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Vick Pleads Not Guilty

Written by PETA | July 26, 2007

Vick_Courthouse_Protest_2.jpgAll day today, PETA protesters and hundreds of members of the public stood outside the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Virginia, to call for vigorous prosecution of Michael Vick and the three other men charged in this horrific dogfighting case. Although this story is the first glimpse for many people of exactly what dogfighting is all about, the real tragedy here is that the kind of abuse detailed in Vick’s indictment is as widespread as it is horrific. In the last year alone, PETA has responded to more than 14,000 calls and e-mails regarding other dogfighting and individual cruelty-to-animals cases. It’s great that there has been so much outrage over this case, and we’re certainly going to keep pushing to make sure that it is treated with the utmost seriousness by the courts—as well as by Vick’s sponsors and the NFL—but the next step is going to be getting policymakers and law enforcement officers to treat all cases of dogfighting and animal cruelty the same way that they have been prosecuting this case, which happens to be under scrutiny from the media.


The good news is that this is already beginning to happen on the federal level. According to a press release from Senator John Kerry’s office today, the senator has announced that he is “introducing legislation to finally eliminate dogfighting, which has been targeted by federal and state laws but by all accounts is more popular than ever.” A copy of the proposed bill can be found here, and you can read our thank you letter to Senator Kerry and expression of support for the bill here.


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  • Monica says:

    Have you stupid peopole heard of “innocent until proven guilty” I guess not Peta protestors need to get a life and stop trying intentionally ruin somebody esle life VICK will have his day in court and until then BACK OFF you people have rally done a job here judging this man and assuming he is guilty WHERE THE HELL IS PETA AT WHEN A CHILD IS KILLED BY PIT BULLS THOSE DOGS ARE DANGEROUS AND IT IS IN THEIR NATURE TO FIGHT SO GET OVER IT! I hope and pray that VICK can get through this and have all you idiots somewhere looking stupid … FOOLS

  • John says:

    PETA will lose this battle just like they lose almost everything else a bunch of goof balls with nothing better to do. Direct some of this energy to the human killings in Africa if u really want to help the world. Until then be quiet. I do not evenlike Vick but I already bought his jersey just to piss u people off.

  • LAUREN says:

    Wow Mike Vick’s fans are doing a great job on this site of showing us what kind of people are into dogfighting stupid ignorant illiterate fools that should all be round up and put in a pit to fight til the death that would certainly entertain me! And it would rid the world of some of the stupidity that makes this kind of crap popular in the first place. I hope the court makes an example of this sadistic maniac.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Kudos to Rebock!Just announced Rebock has discontinued sales of Vick Jersys. The evidence is in the people have spoken and he’s GUILTYGUILTYGUILTY.

  • windwalker says:

    to all the dog despising people here who is guiding the blind just dogs! who is searching buried people after the earthquake just dogs! who is garding the house when you are out just dogs! who is a friend to an old lonely person just a dog not you you miserable scarecrows it’s better you hide your face behind a mask because you are the shame of your nation!

  • Jeffro says:

    Maya In my opinion I think in most areas of life a human is more valuable than an animal in terms of being able to express thoughts through communication. Animals think too. There is no doubt. Though animals never invented anything and if animals and humans were equal in all views of life we would still be wearing loin cloths and running around the jungle barefoot. In terms of animals. They are important becuase they helped humans thrive by being vital sources of food and protein. Without that humans probably would have wasted away hundreds if not thousands of years ago. If you say they could have eaten vegetables to survive its a possibiltiy. But my guess is they knew what vegetables to eat by watching animals eat them. Thats my opinion

  • kelly says:

    And the dog fighters and other pet profiteers will ALWAYS try to detract attention away from the dog fighting issue by claiming that people should pay more attention to “wars” or “children” or whatever. This is a wellused diversionary tactic and you can see them here. They are FURIOUS that their activities have been exposed!

  • kelly says:

    The people who are posting the antiPeta stuff here are not only dog fighters and others forms of animal abusers but also the DOG BREEDERS Your local AKC breeders puppy millers etc have lobbied long and hard for the dog fighters “rights” to operate unlicensed uninspected no limits to numbers of dogs letting them chain dogs 247 etc etc The dog breeder lobby is the one who fights the legislation and they use primarily Rpublican legislators to do their bidding After all even nonfighting dog breeders are making LOTS of tax free hidden income. They don’t want any new laws or regulations that might expose their OWN illegal businesses! The dog fighters actually quote and congratulate their “friends” in the AKC that lobby for their interests. Expose the entire dog breeding industry for what it is!

  • little big woman says:

    to james one day if you or your child are buried alive it shall also be just dogs for to dig you out remember my words!

  • Mike says:

    Of course innocent until proven guilty. But what about free speech? This is PETA’s site and they can say whatever they damn well choose AND they’re gracious enough to extend that right to all their spellingchallenged detractors posting here. Do you really think the feds would bother indicting anyone without a lot of substantiating evidence? He’ll get his day in court. Vick’s apparently coming up before a very hardnosed but impartial judge. This just in from Fox Sports “The feds announced that they will be filing a superceding indictment in August. Since there was only one count in the original indictment I would expect that there will be multiple counts added that could elaborate on the dogfighting and gambling aspects of the crime and to make matters worse there could be racketeering charges filed against Vick based on the gambling aspects of dogfighting. The maximum sentence for racketeering is 20 years in prison although if convicted it’s unlikely Vick would serve anywhere near that amount.”

  • Franz Fankhauser says:

    All you vick fans go out and do something good for humanity instead of reproaching Peta her help for the animals! Instead of blaming an animal rights organization there are many possibilities for to help people for example you could give some money for a lonely mother instead of buying alcohol and cigarettes and so on or carry some heavy things for old people in the super market! use your superbrains!

  • Jeffro says:

    Silent tongue…. Who are you calling illiterate. You cant even spell. I beleive that the word “caught” should replace the word “catched” as that isnt even a word. So go back to school and teach yourself some grammar before you make a fool of yourself on this blog again

  • kris williams says:

    what is wrong with u people ok he made a honest mistake if he was involved this man has a family and kids to take care of what is up with u all i see u in front of kfc protesting put your concerns to homeless the sickaidscancer all u worry about is animals vick has a lot of charities that help actual people who are in need look at the problems u caused them and now people may not support the funding or need for those organizations vick is apart of because of you how do u all feel what about the at risk kids he helps or the golf tournament he holds to raise money for va tech

  • Jeffro says:

    Brianna If your so concerned about the law and what is illegal then you would be concerned that he hasnt even been found guilty of anything. You are contradicting yourself.

  • shawn says:

    to whoever the retard is who said “thats what they are bred for” maybe thats how they started but that does not mean that is the way that it should be! pits are fun smart full of personality all around wonderful dogs. When they go bad its usually because of neglect abuse or irresponsibility. I have 2 “PIT BULLS” and neither one of them would ever hurt a fly in fact one of them saved a 2 year old little girl from another breed of dog that was about to attack her so no they are not bred for fighting you fool.

  • Candy says:

    Concerning the scum on this blog it would be a sad thing for America if her destiny would depend on these illiterate beasts here good night America!!!!! A toast to your animal abusers!

  • Shawn says:


  • European guy says:

    Hey I’m from Europe so I could fall into the category of ‘the rest of the world’ as it is stated in the post 2. Being neither PETA’s member actually this is the first time I visit this website thanks to my roomate he’s a vegetarian and all that stuff nor so much animal lover I none the less want to let you know my opinion that the dogfighting issue can’t be the criteria to judge whether you’re fools or not but if you’re humane nation. Taking this opportunity to post here till its end I would also love to tell you that we think you are fools when you can’t show Iraq on the map. And when you use the leadership of your country to create hostility in the world. Stop killing people. And then as an option use your leadership to spread the ideology of humaneness all over the planet regardless to humans or animals. Because if you look through the dictionary for the word “humane” you won’t be able to find any specific species which this world could be applied to. And may be someday when we start respecting life in any of its form we will treat life of human being better too. Cheers don’t hate me I’ve got a number of friends from US just wanted to make you know my opinion.

  • silent tongue says:

    i think i catched the right moment here to step in! is this halloween or the national day of illiterates?! i never saw so many dumbasses gathered together in one place on one day! i think it’s the 12th time i repeat it on the blogs to all the illiterate vick fanatic fuckers nationwide this is an animalrightspage and hence is not dealing with 1. kobe bryant’s women 2. soldiers in iraq 3. charles manson 4. rodney king 5. race issues 6. president bush and all the other bullshit which you voluntarily and unvoluntarily heavy guys are presenting since i observe this shameful case. fuck off this website you animal haters and bite the dust!

  • Laurie says:

    To all the Michael Vick fans that are having so much fun and folly posting irrational angry illinformed comments on this thread a common complaint from you is that PETA should focus on the war or child abuse etc etc. Please be aware that anyone who contributes to help a worthy cause is doing it because it’s a cause that is near and dear to their heart personally. There ARE already plenty of groups against the war to help fight cancer and to help child abuse. PETA helps animals and if you have a problem with that then THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM NOT PETA’s. You also have to inform yourselves a little better. Michael Vick has an 18 PAGE INDICTMENT against him. Did it just pop out of the sky? Yes of course innocent people always have 18 pages worth of incriminating evidence against them so yes I guess he is innocent…. NOT!. And to bring the “race card” in on this is not even worth commenting on. Please it’s just insulting. If that’s all you can come up with as an excuse or defense then that’s just sad. By the way exactly what kind of monsters are you? If it’s ok in your book to go in the backyard and fighthang a dog….then i must ask this do you file your children’s teeth to razor points? beat them to make them mean and fight and then hang them from a noose when they don’t comply? Given the posts from some of you I wouldn’t doubt it. For the love of God wake up.

  • LynneyLin says:

    Gotta love how none of the “antiPETA” people can’t spell lol Thanks PETA for all your hard work and giving a voice to the victims who can’t speak for themselves. If one more person pulls the “innocent until proven guilty line” I am going to scream watch the news people and get the facts pull your heads out of your asses and show some compassion for other living beings. PETA keep up the great work!

  • BlkandDeep says:

    Peta you suck! You guys just see a black man. No! A professional athlete on television and all you want is to be seen on television your selves. Go after some of these whites that be on t.v. holding shot guns and killing deer bears monkeys. You can’t do that huh! Why because there your grandparents kidscousins and YOU YOURSELVES. I personally don’t agree with dog fighting I think that it is cruel but I am not going to accuse someone on something before I personally don’t know the full truth. That is what you have done and it is not right.

  • petra says:

    I’m very surprised at the amount of anger expressed toward PETA and its supporters on this site. Why waste your time on this site and comment on its contents if you are not an animal rights advocate? The attention that Vick has garnered in the media has nothing to do with his ethnicity and everything to do with his abuse of animals. The fact that he is a high profile athlete only magnifies the attention he would otherwise receive in these circumstances. The animals Vick has raised and trained to fight do not contrary to what many of you have argued fight of their own free will. Vick has made that choice for them and destroyed any chance these animals have for a caring enjoyable life. If you’re so disgusted with PETA for choosing to promote a cause other than human rights perhaps you ought to take a stance in that area rather than critise those who don’t. PETA has made the choice to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. Instead of labelling PETA hypocrites and deriding their cause try showing some respect for those who actually have the courage to publicly stand up for something they believe in. Should human rights be something you feel strongly about put your voice to better use and support your cause.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Dear God what don’t the animal haters get about this? DOGFIGHTING IS ILLEGAL!!! That means that you’re not allowed to do it!!! And if we as a society can’t stamp out practices like dogfighting how are we supposed to deal with the war?!?!? Everything damn thing in this world is connected to everything else! Every word you say move you make action you take directly affects the world around you no matter what your personal opinion may be! If you don’t want people doing their job and going after dogfighters then I guess you don’t care if they go after people that would rob you rape you set your house on fire and kill you because that person has the right to do so out of personal beliefs?

  • Mindfull Mac says:

    You people are stupid. Pitbulls were bred for fighting. You attack anybody who gives you publicity. If you want animal rights come to Ga. and ban hunting. Its a sport just like dogfighting. Dont wear leather and dont eat meat. I think you all are full of it. I wish I was the target of your hatred I would tell you a thing or two. Animals are animals. Save the troops oust Bush and lock ChenneyLibby away for life. Then save our crippled education system. Give the elderly back Social Security. Stop WalMart from monopolizing the retail industry and fine corporations for hiring illegal immagrants. Once that’s done maybe we can comeback to dogfighting but not a second before.

  • Jeffro says:

    I love how all of those protestors in the picture are wearing leather lofers. Hypocrits. Its just goes to show that you PETARDS are just looking for something to complain about because you guys have no human friends. Losers!!!!!!

  • Big Herm says:

    wow this comment board is flooded with antiPETA hahaha how does that make you feel PETArds? Yall should be arrested for slander…throwin someone under the bus that you dont even know or know anything about except for how fast he can run and how well he can throw a football. Get Fcked

  • Maya says:

    I am very very pleased to see people here who disagree with PETA. I am a certified vet nurse and for the most part I support their efforts. But the greatest leaders in history were known to surround themselves with people who disagreed with them. So to all of you dissenters I say keep visiting here and keep the conversation going. Since the current topic is asking why PETA helps animals instead of people I have a question for the dissenters. Since I am a scientific field I like to deal with factual information. So I would like to hear the logical reason WHY you think a human’s life is more precious than an animal’s life. I’m not being a wiseguy. I really want to know.

  • Michele says:

    It’s pretty funny that all of you antiPETA folks are complaining that PETA is just doing this to get attention well the fact that you are responding here in droves shows that they certainly are getting A LOT of attention. Ha ha! Once again PETA is an animal rights organization of course they are going to focus on animal issues. Just like Mothers Against Drunk Driving would not be campaigning about the environment. No one here is saying that the Iraq situation is not important. If that’s what is important to you then go find an organization that is working on that issue and leave the animal lovers alone you cannot say that you are an animal lover if you have no compassion for what these pit bulls were subjected to.

  • Jennifer says:

    Due Process!!! Let’s not have another Duke Lacrosse situation. Public opinion is valuable but we cannot allow it to overshadow our rights as Americans. Activism is also a right but we must be responsible activist. The players of the Duke Lacrosse team were “rapists” to many but with the process that they were entitled cleared of the accusations. Kobe Bryant was also accused of rape and found not guilty. Let’s for once be respectful of our judicial system mean it when we say “innocent until proven guilty” allow this man his rights and continue to rally around an awesome cause and mission and not the guilt of Vick before he’s found guilty!

  • Wendy says:

    I am so grateful that so many people are outraged by this. Although this has been happening for many years and so many things have tried to be done about it it’s in the public eye now. People see that this really happens and hopefully something will finally be done. I still have no idea why he can’t just plead guilty. He does realize the evidence against him is rather stacked up right? I wish I could be on the jury when he go to trial.

  • Mike Vick 07 says:

    haha fuck you guys haha

  • greg says:

    Innocent until proven guilty!! You people have convicted Micheal Vick before he has been proven guilty! You can sit there and say what’s right and what’s wrong but you cannot deny that amimals have been bred for competition and food for years. And will continue to be bred for competition and food for years. I realize this comment will not be posted and I accept that. I only hope that someone is reading this thinking “how stupid is this guy” just like I do when I see you holding up your stupid signs. I ask anyone of you PETA People Eating Tasty Animals advocates to argue with me because whether you believe it or not there is always two sides to every story.

  • monique says:

    Enough! You have judged Mike in the worse way possible. He without sin cast the first stone. Where were the FEDS when black men were put in rings to fight until death for the whites man’s entertainment. Better yet where were the human rights advocate protesters after Katrina? Who was convicted in the media than??? It’s funny the value you put on the life of a dog at the price of a black man. And they say the world has changed. HaHaHa!!!!

  • Vick Fan says:

    I want to say kudos to PETA for going above and beyond for defaming a MAN’s name for the love of animals. But wait where was PETA when a pit bull attacked an 85 year old woman and drugged her thru her kitchen? Oh well I am sure the old women did something to those dogs to make them do it. Anyway PETA has done a wonderful job of creating a modern day lynching just like they used to back in the good old days. Caring more about an animals life than a humans life. Again kudos to PETA. PETA you are certainly getting a lot of attention off of this MIKE VICK saga…even politician are jumping on the bandwagon. Gosh tho sometimes I wish politician cared more about issue such as health care salary increases to educators and over populated prisons. Oh well I am so glad so much attention is being given to VICK and the allegations brought against him. Without this story we would have never cared so much about dog fighting. GEE I am glad that America has finally seen what is more important in this country. By the way I wonder if the troops who are putting their life at risk for us know that we care so much about MIKE VICK and dog fighting. I am sure we are making them proud.

  • Ariel says:

    FOX news reported the other day that Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods has pulled EVERYTHING off their shelves that has any relationship to Vick. Yesssssssssss!!!!!

  • Mary jWard says:

    The Vick dog fighting case may be the major impetus to expose this horrible socalled sport that has run virtually unchecked in many inner cities for years. It is up to PETA to keep this issue in the media night and day until Vick’s trial. As a teacher in an inner city high school for several years I know that the animal control agencies are underfunded and understaffed and the cruelty and neglect to animals is appalling. As the US has absorbed so many more immigrants from third world countries our standards in the area of animal control has greatly deteriorated.

  • Jack says:

    You guys are gay u no vick aint guilty u are jus trying to get us back from that O.j Simpson case and Kobe bryant. yall are not a bunch of animal lovers either i bet all of yall eat meat like its free out this mug. respond if want

  • Keith says:

    Where was PETA with their signs and protests when a house in Va beach was found do have dead cat carcasses and 200 flies in it????

  • BO says:

    For me personally all this uproar about dogfighting is bogus. Animals are hunted and killed by humans and it is perfectly legal. A horse is whipped during a race to make it go faster and it is legal. Two dogs that chose to do so fight each other and it is not legal. We as society have become a bunch of hipocrites. . You watch sportscenter and you can see the jockeys whipping the horse. In some places you can look in the paper and see a picture of a person holding a deer head up like a trophy a deer that they just shot and killed. How can people honestly protest one thing then say that the others are ok. How can we watch boxingwrestlingfootballUFC and other sports where people get injured and even killed and say that it’s ok. Why because the people participating were willing. Truth is that the majority of these dogs are also willing. The fact is that it is highly unlikely that a pitbull will become agressive toward a person. Other animals maybe but a person rarely. I think there should be guidelines but illegal I don’t. You can not call that illegal or wrong and then watch boxing or horse racing or any violent sport. People need to mind their business when things don’t concern them. I do not personally dog fight my stomach can’t handle it but I refuse to judge somebody who does because the fact is I am a boxing fan I do like the UFC and horse racing and I do hunt. In closing either outlaw everything or else shut up about it.

  • PETASUCKS says:

    Peta go to hell your spokespeople have no idea whats going on. They crucify Vick as though hes a harden criminal get your facts straight. And please for the sake of yourselves realize what country you live in and that in the US you are innociant until proven guilty. All Peta wants is publicity and they jump at any chance to go on tv. Go to hell peta for crucifing a human over unproven dog fighting alligations you should be embarrassed.

  • james says:

    They are just Dog’s. stop trying to ruin a MAN’shuman being!Life beacause of “alleagations”. In all fairness you PETA people are making yourselve’s look really pathetic in the eye of the public Because of your constant annoying push for something that normal everyday people care absolutly nothing about!. Sure pickit outside of atlanta falcons ground but when you go the extra mile and bring it to nike and homes of NFL commisioners. Thats absolutly crazy. Get Jobs and raise your family and be happy STOP! waisting everyone’s time. Thank you……….. oh yeah you’re all nothing but extremists that cant handle your own lives so you make fake ones up and actually beleive that you are doing anything to save the animals…… and whoever is reading this won’t post it because they are to scared to hear the real feedback. NOBODY CARES EXCEPT YOU PEOPLE

  • Dev says:

    Haha i love PETA they are the most hypothetical people. I love how PETA is crucifying Vick without any proof common seriously innocent until proven guilty? As far as I’m concerned PETA can hold as many protests as they want but Vick isnt guilty until he is proven.

  • Ben Smith says:

    Free Michael Vick They where his dog and as such should be allowed to do whatever he wants with them I just hope next time he takes it to mexico so he can have the RIGHTS to use his animals as he sees fit try going to a HOGDOG rodeo that is some family fun

  • Hope Clark says:

    I cannot even explain how i feel about Peta you discuss me. How about standing up for the homeless and molested children.

  • FireSummer07 says:

    It is unfortunate that PETA vslues the life of animal more than the life of human beings. I can accept your love of pets however the manner in which you attack others who may not share your passion for animals becomes as outrageous as the acts you protest. Is PETA as outraged over rappers referring to women as b’ and h’s? Is PETA outraged over the fact that there’s a young man in Douglasville GA in jail for having consentual sex with a classmate? He was 17 and she was 15 at the time. He is now 20. Of I forgot you guys ONLY obssess over animals because you’re spineless in the presence human needs.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I hope this is all over soon. Vick should be convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law thus sending a message to the public that dogfighting is absolutely unacceptable. Hopefully this case will help strengthen America and the rest of the world against dogfighting.

  • Ana says:

    The poster says it all it’s perfect. Prosecute ALL dogfighters. Justice for ALL victims.

  • William says:

    I wish all of you wake up!!! Stop treating animals like they were your children..We have more important issues like war in the middle east.Dog Fighting has been goning on for 100 of years and Its not going to stop.Pets are not more important than humans.Just think how the rest of the world is seeing this issue.They think we are fools.

  • Debbie Mahoney says:

    GuaranteedAll of Vick’s travel history including air travel and toll booth cameras will place Vick in Virginia during those dog fights and crossing state lines. Also you wait and see someone took video at those dog fights it’s just a given. Michael Vick should never play Football again!