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Vick Pleads Not Guilty

Written by PETA | July 26, 2007

Vick_Courthouse_Protest_2.jpgAll day today, PETA protesters and hundreds of members of the public stood outside the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Virginia, to call for vigorous prosecution of Michael Vick and the three other men charged in this horrific dogfighting case. Although this story is the first glimpse for many people of exactly what dogfighting is all about, the real tragedy here is that the kind of abuse detailed in Vick’s indictment is as widespread as it is horrific. In the last year alone, PETA has responded to more than 14,000 calls and e-mails regarding other dogfighting and individual cruelty-to-animals cases. It’s great that there has been so much outrage over this case, and we’re certainly going to keep pushing to make sure that it is treated with the utmost seriousness by the courts—as well as by Vick’s sponsors and the NFL—but the next step is going to be getting policymakers and law enforcement officers to treat all cases of dogfighting and animal cruelty the same way that they have been prosecuting this case, which happens to be under scrutiny from the media.


The good news is that this is already beginning to happen on the federal level. According to a press release from Senator John Kerry’s office today, the senator has announced that he is “introducing legislation to finally eliminate dogfighting, which has been targeted by federal and state laws but by all accounts is more popular than ever.” A copy of the proposed bill can be found here, and you can read our thank you letter to Senator Kerry and expression of support for the bill here.


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  • alice noriega says:

    beng an avid animal lover I feel that Vicks should give half of his earning’s this first time to SPCA donations and I do feel t his is not Vicks in no way can repent for his acts he should be made to give half of his first year earning’s to SPCA. He once was a Falcon now he has brought to Eagles flying to close to the ground. No I have no feeling for this inhuman species and will never watch him play. I am a big football fan but will never watch the Eagles again ….sorry!!!!!!! and those who use all that profain language concerning people that love animals are are very sick humans also that have no concept of why our world was created and why we have animals on this earth ….HELLO

  • Brian Harrington says:

    I think that vick has done his time why don’t all the hippiesand feminist just leave him alone. There are way more important things in the world to worry aboutlike the recesstion in or own country.

  • tameshia says:

    Why is everyone acting like they want to hang vick for fighting dogs.this is crazy this has been going on forever but now a wealthy man do it and get caught its ok.since everyone is agaist cruelty why the black people hasn’t recieved anything for what we have been through.anyway he said sorry don’t take his career away from him.if was a different race would this still be happening?

  • chris dean says:

    What’s with everyone the stupid argument that “there are other bad things in the world…”? Yes killing humans is bad. Molesting children is bad. The Iraq war is bad. Abusing women is bad. This idea that we have to rank all bad things in order of badness and only worry about whatever is ranked number 1 is stupid. What Vick did was a barbaric and b a crime. Guess what people are outraged and why shouldn’t they be? It’s not like my outrage over Vick’s behavior means that I think Darfur is a Good Thing. I’m all for prosecuting all the criminals out there it’s not like we can either deal wVick OR lock up child molesters… really we can do both.

  • Ariel says:

    AntiPeta commenters Since you can’t get anything else through your thick heads and cruel hearts at least TRY to remember this 1. this is a proanimal activistsproanimal ws therefore… 2. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR TWISTED UNEDUCATED IGNORANT ABUSIVE PATHETICALLY STUPID BIZARRE MANIACAL COMMENTS…WHICH BTW DOES NOT AFFECT OR CHANGE OUR POSITION because… 3. YOUR COMMENTS REFLECT THE TYPE OF PEOPLE YOU ARE WHICH IS NASTY INHUMANE IGNORANT NARROWMINDED MALICIOUS AND HATEFILLED. 4. In contrast we are people of STRONG CHARACTER and have all the attributes and virtues that you will NEVER have. Comment all you like…it only serves to confirm that we are by far the more decent respectable humane and conscientious people that you are not…so THANK YOU for proving us to be people of morality and integrity!

  • John says:

    When animals start caging torturing starving shooting stabbing drowning electrocuting and wearing humans… then PETA may start sticking up for them. But when chickens are scientifically manipulated to produce tremendous amounts of eggs for you to sop up toast with kept in a tiny cage it’s whole sorry life and killed when it’s totally exhausted it’s okay because you’re buying it. Not for anything but humans are like a cancer for earth. All PETA is trying to do is give all species the same respect that humans try to give each other. And you’re pissed about it you stupid shit. Try compassion! Jesus taught it and I’m sure torturing animals and forcing them to maul each other to death for money and entertainment wasn’t one of his hobbies. You’re all a bunch of fucking assholes. Just sit down and fucking think about something besides your own damn life and maybe you’ll get it.

  • Flomoremovieman says:

    look the only reason im here on this stupid website is to tell PETA they are a bunch of retarded idiots im a Peta hater and proud of of it stop going into people’s personal life. I also don’t see how you can eat plants but not animals plants live and breathe too stupid artards i eat meat and plants and iI would kill an animal to survive if i needed to so stop being stupid retards!!!!

  • Alex says:

    PETA is stupid and retarded all you guys do is try to make your self famous by trying to mess up other people’s lives just because you love animals more than your own family one of my lifes goals is to go to a PETA meeting and wear a fur coat with leather shoes. yes people kill animals but animals also kill animals.and you guys don’t get mad at them but i bet you be mad if a human killed a human!Then why arent you mad at animals at killing animals.But you know I actually don’t think you would care if people killed people because you dont care about people. You just care about animals who probably think you’re creepy and stupid to.PETA SUCKS

  • Alex says:

    whats yall’s problem i understand what he did was wrong but you guys dont need to stand outside the courthouse. Cause nobody important there cares about your opinion espescially vick that dude is a millionaire even if that dude didnt play in the NFL again in his life he would still be filthy rich and he could probably pay bail and be out of prision and still have plenty of money left over and he will probabaly go out and do it again.So don’t hang out at the courthouse cause you wont have any effect so stop trying! There are other things to worry about.Start worrying about humans considering you are one.

  • ILOVEMEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Why do you people always attack popular people makes no sense. All you want is donations. And what is up with the vegitarian bullcrap. Animals are to eat. And pit bulls make horrible pets so i bet they would rather fight than be petted all the time. How do you know what animals want. GO VICK ALL THE WAY.all though i do agree the people saying its a race thing are stupid

  • Wendy says:

    In all honesty thank you fellow PETA members for fighting the good fight. It makes me happy to see so many people caring about animals. We are speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves and while reading this blog it makes me proud to be in an organization that does just that. You people are amazing. Don’t let anyone get you down. Vick will see justice and I hope to see you all in VA on November 26th.

  • Mike says:

    The 18page original indictment can be found at this link httpwww.thesmokinggun.comarchiveyears20070717072vick1.html Apparently though there will be a superseding indictment in August which could mean even more charges against Vick. Taylor is probably just pleabargaining to save his behind at the expense of Vick’s. I know all you PETAbashers seem to think PETA is omnipotent but ONLY the court will rule on Vick’s innocence or guilt.

  • Amanda says:

    haters haters….it is so sad to see that so many ignorant people live in this world. not sure why the pro dogfights and pro vicks are even on peta website and don’t care. Peta is doing a great job and the only people doing any job at all obviously. Keep it up oh and we dont value dogs over a “man’s” life we value a dogs life over sick entertainment.

  • Patick Kelly says:

    I must admit I do get a kick out of reading all these posts. I do however have one question for all the African Americans that are defending Vick until due process which by the way I agree with. Did you feel the same way about the Duke lacrosse players when they were charged. Oh that’s right they got off because they were rich and white right. Not because that women lied and changed her story 7 times and had 5 different men’s semen in her none being the defendants. By the way did Al and Jesse ever apologize for their marching?? Just checking. By the way for all concerned with fact even if convicted you have already heard the Vicks supporters saying this so I will say it for them If convicted its racially motivated and it was not a fair trial.

  • Chris says:

    Very rarely do I agree with PETA on anything but this is one time when I support you 100. This man should not be allowed to torture animals because he is a rich celebrity athlete nor should he be allowed to slither his way out of trouble by playing the race card. Thank you PETA for going after this dogabuser. Dogfighters are indeed the scum of the earth.

  • John says:

    Why is it that everyone who blasts PETA can’t spell hypocrites or disgust or pathetic. Just because it’s legal to whip a horse doesn’t make it right just like in some states it’s illegal to get oral sex.. I bet you silly humans wouldn’t be humping the leg of the law over that would you? And who the hell said “if the dogs wanna fight why stop them” are you really that absolutely ignorant? Michael Vick may be innocent until proven guilty but the evidence is rather substantial not to mention this morning one of his codefendants pleaded guilty. So… I think it’s a safe bet the only thing that may save Vick is a really sneaky lawyer. God bless America… The more I learn about humans the more I admire my dog.

  • nik says:

    i dont understand why people are attacking each other here. whether your for either side it shows your ignorance to not see both sides of the story. people for vick are whining about other problems in the countryto those people what are you doing to help with these problems that you are criticizing peta for ignoring. to peta vick hasn t been found guilty yet. so i can see people upset that their has to be a trial first . i think someone has to stand up for these animals with no voices. i think its important in the vick case because so many young americans look up to himhe s supposed to be a role model. all nfl players are and if you think differently than our country has really come to a sad point. when kids see him they want to be like him and that may include raising fighting pits. look at our country nowtheres is many places in our country that do not allow pit bulls. these dog fighters are ruining the breed with inbreeding and raising ferocious dogs. our role models are supposed to remind us of this not participate in it. people need to stop being so angry and irrational. i am an animal lover but i dont see how lashing out at everyone back and forth helps. i do feel vick deserves a fair trial but thats the key word fair. people with moeny sometimes get out of certain situations and i think peta just wants to make sure the people see the results.

  • Scott says:

    You are all pathetic losers. Dogs arent people… Your a bunch of naive idiots who need to get a life. Animals are just that..animals. Heres to hoping that someone runs over all of your pets. cheers.

  • Ariel says:

    to TRACY G. S.Africa you are a very amazing admirable person. With all the horrors that you lived through and know about you could have easily become a bitter person filled with resentment and hatred. But instead your unrelenting compassionate heart became filled with empathy for ALL life. And because of your personal experiences you can speak much better than a lot of us ever could about the need for justice and compassion for ALL life. Your tremendously insightful comments speak volumes about the need for human and animal dignity. And that is the foundation for animal advocacy of which you are so well aware. I hope you continue to have more input and thank you very much for sharing your VERY special heart with us. I hope too that Peta pays tribute to your very valuable comments by having them continually acknowledged in what ever manner possible. PETA please don’t Tracy’s comments be forgotten. They are priceless.

  • Tavarus says:

    I respect PETA cause. But I do not respect the way PETA is going about thier cause. This is America a country of justice and rights. Mike Vick is only accused not convicted.Who is PETA to determine his guilt? If he is found guilty then take action. Don’t rip apart his life carreer and send a mother into tears over something that you can’t determine is true yet. You don’t have to like him or be a fan just respect his right to be INNOCENT until proven GUILTY no matter how long the indictment is against him. Put yourself in his shoes you would want to be treated fairly so why shouldn’t he be treated fairly. I understand that he is famous and the media is really buying into the hype and this could get PETA more in the public eye but its just not right. After this is all over I hope its someway Mike Vick can bring up a lawsuit against everyone who falsely accused him.

  • virginia says:

    disgusting jerk go to jail forever dumb fuck i hope he dies

  • john says:

    you guys are all idiots. animals were put here for our enjoyment…why do you think they taste so good? who gives a shit if he fights dogs…there his dogs…now i gotta go get ready for a deer hunt.

  • ann says:

    hi everyone where can i find the 18 page indictment? thanks

  • ann says:

    on july 24 th ‘s news conference the owner general menager and coach of atlanta falcon said ” we didn’t even know michael vick had dogs”. whoever has a “legit” dog kennel will keep it so quiet even with his co workers? just think about it.

  • justanotherrisingbubble says:

    Should Vick be found guilty PETA absolutely SHOULD “ride his coat tails” or “exploit his celebrity” or whatever other synonymous phrase antiPETA people want to use and however they want to spell it since spelling is you know something you do on a lark. I say this because Vick IS a drop in the dogfighting bucket and his alleged actions should be used by PETA to bring this issue to the forefront of our minds. To accept this kind of brutality is to welcome other brutalities violence begets violence and so on…we are all frogs in a pot of water the heat is slowly being turned up. When are we going to realize we are BOILING? If he is NOT guiltyPETA should suck it up and issue a formal apologywhile STILL seizing an opportunity to raise awareness about and foster change concerning dogfighting. Thanks to everyone who posted SMART comments. Enlightenment is hard to come by. Peace.

  • jesse robinson says:

    Ok I’ve been going from place to place reading these post and i have to say as far as intelligence goes anyone who can only critique someone else’s post on grammar and spelling is lacking in something like who cares how it’s spelled if it gets the point across. how many different ways can we say one simple word. fact going after someone who hasn’t been convicted is just a witch hunt like back in Salem. i love animals more than people because they don’t make excuses for what they do naturally everyday from the cat that tortures the mouse to the hawk that skins the rabbit to the croc who would eat whatever came too close to it’s feeding grounds human or otherwise even to the dog who bit me just because it perceived me to be a threat at only 7 years old trying to offer it food. but you would get together to make war against one man when any person with an ounce of respect to their claimed vocation would go after all parties. and only after the facts are clear and cut not implied and ensure that they all pay accordingly. for those that would crucify a quite possibly innocent man i ask this how would you enact your retribution on those who would do harm to your home and life how would you show them the error of their accusations when shown to the public. better yet how would an animal wounded and hunted react to you and yours. this i ask of all the protesters should he be ultimately found to have had no knowledge of what took place. that is still possible at this point just as it’s possible that he’s truly guilty of the accusations. but why risk your credibility without having actual facts to go on. you stand to lose more than he could gain if he is exonerated.

  • Dog Fighting is WRONG says:

    Those of you who post against PETA need to stop attacking PETA for not responding to other world issues because they are passionate for THIS particular issue. You think its OKAY for dogs to be abused? How lame is that? Thats gross. There are so many horrible things in this world that HUMANS have created and now innocent animals have to suffer because of it. Thats just wrong. For all of you who think that we are allowed to do what we want with our pets should think of this Killers believe it is their RIGHT to kill molesters believe its OKAY to sexually abuse children. How is your attitude towards animals any different you inconsiderate fools? Just a bunch of hypocrites you are. No wonder this world is falling apart its attitudes like that which come from some very very uneducated people.

  • Dog Fighting is WRONG says:

    This is in response to Debbie Mahoney’s comment. How would you feel if you were used as entertainment? Think about that because I’m sure you haven’t. Animals are just like our children. We make decisions for them as they have not been given the brain capacity of humans. It is because humans are so damn smart that we cause destruction. Why should animals suffer for our foolishness? I think you’re the one who needs to wake up idiot.

  • Craig says:

    Michael Vick fan do all of humanity a great service and do not reproduce while you inhabit Earth. You compared this to a modern day lynching? How worthless and idiotic a poor analogy that was. Only the lowest denominator of mankind can do perpetrate this kind of evil. That he is black and you wish to absolve him of his evilness because of slavery is just absurd. Live in the present and get your head out of your errr the sand.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is apparent to me that the antiPETA commenators have absolutely no respect for life what so ever. It’s really sad. What horrible thing happened in your life to make you so devoid of emotions that seeing something die is the only thing that makes you feel alive? Proud? Does forcing seeing animals fight to the death give you some sort of control in your life? Are you so warped that this is the only way to get your “rocks off”? I wonder if human fighting to the death was legal you would get pleasure from seeing a person die? Is death really that exciting? I hope that if Vick is guilty justice will be passed down. If he is innocent I hope that he will take steps to prove that these actions are not a part of him. I encourage everyone to go to the to read the inditement. Make your own decisions and pray for all the animals out there still used for sensless brutality. PSthis is an animal rights group any comments about they should focus on nonanimal agendas are stupid and moronic. Anyone who tries to use that arguement against them are idiots. Obviously you know your stand is wrong when you have to deviate from the issue at hand to attempt to make a point. Your point has no base. Come up with some better arguements then maybe PETA will take you seriously.

  • robyn says:

    Where’s the compassion for those who can’t defend themselves. What makes aholes like Vick think they can get away with murder. Literally that’s what I would call it. He had a lot to do with those dogs dying ON HIS PROPERTY and those dogs that will now be euthanized because they can’t be adopted out. He’s already been proven guilty but to what extent is what the judge is going to decide. It definitely makes me very happy that Nike has dropped his contract and I wish any other deals that he has will be dropped as well. I’m sure those that are on his side either have no pets or certainly treat their dogs cats with ZERO respect. To someone else that posted…IS the war over in Iraq really more important than what is going on over here? I’m obviously not a supporter of the war and those men sad as it is CHOSE to go to war. A lot of men are opting not to go back for a 4th or 5th time over there because of all the lies etc. Animals have no voice. They cannot tell someone they do not want to fight.

  • marla bevan says:

    I think its sad that poeple that are fighting for animal right are being critisized for it. You think PETA is pethetic. I think all you football brainless men who think its okay to torture animals that cant defend them selfs is pethetic. Does it make you feel tough to to torture things that cant fight back. Get your priorities staight!!

  • Suffokate. says:

    It is funny how people are saying oh why doesn’t peta address human matters. Why do they just care about animals so much. Until those people themselves are out there putting forth effort for the human race I will not lift one finger to help. Stop complaining because your football team might lose without him. Just because dog fighting has been going on for years doesn’t mean the cruelty has to continue.. we evolve and so should our ways. So get off peta’s page and go support causes you feel worthy and then you can bitch.

  • spirit wolf cub says:

    We all care if we are senitive human beings. Dogs being ripped apart by other dogs. I have four dogs that I love. They give me unconditional love. I not only fight for animal rights but also battered women and molested children!! Why can’t we do both?? I am PROUD to be on the side of PETA!!

  • You Know Who It Is says:

    I truly understand the PETA is an animal rights group. But how do you feel about those animals when they prey on innocent children? Your presence is all over but it is amazing that you are never seen educating those with these violent dogs. You are never seen offering sympathy to those families that have lost loved ones due to the viscious attacks by the same animals you are protecting. I reiterate I understand this is an animal rights group and that is your main focus but I think people would remain on the topic if you operate on both sides of the spectrum. On one side you show up at all of the high profile events picketting and throwing shit on people to get your point across and on the other you are seen “nowhere” when dogs are attacking killing and mutalating humans especially children. I think this is why the support is not entirely in your favor. Now are far as Michael Vick is concerned.. I am a Falcon Supporting Michael Vick loving Black Woman and this is not about race for me. It is about what is right and wrong. If Michael Vick is guilty do RIGHT and punish him. If Michael Vick is innocent you PETA are WRONG in how you have presented your opinion…not facts to the public and in my opinion you have single handidly disallowed him a fair trail because of your premature actions. If he gets off due to his enability to receive a fair trial. It is your fault. If I was on the jury because of your actions I would find it hard to convict him because I just don’t believe he received the opportunity to due process. One last question. Why were you not protesting against Babino as well he was accused of killing his girlfriends dog but he was allowed to attend training camp unscathed. Oh I get it…he is not the jet flying limousine riding bar buying styling and profiling million dollar Mike Vick….hmmmmmm

  • mike says:

    get a real job unless theres facts that prove something then quit trying to act like you know the real truth will come out at the trial and it wasnt peta that change nikes minds it was nike that did that so stop thinking you are so powerful

  • jon bay says:

    i can’t wait to see all the Vick supports get a big stiff wake slap in the face when vick goes away for dogfighting. this case will not only bring down vicky baby but watch as the steady flow of dogfighting thugs and punks come to light for all to see mock and persecute.

  • jon bay says:

    members of peta and all who care about the well being of animals and are against the torture of animals do something now! infiltrate the super secret life of dog fighting. become a member have them trust you secretly video the fights video faces get audio get names. we can take down and get rid of this sick behavior

  • sanch3z says:

    funny how all you people think someone died and made you judge jury and executioner. And I suppose you all know exactly what evidence the prosecution has also? My advice to you would be to shut the fuck up and keep your biased opinions to yourself until the real courts decide what happens. And if Michael Vick is proven innocent I think each and every one of you should be fed a heaping pile of shit straight from Micheal Vicks ass.

  • tammye schillinger says:

    Michael Vick is GUILTY! One of the guys involved in this case has agreed to testify against Vick. What’s that tell you? The coward is GUILTY! You can bet that Michael Vick’s defense will be “Everybody is pick’n on me cuz I’m Black” I hope that he is sent to prison! You know that this coward will end up being someone’s Bitch. And for all the PETAHATERS out there FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE PETA!!! Tammye Riverside California