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Vick Protests in New York City

Written by PETA | July 20, 2007

About an hour ago, PETA campaigners and activists converged on NFL HQ in New York to urge Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL to suspend Michael Vick in light of his recent indictment for alleged involvement in the horrific cruelty associated with dogfighting—including allegations that he was killing dogs by hanging, slamming them to the ground, drowning, and electrocuting them. Surrounded by reporters and TV news crews, more than 75 activists lined the streets in front of the NFL building, holding signs reading “NFL: Sack Vick,” handing out stickers and leaflets to passersby, and making it abundantly clear—just in case Goodell hasn’t figured it out yet—that the NFL’s weak response to Vick’s case is unacceptable.


The massive turnout at this demonstration should be indication enough to Goodell that his decision to allow Vick to play in spite of these disturbing charges is going to be a major PR headache for the NFL, to say the least. Here’s what PETA President Ingrid Newkirk had to say about the NFL’s “wait and see” attitude in a statement to the media yesterday:

“Forget that unless space aliens were on Vick’s property putting up an invisibility shield, it is impossible that Vick didn’t know (let alone sponsor a fighting dog), that the house he built included designs for dog training facilities and that his relatives were fighting, kenneling, training, housing training equipment, and killing dogs there. There was a time when people under fire for corruption let alone criminal cruelty, resigned. That honorable moment has passed because of the Almighty Dollar. If he won’t do the right thing by stepping down until this is resolved (and I’ll put a sporting bet on his conviction), the NFL should suspend him. Is the new America only about money or do we still cling to some values? In the courts he may be innocent until proven guilty, and that’s fair and fine, but in professional or political life, we have to have a higher standard than “hey, keep raking it in until we see if he gets off.”


The protest was covered on ESPN, and you can watch an interview with PETA’s own Dan Shannon that took place during the demonstration here.


I’ll let you know as soon as there’s more news, but in the meantime, you may want to get your very own “Sack Vick” T-shirt. Love it.



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  • Ron says:

    I am trying to figure out how the NFL has a fan conduct law that can get you barred for life for drinking a beer at a game under there Family values yet they reinstate Vick???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Sue Olshenske says:

    Dear Roger Goodell What a coward you are. Money that is all you think about!! Just how did Vick make real progress?? Maybe a pit bull will bite Vick on the leg or better yet both hands. Did those dogs that were killed by Vick get a second chance ?? No they didn’t and Vick doesn’t deserve a second chance!

  • Gavin says:

    Vick has not donated one cent to the rehabilitation of his animals tax payers and charities are financing this treatment 100. Vick has also shown no intention of doing so he expects us to pay for his multimillionaire salary by supporting his team and his sponsors and to foot the entire cost of his animals rehabilitation at the same time. If Vick even had a nagging feeling that what he did to these dogs was wrong he’d be donation a large portion of the 15 million dollars he just signed for to their treatment and care. Instead he doesn’t feel they are worth 1 cent of his money now that he can’t abuse them.

  • Gavin says:

    Only a few of Michael Vick’s dogs have been healed to the point where they can be adopted why should Vick be given a second chance before the dogs he cruely abused be given the first chance he intentionally stole from them? The kids have to be involved in this because Vick is choosing to work in a field where is a role model to children. His very presence there teaches every child who watches NFL beyond any possible doubt that you can abuse animals all you want lie about all you want and still be held in high regard as a role model whats the point of following the law treating animals with respect or telling the truth if Vick didn’t do any of that and is still held up as a great role model by the NFL and his sponsors? By hiring Vick the Eagles are telling the children “Animal abuse is Aok by us. Break any law you want for as long as you want it doesn’t matter because you will be given a second chance immediately if you are caught” That is the message we are sending to children by not demanding Vicks prohibition.

  • Betty A Simpson says:

    Please inform the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons that my husband and I will never watch a game that Michael Vick is a part of. His apology today is only because he got caught. He showed up in his neat and no doubt expensive suit while the dogs on his property not his home by the way burn up in the southern states. Hopefully our comments along with thousands of others will have some voice for the dogs. Granny

  • Pamela says:

    I’m amazed that Nike would allow sadistic savages like Vick to promote their goods. I and my family will never buy their products again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Sirs M.Vick needs to be permanently suspended from the NFL. He’s a bad example to our children a truly evil man. He had no “mercy” on his dogs who “lost” we should have no “mercy” on him or his career. He knew what he was doing was wrong he blew it.

  • Sandy Carrasco says:

    I dont even know where to start! I agree with all the above. Alanta you need to stand up and not allow this disgusting devil to play! Stand up for those you cannot speak for those who are helpless in this country! Attend his trials picket his games and let him know WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for this behavior. I for one will be at those games with a bright neon sign and Im not from Atlanta nor do I own a pet. But I will fight this as I fight childinfant abuse!

  • Dianna Smith says:

    M Vick What A P O S I say how about like treatment. I would love to be the one to swing the bat to break his leg or maybe just put his sorry ass in a sack and drown him. Better yet haw about lethal injection that sure is more humane than what he did to those dogs.

  • Duwayne says:

    Where have you people been?.Organized Dog Fighting has been going on for over 100 years in this country and your just now getting angry?.It is the ASPCA that is also trying to prosicute Vicks and I do hope they do.It is not because he is black or loadedthe man has no reguard for the life of these poor animals nor the law.i hope he pays the price if he is guilty.I am a member of the ASPCA and HSUS and her where I live dog fighting is a problem.The law needs to be enforced to stop the problem.Lets all hope that this incident will help other animals across the country.

  • Anne says:

    I sent this letter to Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner and Arthur Blank as a cc and to Ann Powell of Beckett Media and Nike to thank them for suspending Michael Vick’s contract without pay while the case is still pending. I encourage others to do the same. Dear Mr. Werner I would like to personally thank the owner Ann Powell for removing Vick related merchandise from your inventory. While I realize that he has not been convicted the disturbing allegations and nineteen page indictment make it difficult to deny Michael Vick was involved in what he is accused of. To what extent remains to be seen but I commend Ann Powell for not letting profit cloud her decision in taking a stance against those who commit animal cruelty. As the daughter of an attorney the feds when they indict someone do so only if they feel they have a strong case and that person is responsible for the crimes committed which is why they have a high conviction rate. Given that Michael Vick was a homeowner of the Moonlight Road property regardless of what his ex coach and others who know him might attest about his kind quiet nature as a social work student I have studied learned about and worked with many sociopaths and murderers who act and appear to be the “nice guy” and do unthinkable and incomprehensible acts. This is why I am pleased to see that Nike Reebok and Beckett Media are taking a firm stand. I hope that the NFL and others will follow suit and suspend Michael Vick without pay while his case is pending. Sincerely

  • Rachel says:

    I am deepley sadden of the pain and suffering of all the innocent dogs who were subjected to this cruel and inhumane activity. Micheal Vick should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Jimbo says:

    Blow me Brandon! Have you even read the case against Vick? Obviously not. If your really this stupid you must either be under 10 years old and stole mommy’s computer or you are mentally retarded. Grow up kid and smell the roses!

  • Tom says:

    Michael Vick is a scum bag! I say we string him up and light his piddly ass on fire like he did to those poor dogs! What a POS!!! I hope he dies soon!

  • Krl says:

    It’s quite fortunate that you have a bete noir pun intended in Mike VIc given that you lames at PETA do next to nothing against any of the major cos who actually are killing animals and whose stock values increase based on their efficiency in doing so. Mike Vic was never seen any where near the “alleged” that word you lames use when ever ur talking about one of BushCheneyBlairSharon’s documented crimesvideo taped crimes but seem to forget when condemning your little safe scapegoats dog fighting operation…nor was he even seen near the premises. And for you idiots spoiled rich white trust fund babies looking for something to rage against that wont get your head bashed in by the riot squad like say protesting the war will do that say how can his name be on a deedlease and him never go to the house you idiots obviously dont know a damn thing about being broke and having to lean on a wealthier or better credit having relative to cosign in order for you to get a breakloanacceptance letter for a rentalhome purchase. Honestly aside from the usual “beast inhuman savage etc” crap that you all used to shout and whoop when your granddaddies used to go lynch one of those uppity negroes or other assorted untermenshcen according to your grandfather’s of course depending on the countries you lame limo liberal losers came from what proof or remote connection do you have he was involved? What do you have connecting him to any dog fighting activities you idiots? Oh yeah he loves and supports dog fights but never goes to watch the training or even the fighting of the dogs he supposedly owns…give me a break…I’m going to go put a peta shirt on a scottish terrier or lab cause you llbean reading latte liberals around ny seem to all have one of these when your not out with your adopted asian or african accessories oops babies and kick it in the face…ill post it on you tube and link it to the site just for you

  • Blade Henderson says:

    Wow Can America be divided any other way. RaceTerritoryReligionFor And Against Convicted ATHLETES?!?!. Point is Just wait. JUST WAIT!!!. See if he’s innocent or not. Don’t be judgemental. EITHER WAY. Don’t just automatically assume he’s innocent. And please don’t automatically assume he’s guilty. I won’t place my opinion about how I feel about the guy until I know the verdict. Yeah we’re states..but we’re DEFINATELY not United.

  • Ariel says:

    BRANDON WOODS please educate yourself about animal advocacy before you and some others keep displayng your lack of intelligence. Animal advocacy encompassses the humananimalenvironmentalsocietal relationship. If you can understand that ALL life and our environment is interrelated then you will get at least that much of a quick drift about animal advocacy…and how it all works together…and how we do in fact try to protect other humans and society from vicious culprits or sociopaths within our realm. IF you were aware of what we do YOU would be very surprised as to how we affected YOUR very own health and life for the better. Now let me give you an example pertaining to your complaint about us already “convicting” Vick. If you own a car and the police found drug paraphenalia in your car because one of your passengers left it there and even though you never touched drugs in your life guess who would be held legallycriminally responsible for that drug paraphenalia? YOU would! So the evidence was found on Vick’s property. That makes him legallycriminally responsible whether he participated or not. He would have to had been in a coma or another planet in order not to have any knowledge about it. Now may I ask you what do you do for human rights? And how would you go about telling Bush to stop having sons and daughters being killed in the war? And do you have any other priorities besides trying to be nasty?

  • Michele says:

    Brandon Woods the reason PETA is working on animal rights is right there in the “A” just to connect the dots for you A is for ANIMALS!. It is NOT “PETH” People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans. This. Is. An. Animal. Rights. Organization. You. Twit! The reason such an organization needs to exist is because of people like you and many other losers on this site who clearly don’t care about how animals are treated. I can guarantee you that EVERY staff member at PETA would be happy to be out of a job if it meant that animals around the world were no longer in need of protection.

  • Iris says:

    Brandon Woods First off you spelled “Entirely” wrong. The way I see it we don’t need to hear his side of the story as we have witnesses and solid proof. I find it hard to believe that he had all those dogs and equipment and was doing nothing with them. As for you comment about horse racing did you not see the post a few months back about Barbaro’s death? Actually I think there were a few about him. If you ever go the the PETA official website they assert their position on horse racing very clearly. As to why we don’t stand up for human issues This is PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS. Not humans. Not to say we don’t care. You can be in PETA and a human rights organization at the same time. It’s not illegal. Soldiers in Iraq at least have some inkling of what they were getting into. The dogs that are forced to fight do not know what will happen to them and have absolutely no choice in the matter. Humans can speak up for themselves. Animals have no voice.

  • steve says:

    you are right on target with whats wrong with this country… yes what vick did if found guilty is pathetic and unacceptable in today’s world… but on this website where animal rights is always put in front of human’s and in todays press…. how amazing is it that the death of these dogs get top billing over the deaths of ANY SOLDIER IN THIS ASSININE WAR… WHAT IS WRONG WITH TODAY’S PRIORITIES???????????

  • Brandon Woods says:

    I know you won’t post this but…if you all was god fearing in this world could you convict this man without due process. I really feel sorry for you all becacuse it dosen’t make sense to convict him and you all haven’t really heard his side of the story also let me ask this question. Where do you all be when horse racing go on and the horse breaks it’s leg and the owner puts the animal to sleep. To me and alot of people PETA stands for People Entirley Totally Assholes Why don’t y’all stand up for human rights ?..Bush got sons and daughters being killed everyday but these dogs will make headlines more than that. Y’all priority is screwed up.

  • UR taking it too far says:

    Let’s get real people it was just animals! I wish you all cared for other people just as much as you cared for an animal. You all are asking this man to have his whole life thrown away and it’s not going to bring the animals back. This is ridiculous. When Scooter Libby was given a get out of jail free card no one protested that…Let’s get life’s priorities in order. It was an animal yes it can’t speak for itself but when you pass by a homeless person on the street do you try to save them or do you give them $1? How dare you ask this man to be fired from his job that’s all he knows that’s his lively hood….Get Real

  • Anne says:

    For those who want to be proactive and make a difference re the Michael Vick situation use your time to write call phone email and fax the following individuals which will have an impact! The more people do it. Please write to Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons call fax and email at his direct contact info below. Arthur M. Blank owner of the Atlanta Falcons Email Phone 4043672150 business address AMB Group LLC Chairman President and CEO 3223 Howell Mill Road N.W. Arthur M. Blank Family Offices Atlanta GA 30327 USA Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner Email National Football League 280 Park Ave. 15th Fl. New York NY 10017 United States Phone 2124502000 Fax 2126817599 Please write to the Federal Attorney urging them to prosecute Vick to the fullest extent of the law. Federal Attorney Eastern District of Virginia 600 East Main Street Suite 1800 Richmond VA 232192447 804 8195400 Contactcomments via email Please write to any of the following individuals especially the CEO President of the Nike Brand telling them you will not purchase NIKE products as long as they continue to sponsor Michael Vick. NIKE Inc. 1 Bowerman Dr. Beaverton OR 970056453 United States Phone 5036716453 Toll Free 8003446543 Fax 5036716300 Chairman Philip H. Knight President CEO and Director Mark G. Parker VP and CFO Donald W. Blair President NIKE Brand Charles D. Charlie Denson President Global Operations Gary M. DeStefano President New Ventures Thomas E. Clarke New Business Development Nike Inc. Affiliates Lisa A. Kempa President Nike Foundation Maria S. Eitel VP and General Manager Nike USA Craig Cheek President Nike Golf Robert Bob Wood CEO Cole Haan James C. Seuss CEO Converse Jack A. Boys CEO Hurley International Robert Bob Hurley President Subsidiaries Lewis L. Lee Bird VP and Corporate Controller Bernie Pliska VP and CIO Roland Paanakker VP and Chief of Staff Lindsay D. Stewart VP Diversity Gina Warren VP General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer James C. Jim Carter VP Compliance Dusty Kidd VP Corporate Responsibility Hannah Jones VP and Creative Director Cole Haan Gordon Thompson III VP and CFO Nike USA Tom Arndorfer VP Brand Management Subsidiaries and New Business Mike Wilskey VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa P. Eunan McLaughlin VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa Commerce Stefano Caroti VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa Marketing Phil McAveety VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa Finance Operations and Strategic Planning James Jim Allaker VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa Apparel Jill Stanton VP EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa Human Resources Oscar Cardona VP Finance and CFO EMEA Europe Middle East and Africa DeeDee Wilson VP Global Brand and Category Management Trevor Edwards VP Global Brand Marketing and Soccer Joaquin Hidalgo VP Global Apparel Roger Wyett VP Global Apparel Operations Gerald P. Jerry Karver VP Global Brand Design Greg Hoffman VP Global Footwear Design John R. Hoke III VP Global Footwear Product Creation Shelley K. Dewey VP Global Operations and Technology Hans van Alebeek VP Global Sports Marketing Adam S. Helfant VP Sports Marketing AsiaPacific and the Americas John Slusher VP Global Retail Elliott Hill VP Global Strategic Planning Michelle Moorehead VP Innovation Design and Special Projects Tinker Hatfield VP Investor Relations Pamela Catlett VP The Jordan Brand Howard White President and CEO Exeter Brands Group Clare L. Hamill VP US Supply Chain Nicholas Athanasakos VP and General Manager Americas Mary Kate Buckley VP and General Manager Asia Pacific Roland P. Wolfram VP and General Manager Nike Japan Jim Godbout VP AsiaPacific Marketing Davide Grasso VP and General Manager Nike China Willem Haitink VP and General Manager Global Footwear Eric D. Sprunk VP and General Manager Global Basketball Craig Zanon VP and General Manager Men’s Training and Fitness Peter Ruppe VP Global ECommerce Chris Shimojima VP Global Sales David Heath Head Global Women’s Fitness Heidi O’Neill

  • Michelle says:

    Wish I could have been there. Thank you to all those who were able to attend. SHAME SHAME SHAME on the BARBARIC VICK.

  • Beth says:

    My 12yearold son just said he knows what he can be for Halloween… he said he can wear his Michael Vick jersey and “be a retard”!

  • Burn in Hell, Vick. says:

    Michael Vick is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country. As someone who probably came from nothing or damn near nothing I question the intelligence of people who become proathletes anyway Vick was pretty much handed everything on a silver platter and like clockwork he has managed to squander and ruin it all. I am ashamed to say i ever watched an NFL game….we should stop glorifying these over privileged fkups.

  • jessica clifton says:

    Just wanted to know if there is going to be any protest in richmond on thursday????I would love to join.

  • Gary says:

    TROY you my friend are a real JOKE VICK is a bum he has all this money and breaks the law and you as a law person say the man isnt guilty yet. well ok then TROY what was all the dog fighting equiptment for maybe he was running on those treadmills. Your a fool he will be found guilty but the question is how big of a penalty should he get. I say a life ban or better yet lets make Vick fight a mad starving Pit Bull and see the outcome. By the way this is a animal group they could care less about Sudan. As far as the black and white issue go get a life man no matter who it was there is no need for this in sports. COLOR is the way every black person tries to make things. Color has nothing to do with it and just so you know before you even respond stupid i’m not white….

  • Gary says:

    Vick is another perfect example that you can take the kid out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the kid. I hope he goes to jail. Maybe they should make him fight one of those poor abused pitbulls. I have 2 Pits they are the most loyal dogs in the worl and i never for 1 second would ever think of fighting them. I have a 2 year old son who chases them around the house and they never even think of doing any harm to him. The people in this world who train these wonderful animals to do bad things should all be punished. I wish I could be there protesting with all the PETA folks I respect everything you guys do. SACK VICK and if the NFL doesnt do more then they will lose my business.

  • BullyDawg says:

    If it was Tom Brady Peyton Manning Matt Hasselbeck whoever and the indictment had the EXACT same info as Vick’s? YES I would be just as quick to condemn! I also want to point out that Vick has become the public face of a much larger problem. Yes we want Vick suspended but frankly no one cared about dogfighting until someone FAMOUS black or white doesn’t matter became tied to it. It is not enough for Vick to be suspended prosecuted etc. We want ALL dogfighters to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And for all of you who keep saying “They’re just dogs” I really can’t think of anything to say to you. Wait yes I can…what did a dog EVER do to you to earn such contempt?

  • VestaGirl says:

    So Troy Are you out protesting against the genocide or anything else? Nah didn’t think so. BTW is there ANY possible way that we can post an online dictionary for people like Troy? BTW Troy race is not an issue here it’s cruelty that’s the issue.

  • WEDEL ENTERTAINMENT, "Your Band Connection" says:


  • CLARISSA says:


  • Troy says:

    You folks at PETA are idiots and probably RACISTS! The man hasn’t even been convicted yet and you’re already calling for him to be locked away! He was indicted not found guilty of a crime. I’m a law enforcement officer and it’s not hard to get an indictment. Evidence can be circumstantial at best and you’ll get an indictment. During a grand jury they only here what the so called evidence is against the accused and the jury typically renders an indictment. Before you people get in an uproar calling for him to loose his job and have his endorsement deals taken away wait until all of the facts are presented during the trial then you’ll see if the evidence against him will standup. Also there are so many other things to be protesting about in this world……for instance the genocide that’s taking place in the Sudan! Finally if this were a white athlete like Tom Brady would you condemn him from jump or wait for a verdict of guilt or innocence.

  • Sarah says:

    I just called the Nike 1800 number this morning to say my family would not be purchasing any more Nike products do to their relationship with Michael Vick. I was told that Nike is no longer selling any of his products on their website but it could not control retailers to pull his products off their shelves. Keep up the boycott!! It’s unfortunate that with all the money Vick has been given it has been able to buy him class integrity or good sense.

  • JASON PHENIX says:

    I would like to see protest like this for drug and crime infested neighborhoods. I would like to see the same compasion for animal rights carried over to issues dealing with human rights.

  • Rick Rambis says:

    After what has happened to the Duke players i would hope the Falcons and the NFL reserve action until Vick has had his day in court. Is he guilty? Probably he still deserves his right to due process like everyone else. Rick Rambis