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Vick Protests in New York City

Written by PETA | July 20, 2007

About an hour ago, PETA campaigners and activists converged on NFL HQ in New York to urge Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL to suspend Michael Vick in light of his recent indictment for alleged involvement in the horrific cruelty associated with dogfighting—including allegations that he was killing dogs by hanging, slamming them to the ground, drowning, and electrocuting them. Surrounded by reporters and TV news crews, more than 75 activists lined the streets in front of the NFL building, holding signs reading “NFL: Sack Vick,” handing out stickers and leaflets to passersby, and making it abundantly clear—just in case Goodell hasn’t figured it out yet—that the NFL’s weak response to Vick’s case is unacceptable.


The massive turnout at this demonstration should be indication enough to Goodell that his decision to allow Vick to play in spite of these disturbing charges is going to be a major PR headache for the NFL, to say the least. Here’s what PETA President Ingrid Newkirk had to say about the NFL’s “wait and see” attitude in a statement to the media yesterday:

“Forget that unless space aliens were on Vick’s property putting up an invisibility shield, it is impossible that Vick didn’t know (let alone sponsor a fighting dog), that the house he built included designs for dog training facilities and that his relatives were fighting, kenneling, training, housing training equipment, and killing dogs there. There was a time when people under fire for corruption let alone criminal cruelty, resigned. That honorable moment has passed because of the Almighty Dollar. If he won’t do the right thing by stepping down until this is resolved (and I’ll put a sporting bet on his conviction), the NFL should suspend him. Is the new America only about money or do we still cling to some values? In the courts he may be innocent until proven guilty, and that’s fair and fine, but in professional or political life, we have to have a higher standard than “hey, keep raking it in until we see if he gets off.”


The protest was covered on ESPN, and you can watch an interview with PETA’s own Dan Shannon that took place during the demonstration here.


I’ll let you know as soon as there’s more news, but in the meantime, you may want to get your very own “Sack Vick” T-shirt. Love it.



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  • Ariel says:

    ANA VERY WELL said to Ronald Hopkins. People who have comments like his continue to prove what I always say they are not educated on animal rights and do not see the whole picture the connection the interrelationship of the affects and effects of the humananimalenvirionmentalsocietal relationship. So once again I will repeat a few examples to the “Ronalds”. Animal advocates KNOW that most murderers are in prison because they gained a bloodlust for torturing and killing animals. FBI documented By us exposing and stopping animal abusers in their tracks HOPEFULLY they will not go on to kill human beings. When animal abuse is discovered and reported in a household by animal activists that sends up a redflag warning to child counselors and the FBI that child abuse is very often consistently discovered when otherwise it would not have been known. also FBI documented That is ONLY two valid examples of what we try to expose and curtail…and we do it for FREE…and without recongnition…and without the purpose of selfglorification. If you don’t consider that helping people and society then I don’t know what more you expect since we deal at a preventative level. Unfortunately it is at the expense of the pain and torture of innocent beings the animals that we discover how inhumane and gruesome some people can be towards others. So if you want to wait around with the potential of Vick killing a person that’s up to you.

  • Ana says:

    there are plenty of NFL players that do horrible things including dog fighting that have not been indicted and there are those that support dog fighting also….yes some do charity work…but name me any that do charity work for animals…

  • Ana says:

    Ronald Hopkins Once again the “A” in PETA stands for animals. If you have a deep concern for only people you are wasting your time on this blog. Instead of wasting time why aren’t you doing something to help only people and leave those who are trying to alleviate the many injustices towards animals in their quest to gain justice for them. Loving animals is not synonymous with hating humans that is the animalhating point of view. I choose to dedicate my time to advocating for animals because they have no voice in human society and the atrocities committed against them are too numerous to name hence it requires great energy and love to continue fighting for them. All humans have advocates for the simple reason because they are human. Human charities receive billions in donations whereas many animal advocacy groups struggle to continue their mission. Only animal advocates were helping the many animals suffering during the natural disasters that Americans have witnessed these past few years. Be respectful of people sensitive enough and loving enough to want to help vulnerable creatures who have no voice in human society and who suffer every second of the day. If you want to dedicate your life to helping only people well go for it. I do all the time as a teacher I help teens everyday. Teaching is a noble profession. And BTW teachers would be suspended wo pay immediately after a fed indictment.

  • Matt says:

    Did I miss the trial? Was Micheal Vick convicted? How about protesting once the man has been proven guilty before burning him at the stake. It is irresponsible and childish to demand that a man be stripped of his livelihood because of some allegations. I am 100 against Dog Fighting and animal cruelty but to demand that a man lose his job based on allegations is not right either. Rather than using Vick as a high profile whipping boy should wait until he is proven guilty. Don’t be bitter just because he is young talented and makes more money than you. He still has a right to justice.

  • STEVE says:


  • Ariel says:

    CROSS going way up to comment 72007 329 I applaud the nonanimal activists parents who offer logical comments on here saying things like that they won’t have their children root for the FalconsVick because of this atrocity some say that their children are VERY upset hearing about him on the news and so on. Those parents are not hiding the reality of the cruelites in life from their children. This is not about teaching hatred towards another person. It is about teaching children to have “hatred” towards the cruel ACTIONS of what “really really sick” and “crazy” people who are capable of doing to other innocent beings. If you want to keep your children in a bubble that’s your choice but keep in mind that Vick is the one who is indicted for cruel inhumane arocities not animal activists. And may I suggest that you read the bizarre antianimal comments on here that clearly lack compassion. Seems to me those children now adults were never taught compassion.

  • meermann says:

    i’m writing from europe and i’m very angry. today i read on a humane society report that jayz is glorifying dogfights in his video and that dmx was also involved in dog fights! so you miserable rap folk hear what i’m saying since the death of tupac shakur who was murdered by one of his own rap circle this music and it’s culture is completely degenerated! i have a 14 year old son and he almost lost himself in this shit by smoking drugs and fat asses with fifty cent as his super god! many people here in europe and specially youngsters are falling into this degenerated perverse shit and now here in our small village we have a great problem with the young we are all well educated families in their own houses we don’t need a ghetto here ! you hear what i’m saying ! and these barbaric brutal dogfights are just the cherry on the cake! i have the courage to tell you something you damned fuckers diddybeyonce and co furaddicted jayz glorifying dogfights dmx involved and all these fat assshowing little girlies wrapped in furrrrrr! you get it and the next antiblogger you hear me i give a fucking shit on your antiblogging you scum!!!!!

  • Ronald Hopkins says:

    You people make me sick. We don’t even know if the man even had anything to do with what is going on.I love animals just as much as the next person but I also believe in listening to a persons story. First Kobe Jamal Lewis and now Vick stop careing so much about animals and care about Humans and his family and give the man a break for crying out loud.

  • Rita-Marie Lawlor says:

    Please NFL sack Vick its a disgusting and horrible thing he has done GET RID OF HIM NFL!! Animal lovers around the entire world will want to see him out and that is a LOT of people.

  • Maya says:

    Silent tounge Thank you. I follow a buddhist philosophy and I believe that it is essential for finding compassion for animals. Peace.

  • Mike says:

    The NFL doesn’t have to wait for a conviction to take action against Vick. If he was a schoolteacher accused of soliciting a prostitute he would be suspended pending trial. Same goes for a police officer. Do you think a schoolteacher named in a federal dogfighting indictment would remain employed for long? The NFL needs to suspend Vick if for no other reason than to get a handle on the bad behavior of its players. It’s on its way to becoming the National FELON League.

  • JaneElliott says:

    I hope Vick does get fired but either way I will never go to another NFL game again. I see these so called “sports heroes” for what they REALLY are a bunch of lowlife scum who just get paid a lot of money to throw a ball around.

  • Linda says:

    For all that organize or attend a dog fight are truly sick twisted people to also take a child to one of these fights is just really crazy. When a boxer steps into the ring they do so with the understanding of what is about to happen. This cannot be said for innocent beautiful and smart dogs. I don’t care who you are or how rich you are you have NO RIGHT to pit one animal against another. You are not manly you are scum. The way in which these dogs are treated from birth is beyond wrong. Let’s change the law let these scums live the life the dogs led and then let them die the same fate as the “losing” dog.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mark The “A” in PETA stands for “Animals”. Can you understand that? Why waste posting here go help people!!! Latin America and Africa await your presencego out and help. Lots of people there. Take in the homeless in the USA into your home buy them clothes pay for their medical needs embrace them completely. When you help animals you make the world a better place and a more peaceful one. Justice and empathy is interrelated and it is delegated towards all species not just the human one. William 1. You need lessons in proper English Grammar. 2. Bitches are female dogs and they certainly are lovely creatures. 3. KFC is a poison it seems by your rants it has already affected you.

  • David Risley says:

    To all the ignorant posts especially the Theyre just dogs comments this isnt about MICHAEL VICK so quick worrying about the fate of your hero. It is about the dogs and dogfighting. It is a pussy mans sport wusses who need to prove their manhood at the expense of the innocent. Just like wife beating and child abuse it is a cowards contribution to life. Dogfighting is vulgar disgusting and embarrassing coming from a country we should be so proud of. It needs to end. Im happy that Michael Vick has brought it to the forefront for discussion debate as celebrity seems to be the only way to grab attention. I dont mind two men going into the ring and beating the crap out of each other but I do mind men taking innocent creatures turning them into fighting machines having them battle and punishing the losers. I also think those who watch it are lower than the terds who organize it. And lets not talk about the small dogs and cats these same men use as training tools for turning these dogs into beasts. Why dont they just go beat the crap out of each other bet on it and then when one of them loses torture them to death? Please the less of them around the better. I don’t know what your religious beliefs are but bottom line we are all granted life as a gift. We are here for 100 years give or take some Religion aside basic rules of humanity suggest being good to your fellow man being good to the animals and being good to the earth leave all as you found it. It’s not yours it is on loan. It’s a shame you are taking your gift of intelligence and abusing it thinking you are above animals and can decisions on their behalf. You need to look at dogs like you would a human infant they can’t speak they can’t properly communicate and rely on us to protect them and you know what? They trust us. From minute they are born they TRUST us. I don’t suppose you might be one to take an infant water it down and electrocute it because you are bigger and more intelligent? We as people have barriers with our own we can’t speak all the languages out there so what do we rely on most when posed with the challenge of speaking to someone who doesn’t know our language? Eye contact. So with that said if you look at a dog in the eye he looks back into your eyes not at your legs not at the ground not at your chest in your EYES. Doesn’t that display enough intelligence to earn our respect? At least? And our protection? I know I am probably wrong on the suggestions above but I put thought behind it unlike your responses. Maybe you are so selfabsorbed and life is all about you. And maybe it is “cool” to come here to an animal lover website and vomit your diatribe for shits and giggles. But realize you stand with very a heartless few and you just look really dumb. Open a book or do some traveling and get yourself a brain. Youll be much more powerful and people might just listen to you or genuinely care what you have to say.

  • Anthony says:

    Vick is a P.O.S. Skom of the earth. Should be put to jail for maximum sentence or even more maybe like 20 yrs. I am protesting the NFL. Even though I watch it I will not until Vick is fired.

  • Tonia Vickery says:

    Mike Vick makes more money than I can even imagine. What is $10000 to $20000 to him for a dog fight? He is sadistic and if you talk to any professional psychiatrist they will tell you this guy is dangerous. If you can harm the innocent in ways that he did then imagine what you could do humans. So ask yourself was it for the money or to satisfy his own taste for blood and pain? Mike Vick inflicts horrors on animals and humans. Such as inflicting Herpes on unsuspecting women because he has no shred of decency. I also ask what type of mother raises these type of people? I remember growing up I am only 33 that my parent were responsible for what I did good or bad. These days some parents now take the victim stance and cannot even teach their children compassion and integrity. I was poor it doesn’t take money to teach those values inner city or not. Stop your victim mentality excuses and start teaching values to your children. Until then our society will be dominated by these types of things.

  • j stone says:

    What about the watch stolen at the airport that ended up in vic pocket. What about the house it purched for only 35OOO dollars something sounds funney here purched to hide fighting and what about the water bottle found on him at airport with secret pocket smell ing of dope something is very cococannia about vic

  • Tina says:

    wow. all I can say to those that support this prick. And have no heart for animals. You are so sad. William I hope you get a coronary from all that fat in the KFC. I hope you choke on a bone. You are heartless. The FBI caught him. I hate the FBI but they do some good work once in a while. He’s guilty no doubt. Legally they have to convict him in court. So stop bitchin’ and think of the poor animals that died because of him. Vick is PUPPY KILLER!!

  • Whatever says:

    Right on Peta all the people who say give him his day in court. Man what goes around comes around you reap what you sow I hope the a hole Vick goes down BIG TIME!

  • Mark says:

    William Getting on here and calling people bitches will not do any good. I’m against PETA’s actions in this matter as well. By you making a post such as the one you made you are just giving the people that oppose your point of view more affirmation to think what they think. To whoever posted about protesting against the Hip Hop culture I completely agree. Not because they are allegedly involved in dogfighting but because they glorify replusive actions towards other people and American children do not need to hear the propoganda they speak so they can make millions talking about “bitches and hoes” smoking weed and “putting caps in peoples asses.” I find that far more appalling than being involved in dogfighting.

  • Mark says:

    I said earlier that all of this protesting before a verdict is handed out reminds me of the Duke case. Ruth I understand about the whole “DA running for office in a predominantly black community” difference. My main point is the fact that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton used that situation to let their voices be heard. I view PETA in the same way with this matter. People get caught dog fighting all the time unfortunately just like people get charged with rape. PETA is using this situation to advance their own agenda. Because it’s Michael Vick they are getting everyone riled up so that the rest of America knows they still exist. If Vick is guilty then I would be more than a hundred percent behind him getting time in prison not a life sentence like some of you radical people. I also would love it if Vick were innocent. Not because I like Michael Vick but because Vick probably has more childhood fans than PETA and I wouldn’t want them to see their hero go down in flames like this. I didn’t see picket lines when Kobe Bryant was charged with rape. It pains me that an organization like this cares more for the treatment of animals than they do about people. I love animals but I love people more. What if Vick the man that your organization has already concluded guilty is in fact innocent? Judging from the sound of it he probably isn’t completely innocent if at all. But the chance still exists and PETA is attempting to ruin him before they know all the facts. If he’s guilty then I wouldn’t care at all if PETA blows this thing up for their own hidden agenda. I just don’t agree with the timing.

  • Al says:

    Watching TV with my boys we saw the news about Vick and the video of the dogs fighting. We listened to the reports of Vick killing dogs and it was a turning point for my family. My oldest said Vick was definately not cool and should pay big time. My middle boy looked down at his 7 jersey looked at the dogs fighting peeled the shirt off threw it across the room and said “I’m never wearing this jerks stuff again.” My youngest looked at the figting dogs and then at our dog and began to cry. Our pit mix Wizard came over and licked his face and my son hugged his dog and said “Daddy don’t let Vick hurt any more dogs..Do something”.

  • Becky George says:

    I was happy to see so many people showing their protest against such a vial human being! I wish I were close enough to protest with them. Instead I will write as many letters as I can!

  • BullyDawg says:

    For those of you outside Atlanta or N.Y. who want to protest dogfighting in person I’ve posted the Falcons’ home and away schedule so animal lovers in Nashville Buffalo etc. can protest too! The ampersand indicates the away games Preseason Aug. 10 at N.Y. Jets 700pm Aug. 17 at Buffalo 700pm Aug. 27 Cincinnati 800pm ESPN Aug. 31 Baltimore 730pm 2007 Schedule Sep 9 Minnesota 100pm Sep 16 Jacksonville 100pm Sep 23 Carolina 415pm Sep 30 Houston 100pm Oct 7 Tennessee 100pm Oct 15 N.Y. Giants 830pm Oct 21 New Orleans 100pm Week 8 BYE Nov 4 San Francisco 100pm Nov 11 Carolina 100pm Nov 18 Tampa Bay 100pm Nov 22 Indianapolis 815pm Dec 2 St. Louis 100pm Dec 10 New Orleans 830pm Dec 16 Tampa Bay 100pm Dec 23 Arizona 405pm Dec 30 Seattle 100pm

  • Lara Dale says:

    My female pit was thrown into the ring to teach males how to kill. Because she is part whippet they apparently couldn’t catch her. The ringleaders then decided she might make a good fighting dog so they tried to torture her into aggression. Because she wouldn’t “turn” after all their efforts at torture they got pissed off and tied her to the back of a car to drive her back legs off. After coming upon her limping out of someone’s backyard right rear leg open to the bone left rear leg looking like a chainsaw had gone after it my boyfriend dashed her to the vet. I was called at work and told she would have to be put down due to abused pit laws and burst into tears. The vet said he wouldn’t tell anyone about her but that even if she werent put down her legs would have to be amputated. I couldn’t stop crying and told him we just couldn’t make that decision right away. My boyfriend and I took her home and even though we are not religious we prayed for two days solid for help. That Thursday we took her back to the vet fearing the worst. Instead he came running out from behind the desk in wonder even calling the staff to join him! Apparently her tendons and ligaments had started to bind and heal back together enough that he was willing to let us bandage her and monitor her condition. $1000 in vet bills later she is our healed angel baby the best dog we two dog lovers have ever had and I still cry 5 years out when I tell this story. By the way we were told we were lucky that normally what they do is light the dogs they cant turn on fire! And that sometimes a third of all pits in Bay Area shelters are victims of full body third degree burns! My only prayer to this day is that I wish all these people who had never met one of these amazing dogs in real life would stop writing these opinionated stories about how awful they are and just go to a shelter and foster or rescue one of them yourselves. You will find out that the main reason besides strengthtosize muscle mass that these dogs have been singled out for ring fighting is that they love their human so much they will do anything including die in the ring for you to make you happy. My most painful story is a friend of mine who worked at a Bay Area shelter where at least one third of the dogs were rescued pits. She used to be the one to hold the dogs when they were due to be put down and try to give them a peaceful death. She quit mysteriously one day and I finally ran into her and asked why. She said she had been able to handle the situation until one day a black and white male pit came in throat slit from ear to ear full body third degree burns. She said she couldn’t even fathom what kind of pain he was in and as she was gathering him in her arms to hug him and talk him through his inevitable death she began to cry uncontrollably. She said what did it for her was that the dog was more concerned for the pain she was in than his own brutal condition so that as he was breathing his last breath he was trying to lick the tears off her face. She said she just couldn’t go back to work again because it had become impossible to see the brutality inflicted on these hugehearted creatures and she just needed to go away for a while. A long while. Please folks Michael Vick and these other people who do these things have no hearts but the animals they so brutally torture do. Can we turn this into a dialogue about how to protect these magnificent humanloving creatures and can some of these ohsoopinionated bloggers please try to befriend at least one of these abused or abandoned spirits before they write such uninformed and misguided stories about them? These dogs were not born this way and it is a form of animal racism that they get singled out for these horrific fates! Please try to get some personal experience with these pitty babies and then you will understand why we rescuers view this as being as important as the war or child abuse. Microcosm is macrocosm what we do in the privacy of our homes is what we will do in the world and pit bull torture reflects quite well the same values that would lead us into war without questioning our own motives. Make friends with a pit bull today and you will become a pit bull advocate with a much bigger heart and a much more painful understanding of the hidden violence our culture engenders through its championing of might over right and its selling of its own bully tactics over any kind of diplomacy or understanding. These angels need understanding they need as much love from you as they are willing to offer and I pray we will become a society that raises the pit bull back to its all American dog status as it was at the turn of the last century Little Rascals RCA et al. All we are saying is…give pits a chance.

  • coolfusion says:

    Email phil Knight the CEO of Nike

  • ALEX WWW says:

    Would love a list of sponsors my personal slogan KICK VICK Posted by Chris o what a great slogan noooooooooooot. u guys are a piece of work. get a life. nobody can sack vick

  • Maya says:

    William “So what do you punk bitches think of that?” Sigh. William William William. What I think is it’s a free country. You can do whatever you want. It’s so sad to me that people like you could be so flippant. Haven’t you ever had a pet that you liked? Didn’t you ever have a mother or a sister or a girlfriend who you loved? Why do you use the B word and why would you want an animal to suffer? Don’t you any feel sympathy for others?

  • Z A Van Meter says:

    What role model is this inhumane sicko setting for our youth. Suspend him from the team until he has his day in court. Look what he cost these innocent dogs their lifes he deserves nothing less than but to be suspended. He is sick minded.

  • M. Crawford says:

    why torture innocent animals.??… punish these humans! punish Vick!

  • Vegetarian~Sweetheart! says:

    Allen SHUT UP!!! I hope Vick is thrown and kept in jail. Instead of 6 years in prison i say it be changed to 60 YEARS IN PRISON. Let him taste his own medicine. I’m proud that PETA is protesting. If they didn’t who would? One person can’t change it but a group like PETA can. Thank you PETA! You’re like an angel to those poor creatures who don’t have one.

  • clyde butler says:

    all of you should wait until vice go to court first before you try to hang a man. if all of u people care about the homeless people like u know if he was in the house when it u dont so wait until he go to court.

  • coolfusion says:

    Check out how many in the Nike leadership are selling dumping Nike stock. Wonder if the SEC knows about this?

  • VestaGirl says:

    William Is “thier” an actual word? You are a very sad ignorant little person. And not very original either. Please please please consider a obtaining a formal education. Still I must admit you ARE pathetically amusing in your attempt to assert an untenable argumentposition. Regarding KFC I’m sure you get an employee discount dumpster diving anyway… PRIMATIVE VICK will be convicted.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Oh puhleezzz “Allen”. Give me a bloody break! This guy is a multimillionaire his life is most certainly not going to be made “worse” that would imply that it was already bad. No only the pitbulls he has tortured and murdered have had bad lives NOT PRIMATIVE VICK and his thugs. I can’t wait for him to be found guilty. I can only hope that he’ll do prison time not to mention finding himself on one of those ” stands” that he’s so fond of.

  • Sarah says:

    Oh “Allen” puhleezz … yeah sure this guy has such a tough life and we’re going to make it “worse”. Give me a bloody break! He’s a multimillionaire he’s not suffering like the dogs he’s tortured and killed. They’re the victims here not Primative Vick and his thugs. He’ll be found guilty probably that would offend somebody like you. Oh well.

  • Adela says:

    Some antis here say there’s no proof etc… are eye witnesses no proof? Is having found in the back of his house many fighting dogs is not proof? Anyone looking so hard for arguments in favor of this dogs torturer and murderer… is herhimself the same period. FIRE MICHAEL VICK THE SOULLESS DOGS TORTURERMURDERER!!!

  • william says:

    ok what does this website try to do? all i see is a lot of crying bitches bitching about this or that. cause someone spanked thier dog with a newspaper. no matter how hard you try or how big you get your list’s you will always have people like me out thier who does not care. where thier things came from or if it was tested on animals. a lot of this deals with your own choice. i have made my choice and you can’t stop everyone from beeing froced into your choice’s. so what people decide to do on thier own time or eat where ever they want they can and will do it. oh iam going to get some kfc tonight. so what do you punk bitches think of that

  • Allen says:

    First of all you you stupid peta people have to back off on vick until he is proven guilty. You are blowing this up to new heights and VICK may just be an innocent man. You better hope he is guilty or else you are all to blame for making someones life worse.

  • Barbara Jensen says:

    Bless all of you out their fighting for animal rights. I live in Las Vegas but my heart is with you. I am also writing to all concerned to eliminate this monster murderer from all sports. He is a disgrace to humanity. thanks to Peta and Ingrid.

  • Chris says:

    Would love a list of sponsors my personal slogan KICK VICK

  • coolfusion says:

    Sorry Breach it is black and white. In matters of this weight doing the right thing trumps money.

  • coolfusion says:

    Right on Karen. This is all about $’s. Vegas already has forward betting on the table under the assumption the Vick will play. Nike has to unload current inventory and dont want to set a precedent. Arthur Blank owner of the falcons and general sleazebag wants to protect his legacy. The players union mostly ghetto thugs are holding fast and protecting there own. The NFL the best i can figure is just plain stupid.

  • Karen Ramondo says:

    I am so glad to know that there are so many people out there that share my passion for animals. We have to hit these people where it hurts their wallets. If the NFL doesn’t sack Vick then we should shun the whole NFL. Stop buying tickets to their games don’t buy their shirts or their sneakers And we need to stop the Hip Hop industry who I understand are also a part of this sick culture. Don’t buy their music.These people are making big money because we are supporting them. We have to make a serious stand. We can do without football basketball and hip hop music. If they love “ghetto” so much let’s send them back there.

  • Jorge Carvalho says:

    I thought that this race of assholes Michael Vick was extinguished. Save the animals.

  • Vanessa Azevedo says:

    I hope he goes down and after that i hope he will not be alowed to have any more animals.

  • rudy says:


  • breach says:

    to coolfusion… Vick’s contract included 37 million in guaranteed money. If Blank cuts him today Vick will get the remainder 21 million he is owed immediately. And if he is eventually cleared of these charges another team would sign him to another 100mil contract in a heartbeat. But if Blank waits…and Vick is convicted then Vick’s contract will be void based on NFL conduct rules that are written into contracts. If a contract is terminated under that clause the player has the right to file a grievance and have an arbitrator decide whether the club acted reasonably. But in the case of a conviction it’s a done deal. And the team could take legal action against him to get a lot of that money back. Right now ESPN is reporting that A Blank is considering asking Vick to take a leave of absence until this matter is resolved. Which means he would be out for the entire season. So in a way…Blank’s wait and see approach isn’t as black and white as some people would like it to be.

  • Ruth says: