steve says:

    Nina Please move to another country and take all your PETA fruitcake friends with you. I recommend Afghanistan.

  • Angel says:

    You stick all of you!!He is innocent why don’t you go after all the others that are killing deersbearsrabbitscowschickens and so forth.All that PETA wanted was a chance to defame the character of an Afrian American that is high profile.You people make me sickYou can not even justify your position on this matter on VickHoweverthe others yes they are guilty.I just don’t see how you can pick Vick out and not Jonathan BabineauxDeAngelo HallWarrick Dunn the high profile Athletes that maybe participated in this dog fighting..Do your homework please..I will never support your organization and i love my dogs but you guys smell something awful!!! Good Day and Good BYe.

  • cathy decker says:

    no plea deal … let it go to trial pleaseeeee.How could he get no jail time .. that would be absurd .This is so wrong and if he gets off too easily that would be the wrong message to send to our youth and fellow americans.Someone needs to wipe off that smirk on his face and the only way possible is prison time!!what can we all do to help him not be able to get plea deal .. please advise?

  • Joseph Bolnick says:

    Michael Vick must be severely punished if found guilty of the crimes for which he was indicted. I would hate to see him cop a plea and get a slap on the wrist. He deserves a more thorough punishment for his inhumane treatment of animals and other violations of the law. All he has shown us so far is arrogance in his denials of any wrongdoing. Now that the government has built a strong case against him he should face the music. We don’t need no stinkin’ plea. What kind of message are we sending to our youth if justice can be bargained away?

  • david tadesse says:

    I felt sick when i heard of the charges against micheal vick. They are sickening and cruel and inhumane of any person to commit. I myself am not a Vick supporter but im not against him il leave that up to the judge. But i do have to say that there are other things to be concerned about. What do i mean by that? Well many people have said that this case is just as serious as Oj Simpson’s case and that statement honestly offends me. Oj Simpson Destroyed a human life…a human life. Once again a human life. Micheal Vick destroyed an animal’s life…again an animals life. There is a huge difference between a human and an animal. Who deserves Justice? Oj’s Victim or Micheal Vicks victim? Can we value an animal’s life more precious or even at a level close to the one that we have? Another issue that drives me insane is that a few years ago another nfl player Lenard Little was guilty of manslaughter by DUI hes alcohol was twice the legal limit. He got 90 days in prison…again 90 days in prison.. There was a protest that recieved no recognition. It was ”Mom’s Against Drunk Drivers”. A nonprofit victims right organization that helps find justice for those affected by drunk drivers. A few years later Lenard Little was arrested again but his trial was dismissed because his lawyer persuaded the judge that the officer that arrested Lenard used inproper procedures.. We as society let things like that go everyday.. every single day.. Some child is abused someone is murdered but we let these things go.. Why? Why do we allow these things to happen without a fight? But instead we are more concerned about ”Those poor poor dogs” when we fail to care for one another. Once again What micheal vick did is sickening but what about our own human kind? People.. They need love to..

  • VestaGirl says:

    “Reginald” WTF are you on about?!? How can you perceive this as an eitheror situation??? Do you honestly believe that we cannot be PROhuman as well as PROanimal? Why must the two be mutually exclusive? And regarding your “THINK!!!” command … perhaps you should take some of your own advice. As with all of the other Vick supporters I would urge you to further your education or at the very least consider acquiringborrowing a grammar book. Really. In the meantime every time I think about Primative Vick and his cohorts’ demise I will continue to smile. Laugh even.

  • June Marie says:

    Not only is my heart broken when I think of the fearterrorfying fear agonizing pain such sad desparation lonliness and abandonment these dogs must have felt…my soul cracks. Such sweet innocents suffered such vivious torture from this “brother of Satan”. As for as plea there should be a recorded in the judges chambers just in case ‘its’ handed a light ‘slap on the wrist’ type of sentence and the judge pays off a yacht. This ‘thing’ does not need ‘jailtime’ he needs a long stretch of ‘prisontime”. And not in one of the lavish 18 hole golf course type ‘prisons’ our elected official get sent to. Those poor poor dogs. I wish there was something I could do.

  • Bob says:

    fuck vick up the cornhole

  • Reginald says:

    I think peta is out of order some one will stop this madness this has to end dogs are not human think!!!

  • Reginald says:

    you people are out of your minds I can not believe what I am reading IT IS A FREAKING DOG NOT A HUMAN what is worth more Black men and White men aside? Think!!!

  • Lori says:

    People say they love their pets. I urge all Americans to expand their circle of compassion beyond their pets themselves to animals across this country and to contact the football commissioner and contact the law enforcement powers that is be and say No plea deal. We have to prosecute this man to the full extent of the law and we have to expose these horrible dog fighting rings.

  • pia Phoenix says:

    This goes way bejond dogfighting what Vicks did to his dogs requiers a sadistic sick psychopahtic mind. This man makes a lot off money already but out off greed and egocentric resons fights dogs. His carrier needs to be over if the NFL has any ehtics or standards at all this monster needs to be terminated and prison is the only place he needs to be.

  • Nina Colschen says:


  • Anna says:

    He is guilty! Tell all the Vick supporters to look at them.

  • Patricia says:

    I don’t know what Michael Vick’s salary is but as a pro football player I’m sure it is a lot. Part of any plea bargin should include his donating a HUGE portion of his annual income to animal shelters in Virginia especially the ones that as I understand it took in the dogs rescued from his property. Whether he reaches a plea bargin or is found innocent or guilty this is something he should do.

  • Deborah Paul says:


  • Michell says:

    PETA is the only organization powerful enough to do something! I hope more is being done than just making sure he never owns an animal. He needs to get what he deserves. What about all of the poor dogs who paid the price for his selfishness?

  • Katie says:

    5 years !!!!! NO DEAL !

  • Mario Riddick says:

    Innocent until proven guilty? He is guilty just look at the evidence!!!

  • Patrick Smythe says:

    What’s with Vick’s possible lessthanayear sentence? This is craziness! He and his codefendants need to serve the full 5 year maximum sentence. I’m sick of plea deals letting off people.

  • Debbie says:

    Thanks to PETA for keeping all of us animal lovers informed of what is going on with that MONSTER Michael Vick. I only hope that pleabargaining does not equal no jail time. 6 years is way too little for what this coward has done. I think a protest would be in order if he gets anything less than 6 years and can never play football again. Never owning an animal for the rest of his life goes without saying. Debbie P.

  • Canaduck says:

    Seems like a fair request.

  • LaDona Davis says:


  • Michele says:

    I wonder how many Vick supporters are going to comment on this post??? If any of them do I could not imagine what they would have to say since they were so sure that Vick was innocent despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary to the point of unbelievable arrogance. HA! The animal lovers here knew that Vick was guilty all along. Now the Vick supporters will just have to SHUT UP!

  • Amy M says:

    Hurray to Nike for the Vick suspension although I would like to think that everyone is innocent until proven guilty does this mean that Nike is going to stop selling leather shoes?!