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Vick to Face State Charges

Written by PETA | August 19, 2007

Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “yes, indeed, we will prosecute” Vick and others on possible animal cruelty and dogfighting charges. This is, of course, good news—and something that we’ve been waiting to hear since so far Vick has only been facing federal charges.Poindexter went on to say, “The execution of these animals—and the manner in which they were executed—is startlingly offensive and demanding of prosecution.”Dogfighting and animal cruelty are felonies in Virginia with animal cruelty charges holding penalties of up to five years in jail for each animal killed. So even with a plea bargain possible for the federal charges as early as Monday it’s clear Vick’s legal troubles are far from being over

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  • wayne says:


  • observer says:

    mike i’m going to point out to you just how stupid you are for real!!! vick was exposed by the federal government for illegal gambling doing it for 5 years!!!! poor millionaire vick used innocent dogs for racketeering $$$$$$$!!! torturing!!! killing!!! electrocuting!!! that’s a long stretch of insanity!!!! the news picked up on him ‘cuz he’s a celebrity. vick isn’t a 3 year old who doesn’t know any better!!!! vick admitted guilt!!! naturally it’s easier to blame peta for ruining his life then to admit the truth!!!!! peta is not part of our legislative government!!! peta doesn’t make the laws!!! psycho lawbreakers like vicious vick don’t make for a prominent society!!! psychos like vick don’t always stop at torturing dogs!!! they are known to abuse women and kids!!!! murderers. rapists. kids fear him now!!! get the drift????? i doubt it!!!! put half your energy into getting smart then you wouldn’t be so dumb!!!!

  • ann says:

    Some people just don’t get it!…We are trying to educate the ignorant people who don’t understand what they are really doing…KILLING!!! Taking any life is against the law any why shouldn’t it be?!…Maybe it will make other dog fighters stop and think about what they are getting themselves into…It may also help people consider hurting animals before they do it…If all our athlete’smovie starsand rich are allowed to get away with everything what are they telling the people and CHILDREN in the country???…They are just telling them its ok that they can be more violent! We are trying to stop the violence and killing in this country not add to it!…Its not a racial thing thats just a cop out a way to escape what has been done wrong! I would hope the NFL will justify their decision in this matter as the USA should!!! STOP THE VIOLENCE IN THE USA!!!

  • janet says:

    I was totally disgusted when I saw what was done to those poor helpless animals. Those are evil people involved in the Vick case or anywhere in the world where dog fighting is going on . There should be much much harsher penalities for abuse of any kind to animals.Time in jail and in their pocketbook will hurt not just a slap on the wrist. Also lets get over using the race card its really getting old.He should lose his career he is a disgrace to the sport.

  • sherry cosentino says:

    I am so disssscuuusted!!!! with what African poeple are calling this rasciam. It is a huge crime and poeple who do this is like serial killers who enjoys inflicting pain on defenceless animals!! They must be stopped!! Please we must find them all and punish them all !!!!

  • Mike says:

    shame on you peta. For real Vick is a football player high profile and black. It’s not the dogs it’s not the crime. It’s the publicity which leads to more money. You hung the man as soon as you saw a headline just for air time. You all say he should get “life 5 years for each dog 20 years never play in the NFL again” as there are murderers and rapist walking our streets. Rape is a 525 year sentence. But that’s ok the dog that died is much more crucial to humanity than the 5 year old girl who had her innocence taken by a 40 year old man who will most likely do the same crime as soon as he does his time and gets out. Or the drunk driver who hit and killed the 10 year old boy riding his bike and got 18 months and probation. If you put half the energy into fighting against these real criminals as you have against Mr. Vick our society would be a more prominent place. Not saying that Michael didn’t do a crime but to crucify the man for dogs? Our hunters better watch their backs although you have been on them for a while too but I won’t even get into that. Everything has the right to life but to me and most sensible people human life and perseverance are top priority and ruining a mans life for a dogs is absurd. So again shame on you now if you’ll excuse me I have to find out how much prison time I’m looking at for killing the spider that just crawled across my hand.

  • Anita Obertubbesing says:

    To theb person who thinks dogs are not Human. They can do many things.Be a Police DogTrained to find people.To snif out drugs crossing our boarders.Used in Airports for securityUsed in the Military. Help the Blind.Dogs are people’s pets and yes as Humans we do need them.

  • 007 says:

    jDumb dream on! or WAKE UP and get real!!!

  • observer says:

    stephanie wow. amazing how your observations are one sided to reading only uncouth comments!!! no positive or mature ones at all stephanie???? amazing that you don’t think vick the law breaker should go to prison!!! I challenge you to read your own comments that come across as one sided and pro slap on the wrist for federal law breakers . maybe a bit better than thou too???? not snide or bitterness. just observations by observer. by the way us passionate animal activists don’t try to convince judges to have federal lawbreakers donate to animal organizations.

  • 007 says:

    dear natalie re post 822 1009am thank you for a most eloquent and real post. my sentiments exactly!

  • ann says:

    don’t u guys even know poindexter talks from both side of his mouth? lol. he is not going to bring charges on vick for vick is his kind his boy and a celeb in his state. he is dragging his feet just to see if ” his ” reputation is going to hurt if he doesn’t charge vick the sick.

  • 007 says:

    nan mcclean… excellent point! it is my understanding that Gerald Poindexter has indeed known of vick’s house of horrors for a long time and did nothing nothing NOTHING! and I do believe that the ONLY reason he is making it known that he intends to bring state charges against vick is to “save face” knowing full well that part of vick’s plea bargain may or does include that vick will NOT have to face any state charges!!! and… he probably was a guest at the bloody festivites! HOPEFULLY poindexter WILL come through and we can count on state charges actually getting filed!

  • jupiter says:

    Stephanie many of us here are trying to be very nice sometimes this is not possible because we have an uneducated dirty mob in front of us who is offending and telling lies and perverted nonsense. i’m an animal protector since over fourty years! our ennemy is ruthless coward and without mercy and i’m not kneeling to his feet and bowing my head in front of a rascal! i don’t care what an animal hater has to blame me because he has no human sympathy neither have i!

  • Karen says:

    Natalie Poster August 22 1009 am….. Natalie. You state the case beautifully completely and intelligently. Thank you!

  • Karen says:

    Jim Jones The facts? The world is full of facts. But we aren’t talking Rape here. Or Paris Hilton either. We are talking respect for all living things and of the rights of animals who must have others speak for them and act on their behalf. Take your venom somewhere else. This is a forum for caring intelligent individuals who act on their beliefs.

  • Crystal Howe says:

    I’m glad that VICK ADMITTED HIS GUILT. Hopefully the justice system will take care of the rest. There is no way of telling what a person supports via a blog commentary although for many its easy to vent and act out with hostility because its anonymous. I love people and I love animals. As a supporter of human rights and animal rights I’m going to show my support in a positive waythrough my actions by voting and educating those around me. When ANYONE chooses to break the law they should be held accountable. It would be such a wonderful thing if Michael Vick donated his time and money to ASPCA as well as working with NPIN or to organizations who help children who have been abused or homeless people.

  • Sandy says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think that Vick deserves 2030 years in prison has never had a dog or cat or any animal that is your best friend and you can look in their eyes and see all the love that they have for you. We suffered the loss of our 9 year old poodle and three months later the loss of our 13 year old german sherpard.Just because they are called amimals does not mean that they don’t have feelings or a heart. Vick doesn’t have either. He should go to prison and with any luck he will be treated the same way he did the dogs.

  • Ruth says:

    Dear Concerned Sounds like you are codependent Which explains why you care so much for a murderer. You obviously struggle through life coming to the aid of felons. Is your boyfriend incarcerated and you have weekend visits? Maybe you can go visit VICK. Personally I support the victims not the perpetrators. You need to see a shrink.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Oh how nice of Gerald Poindexter! He has known of Vick’s house of horrors for months and done nothing nothing nothing. If the Feds hadn’t taken over the case Vick’s activities would have never been public. What’s up Gerald? Celebrity envy race bias or were you a guest at the bloody festivities? Finally get some balls!And I don’t mean footballs

  • Natalie says:

    First off Vick needs to go to jail. Period. End of discussion. How much time he does and what fines he will pay are not up to us to decide. But it will be a MAJOR disgrace to let this deranged individual get away with what he has done. I love people and I love animals too. I do not feel that a person’s life is less important than an animal. But I do believe that animals have no voice they cannot protect themselves from someone who has the power to hurt and torment them as Vick and his assoicates have done repeatedly. I cannot imagine who the hell wants to see this man play football ever again. So he was an outstanding NFL player do you think there will be no others that can play as well as he? There will be many more down the road that the Falcons can recruit. If you sit and think about what he really did I mean really think about it. He hung and drowned dogs and let them fight to their deaths. What kind of twisted mind does he have?? Whether it was people or animals it is still VERY wrong and downright scary that someone can be so violent. He stood there no scratch that he choked and drowned the life out of living things. For all of you Vick supporters out there and for the ones who think that PETA is going overboard I urge you to THINK about the real crime and the actual act of it. It’s not just dogs that died it’s that Vick was okay with killing them and he obviously enjoyed it as well as spending his money to fund it. I personally hope he never plays football ever again and even if he does you gotta know that he has more enemies now than fans. His fans won’t be enough to get him out of this. Vick’s life is never going to be the same again no matter what his fans want to believe. He should have thought about his family his career and his fans before he committed those crimes.

  • observer says:

    michele right on!!!! one or 50 programmed to be limited like assholes!!! farts and daily shit comes out!!!!! waste excretions!!!!

  • icare says:

    First of all thanks PETA for all the couragous thing they did for animals. Michael Vick is guilty and deserve a stronger sentence for animal cruelty and outter ring gambling. For all of you who comment that we should be helping people instead well then you’re at the wrong website and please go to the correct one and post how you HELP a person. I love animals and I also HELP people everyday for i am a nurse…you get my drift. Well i hope you all PRoVick rott in hell with him. Cause you are all selfish if you only think about how a human life is supposively better then an animal. This world should be a balance of both.

  • Stephanie says:

    Wow. I just finished reading all those comments and I find myself somewhat ashamed. Is our society truly as uncouth vengeful and onesided as these comments imply? I’d encourage those who posted their opinions on this issue to go back and read what you’ve written. It’s disheartening to read such ignorant and immature arguments. While I realize this forum is intended to allow anyone with an internet connection to speak hisher mind I can’t help but be disappointed by the negativity spewing out of nearly all of these comments. Whatever happened to turning a negative situation into a positive one? What Vick did was wrong in every sense of the word. However it’s done. Letting him sit in prison will not bring those animals back. It will not change the fact that he did what he did. So why don’t you “passionate” animal activists try to convince a judge to order Vick to give some of his money to the SPCA or some organization that can use it to fund efforts to prevent dogfighting? I’m sure that suggestion as well as this post will be met with bitterness and snide remarks. That seems to be the ongoing theme with this forum. But hey at least I TRIED to make a suggestion on how to help other animals. I challenge all of you activists to do the same. Consider it a form of taking action. Isn’t that what activists do? Before I end this just a couple of quick obsrvations all the remarks that included sentiments about how Vick should be punished in same manner in which he hurt animals perpetuate the negative stereotypes about PETA being an organization full of painthurling lunatics. the comment in which an individual asked god to bring Vick to justice via death perpetuates the negative stereotypes about religious extremists being selfrighteous hypocrites. Have a nice day

  • Tami says:

    I am a black woman and I’m sick of black people and white people making this a racial issue. Vick and his cohorts did horrible things to innocent defenseless animals. BTW most serial killers and abusive men start with hurting animals. This kind of cruelty is inhumane. I think they all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am ashamed to hear blacks talk this evil talk crap and again protect another black man who most assuredly did horror to defense creatures not for food not to protect himself or his family but for greed. Most of you blacks and whites who have made this a race issue are simply ignorant and an embarrassment to your race and humanity. You resort to name calling because you are limited intellectually and spiritually. I’ll bet some of you call yourselves Christians or God fearing people. And the women who on here who speak evil about killing animals are the biggest embarrassment. You are the mothers on this planet and you speak this evil uncaring dribble? What will you teach your children? No wonder some children are lost black white whatever. Vick and his type are the most disgusting. He had it all and HE threw it away. Stop blaming others! I know that some whites are going to be far more angry at vick because he is a black man and who made unGodly amounts of money. Some whites are jealous still racists and more racists because of this evil. Evil is not color blind. I won’t go into the evil that men do including whites. Like the guy on here who used the word ‘nigger’ referring to Vick. That guy is also ignorant. However what Vick and friends partners whatever did was so heinous to me I can’t feel angry about some yahoo calling him the ‘n’ word. That yahoo is angry and sometimes angry white men resort to the ‘n’ word. Is that news? Check out all the dogs that help the disabled protect us from harm warn us about trouble or strangers and some dogs are part of our family. They give us unconditional love. I’m sorry if some of you are just too narrow minded and ignorant to get it.

  • observer says:

    for the brainless anonymous one sitting up there on the judgement thrown of self righteous stupidity some peta ppl are social activists too!!! some are volunteers for ppl!! some are social workers!!! some are counselors!! some are health workers!!! some are emergency rescue workers!! some are teachers!!! some are of the religious cloth!!! get the drift??? what do you do so great caring for ppl???? no profits here oh great brainless one!!! have a nice fall from your snotty thrown!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    Is there some website for proVick or antianimal people to use for quotes? Honestly all of you “why don’t you spend more time helping humans?” idiots all sound like the same person. Hmmmm maybe there IS just one of you signing all kinds of different names to these posts…

  • Laura says:

    i’m glad that michael vic was found guilty and his dogs won’t have to suffer any more as for that akc breeder who is encouraging others to vote in favor of dog fighting that jerk should not own any dogs and should be kicked out of the akc no one has the right to mistreat animals and i hope that none of the elected officals in VA will support any kind of dogfighting bills ans as for these puppy mill owners they should be shot.

  • Kathy Garrey says:

    I am very surprised that the IRS isn’t more interested in investigating these puppy mills and dog breeders look at all the money they are loosing out on. It’s a small determent but maybe just maybe if these “breeders” weren’t making so much taxfree money they would get real jobs like real people do in the real world wouldn’t get rich at the animals expense.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’d be nice if all you ppl cared as much about HUMAN lives as you do about animals…While i think what Vick did was inhumane and cruel I wish this country cared as much about human lives as they do against cruel animal abusers. I have a dog and love her dearly but there are some murderers of PPL out there aka Ray Lewis who is involved in murder yet plays in the NFL and has no reprocussions…PETA is an organization I liken to the Rev Jesse Jackson in the fact the only time I hear from them is when it makes them PROFITSif you read their statement about the Vic confession its all about how they are the best thing going…in contradiction the HUMANE SOCIETY has it right in saying how this is not a good day but a sad one 4 all the animals and..the PERSON who did this loses his way too…so all you self righteous ppl out there should look in the mirror especially all you PETA ppl….

  • Ana says:

    Ann I agree with you. In the beginning he appeared to not even want to pursue the dogfighting charges against Vick. Just another good ol’ boy sticking up for another thug!

  • anthony says:

    To Marjorie Hass I hope your stupid a$$ president goes to jail for 20 years for watching his own dam people die helplessly along with the other people in thier country…i understand vick needs to go to jail for his wrong doing but some of you people like Marjorie Hass is crazy and too imaginative. Death penalty life in prison banned from the NFL etc…come on now…those of you who think of the worse of Vick and is posting these crazy ideas of what should happen to them share similar thoughts to crazy Evangelists out there…check yourself..PLEASE.

  • sc says:

    Jim Jones Paris did her time in jail like she should have and now it is time for this criminal to do his time also. Why can’t people address ALL issues of wrong and cruelty. Will it actually prevent everyone from fighting against war rape molestation homicide etc if we just ignore animal abuse and let the animal abusers get away with it? No. Is protesting against animal abuse preventing the protest against crimes against humans? No. They are not mutually exclusive you can do both beleive it or not. Why not do both and end as much suffering as possible. Violence against humans cannot be eradicated unless all violence including that against animals is eradicated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Vick needs to face the consequences for what he did! There is no excuse to ever do that to dogs let alone any animals!

  • JDub says:

    You all are hypocrites and have blown this way out of proportion. Vick will prevail he’ll be out in 18 months with his money and back in the NFL. It’s a shame you all don’t show this kind of enthusiam for human life but I expect this kind of irrational behavior from “you people”. Katrina victims the kids being shot in NJ and some many other human issues are much more important. I do take solice in that Mike made his money and will out to resume his career shortly.