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Vick to Face State Charges

Written by PETA | August 19, 2007

Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “yes, indeed, we will prosecute” Vick and others on possible animal cruelty and dogfighting charges. This is, of course, good news—and something that we’ve been waiting to hear since so far Vick has only been facing federal charges.Poindexter went on to say, “The execution of these animals—and the manner in which they were executed—is startlingly offensive and demanding of prosecution.”Dogfighting and animal cruelty are felonies in Virginia with animal cruelty charges holding penalties of up to five years in jail for each animal killed. So even with a plea bargain possible for the federal charges as early as Monday it’s clear Vick’s legal troubles are far from being over

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  • beverly dunkin says:

    Give him a taste of his own medicine. I don’t think he has a mentality of a 10 year old.Sell his house and give the money to peta and other animal rescue people.

  • ann says:

    there is an article on google which critize ” poindexter” talks from ” both side of his mouth”. so don’t expect him do anything re vick the sick’s crime. for all poindexter did for the last few months was just talking talking talking ……. he is USELESS.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anthony Perkins for your info… animal rights protection and welfare organizations are indeed at work! one mere example… HSUS reports 32 dogfighting rings were broken up in 15 states this past month alone! it is terribly naive and somewhat stupid of YOU to even think that nothing is really being done nor can be done to stop dogfighting in this hour. Ask mVick who would NO doubt differ with you! so instead of subjecting wellmeaning people with your uninformed blather check out the wealth of information on this PETA’s site and get understanding.

  • Julie says:

    For those who are upset that PETA and the commentators are holding animals in high regards your thoughts are appreciated but theres no need to get upset. This is a PETA blog and the arguments are going to be understandably onesided. I wouldn’t go to a NRA site and complain on their view on gun control. I think America and the world can all relate to loving animals. The actions Vick did to torture and kill these animals over and over again for his pleasure are just inhumane. Whos to say his sick cocky methods if uncaught would have stopped at pitbulls. Many children start torturing killing animals only to seek a bigger thrill and turn on humans. Vick is a product of a poor upraising and now has money and power. He needs to go to a mental institute not prison for the next 10 years to over come his deep psychological problems. Then he can serve his 5 years for illegal gambling.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Patti Tremaine says:

    Thanks for causing the ultimae uproar that got this guy punished! I hope he never ever plays football again competitive sports in all their phases are horrible but dogfighting and chickenfighting are just a natural outgrowth of this horrid competiveness that is overwhelming this country today. I can’t stand the sight of his face and to know how many dogs he bred and TRAINED!!!! TO BE KILLRS is beyond human acceptance! This man and all others like him need to go to jail now and stay there several years so they know what they have done is so repulsive to humane society. We must lift the standards for human society. Killing in any way whatsoever is against the Commandments of Christianity Judaism and the Precepts of Buddhism. Either we have morals or we do not. You choose. PETA has chosen now it is up to each individual who reads this to choose as well. We must instill morality in our children by condemning adults who cross these lines and kill innocent life. Thank you for allowing me to vent my terrific upset at this despicable crime. Patti

  • Anonymous says:


  • Sybil says:

    To those folks saying that there’s a difference between different forms of life. Thanks it’s great that God appointed you to see life in all it’s glory not only in you but within other life forms. Now reward yourself and go get that diet p+epsi.

  • Anonymous says:

    i truely hope michael vick looses everything that he has aquired in his pitiful lifespan of 27 years..what ever small amount of time he does get for his guilty plea bargained deal it will never be enough.. at least on this earth but if there is a spelled backwards then i pray he will learn ovr and over again what the word karma means…if he does only 3 years it certainly isnt long enough considering his crimes against nature..he is the meaning of scum..a lowlife certainly he deserves a much longer sentence..and when he gets to prison i hope he meets up with his worst nightmare a big burly horney doglover that will seek revenge and justice for michael vicks victims.i wish it were me he would meet up with..

  • Robert says:

    I personally believe that we should have a law here that has a hunting season on dogfighters.People that engage in dogfighting have no souls and are only walking talking misery makers for all!They have no purpose at all on this earth.They wouldn’t know how to love anything at allincluding their own families!Personally I would love to venture where fights are supposedly taking placefind whereand destroy every loser there.Instead of dog blood all over the placewell you get the picture.People that deal miserydestructionpainand sufferingdogfighters need to have the same applied to them because that is all they know!!!God Bless P.E.T.A for all there work for ALL the animals sakes on this violent and cruel planet we are on.I think we should somehow find a way to send Mr. Sick a soap on the rope in shape of a dog bone for a going away present from PETA and all of us animal lovers!!In closing I’d like to say again that all and any of you out there that engage in dogfighting and are reading this right nowbefore the Humane Society has to put your dog down when they do catch youand they will because you fucked it up for fighting purposesthey should let it tear your stupid soul less ass to pieces but not kill youthen I’ll come slam your dumb ass on the ground untill you finally expire!!!!!!!And you can say but I’m killing a humandogfighters arn’t any humans I know and should be disposed of properly!!!Sleep tite boys!!

  • kelly says:

    I am so sick of u no life as peta folk talkin shit about vick.You act as if he invented this shityour asses probably know somebody thats doin the same shitdogfighting.So is it more inhumane to dogfightor hang african americans by their throats for no apparent reason.What the fuck is wrong with your idiotic assesget a fuckin lifecause obviously Vick will not be affected by what the fuck u thinki mean who cares anyway.Vick will be more popular than ever beforeit was only a test of God testing his strengthand to show black people that their isand will always be a hatred for our race

  • Ana says:

    kelly I notice the common thread. Actually animals do make an impact on human health…they affect the quality and length of life read the scientific data. Animals also warn humans of danger and do rescue work. Emanuel I guess you are pushing for your “fellow brother” to have a slow death since he alone destroyed himself through his own stupidity and cruel and violent nature. A mistake is stealing a lipstick killing animals is violence immoral and horrible fighting dogs is illegal. observer I sincerely hope that these innocent creatures are at peace and in the presence of their Creator.

  • kelly says:

    Notice a common thread? All the PRO animal abusers whine that everyone should care about “humans.” The dog fighters and puppy millers etc all want people to LOOK THE OTHER WAY. Ignore the animal abuse. So they can go on making money from it.

  • Anthony Perkins says:

    Yay Michael Vick is guilty big whoop. If you think Michael Vick’s convitction will make any signifigant progress in the fight against illegal dogfighting in this country you are just stupid. The fact remains that Vick is a multimillionaire he does’nt need money from dogfighting. 1500 and 2000 dollar wagers are pocket money for Vick. what we need to do instead of celebrating and whoohooing Vick’s conviction we need to find out who the real players are. If a high profile athelete as wealthy as Vick can run a big dogfighting operation in secrecy for 6 years imagine what a professional dogfighter has probably done over those sameyears. It appears that nobody cares about all the other guys involved in this storynot only Vick’s co defendants but the guys who brought dogs from all over the country to fight Vick’s dogs. I’m willing to bet that the guys who brought dogs in to fight vick’s dogs are just as heavily involved if not more these guys probably make a living from dogfighting and probably have killed more dogs than Vick is accused of. The bottom line is that dogfighting does not begin or end with Vick his operation is shut down now what will we do about the thousands of dogs that will die this year at the hands of people not named Vick?

  • janice hope says:

    Thank you for not backing down on the Michael Vick charges. Let this be a message to all that think dog fighting is cool let them know most of us love our animals and can not stomach what Vick and his friends have done to these dogs. Please do not back down. Thank you. Janice

  • tia says:

    POINDEXTER is a sorry excuse of a commonwealth attorney. He never wanted to do anything regarding Michael Convick and illegal dogfighting and only because these charges are up in federal court is he FINALLY DOING SOMETHING. Let’s hope POINDEXTER WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND DO HIS JOB FINALLY!

  • Pamela Ashton says:

    This MONSTER must be punished. It sicken me to know that this smug monster will get a small fraction of the punishment he deserves!As far as him feeling ANY REMORSE for his actions he is only sorry that he got caught!!

  • Allan says:

    I don’t understand why the federal government agreed to a plea with Vick. If he’s guilty and he is why not go to court and punish him to the fullest extent of the law?? I am so tired of people not getting what they deserve when they do something wrong!! I hope the NFL will stand up and suspend him for life. But sadly he’ll be back playing and making $$$$$$$ again. What a country!!

  • EMANUEL says:

    To PETAI understand your stand on animal abuse but for you and anybody to hold a animal life equal to a human life is far out.vick should recieve no more than probation and community service.i know this may not get posted but i support vick and wish a slow death on anyone who is pushing for my fellow brother to be destroyed because of a mistake.

  • Vicki says:

    I want to personally thank PETA once again for it’s tremendous contribution to saving the lives of animal and hold those that conduct this horror on animals held accountable. I do believe without PETA’s help Vick would have plead not guilty and gotten away with this. I LOVE PETA and it has fueled my fire to become totally animal free and a voice to the animals that can’t speak for themselves. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Yet for all reading PETA can give us the information yet we all need to stay informed and be an example for the treatment of all the beautiful animals.

  • observer says:

    ana it’s a shame on the rest of us that we never brought up about the other innocent animals used to train for viciousness. i admit my shame and believe they’re all at peace through Divine Justice

  • R LEWIS says:

    I’m amazed at how many people are appalled by what Vick did yet where is the outcry for human life or do i have to continue hearing how we’ve become to murder in our communities.

  • tia says:

    That would be great if the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney of Surry County FINALLY does his job! GERALD POINDEXTER was never keen in doing anything regarding MICHAEL CONVICK and ILLEGAL DOGFIGHTING. All he did was sit on his hands and then got upset when the FEDS came in. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB GERALD POINDEXTER AND DO IT RIGHT!!!!!!!

  • Good Grief says:

    I think we all need to step back and take a deep breath here. I am a huge animal lover but I think we need some perspective here. 20 to 30 years in prison? I think that’s a little farfetched. I do think some jail time might serve a purpose but within reason along the lines of what has been discussed anywhere from 25 years.

  • Shawn says:

    See the reason dog fighting is so brutal in the first place is because its illegal. If we legalize it and regulate it into more of dog wrestling it wont be so brutal. I think this is a smarter thing to do to prevent cruelty to these dogs as much as possible. Lets face it dog fighting will never be rooted out all together.

  • Roberto says:

    I hope Vicks and company pay for their action this will be a perfect example of justice for those animals and for other people that they will get caught and jail will be their home for long timeanimals need to be protected with strongest law to avoid people like Vicks if we can call people to this individual but anyways I hope you pay for this and never forget If I am the Judge I will sentenced himto death in a room with trained dogs to kill him because that’s what he deserved Michael Vicks hell is the perfect placed for you pieze of waste.

  • La'Mont says:

    I think this site lowers the value of human life for animal. I understand all of your points about value and respect for animal life. But humans are the most valuable resource on this earth. I don’t Understand why such an outrage over Vick but not one everyday at every slaughter house south of the mason dixie line. No body on this site is concerned with things going on in the Sudan or enslavement of HUMANS in Africa over Diamonds but VICK is a Criminal and VICK should PAY not Those who Kill HUMANS. Wake up people “Rover” and “Fluffy” aren’t HUMAN they can’t perserve life they can’t protect life more important they can’t save lives. Humans are doctors scientist and presidents not DOGS or CATS. I love animals I do but never at the expense of a human life never for no reason. I thank you for your time and your respect to hear both sides of the coin.

  • concerned says:

    all you people are sick. he is a human being for christ’s sake.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Now that Vick has agreed to a plea deal who do we get in touch with to make sure that his punishment is as severe as possible and not just a slap on the wrist. Personally I wanted him to go to trial on RICCO charges which could have put him in jail for 20 years. Can we petition the judge not to accept the plea deal and go for the max? I don’t want to ever see him on the football field again.

  • Fran Lipsky says:

    I hope that the Football league prohibits Vick from ever playing football again!!! He is a terrible role model for our youth and everyone else in this country!! I think that organizations such as PETA and other animal and for that matter human rights groups should take it upon themselves to champion the helpless animal victims of Mr. Vick and demand he never play football in his lifetime!!! With all the money he has now if he is allowed to return to playing he will not have been truly punished for his sick acts against innocent dogs!! We recently had a radioshow personality fired for making comments which were not right well Mr. Vick should be fired from his job too!!!!

  • ann says:

    when the humane society and peta put down the dogs found in vick’s property they should invite roger goodell and arthur blank to attend it in order to see the horrible crime vick and his ” bro team ” has committed. and hv it videoed to show on tv for the general purblic to see it also. rot in hell vick.

  • ann says:

    NO PLEA BARGAIN FOR VICK and when he goes to prison he should change his name to ” Ben Dover”. i believe he ll enjoy it very much. rot in hell vick.

  • Courtney says:

    Dickdo I mean Vick?should get the maximum charges against him!As a role model he should also play his role in” You do the crime you do the time.”

  • Roberto says:

    My question is why this individual Michael Vicks is only prosecuted in Virginia when the prosecutors have proof of his Bad Newz Kennels fighting dogs in others states so I believed they must be prosecuted by every single STATE where they have proof that they were fighting dogs and gambling too.Please the justice system and god make sure that these people pay for what they are doing to this poor animals PLEASE god be fair and make them suffer too because they deserved to be punished.

  • DLP says:

    Hold on a sec yall won’t the guys who ratted vick out to pay too Since when did vick replace Bin Laden as public enemy 1. The Axis of Evil 2 starring Mike Vick. The Father Son The Holy Ghost and last but not least the Dog. In Dog We Trust God Bless America sorry the Dog. I like dogs like everyone else but come on people yall going to far with this. Champion a cause like stopping war drugs rape of women and children stalking DUI Hunting oh wait as long as it’s not dogs then all other animals we will make due cry about you hate hunting all you want destroy the next athlete’s life for killing a defenseless animal Heck i should join PETA I don’t eat meat hunt but wait i don’t champion scapegoat causes two out of three ain’t bad

  • jim jones says:

    I believe that before you prosecute and talk trash about Michael Vick you should have all the facts. There are stone cold killers rapist and child molesters out there and what is your organization doing to convict them. I believe that you are just doing this because he is famous. No one cares if Paris Hilton drives drunk and kills a child. But let a man who is not yet proven guilty get accused and you dog him out.

  • Tim says:

    I propose that if Michael Vick is allowed to play again in the NFL and some stupid team actually signs him that not only do fans of that team boycott their games but games of every opposing team they play are boycotted as well. If NFL owners see their bottom line hurting they will understand how serious the public views this heinous crime.

  • vicki hood says:

    Interesting about Poindexter. What can we do to assure that he does his job for the people and by the people. We dont need “good ol’ boys”.

  • Veg Girl says:


  • Sandy says:

    It seems that the priority for charges on Vick through the NFL is for the gambling charges. How can an organization excuse the cruelty exhibited with this individual. Hanging and electrocution of the dogs is such a heinous crime that to place it second in severity to gambling is absolutely unthinkable. Please continue to press for the longest possible sentences

  • Jane says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Vick serve five years in jail for each animal he executed. I think the sentences should run consecutively. How dare he has so little respect for a living creature! It is my hope that his attorneys and Federal prosecutors are unable to meet a plea agreement and he serves the max in that case as well. And….if this clown thinks he will be returning to the NFL at any point he is sorely mistaken. His next job should be a poopscooper at a vet clinic.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It just tickles me pink that now after he’s basically admitted to dogfighting all of his little supporters have stopped commenting on the subject. All that talk about how we needed to support a fellow “human being” and yet as soon as things got really bad they ran away. One thing criminals and their supporters lack is COMMITMENT. I as an animal activist am committed to defending animals. I’d walk through fire I’d crawl through broken glass I’d endure anything to save animals. And I would do exactly the same for a human being. While animalhaters seem to only be capable of loving themselves I fight for the rights of EVERYONE. And I’m not the only one. There are many more committed people just like me. Cruelty is dying out and soon abusers will have to adapt to this new humane world. And that’s just the way the world works.

  • carolyn says:

    everytime i see vicks stupid face on the news i want to vomit He is someone who makes my stomach lurch when i see his face

  • Eddie Shalom says:

    I hope this sends a strong messege to thousands of dog fighters that the law is after you… wherever or whoever you are. There is no excuse for animal abuse. Dogs and all animals will have rights soon.

  • Susan says:

    Unfortunately I just heard on local Richmond VA news that Vick’s attorneys are requesting that any Federal Plea bargain will also include that Virginia will not prosecute. I think Poindexter knows this and never really wanted to bring charges against Vick so now he is talking big to appease others and will say he cannot prosecute when the plea bargain is entered. Frnakly I think that is why he did not charge him in Augusthe wanted to save face with all the dog abusers and Vick supporters down in Surry County. Hopefully he will not serve another term there.

  • Marjorie Hass says:

    I hope Vick never gets to play football again and has to do at least 20 years in jail. Maybe he will think next time he wants to see something helpless die.

  • Ana says:

    FINALLY!! I was so pleased to hear of this on espn! The dogs hopefully will finally get justice! Too bad the dogs and cats and kittens and rabbits that were used to “train” them won’t get justice. MANY animals suffered and died because of this illegal dogfighting. I hope Vick and his cronies get long sentences and that jail becomes a living hell for them!! I would like to see this happen to ALL dogfighters!

  • Erica says:

    This is great news. Lets pray for justice for these dogs. Vick and his old “friends” to get the maximum of 5 years for EACH dog murdered!!! This in addition to the federal jail time. Lets make sure he NEVER plays football again since that is the only thing that waste of life cares about.

  • kelly says:

    Virginia is sadly a very welcoming place for dog fighters and puppy millers and other assorted animal abusers. A breeder lobby in Virginia works very hard to prevent rules licensing regulations inspections because they make large amounts of UNTAXED income in that state abusing dogs for money. Until the laws change then Virginia will be one of the pet profiteer states. There is an AKC breeder in Virginia who actively organizes other breeders and pet profiteers to lobby for the “rights” of dog fighters and puppy millers to do whatever they want to dogs. ANYTHING. When it comes to treatment of dogs Virginia has a serious disease that needs to be cured. And at the heart of it is a lot of people making big money that isn’t reported to Virginia tax authorities or federal tax authorities. That’s why “Ookie” set up shop in Virginia.

  • honey says:

    this is really good news from attorney gerald poindexter! so i just hope that vick gets 5 years prison for each animal killed this means if he killed seven dogs he has to spend 35 years in jail!!!