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Vick Pleads Not Guilty

Written by PETA | July 26, 2007

Vick_Courthouse_Protest_2.jpgAll day today, PETA protesters and hundreds of members of the public stood outside the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Virginia, to call for vigorous prosecution of Michael Vick and the three other men charged in this horrific dogfighting case. Although this story is the first glimpse for many people of exactly what dogfighting is all about, the real tragedy here is that the kind of abuse detailed in Vick’s indictment is as widespread as it is horrific. In the last year alone, PETA has responded to more than 14,000 calls and e-mails regarding other dogfighting and individual cruelty-to-animals cases. It’s great that there has been so much outrage over this case, and we’re certainly going to keep pushing to make sure that it is treated with the utmost seriousness by the courts—as well as by Vick’s sponsors and the NFL—but the next step is going to be getting policymakers and law enforcement officers to treat all cases of dogfighting and animal cruelty the same way that they have been prosecuting this case, which happens to be under scrutiny from the media.


The good news is that this is already beginning to happen on the federal level. According to a press release from Senator John Kerry’s office today, the senator has announced that he is “introducing legislation to finally eliminate dogfighting, which has been targeted by federal and state laws but by all accounts is more popular than ever.” A copy of the proposed bill can be found here, and you can read our thank you letter to Senator Kerry and expression of support for the bill here.


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  • MVP says:


  • umakemesik says:

    Michael Vick is disgusting and should be thrown in jail. Having gotten that out of the way PETA taking action against somebody for killing dogs? Perhaps if he had euthanized them and then dumped them into a garbage can behind a Piggly Wiggly like PETA does then it wouldn’t be so bad right? You are all a bunch of hypocrites every single one of you. This whole country makes me physically ill. P.S. Do not put those who fight dogs illegally and those who BREED dogs for purpose and functionality in the same group. You are all a bunch of ignorant idiots if you ask me whether you support Vick or PETA and I hope you all including the dogfighting piece of crap himself get eaten by a group of angry ravenous dogs. Now THAT would be justice.


    John McKenna GONE +

  • chenille says:

    Once again the man is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY no matter how long the indictment is against him. Who is PETA to determine his guilt? If he’s found guilty PETA will get everything they want. His career will be ruined and he will lose all of his endorsements. Why do they have to fight for those things to happen NOW. How do you think Vick will feel if his innocence is proven but he has lost everything???? Probably the same way as someone who has spent 15 years of their life in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. When mistakes are made you can NEVER give a person back what they have lost as a result of that mistake. It’s fine for PETA to boycott Vick if they want but it isn’t right for them to force the companies that endorse him to let him go. PETA is not the judge and jury. These companies that are giving in to these PETA hypocrites are SPINELESS. PETA didn’t influence their decisions to sign him so why should PETA influence their decision to drop him. So what if you lose some proanimal hypocrites as customers I’m sure the majority of your customers could care less. Fight back and don’t let PETA run your businesses.

  • shawn says:

    Where do you guys get off calling him inhumane yet you have a video called “pit bull kills Michael Vick” at the top of this page??? You all keep talking about worrying about the homeless and abused children and such like someone commented above vick has a family and he also support many of the charities that you talk about quit contradicting yourselves

  • Wendy says:

    Hey kids I just want to remind you that this is an animal rights blog. That means we focus on animal rights…not human rights. When we want to fight for those we go to those sorts of websites. And just because we believe so strongly in justice for the victims of animal abuse doesn’t mean we don’t like people….we just don’t like assholes. That is why we aren’t discussing the war or anything related to that. The funny thing is no one on here personally knows the people writing therefore you cannot classify us all as something except that we truly care for animals. Why are you so worried about what’s happening on this blog? In your own words aren’t there more important things? Go fight your fight and we will fight ours.

  • M. B. says:

    Wow…I am just appalled. I think I’ve lost all hope in humanity. The fact that people are okay with the forced fighting and execution of animals by hanging drowning electrocution and body slamming is beyond me. I don’t care what your philosophies are about are animals equal to humans or whatever this is sick and it needs to stop. Please stop defending this sick behavior. It is not acceptable on any level. Even hunters don’t torture their prey. I remember reading a study that most serial killers start out by torturing animals then they move up to humans. But I guess that’s acceptable when you don’t value life anyway.

  • vickispetascapegoat says:

    it sad to see people like ann that use the excuse that vick is suppose to be a role model what about. leaving comments that he should rot in hell. peta are the biggest hipocrites in the world. get a life all of you are just desperate housewive with fat husbands. taht are willing spport anything his goldigging wife want to do

  • Angela says:

    The fact of the matter is that breeding raising and killing animals all in the name of sport is cruel inhumane and wrong. The reason why PETA is publicly protesting this particular case is certainly because it is a high profile case. However it is an opportune time to expose the truth about such practices to much of the public who turn a blind eye when it comes to animal rights. Vick should be spending his tens of millions of dollars on more noble causes. In the end justice will prevail. Maybe Vick will be reincarnated as a pitbull and forced to fight.

  • Maya says:

    John R interesting comments. Although I never watched the show I know the term “Mayberry” and I’m all for an idyllic way of life. One thing people are missing here is that PETA targets many many people instantly when it comes to defending animals. They sort of act before they think sometimes. Unfortunately their downfall is that they refuse to condemn the ALF and others who commit arson and assault and some believe that PETA workers do this themselves. It’s a terrible shame in light of the animal rights people being the most kind and gentle folk around. PETA sees animal abuse and they instantly latch on mercilessly like no other beast on the planet. They will not back off and they do not think racially or any other way. They only see animals suffering and they go bananas. I’m not defending that. Heck I wish they would knock it off. But they are the only group on Earth who rightfully questions the assumption that hermit crabs lobsters chinchillas and other animals have no conscious life whatsoever. PETA will seek understanding of every animal out there and that’s why they are so important. If it weren’t for PETA lobsters and crayfish and voles etc would be indiscriminantly abused with no thought at all. Thank goodness someone looks out for them. But don’t wait for a verdict. PETA does not wait for anything. They are all kindhearted people but very misguided sometimes. On a side note I do wish PETA would get off the Vick subject a bit. I’m seeing a lot of animal abuse near where I live and we sure could use some help.

  • Jarell Wall says:

    listen im a avid football i do understand these allegations are very serious..but you as in everybody associated with peta cant be serious. you have to understand in due process..the things that you are doing is not taking up for vick but comeone. what will happend if he is found innocent. you wont appologize youll make a conspiracy theory. you all are simply sick.. and making this turn in to a race issue which it is..i say stop while you alread have public opinion on your side… but i find this modern day crucifixion fucking sick.

  • kelly says:

    John R how did it feel having Mike Vick’s hands in your pockets? Or spitting in your face and disrepecting you? Mike Vick was running an illegal dog fighting and breeding business making millions and not reporting a penny or paying a penny in TAXES You know taxes. The things that pay for your community services your kids’ school your fire department etc. Maybe if you expended an ounce of energy to end these these activities your communities would benefit? But I guess it is easier to be duped by a con artist.

  • Chris says:

    When Federal prosecutors proceed with an indictment they already have very strong evidence. Vick’s lame excuse that he didn’t know what was happening on his own property is so laughable as to defy description. I’ve heard that in prison there is nevertheless a code even among inmates. They generally don’t like folks who abuse animals or children. Vicks and his cohorts may get a real education.

  • randum says:

    PPussys EEnormous Faugs TTurtle screwers AAssholes allways looking for something to bitch about .

  • Dick the Whale says:

    To John so what are you waiting for make your luggage and go to help the people in Africa instead of critizising an animal rights organization!!!!

  • don says:

    i tell you what unless you have the finacial support to get a pitbull train. this dog is goin to be a vicous animal. Lookin on the t.v. I saw the peta people holding the cuttest most harmless dogs in the universe. In which a normal pitbull normal meaning not being trained to fight are to be vicious would devour any of those dogs if just so happen the two dogs were strolling on the sidewalk. Thats why you have never seen a teenage to a grown pitbull strolling around in the park playing frisbe cause the owners know if they are not trained very carefully. they are just as dangerous as wild hogs to anyone other than the owner. Trust me i have seen pits all my life not trained to dogfight attack the owners family members. Not given the excuse to dogfight but just given you the taste of pitbulls are really like if the owner does not have the money to get a trainer. come on they get there names from taming bulls

  • randum says:

    Shut the fuck up peta do something useful . Eat meat and get some balls u Pussys .

  • randum says:

    Shut the hell up peta why the fuck don’t you shut the hell up and be pissed of about a real proeblem . Get a fuckin life . This is america so you’re innocent until proven guilty . So shut the fuck up and do something usefull . P.s. GET FUCKED

  • Ken says:

    Irrespective of side issues thst either PETA people or others are talking about dog fighting laws in the USA are a good thing because they reduce illegal gambling and dogm fighting usually if not always consists of abuse violence and death of animals and numbs people in general to violence against other humans. The fact that Vick had his licenses puled was arraingned and may get more charges indicates there is much evidence of illegal activity on hs part. Of course Vick is the focal point because he is the celebrity which drives many issues in this country. Nad his track record for bad conduct has already been established.

  • Darel says:

    I’m you people are fighting as hard for protecting children’s immigration rights and the state of our country.. I love animals I have 4 dogs myself.. And have been a fan of PETA but you have really crossed the line with your Micheal Vick grand standing.. This has nothing to do with Micheal Vick or the charges but everything to do with PETA making a statement for themselves. You people are picketing and protesting harder because he’s a black NFL player than those 300 animals I saw the Miami SPCA rescue from a farm in Miami.. Because it wouldn’t get you the exposure of a case like this one.. And you wonder why the state of our youth is in such bad shape! Why our teachers are under payed! Why we have poor healh care! I can go on and on! I’m really disappointed in PETA as an organization and will do everything I can to back Micheal Vick and make sure people know what PETA is really about..

  • Anonymous says:

    I sure hope all you peta hipacrites. Are vegeterians let alone deer hunters or quail hunters. I am not a vegeterian but i’m not about to act childish by convicting a man who has not even went to trial. what makes a dog more special than any other animal getting eaten by us humans every day. that’s cruelty to animals when we stick our faces in them. Haven’t you guys already gotten him suspended from training camp for nothing for being accused of something in “America.” Roger Goodell calls himself a commissioner he suspends this man just because a certain group of people doesn’t like him. Come on peta wise up if u dont like the man fine but trying to ruin his reputation if he has not been stated guilty by the jury that’s immature. It sickens me as an American falcons fan but i am more of a diehard mike vick fan that “americans” are suppose to be the civilizes onethat peta is goin in front of court houses and the falcons training camp facility to put up a antivick protest and this was just a court arrainment. I stand on that behave and say i am ashamed to be an america following peta childish behavior. If he pleas guilty then maybe i’ll understand if you guys go on with this barbaric behaivior. Come on America lets act like Americans. Vick you are love by everyone in my hometown we love you stay strong don’t let anyone bring you down God bless. Stay Stronggg

  • Carol Hedin says:

    This is a monumental event for the animals!! With any social change you will have the losers who cannot see the big picture. It is amazing how stupid animal haters are. You can tell by their writings. They bring in ridiculous concepts like OJ and the other losers. It requires advanced minds to understand the wonderful work PETA has done here. Great job PETA. The whole world has more respect for us now. I will continue to support your cause.

  • KG says:

    Are PETA members organizing outside of the wine bar Vick owns in Atlanta? I would think that most people would be embarassed to go there is they assocaited it with him. And to all the PETA haters I agree instead of bitching about us on OUR website about how we aren’t helping Iraq and cancer victims go to a website for the causes you want to defend and support and do something constructive. This is ridiculous. Or better yet learn to spell and compose sentences. If you hate dogs sooo much start your own “I hate dogs” web page. Maybe you can meet with likeminded idiots. This isn’t “Innocent until proven guilty” or a blackwhite thing. Its a human being thing. We are stewards for the Earth. God is pissed right now because you are abusing His creation. The Devil is smiling you haters are letting him win!!!

  • E Mumford says:

    The media is not even touching the real story of dog fighting the total preperation How the courage of the dogs are built up. The effects of loss even if the dog does not die. This guy Vic is only one of thousands And there are many dollars passing hands on the lives of these dogs They do not even cover the rolling the test dogs that have no chance with a pit bull. The media is makeing a joke of this business or sport what ever you wish to call it.

  • JOHN R says:

    This is really a sad day in America. You have PETA who is anti Mike Vick. You have Vick supporters who are anti PETA. Each side finding its own degree of justice. Some points valid from both sides. I am not an animal lover has to the extent of PETA but I also no of Due Process and that a man black or white is not guilty until proven in a court of law by his peers. The personal attacks at ones intelligence love for animals or be it the fact that allegations of dog fighting has the same undertones of racial bias. Lets stick to the facts at hand. 1. Mike Vick is the owner of the property where dog fights were taking place. 2. PETA is an organization that fights for the rights of animals. 3. Vick has been indicted on charges of illegal dog fighting. 4. Constitutionally he is innocent until proven guilty. PETA supporters lets be fair lay off of asking for a mans livlihood be taken away until when and if he is convicted. Vick supporters quit trying to make this into a racial issue. I am a africanamerican male and I do not see this as racially biased or motivated if you look at what PETA is doing they are using one such instance that is nationally known and exploiting the situation for their cause. Now convicting a man without giving him the chance to prove his innocence is wrong but hell these are the same people who believe we should all get along and actually still thinks mayburry is the type of life all americans should live. If you really want to support Vick lobby the legal system to stop these protest and unsolicited acts of ruining Mike Vicks career.

  • Michele says:

    Jeffro when Maya asked for a “logical reason WHY you think a human’s life is more precious than an animal’s life” I think she also wanted factual information. Just because you think something is true does not make it factual Jeffro. Here are FACTUAL responses to your nonsense “being able to express thoughts through communication” what do you think animals are doing when they are barking chirping screeching etc? And don’t say it’s because they can’t speak since babies and some people with certain disabilities also cannot speak and that doesn’t mean they are “less valuable” than other people. “animals never invented anything” well again here is your ignorance showing through loud and clear. Just because they don’t build machines in factories does not mean they never “invented” anything. Did someone show birds how to build a nest? Did someone show monkeys how to get ants out of an ant hill by putting a twig down the hole and then eating the ants that stick to the twig? Of course not it’s because these nonhumans also have brains and know how to use their brains as needed for their own species. “if animals and humans were equal in all views of life we would still be wearing loin cloths and running around the jungle barefoot” what the hell you are talking about? This does not even make any sense! Just because humans came up with something DIFFERENT does not demonstrate superiority. In fact it is humans who are destroying the earth with polluting factories and manmade chemicals. Gee that’s pretty smart! “They are important becuase they helped humans thrive by being vital sources of food and protein. Without that humans probably would have wasted away hundreds if not thousands of years ago” well this is just too complex to explain in a blog posting. Your best bet is to do some actual research on this one. Humans survived just fine on plantbased diets before anyone came up with the “brilliant” idea of eating animals. And if you did some nutrition research you would know that animal protein is actually very detrimental to humans even assuming there are no antibiotics and growth hormones since those substances obviously did not exist millions of years ago. “my guess is they knew what vegetables to eat by watching animals eat them” now how can you even begin to assume this? There is really no way of knowing but they most certainly could have learned by trying things themselves and by never eating things again if something sickened or killed somebody. So Jeffro time to hit the books! Since you have the right to freedom of speech you can certainly say whatever you want here about socalled human superiority but you will just keep looking like an idiot if you do.

  • kelly says:

    Lauren these are NOT Mike Vick fans They are dog fighters and breeders as well as the usual illiterate hunters who are pissed that Peta got media attention The dog fighters and breeders may state here that they support Mike Vick but among EACH OTHER they are absolutely FURIOUS at him for allowing some light to fall on their very secret and very lucrative dog fightingbreeding businesses! These people are all around us and many of them have legislators and local yokel law enforcement in their pockets and the “show dog breeders” are terrified that their lucrative underground businesses also are getting questioned as they lobby to protect dog fighters WE NEED TO GET STRONGER LAWS PASSED! and that’s what they are afraid of

  • Bob says:

    Is PETA outraged over the fact that there’s a young man in Douglasville GA in jail for having consentual sex with a classmate? Even if I knew what consentual sex was what does that have to do with Michael Vick? I cannot even explain how i feel about Peta you discuss me. No Goober nobody was discussing you. We were discussing Michael Vick. They where his dog and as such should be allowed to do whatever he wants with them I just hope next time he takes it to mexico Theywere perhaps? Or did you mean where his dog wasor went or.SHEESH! What the heck are you trying to say?Even the illegal immigrants speak better English than you! At least they know to capitolize Mexico. i love PETA they are the most hypothetical people. Oh nowcome on. PETA are hypothetical? I thought PETA were real!! You mean its all in my head? They are just Dog’s. Umthey are dogs? They are the dogs WHAT? stop trying to ruin a MAN’shuman being!Life Yes indeed. Lets all bop some women on the head with clubs and drag them back to our caves. Then we can gather around and maybe discover fire. Two dogs that chose to do so fight each other and it is not legal. First of all Sparky dogs do not choose to fight. They fight for survival or because they are trained to fight. Dogs do not make choices. Unless of course you count peeing on the rug a choice. You guys are gay u no vick aint guilty u are jus trying to get us back from that O.j Simpson case and Kobe bryant. Now being gay on the other hand IS a choice. Right? I wonder if the troops who are putting their life at risk for us know that we care so much about MIKE VICK and dog fighting. First if MIKE VICK cares so much why is he not over there as well? Second I wonder how many of the troops putting their lives at risk care about the dogs being tortured electrocuted shot etc. etc. etc. Ill bet quite a few of them agree with PETA. Where were the FEDS when black men were put in rings to fight until death for the whites man’s entertainment. You mean like Mike Tyson? Who do think has been fighting white supremacist groups for the last 60 or 70 years? Andy and Barney? Due Process!!! Let’s not have another Duke Lacrosse situation. What in the world does rape have to do with animal cruelty??? If you want animal rights come to Ga. and ban hunting. Its a sport just like dogfighting. Yeah! We like to use urine or corn as bait and then shoot those dangerous deer with big MAN TYPE guns! After all takes a REAL MAN to kill an animal that doesnt even know hes there. That must be why God made rifle scopes. I am very proud of all of you for standing up against PETA. And it’s nice to see that the education system in Georgia has improved.

  • John says:

    I don’t think people on here understand the proVick people’s perspective. Many of us nonPETA folks are animal friendly. Our issue is that you are slandering Vick before he has been tried by a jury of peers. Keep promoting your cause but don’t attack the person until found guilty. Otherwise you’re violating his rights as an American. Remember that slander and defamation is also illegal.

  • Ice Maiden says:

    Vick case aside ….Its amazing people find this form of violence as entertainment!Some of society has become so immune to paintorture and cruel non feeling behavior it doesn’t even effect them anymore. What a coward’s sport..yeahCOWARD’S. I am a loyal NFL fanthere are many many great NFL players that do so much for others and communities. IFVick comes out of this guilty then he should be punished as the law allows! Thanks PETA and those out there that keep sticking up for our animals! Now I will go hug my rescued Pitt

  • randy dawson says:

    jeffro i really don’t know where you see leather lofers you would really do better in washing the shit out of your eyes and quitting this page! farewell!

  • John McKenna says:

    Dear PETA Michael Vick is innocent. Dogfighting Great Sport. Animals NO RIGHTS!!!!! Zoos Animal Rehabilitation Hunting Fishing COOL!! KFC Finger Lickin’ Good!!! Meat Yummy!!!! Fur Leather Comfy to Wear Wool Sheep Barber Cuts And Lastly PETA FUCKING IDIOTS HIPPIES SHITHEADS although women PETA do look hot naked SLUTS YOU SUCK John P. McKenna

  • Poodle says:

    I find it ignorant to state that the people of Peta don’t care about human beings in war or other world disasters. This organization was created for animal rights and it is doing its job. Just because it is arguing for justice for animals doesn’t mean it doesn’t care about anything else. That’s like saying Cancer organizations don’t care about AIDS or organizations dedicated to homelessness don’t care about global warming. PLUS For all those people getting mad about Peta spending time protesting dog fighting and not focusing on wars and genocide WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THOSE ISSUES? WHY ARE YOU ON THE PETA SIGHT INSTEAD OF PROTESTING AGAINST OTHER THINGS YOU SEE AS MORE IMPORTANT. I think it’s vital to support all causes just because you believe in animal rights doesn’t mean you don’t support human rights or needs.

  • Maya says:

    And may I please comment on the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing? I agree that PETA is convicting this guy unfairly. But let’s be honest here. The dogfighting and other illegal activities were going on AT HIS HOUSE. That has been proven. Even if he did not participate in the dogfighting he has an obligation under the law to not allow illegal activity to go on at his property. And as far as the racial thing goes let me say this the Duke Lacrosse kids were punks. Yes they were innocent of the rape charges. But they hired a stripper. They got stinking drunk. They had frat parties. Sometimes kids when you hang out with the wrong people and do drugs and booze bad things happen. I don’t care if you’re white or black. It’s what you DO that gets you places in life. Vick chose to hang out with gamblers drug dealers and criminals. They are his freinds and family. He let them use his house. He admitted to that. That will get you in trouble with the law every time. You don’t even have to participate in the criminal activity. Like I said the Duke Lacrosse team did the wrong thing and got burned. Welcome to the real world kids. As I said before I agree that PETA went overboard. And I feel sorry for Vick because it sounds like he had done lots for charity. But if you hang with criminals you look like a criminal. Sorry.

  • Annonymous says:

    Hopefully this comment won’t be censored but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? PETA is passing judgment against Vick without knowing the facts. Now I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent but I’m not going to judge him upfront. Yes the case is revealing a horrifying sport but personal attacks before knowing the facts is not cool. If Vick is found innocent I hope PETA is prepared to apologize. If guilty well you counted the chicks before they hatched but good for you and getting the awareness of the major issue out there. PETA should not slander Vick and his sponsors and reserve judgment until the facts are known and the case closed.

  • Maya says:

    Jeffro eloquently statetd. Thank you for taking the time to respond. In my opinion each “animal” has its own particular niche in nature. For example sharks can’t do math so we say that sharks aren’t as “intelligent” as us. But there is no need for sharks to do math. There is no practical adaptation for them to do so. Sharks and all other wild animals balance the ecosystem on Earth. Sharks compared to humans have a brain in which the cerebrum and cerebellum are more proportionally equal. That’s because of the dimensions of their living space i.e. the ocean. So each of us has a brain adapted to the environment in which we live. Each of us has our place. Why humans evolved to indeed invent things and have intellect is a still unknown to me. We don’t serve nature very well so as far as I’m concerned it’s a mystery. DID YOU SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS EVERYONE? Jerrfo and I disagreed but still were able to respect each other. As far as I’m concerned nonPETA people are very welcome here. I’ll respect you if you respect me.

  • ann says:

    i love peta animal have no voice it is organizations like “peta” and the “humane society” which step in to help them. the argument here is not because vick the thug is black the arguement here is his cruelty to helpless animal. wake up u vick suporter.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You people make me very sad. It’s not about the man. It’s not about his color. It’s about the brutalized animals. Brutalized means being abused until the animals were driven insane attack everything in sight. Brutalized means being shoved into a ring having to fight to the death with another animal. Brutalized means being beaten starved electrocuted strangled mutilated for the sake of gambling. This man has been placed at the scene. He is someone who is in the eye of America. He is a spokesperson a role model for children. Of course he is going to be attacked. Someone who is supposedly so involved with society is always crucified first. That’s how it goes. As an animal rights activist I don’t care about who he is what he does or what color he is. What I care about is that he was involved in illegal dog fighting in some way shape or form I do not want someone who is involved with those activities being placed in the limelight. If you haven’t noticed athletes famous people are allowed to get away with many things that we normal people would be rotting in jail for. It needs to stop.

  • ann says:

    YES check his travel record i bet he goes to arizona alot. that is why the authority there is invesgating him now. i bet they can nail him TOO. vick here is the message to u rot in hell.

  • Rumer says:

    Hey FireSummer07 obviously you don’t know what site your on. It’s PETA bitch! If we gave a FUCK about rapper’s and rapist’s then wouldn’t you would be on another site trying to prevent it? And I’m not trying to make any grammatical errors seeing how many ANTIPETA and Mike Vick fans are out there making mistakes on their comments. Geez no wonder you guys are for him you didn’t go to school you were too busy watching a dogfight. He did the crime now he must gasp pay the crime.

  • ann says:

    YES check his travel record i bet he goes to arizona a lot. that is why the authority there is invesgating him now. i bet they can nail him TOO. vick here is the message to u rot in hell.

  • joanne jelson says:

    After reading most of the comments it is very evident that most of the people supporting Vick are illiterate. However being uneducated is no excuse for being inhumane. I would bet it is the environment they grew up in with no compassion for anything but themselves.

  • HANNAH says:

    I believe Mike Vick but i dont support dog fighting. Think about it most people liked him before they found out about the rumors and now because of a rumor you all hate him do you 100 KNOW he was doing the dog fighting ? He wasnt living there he may not have known… I think you need to know 100 before you start hating him.

  • ann says:

    VVICIOUS IINHUMAN CCRUEL KKILLER YSE that is michael vick the thug u anti peta fan trying to defend here. i wish him rot in hell.

  • Mike says:

    Good points Kelly. The degree of hostility from the PETAbashing extremists here seems like a concerted and contrived effort. And for those people complaining about these Vick blogs and protests possibly influencing Vick’s verdict they won’t what pray tell have you done about getting a newspaper publication ban enacted? And to the people who think they are clever and original People Eating Tasty Animals is old old old! Try to be a bit more creative. And if you end your post with “And know I’m going to grill me a big juicy steak…mmm” then it’s obvious that all those years of sniffing glue have taken their toll. In case people arrived at this site by mistake PETA is an animal rights organization. They were not established to cure every ill in the world. Would one complain to the cancer society that they are not doing enough about Parkinson’s? Instead of whining about PETA get off your ass and go and support the causes that mean something to you.

  • silent tongue says:

    jeffro my tongue is not english and the word ‘caught’ is ok ‘caught in the act’ capisc?

  • rat king says:

    jeffro i’m glad to read an acceptable post from your side to maya just let me ad the following thought it was the animal kingdom who inspired mankind for all it’s inventions the eagle’s eye for the telescope the spider’s net the birds wings horsepower and so on pls consider this also so one inspires the other and man and animal should help each other! ok?

  • josh says:

    If this is Vick’s fight then why are you dumbasses at the Falcons training?? This shit has nothing to do with his team. If he’s guilty then he will be punished. if he’s not then all you fucks will be wrong.

  • Chris says:

    Don’t ya just love how the idiots who support animal abuse on this site can barely spell or write a halfway decent grammatically correct sentence? For all of you morons who say it’s “his business” dogfighting is a FELONY in this country. Got it? It’s been proven time and again that people who hurt animals also hurt people. I hope they lock Vick and his familiars up for a long long time.

  • Rick says:

    Interesting… It appears that those posters who think that our domesticated animals are just fun toys for socalled human beings to torture and kill for “sport”… Are not quite able to spell. Imagine that they appear IGNORANT.