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Vick to Plead Guilty

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

Vick has admitted his guilt: Michael Vick has accepted a plea deal—with a likely prison sentence—to avoid additional federal charges related to a professional dogfighting operation, one of his attorneys says.We’re still awaiting details, but please know this: if a celebrity with Vick’s money and teams of lawyers has to serve time for dog fighting, then anyone else who fights dogs had better head for the hills. When Vicks co-defendants entered their plea agreements on Friday, yet more details came out about the dogs being hanged by the neck until death. It is chilling stuff, so kudos to the media outlets who covered it without vomiting.This article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for instance, is very good in a tough to read way. Here’s a powerful excerpt:

They were hung from trees in the woods behind Michael Vick’s house, eight dogs left there to die, kicking and screaming.The pit bulls had made the mistake of failing the test. They weren’t mean enough, quick enough, strong enough in the ring, so they were of no more use to Vick’s Bad Newz dogfighting operation.Imagine, killing a dog because it’s just too nice.Five of the dogs finally kicked their last breaths away as the ropes cut deeper and deeper into their throats. Three somehow clung to life. Vick and two of his henchmen, growing impatient, cut those three down and one by one shoved their heads into five-gallon buckets filled with water, drowning them to finish them off.Try keeping your breakfast down after hearing that report on ESPN.The inhumanity, the callousness, the abuse of these innocent, helpless animals is almost beyond comprehension.

There is something you can do PETA is pushing the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its “Personal Conduct Policy.” This case has shown that NFL fans are just as disgusted by cruelty to animals as by any of the other antisocial behaviors outlined in the policy. Click here to contact the NFL now!

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  • God Is Love says:

    We need to no that God is not Mock.

  • protect animals they can't protect themselves says:

    For all the men like Justin saying you could buy another dog are you fuing crazy? those are living breathingand feeling animals can you imagine the pain they went through when they were ripping each other apart because they had no choice when they were being electrocuted?hung and shot the feel pain they feel scared are you this uncaring and un feeling just because you like goddamn football Micheal Vick does’nt know you care about you you’re not his friend grow the fuck up! he did’nt know what was going on at his own house? that’s a good one! hey justin I hope you die your mother can always “have another one!”

  • satinka says:


  • 007 says:


  • Theresa Bell says:

    I SEE NOW WHY THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS…Just a quick fact here. EVERYBODY has fault how dare you claim to love animals oh so much and have no sense of forgiveness for a man who falls short one time. Less I remind you that in the Bible there were plenty of examples of those who went through the trials and tribulations that MAN could not forgive yet and still GOD… Forgave them all not one time but for 7 times. Peter denied God 3 times and He still forgave him and the next time we see Peter he is preaching to thousands leading souls to Christ. BE CAREFUL OF THE JUDGEMENT YOU PASS FOR IT MAY BE USED AGAINST YOU AND BY THE SAME MEASURE YOU USED TO JUDGE YOUR BROTHER. Take a look at the plank in your eye before looking at your brothers spliner. I could only image what faults you have … How many people you have wronged? How many lies you have told? That have been kept in secret by you or others around you!!!!!! We all need to sweep around our own front door before trying to sweep around others. GET IT TOGETHER…Wrong maybe so but this man deserves a second chance just as others have.

  • bob says:

    I’m about perserving animals and the rights for animals. Let’s stop breeding Pit Bulls and the world would be a better place. Overtime human generations wouldn’t know of these beasts. They aren’t necessary for dog loving.

  • Guille says:

    Vick belongs in jail. Such cruelty acts cant be tolerated. I recently rescued a dog from the streets and he has given me so much happiness you wouldnt imagine! I dont understand how a person can torture a dog……JAIL!

  • Longcut says:

    Do myself an favor and get an education? I support P.E.T.A but I do not support using the classroom as a forum for the cause. Also when you are trying to form an intelligent argument and you say you are a teacher you should try using complete sentences. If you would like to carry on this conversation outside of this forum I would be glad to have an adult conversation with you without the pressures of trying to impress people on this thread. I would like to know the state you teach in which mandates that you give out addresses of corportations so your students can write letters in support of animal rights. I currently teach in the state of Illinois and I have yet to receive that memo.

  • 007 says:

    CRAIG… and anyone else it may concern Despite your glowing credentials your post reeks of an insidious undermining re the very core of PETA’s motives and operation. Thus your lucid attempt to be convincing on Mickael Vick’s behalf doesn’t work. Having said that and for your information PETA does not just fashion itself but is in fact a powerful and WORKING animal rights organization with brilliant leadership impressive victories an elite following and a fast growing membership. QUIT CAVING IN TO THE IMMORAL MINORITY! Fact Extreme cruelty and urgent circumstances often call for extreme andor unconventional measures. Thus the misunderstandings and criticism but so what? It is monumentally evident that there are just as many educated as UNeducated stiffnecked thickheaded callous hardhearted ignoramuses out there who need to be reached anywhichway possible on behalf of so many suffering animals! Compassionate openminded people who are merely uninformed as to the extent and horrific details of the cruel animal agendas at work seldom are offended by nor take exception to campaign methods decided on by PETA but rather focus on and get the MESSAGE! Fact Michael Vick and his evil posse who had CHOICES unlike the dead and maimed animals they killed and tortured MUST be held accountable for the reprehensible and illegal choices that they made no matter what it takes. If PETA and other animal activist organizations had not been involved such accountability might NOT have happened and the whole outrageous gory truth re Michael Vick and the dogfighting scourge on humanity NOT duly exposed! No doubt that was the plan considering the battery of lawyers and audacious lack of remorse and sense of entitlement. No doubt PETA will remain involved until justice IS served re Michael Vick AND… the many slaughtered animals on his account. bottom line… DEFENSELESS ANIMALS NEED OUR HELP. PERIOD. Personally I applaud those on the frontlines for having the guts and moral fiber to confront the purveyors of evil against animals and the uninformed public at large and you should too! Instead of criticism lame justifications weak arguments poor excuses irrelevant facts dumb comparisons and senseless opinions why don’t you and those of your ilk put away the superiority complex and muster up a teachable spirit an open mind and a concerted effort to receive revelation knowledge of the truth pertaining to animal abuse and really getinthe KNOW.

  • Kerry H says:

    I have to agree with you John..Where are all the celeberaties??? They have been very quiet on this issue.. This is proably one of the worst cases of abuse by a well know public figure yet the STARS of PETA have been silent?? Why??? Come on STARS.. your voice is needed in putting an end to this monster.

  • Kerry H says:

    These dogs can not be adopted as pets..they are trained killers now and can never be otherwise.. This is unfortunate but SICKVICK and his vile redneck friends have destroyed these dogs.. He is to be charged with killing only 6 dogs..but he has actually killed all the dogs. Some 63 I believe.. I was waiting for someone to use the adoption angle to bash the animal lovers..But this argument can not be used. These dogs have only know the taste of blood and abuse. They can not be untrained.. Now he has plead guilty in court..but says he never recieved any proceeds or placed a bet on the fights.. And we believe him??? The man is a vile creature who has proven to be a cheat and liar.. His denial of betting and recieving any proceeds is just a way of him trying to salvage his career in the NFL.. LIES LIES LIES.. The man is repulsive..He would make a great vilian in a horror movie..

  • Anonymous says:

    Longcut Shocked about what???? You make no sense and I doubt you really are an EDUCATOR. Guess what in history you study about social movements and that includes animal rights. It’s in their textbooks. Plus teaching kids to admire those with integrity as a positive role model is a good thing. That’s shocking? A classroom is a place to teach both sides of an issue and let them make educated conclusions regurgitation is not learning. If the dairy and meat industry can supply schools with their propaganda then giving them data about facts is a thorough education. What’s shocking is your mundane nonsensical response. My students asked for the address I didn’t force anything upon them. My students seem to be more savvy and more aware than you are. Here is for more shock a LOT of other teachers are teaching compassion for animals too. It is mandated in my state.Do yourself a favor and get an education.

  • Candy says:

    to John concerning this vick case here me also i think that more celebrities should make hear their voice and PETA should care about this! there are plenty of celebs in animalrights organizations! the problem is that all these organizations have already sent their protest letters to the concerned parts and the hosts of celebs are members of these organizations! nevertheless they should also speak up personally like jeanclaude van damme against bullfighting! for this i’m saying this is a man!

  • John says:

    Once again I ask… where are our “Hollywood sports political entertainment Peta supporters? Besides A very courageous speech by Virginia’s senator Mr. Byrd where are our political leaders? Do Tom Cruise Jay leno Mayor Rudy Giuliani Hillary Clinton Barack Obama have no view point on dog fighting and Vick’s future in the NFL??? I strongly request for PETA and all of us to get these celebrities to stand up preferably in front of a camera or microphone and rally their support against this monster’s actions. Based on the latest “rumors” that V might plead guilty but not against killing the dogs or betting… People please read between the lines… the groundwork has been set for V to get off with minimum punishment and the NFL will use any plea deal his lawyers are trying to make to welcome him back in the NFL because after all… the judgecourts has heard and approved the pleacase and now …let’s go on with business and make more money. How can we guarantee these despicable acts by Vick and all will not be brushed aside because time is on Vick’s side and his lawyers know that ! Again where are our celebrity friends that are as sick about this as we are… PLEASE SPEAK UP… before it is too late. p.s. Mr. White of the NAACP should be ashamed to use his organization to DEFEND Vick and make a statement that Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL and make millions. Mr. White this is sending the wrong message and you know precisely what I am talking about.

  • J says:

    OK guys….The dogs found on Vick’s property are going to be killed if you do not adopt them soon. Not one of the 80 dogs has been adopted. Step up to the plate. Not condoning Vick’s actions but let’s not be hypocrits.

  • observer says:

    tina all those outcries you hope that will be have already been going on for years and years and years and years and years.

  • some dude... says:

    To all of those who would use the phrase “they’re just dogs” come on. My friend Legend is a member of the family. He happens to be a dog but I don’t consider him “my” dog. We’ve lived together for 5 years and he is like a furry little brother to me. No way he’s “just a dog”. What Michael Vick and his buddies did is just horrible and they should serve the maximum sentence for their crimes. Seeing as how many of the athletes in his former position are looked up to as role models I sincerely hope that he NEVER plays professional sports again. I don’t want children to look to that ass as an example of how they should live their lives. These men should have restraining orders prohibiting them from coming within a mile of any animal or it’s back off to jail with them. That said… My goodness. Some of you folks really don’t seem to understand the word “humane”. I’ve seen repeated references to a term I’ve never heard before rapestands. Rapestands? Seriously? You would have the man tortured? Really? In this day and age people who claim to be loving are actually advocating torture? At times reading this blog I’ve seemed to be looking at two sides of the same evil coin. I’ve also seen repeated requests for Vick to be put to death. Really? The death sentence? Does anyone here really think that a group with members that advocate torture and killing while claiming to be humane will ever really accomplish anything other than antagonizing flamers? If your organization had more truly humane members you’d get my support. Please I urge you all to read and take to heart the post left by Susan. Kudos to you Susan. There are of course many other well reasoned postings here and to those people kudos but some of you folks are WAY off base. Those of you who are defending the racist statements I’ve read here should be ashamed of yourselves. Audrey your “us and them” style of commentary is merely thinly veiled racism pure and simple. There are those of you who are trying to say that race has not been raised as an issue here. That’s crap! I read one post that compared african americans still unrealized fight for equal rights to the fight for animal rights. Someone actually compared black folks to dogs! I do think of my little buddy as a member of the family but come on! It’s all here on the PETA website. As long as PETA harbors members with sentiments such as these you’ll never accomplish any sort of meaningful change. You will continue to be veiwed as a fringe group of crazies and therefore written off as such. I agree that justice needs to be served but real justice never involves inflicting pain or death to any of Gods creation. Please follow the lead set by your more humane members. If every member of PETA were like Susan my check would be in the mail tomorrow and you’d be seen in a much more serious light by the government. You’d very likely do some good in this world. It’s a shame really. This world could use some more good in it.

  • observer says:

    yes vick is guilty but lets face it.. If this was someone 2 blocks from your house it would be on the news for 20 seconds and that would be the end of it. adnn to all of you who want to sit here and bash him 53 dogs were put to sleep by the state when noone claimed them but all of you were to busy bashing vick on you pc and this blog to save one of them so now are you still going to point your finger at vick for you not stepping up to the plate when your called.. the main thing im saying if he was just a normal person you wouldnt be talking about him like this would you? i would also like to see on of you go into the ghetto and tell a dog fighter not to fight dogs and see what happens his arrest issnt going to change anything. and lets admit the truth this is a very small victory for animal rights but the was is not over

  • Longcut says:

    Ana I was shocked to see that you are a teacher. I am a teacher myself and I have to say that I am dissapointed in the way that you choose to get your point across with some of the ignorant people on here. I am also shocked to hear that you have encouraged your students to write letters. A classroom is not the place for you to gain support for the cause. To everyone else I just read on ESPN that Vick is going to deny that he ever gambled or took part in the killing of any dogs in his plea deal. It looks like he is trying to pull a fast one.

  • observer says:

    craig let me set you straight about some things since you said you are an educated man and employed by a minor baseball league. that could mean employed as their janitor!!! the terrorists practiced on slitting camels throats before 911 so that they would be adept at slitting peoples throats!!!! not speaking up for animals rights any tortures to any living beings would be acceptable in this crazy world. doesn’t that mean anything to you??? any connection there???? yes vick will be back on the field ‘cuz capitalistic america idolizes the wrong people for the wrong reasons $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and stupidity!!!!!!!!!! did you know that pro athletes are members of peta and are not cowardly to speak up to mention their teams like you are??? did you know that pete rose was hammered more than vick just for placing game bets and removed from the sports hall of fame???? and you think vick was already punished enough for 5 years of racketeering torturing electrocuting killing innocent animals??? guess you would think the terrorists should get a slap on the wrist too!!!! peta is the largest strongest animal rights organization in the world has manymany famous celebrites speaking out for animals rights ‘cuz they’re intelligent educated worldly people!!! hey craig an education at a university doesn’t teach common sense or compassion!!!! keep supporting vick!!!maybe you’ll be his university educated waterboy when he gets out of prison!!!

  • Jennifer Nash says:

    I am a nurse and have been helping people for years and have even saved lives during my career. So all you simpleminded individuals who continually state “Why should we care so much about animals??” need to stop mouthing off naive statements that are so selfcentered it makes me sick.I have always loved animals and I believe that we as a society need to help those who cannot speak for themselves. Should humans ignore animal abuse and the plight of human impact on animals and the environment? I bet all you individuals that are so concerned with human welfare have never even helped directly towards any cause. But you are all so quick to make comments! Humans should be compassionate and as a whole want to help humans and Yes Animals. Animals were here long before the arrogant selfish human race. So no they were not put here for our own needs. I have probably helped more humans than all you people put together with your ridiculous remarks. I bet none of you have even demonstrated and gotten off your butts for “human rights.” Michael Vick is a disgusting person and YES we should be concerned with dogs being tortured and killed. Animal abuse is strongly linked to domestic abuse and violence towards humans so wake up!

  • Anonymous +2 says:

    Ana Read your comment. Thank you for telling the truth to your students. Its terrible how these celebs and sport stars are role models to children and teens but they do stupid things. You should be proud to teach such caring students. EAS You made some great points!

  • Ana says:

    EAS Well saidwritten!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • anthony says:

    Mr A. First off the last comment about out running the dogs was to lighten up the seriousness of my opinion if you or anyone didn’t get it. I’m not defending Vick nor do i condone his actions though i do not think dog fighting equates to 5 years in prison. I understand when you are in the public eye you are objected to high visibility. Though by default society places athletes as role models every SINGLE athlete should not be depended on as a role model…let me break it down…a lot of athletes black white hispanic etc came from uneducated and poor backgrounds. You’ve ever hear that saying ‘you can take a Cat out of the Hood but can’t take the Hood out of the Cat’. That’s why as parents you need to be more careful who you designate as role models. Just because some guy throws a football better than 99 of the population doesn’t make him my role model. As far as his repercussions I believe he should admit his wrong doing and do his time. Im sure he will learn from this very huge COSTLY mistake and move forward like any rational minded human being would. I find it humorous that all these antiVick enthusiasts are wishing the worst for him as if he killed their own family member. They talk about how he should fry and he’s the worst person on earth etcetc. NO! Our dam president tops Mr. Vick and I do not need to explain why. It proves the sterotypes of PETA and thier followers. I’m not trying to be an ass about this…its a fact that people in the media spotlight can do wrong and make right with time…so yes people will always associate this incident with mike vick’s name but when he comes back and does well the general public will be more than likely to let things go…and you know that’s true Eg. KOBE BRYANT. He might lose his endorsements and he might gain some of them back in the future but one thing for sure is that he will still be more financially better off than me or you combined. It funny you call him arrogant but yet he hasn’t said too much since the allegations. Have you ever heard him in interviews? Do you know Vick? I hope you save judgement until you talk to the person rather via ESPN drama city. One more thing…yourlast comment…thats very American of you to say….just because countries do not view animals they way we set our laws do not make us the right. They had their own views for thousands of years..they do what they do and we do what we do. Besides if that was the case why haven’t our own country REeducate ourselves with the outcome of a unnecessary war…vietnam son.

  • Ana says:

    Anonymous I do teach inner city HS kids. And yes I told them about Vick the dog fights and not to admire a fool felon that he is. They also learned about the other horrible abuses that humans inflict on other creatures. Many of my students wanted the address to the NFL office to write their negative feelings about Vick. So yes the message is getting out there and they are horrified with the copious amounts of information regarding dog fighting cock fighting hunting slaughterhouses circuses etc. Kevin and all of the other animal haters guess what? humans ARE animals also!!!! whew just a little biology lesson. Thanks Mike Q. and observer….glad to know there are others like me who possess neurons. Justice for animals!!!

  • EAS says:

    Let’s get some things straight. People who support Vick support cruelty. If you support cruelty of any kind you need to seek some help to work out your issues. Another thing This has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! I’m Jewish and if a Jew did this I would go against the INDIVIDUAL even if it was my own brother. I’m always on the side of kindness regardless of the background of the criminal abuser etc. Also PETA does not go after just rich celebrities. Anyone who causes pain to others will be subjected to ridicule and a call for punishment will be made. On the other hand since we’re dealing with a celebrity a hero of sorts than naturally the media will pick this up and post the story up everywhere. I also think that a celebrity has a lot more responsibility and is obligated to be a good example and if a big mistake is made no one is perfect than it’s their responsibility to do the right thing always! On another note many people are talking about hunting fishing factory farming and other cruel ways people exploit and cause painful deaths to animals. Well PETA is against all those things as well and have different campaigns covering those issues. People are saying that PETA doesn’t like human beings and that nonhumans are more important than humans. Well first the world animals nature and environment around us humans is essential for our existence. We are at the bottom of the dependence scale meaning we rely on everything to survive. If even the smallest being disappeared everything would cease to exist. If all humans became extinct then everything would grow back. Basically we need them they don’t need us. Note We need them to exist but not to use for our own purposes. So leave them alone let them flourish and let nature take its course. At the same time ensure their continued existence by protecting them from those who want to destroy life cleaning our environment and bringing the ecosystem back into order. With that being said PETA in no way wants to see the suffering of any living being be it a human nonhuman etc. and don’t feel that nonhumans are more important than humans but are equal. Every living being deserves life and has a right to life because they are just not dogs cats or cows but earthlings who feel and suffer like you and I. They are worthy of our respect. Why doesn’t PETA look after humans though? That job is for Human rights organizations. We all have different roles to play but all lead to the same goal. Peace on Earth. One last comment A gentlemen mentioned boxing and why it is okay for boxing and not okay for dogfighting cockfighting or bull fighting. Personally I don’t see the purpose in boxing. It’s violent. But those who choose to box CHOOSE to box. Animals don’t have the choice. Human Beings just take it upon themselves to take animals away from their natural environments and throw these animals into a world they don’t belong. “Hunting is not a sport unless the animal gets to have a gun.” But they don’t. It’s not their choice it’s our sickness. This can be said for everything we do to this world. There is a humane alternative for everything. Be humane. Its good for the heart. EAS

  • Michele says:

    Hmmm comparing dog fighting to boxing? I don’t think so. In boxing the socalled adults choose to be there. In dog fighting they have no choice. Also the boxers are not killed if they do not perform well.

  • A says:

    httpwww.peta.orgfeatcoldog Michael Strahan

  • H. Nelson says:

    Ana I don’t agree with what Vick has done at all and I never will. I belive that these dogs deserved much better than what they received.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks 007 for proving the point stated above be H. Nelson. You obviously are another person who just can’t take the fact that someone is willing to stand up and say something that you don’t agree with.

  • A says:

    Anthony As soon as Mr. Vick signed his named on the dotted line of the 30 million dollar contract with NFLNikeRawlingsand so on..He made him self part of the public eye.When you are in high regards to the public people press watch everything you do and you know that every time you get that million dollar paycheck. Please do not give me the we are being to hard on him speech.Society looked at him as a roll model for young childrenwhich he did not show up in DC to visit with underprivileged youth. I think that he was well educated in college and should have known better and knew his actions were wrong or would not have been hiding them. I would honestly like to know what you think the repercussions should be for Mr. Vick. Please do not say he needs to pray. Thats all anyone can say that supports him now that he is getting ready to admit his quilt in front of a judge and I don’t think anyone is holding a gun to his head while saying it I love the irony of what you wrote only to add the ending about him out running the pit bulls. Mike Vick will go down in history as one of the most ignorant arrogant and sadistic people ever.His friends were not so arrogant thats why they decided to talk the first week. He thought his money would buy him out of this. Trust me his is not a name that will be forgotten in 2 years. Be sure of that we will remind people of the horrible things he did. So please tell me what you think the proper thing would be at this point. Maybe some of that 30 million he won’t be seeing anymore can be donated to different organizations to educate people on all things in the world.


    i have read all of these comments about this issue and to be honest it makes me sick to here how collis people are.A lot of you are saying this PETA is one sided about posting your comments well take a look and look good .Animals should have the same rights as a human.As far as VICK NO HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO COP OUT ON SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!! I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER MY SELF AND IF I HAD THE MEANS TO HELP EVERY ANIMAL OUT THERE!!! I HOPE HE GETS THE MAX!!! YESI AM MAD!!! I am tired of all these big named peolpe doing things that just takes common sencegetting away w these little sperts of so call JUSTIC .I agree w one of the comments made by a bloger that the justic system is for the criminals. VICK I HOPE YOU GET THE MAX.

  • anyonomous says:

    I don’t understand how people could defend a person who kills innocent dogs. There is evidence so why are people still defending a killer? Here is my evidence 1 he owned the property where the dogfighting happened. 2 The people found guilty know vick 3 HE HAD A PIT BULL BREEDING LICENCE. Some people think dogfighting is a sport like boxing. But in boxing those men aren’t forced to fight. And if they do fight but not “good enough” those men aren’t killed by being shot electricuitied drowned etc. In my opinion Vick is a murderer and deserves to be put in jail and “throw away the key” even if he is a huge star. The Falcons have other players and other quarterbacks so they should do just fine without Vick. And who cares about his career ending Vick should have thought about that before particapting in dogfighting. Feel free to agree or disagree.

  • observer says:

    mike Q I just like to give their names the dishonorable mention that they’re asking for by proving themselves to be the most outstanding stupid ignoramuses!!! soooo stupid funny how they keep coming back for more recognition of their ignorance!!! LOL read on…… kevin you’re a waste of space now who is not saving the world!!!! as I said before dumb remains dumb!!! you proved what I said pal!!!! by the way my dog is a hell of a lot smarter than you!!!! so yeah that would put him on a higher level than a messed up human named kevin!!!!