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Vick Protests in New York City

Written by PETA | July 20, 2007

About an hour ago, PETA campaigners and activists converged on NFL HQ in New York to urge Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL to suspend Michael Vick in light of his recent indictment for alleged involvement in the horrific cruelty associated with dogfighting—including allegations that he was killing dogs by hanging, slamming them to the ground, drowning, and electrocuting them. Surrounded by reporters and TV news crews, more than 75 activists lined the streets in front of the NFL building, holding signs reading “NFL: Sack Vick,” handing out stickers and leaflets to passersby, and making it abundantly clear—just in case Goodell hasn’t figured it out yet—that the NFL’s weak response to Vick’s case is unacceptable.


The massive turnout at this demonstration should be indication enough to Goodell that his decision to allow Vick to play in spite of these disturbing charges is going to be a major PR headache for the NFL, to say the least. Here’s what PETA President Ingrid Newkirk had to say about the NFL’s “wait and see” attitude in a statement to the media yesterday:

“Forget that unless space aliens were on Vick’s property putting up an invisibility shield, it is impossible that Vick didn’t know (let alone sponsor a fighting dog), that the house he built included designs for dog training facilities and that his relatives were fighting, kenneling, training, housing training equipment, and killing dogs there. There was a time when people under fire for corruption let alone criminal cruelty, resigned. That honorable moment has passed because of the Almighty Dollar. If he won’t do the right thing by stepping down until this is resolved (and I’ll put a sporting bet on his conviction), the NFL should suspend him. Is the new America only about money or do we still cling to some values? In the courts he may be innocent until proven guilty, and that’s fair and fine, but in professional or political life, we have to have a higher standard than “hey, keep raking it in until we see if he gets off.”


The protest was covered on ESPN, and you can watch an interview with PETA’s own Dan Shannon that took place during the demonstration here.


I’ll let you know as soon as there’s more news, but in the meantime, you may want to get your very own “Sack Vick” T-shirt. Love it.



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  • lynn lantosh says:

    people get a any caseif you are associated with any illegal doing then you are much for innocent before proven mean to tell me he never went to his property to see what was going on?i guess we are all dummies.he shold be given a fair trial .if guilty then throw the book at him.this is the lowest of lows. dogs dont ask for this to be thrus on them.we as human beings must protect animals.

  • Shawn says:

    It seems like the whole country is up in arms over Michael Vick and rightly so but you can be sure that few have stopped to think how factory farming is no less cruel. To all the meat eaters out there get educated about where your food comes from before you go throwing stones.

  • John Jones says:

    I wish you people would leave him alone there is no proof he had anything to do with the dog fighting everyone feels sorry for the dogs but just because he is a celebrity doesnt mean you can single him out. Just because he owned the house doesnt automatically mean he had anything to do with what happened there. When you have proof he had something to do with it there is a possibility i will change my opinion. the right to be innocent until proven guilty applies to celebrities and athletes too

  • Sarah says:

    So amazing thank you guys for being so freakin amazing at what you do.

  • PamW says:

    to mark and susan The Constitution does guarantee that a person charged with a crime will get his day in court before he is deprived of his property his liberty or his life. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GUARANTEES THAT AMERICAN A CERTAIN JOB. There is a great difference between a prosecution brought by a district attorney running for reelection in a predominantly black district and a prosecution presented by the U.S. Federal Government that has been YEARS in the making. The feds have been watching Michael Vick for YEARS. They didn’t take it to the grand jury until they were able to catch Michael Vick’s cousin the one who lived in the house on a drug charge they used the drug charge to get the cousin to start talking and turn over the corroborating evidence against Michael Vick. It’s up to a jury to decide if Michael Vick will go to jail and how much fines he may pay but as Americans it is up to us to make sure that decency is upheld. And the thought of thousands of children being forced to cheer Michael Vick on the football field makes me sick. We have every right as Americans to demand that the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons exercise good faith and good judgment with respect to the American public and remove this man from football. A police officer who is accused of illegally shooting a suspect is automatically placed on leave even before he is indicted. A school teacher who is accused of molesting a student is automatically suspended before an indictment. Why should Michael Vick be any different? We know from Pacman Jones’ situation that the NFL isn’t shy about suspending players for conduct unbecoming to the NFL. This may be the first incident for Michael Vick as opposed to the socalled “pattern” of Pacman Jones but this incident involves extreme cruelty and has been ongoing for six years. The Feds would be correct in charging Michael Vick under the RICO statutes. The NFL and the Atlanta Falcons owe it to America to do the right thing unfortunately they and Nike are following the money and refusing to take action. They are hiding behind the “due process” veil in order to justify doing nothing but all they are really doing is trying to save their money. I think the electrocution drowning strangling hanging and beating to death of dogs is a little more important than saving money. Michael Vick must be suspendedfired. And all of you who say “don’t rush to judgment” well that works both ways. Don’t assume the allegations are untrue until you’ve actually read the indictment has it available for you to read. You can rush to judgment about innocence just as easily as you can rush to judgment about guilt. We’re not here to determine his guilt or innocence as it applies to jail we’re here to try to force the NFL the Atlanta Falcons and Nike to do the right thing and get this man off the football field. By the way according to some sources this is just the tip of the iceberg and there may be many many more NFL players involved in dog fighting.

  • Catherine says:

    I’m so thrilled that countless animal organizations are all over Michael Vick. If Michael learns anything from this it’ll be that it’s a very bad day when you’ve got PETA against you. Talk about summoning the wrath. Too bad he won’t get life in prison for all the murders he’s committed. I hope this “nononsense” judge I’ve been hearing about will order him to not only serve some jail time but pay heafty fines and be ordered to take part in an animal empathy program that maybe PETA or HSUS could organize. He needs to be turned around or he’ll just do it again.

  • joe dezonno says:


  • Chris says:

    PLEASE FILL OUT THE LETTER TO ROGER GOODELL on the Peta site and if possible personalize it. I let him know that as a 40 yr old and fan of the NFL since the age of 5 I will write off the NFL all products and services related to it and all sponsors and advertises if VICK plays one second of football prior to the outcome of the trial. He needs to be suspended immediately with or without payI don’t care until final judgement. Police are suspended with pay until they are tried this potential piece of filth needs to be suspended. I’m done with football if he steps foot on the field. Please email Goodell

  • vkdee says:

    Is this guy actually still representing Nike? If so I will not buy from them until he is removed from endorsing their products.

  • Alex WWWWWWWWWWW says:

    This is ridiculous how you people talk bad about a person who hasnt even been prosecuted yet. This website is lame.

  • Tamara says:

    To the person who wrote”to protest in front of slaughter houses or laboratories like this mass here against these horrible dog fightings i think within short time we would overcome!” I totally agree…but there has to be a starting point. This is SO highprofile that it will catch a lot of people’s attention who would not otherwise think about animals. We have to keep the momentum going and we will move forward!!

  • Banger says:

    FUCK PETA! and leave Micheal Vick alone. Get a life you worthless bitches!!!! That’s why ya’ll have animals because humans don’t want ya. kick Rocks Hos!

  • coolfusion says:

    Arthur Blank is the point man. He is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He alone has the authority but not the will to pull Vick’s contract. His phone is 4043672100. Email

  • Susan says:

    Hello. I am a dog lover. The allegations against Mr. Vick are indeed horrid. However I am ALSO an AMERICAN and the long history of our nation states “innocent til proven guilty”. That was designed to prevent the condemnation we see today in cases like this. As by LAW Mr. Vick is presumed innocent I see no reason why he should be sacked from the NFL. Those of YOU who dont wish to see him dont have to.

  • silent tongue says:

    to maya i had the same thoughts before if everybody would stand up in the same way and for example go to protest in front of slaughter houses or laboratories like this mass here against these horrible dog fightings i think within short time we would overcome! important reflection!!!

  • Mark says:

    Your organization is abusing the right of free speech. Vick has not been prosecuted. What if he is found not guilty? This is just like the Duke case. Those young men were absolutely ridiculed by public activists such as yourselves. You are just using this case as a public platform to remind Americans that you still exist much like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in the Duke case. What you are doing is completely ridiculous. I understand your organizations love for animals but when did animal rights supercede the rights of a person. I am in no way condoning dog fighting. It is cruel and any person with a heart wouldn’t take part. That still doesn’t give you the right to start a witch hunt.

  • Gina says:

    Wish I could have been there! God Bless all of you wonderful people who took the time to stand up and fight for all those beautiful innocent animals that have been tortured. For Pam in Atlanta…that is of luck on your protest at their training camp. Hope it sends a clear message to that sorry excuse and waste of space Vick. May Karma come to bite him the A. Maybe if we are lucky he will get sacked and paralyzed and gets a taste of what it feels like to suffer!!!!

  • Maritza says:

    Thank God for PETA. People like Vick would get away with crimes like these if it weren’t for you guys. I am so happy that you guys are out there opening the worlds eyes. I am there in spirit and have taken action by emailing all my family and friends and urging them to send letters and spread the word on taking a stand on this issue.

  • joe dirt says:

    this website is a waste of time with the whole mike vick thing nobody can sack vick

  • Gabrielle says:

    Awesome! love that shirt! please take more pics and organize protests!

  • nan mcclain says:

    Just found out via FoxNews Mass. Senator John Kerry wrote to the NFL requesting Vick be suspended. Please write his office to say thank you and certainly write West Va. Senator Byrd to thank him for his impassioned speach on the floor of the Senate against animal brutality. He was magnificent!

  • kelly says:

    And Ana thank you to and all the others who protested You are the voices for us who could not attend except in spirit!!

  • Phillip says:

    Can’t be in NYC I live in NC to help get the message to the NFL but thanks so much to all who are participating in the protests! Know that there are many of us standing with you in spirit. There’s no reason to wait for the legal process to wrap up before getting Vick away from the sport. Vick has said he’ll be found not guilty but he has never once to my knowledge expressed any concerns or distress over dog fighting and the horrible stuff that goes with it. He is pretty clearly part of a culture that isn’t repulsed by cruelty to dogs and the NFL needs to send a very clear message to people like him and Clinton Portis that this kind of psychopathic disgusting activity is not OK.

  • kelly says:

    When is the NFL going to address the fact that this illegal business was bringing in millions of dollars of UNTAXED income every year? Vick was cheating every citizen of this country and just spitting on us all especially the poor

  • coolfusion says:

    Let the Nike investors know of your concern. Let them feel the pain as their stock declines. Post your comments on the yahoo investors site.

  • Alan says:

    I agree that dog fighting is both cruel and inhumane to animals. To fight animals for human pleasure is by no means acceptable behavior. Under the Constitution of the US however and indictment is not a conviction and whether we like it or not Michael Vick deserves his day in court. I am in no means defending him and in fact as an Atlanta resident I have never been a fan of his he is both pompous and arrogant. But no matter who he is and what he has been charged with in this country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Far too many people have lost site of that when it comes to high profile cases in this country and in this case so has PETA.

  • Maya says:

    Can someone help me? I’m having trouble understanding something here. How is it that the dogfighting post had recieved over 300 comments while the story about the beagles shipped to Japan to be tortured only got 14?

  • Ana says:

    Hunter Mark Hunting is intrinsically cruel violent and it kills animals. Cross Those children were there with their parents and had asked to go to the protest first before going to the beach. As far as these children being young well so are Vick’s fans. Many of Vick’s fans are children what a great role model huh??? Ask Vick about his young fans and the example he sets for them.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Sorry “Hunter” nice sentiment I am glad you realize the obsenity of dog fighting but by definition all hunting is cruel.

  • liz says:

    It makes me want to cry the abuse those dogs suffer. I would hope that at some point this event would shed some light on the true evilness of dogfighting. It is not the dogs but the people!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Amazing to me that someone would thank Sen Byrd for his comments when this man is a Klansmen no such thing as an EX. Whether or not Mike Vick is PROVEN guilty or not guilty I am amazed at this group who would toot HUMANITY to animals but will not stand up for justice for all PEOPLE. And hunting is just as INHUMANE unless it is for SURVIVAL. Wow

  • Danielle says:

    I love you guys! Keep it up! I’m buying the shirt. The more merchandise you get on there…the more money you can raise to fight this. I’ll buy it and I now plenty more who will too! Bring us bumper stickers!

  • PamW says:

    Here’s an argument you can use against the “let’s let due process play out” excuse to do nothing Due process is a legal term that is valid in a court of law but not the court of public opinion. Due process means that an American citizen cannot be deprived of his property liberty or life without his day in court. There is no guarantee anywhere in the Constitution that gives an American the right to have a job. We are not asking the NFL or Arthur Blank to confiscate Michael Vick’s property we’re not asking them to imprison Michael Vick and as much as we’d like to we’re not asking them to kill Michael Vick. All we are asking is that they suspendfire Michael Vick.” Another argument Every time Michael Vick plays the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons will be forcing children to cheer for a man who is responsible either personally or via financing and encouragement of the torture of animals. What does this teach children? That money matters more than humanity. Is that really a value that we want our children to hold dear?” I am taking off work and will be in Atlanta at the end of next week. ANY PETA PROTESTORS WANT TO JOIN ME AT THE ATLANTA FALCON TRAINING CAMP OR THE ARTHUR M. BLANK FAMILY FOUNDATION OFFICES?

  • Ana says:

    I was able to make the protest in NYC as I live here. About 100 people showed up + 4 dogs including a Pit bull named “Cuddles” who I hugged + a cat. For the full hour we chanted “sack Vick” and other ones as well. We wore a 7 sticker with a slash through it on our tops and held different signs available with the message to “sack vick” a 7 with a slash through it and a large color photo of an abused pit bull dog which I carried. It felt great being with people who really cared and that we made our presence felt. I did see us on ESPN about 140 PM. The tortured dogs have a voice!!! BTW I see myself in one of the photos on this blogthat’s great!

  • Hunter Mark says:

    I am a hunter but the actions of Vick are very wrong. I know this will never make it on your thread but i have to let it be known that not hunters are cruel.

  • matthew miller says:

    awesome!! keep up the fight I have a sense that Vick is not alone with NFL and other sports stars who are involved in this practice. See Clinton Portis’s comments regarding Vick typical big athlete macho response. Light a fire I am a long time sports fan lets clean this up

  • patty moore says:

    Get rid of Vick now! He is a disgrace to mankind.

  • cross says:

    You people are crazy and that picture is truly sick really really sick leave the kids out of it way to teach the kids how to hate someone great job peta start them young. How old are you kids seriously.

  • Steve says:

    Is there a list of Vick sponsors to contact? I can’t find it anywhere. All I know is Nike Powerade Hasbro and Rawlings. There has to be more or a “formal” list.

  • Chandra says:

    karma! karma! karma! until then sack him cut him off he has proven he is not a healthy individual even if he did only half of what he is accused off. om shanti!

  • Chandra says:

    karma! karma! karma! until sack him cut him off he has proven he is not a healthy individual even if he did only half of what he is accused off. om shanti!

  • nan mcclain says:

    After spending 3 days on the internet with sponsors of Vick I took a new tact. I wrote Sen Byrd and expressed my gratitude of his statement on the floor of Congress. I also wrote the Senators from Georgia and Virgina and asked them why we haven’t heard their comments. Can’t hurt! Might help!

  • coolfusion says:

    POST your complaints on the yahoo financial message board. Ensure investors are exposed to this outrage. Let Nike feel some pain as their stock crumbles in the next months.

  • pmpsmth says:

    I think that we should pin Vick in a steel cage match to the death against Chuck Norris! But serously if Paris Hilton can serve for being DUI Vick should serve for being a ruthless individual. Had I done that I would have lost my job not been suspended.

  • JenK says:

    These people make me cry!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! My cats and I are there in spirit too!

  • Valerie Ziegler says:

    Wish I could join you. I’m there in spirit as are my dogs. Great job with Nike…I’m writing letters being selective in products I purchase and following your other suggestions. I can’t believe there’s still discussions on ESPN threads about football stats and what losing Vick would do to football. Who cares? I wouldn’t be allowed to wag my middle finger at work and be a liability AND get paid to stay home! It’s a GAME but I’m preaching to the choir.

  • Smokey Wildwood says:

    Vick can not pass a football well but he surely can pass herpes.

  • Mercedes Moreno says:

    Absolutely DISGUSTING of the NFL to keep this worthless animal killer on a team.

  • Tiffany says:

    Kudos to all of the organizersprotestors to the great PETA organizers for quick actionway to really send the message! Everyone Please also CALL NIKE as was mentioned beforethey are keeping the Michael Vick lines clothing and other shoes of his in their stores was their decision they have halted the new shoe but let them know that you will boycott all Nike products if they don’t pull all Vick merchandise and if they proceed with releasing the shoe! We’ve got to send a clear message to his sponsors! They aren’t taking enough action. Nike’s HQ is 8003446453 News Release Vick’s Troubles Suspend Release of Nike Product ATLANTA There are indications that Michael Vick’s legal troubles could produce some financial consequences. Nike has suspended the release of its latest product line named after the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who is to be arraigned next week on federal charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation. Nike has told retailers it will not release a fifth signature shoe the Air Zoom Vick V this summer. A company spokesman says the four shoe products and three shirts that currently bear Vick’s name will remain in stores. While Nike still has a standing contract with Vick the company has declined to speculate on its future with him. Also Senator Byrd of West Virgina sent out a strong message about dogfighting this weekcall or email his office and thank him for taking a stance publically on it. Our government officials need to know that we support them when they stand up to animal cruelty!

  • phoebus says:

    Love you folks you rock!!! Continue the good fight!!!