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Vick Codefendant Pleads Guilty …

Written by PETA | July 30, 2007

… but first, here’s a comic from the wonderful Dan Piraro that I think just about sums it up:


One of Michael Vick’s codefendants, Tony Taylor, changed his plea to guilty today. Taylor admitted to the court that he helped buy pit bulls and puppies and executed animals who didn’t do well in performance tests by shooting and electrocution.

PETA is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone suspected of dogfighting.

PETA demonstrators outside Taylor’s hearing today

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  • Nonetheless says:

    I am a little confused and would like some clarification. What is PETA doing to stop hunters from hunting down innocent deer rabbits and other animals? What is PETA doing about bulls when people tie the bulls’ nuts together to get them angry for bull riding? What is PETA doing about the Zoo’s that capture animals from other countries and transport them to the US via barges taking them out of their environment so people can pay to gawk at them. And a lot of those animals don’t make it to the US because they die from the transport. If someone can give me some direction to clarify these issues it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • SuzyQ says:

    Show me a vicious pit bull and I’ll show you an irresponsiblecruel vicious owner. All the more reason to lock up all the dogfighting owners breeders trainers and spectators for what they’ve done to this breed. A pit bull that’s been trained to fight will hurtkill not only animals but also humans. So don’t blame the breed but blame the person behind it. Please do not patronize any product that sponsors and glorifies dogfighting. Let us bankcrupt the perpetrators of dogfighting.

  • Steve says:

    I support Michael Vick but I must admit that a lot of people defending Vick sound pretty stupid. On the other end of the spectrum it is PETA people that drive me crazy! Whether it’s the extreme right or extreme left it’s the extremist that are the true fruitcakes. The way you all go about your business is illogical and mind boggling. Thank God there are still people left in the middle that think sensibly and deal with situations in an appropriate manner.

  • Sam says:

    i see some using the “Thou shalt not kill” arguement.i think god ment humans because If god ment not to kill any kind of animal or species im sure all of us would end up in hell because there is no way that any of you people could have not killed a fly or bug in your day

  • Sam says:

    To Maya you believe a dogs life and a humans life are equal? that is ridiculous to say such a thing i mean both are important but when it comes down to it which one would u save if you had to pick one. i hope you would chose the human

  • Stef says:

    I agree with poster “A” who said “you would be surprise who is involve this is not just a so called Thug sport. Its not just local guys trying to earn a hussle on the life of a dog. Sorry to say. Lets just hope those cops in New Orleans get the same punishment for the assassination of some 20plus dogs at a school shelter during katrina and gave there word to the owners there dogs would be safe.” Yes those people also need to be thrown in Jail. That was HORRIFIC and the only thing that is keeping that from getting this kind of attention is that Vick is a huge football star and this was planned sadistic cruelty for kicks and profit. The Katrina situation was different. But although I agree with these statemetns of yours I cannot understand your desire to support him at this point. Have you read the indictment? Its seems completely impossible that he was not a planner of these fights and actively involved in it. Seems that Taylor did MORE executing but so what? And what really bugs me is so many African Americans SAYING this is about race when they are MAKING it about race. Why defend this guy just because he’s black? Dude Scott Peterson was convicted in the court of public opinion long before he was convicted in a court of law and he is white. The reason? PULEASE WE ALL KNEW HE DID IT! What freak dies his hair and tries to skip town with a bunch of moeny who is not guilty? It is equally implausible that Vick isn’t RIGHT in on this thing so PUHLEASE.

  • Mike says:

    K…MD asks where does it end? How about where does it start? How about everyone doing their part to reduce suffering in the world and this includes animal suffering. You can’t reduce all suffering but you can reduce what you’re able to. Once again people don’t seem to understand that PETA is an acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Animals are their speciality. That is what they do. Why not write to the cancer society and ask them what they’re doing about Parkinson’s? I’m glad though K that you hold PETA in such high regard that you think they can eradicate poverty racism illiteracy and violence. Nobody else has been able to up till now including the groups dedicated specifically to those purposes.

  • Valerie says:

    I can’t get over how uneducated the animal haters sound on this board. People like mboss Michael Vick and Michael Vick 2 Sheri. They are such ignorant souless people. To say it is okay to fight these dogs and who cares about the dogs is so ignorant since they can’t understand how much torture the dogs are going through. I hope they rot in hell or jail with these views.

  • c_note says:

    why do people come on here and complain about PETA not standing up for human rights? Isn’t the acronym People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? Aren’t Amnesty International and Food not Bombs the organizations helping the human condition? How can a group be effective and try to combat every screwed up part of this world? It’s quite interesting to compare the posts of those who are blasting PETA to those who are trying to have an forum for communication… very interesting. And while the dunderheads may proclaim they are sticking up for human social concerns isn’t there mounting research that those who abuse animals are also likely to abuse humans? Oh and the notion that this is a rascist witchhunt bent on lynching a black celebrity has to be the most absurd idea in all of this mess. The only color this was about was green you big freaks.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Ronald…Pam Anderson wears FAKE or “faux” fur. She recently discovered that Uggs are made from sheepskin and has thrown those out as well. KMD…yes to all of your questions. Look at PETA’s front page it says right there “Animals are not ours to eat wear experiment on use for entertainment or abuse in any way.” Most folks here don’t wear leather or even wool they wear synthetics they don’t hunt don’t believe in circuses or rodeos or eat ANY animal products. Some of us are not all the way there yet…I still own some leather shoes simply because I can’t afford to buy good nonleather shoes right now but I choose to no longer support the leather industry. Not that you’ll listen to any of this anyway.

  • silverman says:

    There are 4 people involved in this. Tony Taylor has always been a known dogfighter in Va. Tony Taylor is the horrible one yet you people see this as merely a footnote and still salivate over Vicks’ blood. Looks like to me you whackos that scream for justice are just as vicious as pit bulls. Whine after the trial please! The irrational way that animal right activist approach issues turns people off.

  • Chris says:

    Hmmm while msboss is quoting the Good Book he’d better reread the Book of James and its admonition to control the tongue. Your Heavenly Father doesn’t like it when you use all those nasty words msboss. Oh here’s another little quote from Proverbs since we’re doing the Bible thang “The righteous man regards the life of his animal but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” Got that msboss? Got that Michael Vick?

  • matt says:

    Michael Vick is not the only one involved right? Well….then it seems to me all that peta can say is Vick. CAN YOU SAY VICK…I KNEW YOU COULD! We might as well prepare a cross for him to bear and whip him all night then crusify him for all the sins of dog fighting. He is already guilty to peta. no one responded to my comments earlier because I don’t spit venom. It seems like people just want to lash out knowing there is great security behind the computor.

  • Scarlett says:

    What I do not understand is why people continue to ask why PETA only focuses on animal abuse and not that of human abuses? I believe it is quite clear why. There are many organizations that support many things and PETA has chosen it’s place as has many other organizations. That does not mean that PETA does not agree that human rights are important or that protesting the war is important. It’s just one part of the picture. Go PETA animals deserve so much more than humans deserve for they are far more pure than us.

  • K...MD says:

    While I support fair and ethical treatment of animals I support the fair and ethical treatmentof epople first! PETA has always been perceived as an organization of fanatics and one with a myopic view. Dog fighting is no worse than racing a greyhound riding a horse and killing him if he’s hurt or even fishing. How many of you hunt or support it? What about zoos? Consider those unfair too? Are you all vegetarians? Refuse to wear leather? Where does it end? I hope that Vick is cleard of all charges. I think that he is only being dragged into this because his name was on the property and he has more appeal than any of his codefendants. He will also land on a another team as the “other” side of America loves a winner more than the animals they both pamper and wear. Grow up people. Get behind a real causeeradicate poverty racism illiteracy and violence.And buy a fur coat!

  • peace says:

    Peta doesn’t only go after africanamericans they go after anyone who is guilty of abusing animals. Just look at their website. They’re after IAMS kfc Burberry a kosher slaughterhouse and just last year there was a huge campaign about dog abuse in China. In fact they have a whole website dedicated to the horrific leather trade in India. Wouldn’t it be silly if Indians started crying “racism!!” because of that? BTW prominent African Americans such as Alice Walker and Russell Simmons are also animal rights supporters.

  • Nancy Green says:

    Why not let this man have his day in court?Do not rush to judgement.Mr.Vickyour comments on this websitedo not put you in a good lite.Maybe you need to be quiet.You do not set a good example for young people saying those thingsand folks who say things back are being just as bad.

  • Ronald Hopkins says:

    Your Telling me that a animal that attack you a child and even it’s own owner and you would consider that more important than a childs life. Now i’m not a peta basher I love dogs and all animals but i’m also a father and for my little girl I would let that dog go. Also I’ve seen a P.S.A with Pam Anderson about chicken. Now this is a woman that i’ve seen sporting a fur hat coat and boots at the VMA’s. I’m not pulling the race card but how come ya’ll not at her. It goes like this if one does it all should get the same treatment no matter if you black white rich poor. I’m not bashing but you guys are singling him out.

  • Maria says:

    MSBOSS… You just contradicted your remarks about ‘racism’ by calling these animal rights advocates “HILLBILLIES”. Aren’t you using racial terms yourself?? Im of asian descent and im concerned about the cruelty of animals. So obviously this isn’t about racism. So stop being so sensitive it isn’t about your “race”.

  • norman says:

    Hey Ronald. Dog’s find lost kids escaped criminalssniff out crack and heroin sniff out bombshelp the handicappedetc.etc.etc They protect cops and firefighters. Find skiers in avalanches. I just hope if you have kid’s come up missing or you’re victimized and robbedthey don’t waste the ing dog’s time to help you out. We owe dog’s a HELL of a lot more than they owe us. Maybe you’ll go blind and need a seeing eye dog. I hope karma bite’s you in your ignorant ass. And also it’s PEOPLE who make dog’s mean. Feeding them gunpowderteaching them to killetc. Your about as IGNORANT as Msboss. I’m going to pray tonight one day y’all need a dog for help and can’t get one. Perfect justice for both of your shallow mind’s. How much more stupid can you be? Not much. It’s hard to imagine ANYONE so ignorant as to not knowing how important dog’s are to human’s not the other way around. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Does anybody believe that there would not be protests for Vick if he was white? I don’t think it would matter. There would still be protests. It’s about the victims the dogs.

  • Mindy says:

    Perhaps i am a touch slow or simple but why does holding an admitted dogfighter responsible for his actions constitute rascism? Animal cruelty is a crime and needs to be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. I personally think that is a large problem in general the lack of enforcement for existing animal cruelty laws. I understand our justice system is taxed to say the least but theres just no excuse for convictions on animal cruelty cases to have no consequences. For judges to let sadists walk and let them continue to own and abuse more animals. It sets up a cycle of failure. For the officers who do try to prosecute offenders the judges let them off virtually scott free. They return home and commit more crimes with impunity. It’s almost an act in futility to even bother tryng to get a conviction with some weight to it. This must change and if a satisfactory judgement can be reached perhaps it will send the message that animal cruelty is starting to be taken seriously. That offenders can and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Homer Hammonds says:

    Good evening. My personal take on the Vick issue is as follows. If he is guilty of the charges he should be punished according to the law. However I don’t think it is wise to turn the situation into a racial circus. People have fought Pits as long as there have been Pits. The media giants who own the record companies who own the Artistand I do mean own have desensitized the young impressionable black youth by showing Pits fighting during hit songs by their favorite artist.And they watch these things over and over.kinda like a comercial And it’s been quite a few.It’s been glamorized and fed to the hip hop community continuosly for the last 5 years.Looking virle and masculine with a snarling dog. Remember everyone wants to be like Elvis or dance like Mike remember the jacket .I had one too. And they’re still impersonating Elvis to this dayeven in Japan. The younger generation is very impressionable always has been always will be. The media needs to watch what they feed people becuase that which is seen will be emulated. While I am against dog fighting personally I don’t think he should be fired from the team or the NFL. Mabey he could do time on the off season.Public Service for life. To many young AmericansVick was a hero.He could be very instrumental in turning this national epidemic around.CNN said 1 in 5 Chicago youths were fighting dogs.I wanna be like Mike.Jordans still fetch well over a Hundred clams. I think we as Americans need a wake up call. In the roman days man would fight man against Lion. Man has always fought each other in War after War after War.Are we not killing some one as I write this.It’s not all the terrorist. They look just like regular Iraqis to me. And how soon we forget slavery and all it’s many injustices to humankind. Wish there would have been a PETH…Treatment of Humans. Not dissing America it’s sad but also true.This has been sensationalized to the point of being devisive and unhealthy.I wish all involved the best and I mean all of us……A 46 Yr. old African AMERICAN MAN……Thanks

  • SuzyQ says:

    Roy We are not lynching a black man. Vick was the main financier of this illegal dogfighting business. He was involved all the way including killing dogs that did not perform well in dogfights. What a shame!!!

  • Ariel says:

    to MAYA I totally understand what you are asking of those who think “WHY do you think human life is more important than animal life?” But since I can’t answer your deep and civilized question with a narrowminded view like the animal haters have I can only say that I agree that ALL life is equally important because ALL life is interrelated ie dependent on each other. But the animal haters are SO selffocused and sometimes SO filled with hate that I believe they really cannot see the importance of human life despite what they say only words let alone the importance of animal life and our environmental life. So I would say that is why they won’t even attempt to answer you question with logic and dignity. to ANA and to all animal activistssupporters ONLY a suggestion I think it’s about time that we stop giving these ignoramuses any kind of attention with our civilized decent respectable humane and educated responses to them. Clearly they are only seeking attention with their irrational nonsensical and hatefilled comments. They are empty people who have a desperate need to TRY to make themselves feel superior by TRYING to antagonize rather than be educated about animal advocacy and life in general. They are also clearly telling us that they are a waste of our time and basically that they are life’s losers…and I think that they should confine their ignorance hatred and unsubstantiated sarcasm among their own type.

  • kathi says:

    I have read through some of the comments submitted. What floors me the most is…how can this be a racial issue. This is about the inhumane treatment of dogs. I have many friends that are “black” and share the same opinion as me. This is a cop out! I am so sick and tired of hearing about racisum and “we are picking on the poor black people” why don’t you just get a life. This has nothing to do with race this has to do with cruelty of animals. Chill out you folks that are pissed there is very damanging evidence againt Vick. If he was white I am sure this would not come up as a racial issue. You stupid idots this is about dogs not his sorry ass. People that use this as a racial issue are very misguided. Until now I did not even know who Vick was. Who cares what color he is. The topic is if he did this to those dogsit is against the law! Personally if he is guilty he should be made as an example. I would give him life or death by electrocution hanging stoning him to death or better yet impale him on a spicked pole up his butt and let him die a very slow and painful death! The reason he probably does this is because he is a big pussy and he is afraid of dogs! It probably gives this sick fuck away out from his fear of dogs and gives him a false sense of being superior. I hope he rots in hell.

  • sheri says:

    this is what i dont understand people is making about deal out of mike vick fightn some dogs of fuckin well he got bored and wanted to do something fun dont act holy like you havnt done something that was mean america needs to worry about more important things like missing kids homeless people war high ass gas prices aids cancer than rathe or not this man fought and killd some dogs

  • michael vick says:

    hi ana sorry i took so long i had to go train my pits but ummm you pretending that you are an educated person isn’t going to anything but make you feel better about yourself! peta members and their beliefs are so rediculous “humans life and an animals life are equal” that has to be the most mentally retarded statement i’ve ever heard in my life! and if you actually agree with that then there is something definitely wrong with you in the head..go smoke some weed or something and enlighten yourselves you uptight treehugging morons! haha

  • Valerie says:

    Hey Judas Michael Vick funded the whole dog fighting operation. Get your facts straight and read what it says. This is an animal rights organization board so for all you animal haters go to your own damn board and talk amongst yourselves in your own incoherent languages. GO AWAY!! And you tell them Ana!!

  • think says:

    wow your saying that animals are just as important as pets? so if your mother and your dog died youd be just as down about the dog as your mom? if so you need mental help and for the peta people protesting vick at court and at the falcons camp GET A JOB!!! i mean if hes found guilty the nfl will do something get a life and worry about yourselfs

  • Andrea says:

    Judas I dont want Mike Vick lynched I just want him to step up. The Detroit News reported that Taylor is not getting a reduced sentence for his plead. He didnt plead guilty just to screw Vick over for a better deal. Step up and be a man!! Famous or not who cares??

  • David Risley says:

    Licorne while I agree with you wholeheartly the truth is these are the types who actually inspire continuous dialogue in this society. Youll notice that all the really beautiful entries on these boards go unaddressed while the hatemongers garner attention and response from people who would not otherwise speak up. Look at the bright side they continue the conversation and that is what is important. They are doing more good than harm. I say bring it on continue the dialogue no matter what you have to say just keep it going even if you need to call me a racist fag or whatever the buzz word of the moment is. Otherwise this whole thing will fade away like so many other issues in our world. The more power to them sad they cant do it with more dignity but remember the demographicsaid in a Homer Simpson whisper Theyre kinda slow.

  • Dana says:

    First I would like to say to MSBOSS when you speak of slavery please keep in mind that Vick is no different than a slave master. Training dogs to fight one another and chaining them in your back yard with the only reward being food and water is no different than human slavery! “He has a kind heart. You see that in a child that is kind to animals. It’s in the way he pets them or brings an injured bird home or takes a dog out for a walk when no else will.” Why are so many people so quick to say that dogs are just animals when they alone teach children so much about life that humans never can. They teach our children unconditional love and responsibility. They teach them the true meaning of Loyalty. They have been known in many situations to protect their families from harm. For the ones of you that think that dogs are just dogs apparently you have never really lived with a dog or a dog that is placed in the proper environment. My dog burst with love and I would not trade him for anything in this world and to think that he could have been a victim of someone like Michael Vick makes me SICK! Stop making this an issue of slavery or race..the true slaves in this story are the ones found on Michael Vicks’ property and our dogs each come in many different colors not just Black and White…

  • Animal Lover says:

    Maya I’ll answer you! No a human’s life is not more important than an animal’s life. They are equal in my opinion and I totally support your statement! GO PETA!

  • Safira says:

    I can’t imagine how idiotic you must be if you think we’re doing this because he’s black. We’re doing it because he did ANIMAL CRUELTY. Oh and for those asking why we rather not help other worldwide problems for example War is because PETA is a ANTI ANIMAL ABUSE ORGANIZATION. There are many other organizations supporting important issues.

  • JUDAS says:

    Well God Damn it! This is a little hypocritical dont you think. Where to start. How about Tony Taylor. This is the guy that is the known dog fighter. In the indictment it states that that he was the one that killed the dogs. He was the one that started the Bad Newz Kennels. Now this is the funny part. You people on this very board are applauding him for stepping up like a man yet you all want Vick to get lynched? Are you fucking serious? Excuse my language but this doesnt make any sense. You want the blame to be on Mike Vick even when the holy 19 page FBI indictment alluded Tony Taylor was more ruthless. I had a feeling you PETA just wanted a celebrity to go down just to advance your cause but this just confirmed it. You have lost all my respect. DAMN!

  • Zero88 says:

    To ALLISON FRANCHISE Think back to when you were a kid.Who fed you?Who gave you shelter?Who made your life worth living or not worth living sense you are so “Compassionate”.Now imagine you are 7 or 8 and you parents throw you on a treadmill give you gun powder to eat and beat you. You have NO CONTROL what so ever at his point.You don’t what is going on all you know is that you are hurting and very angry.Imagine you are locked up not just in your room but a room that is very small and that you can barely stretch in. Then after your routine of everything you are being gathered around.People are shouting yelling and all then there is another kid. Hes looking straight at you yelling and in his eyes hes saying he wants to kill you.You have NO CONTROL. Dogs and animals are like children. They are domestic like you and me.The want love and compassion just like you did when you were little. Why shouldn’t every dog have the same. Why is it ok to treat dogs like such animals. Beat them deprive them of food and water and even kill them. We do not have such a right to do it to INNOCENT animals or human beings. The way you act seems to me you are saying its ok to do the same to people.Its not and its not ok to do to animals. Love you animal and treat him like a family member. They LOVE YOU!! Peta FOREVER!

  • remember all the innocent says:

    everyone should remain focused on the abusers out there famous not famous blackwhite america not america. it’s everywhere it’s in your neighborhoods. one thing to msboss body bags don’t come through the postal service when they are sent home from war. if your angrydo something about it.

  • Licorne says:

    The animal and Peta haters should not get anymore too much attention because it becomes insane to repeat on each page the same bogus an idiot is an idiot and cannot be educated! If for him this here is a sexual racial war or other issue let him rage against the wall and spit nonsense in this way they make a fool of themselves!

  • Ana says:

    Roy I think your comment would be more appropriate on the Ku Klux Klan blog. BTW all types of people are members of PETA. By that I mean race religion ethnicity sexual orientation agnostics etc. so what is your point. I don’t care that Vick is black I care about the animals and how they suffered. Using the race card shows ignoranceAGAIN!!

  • Alex Franchi$e says:

    PETA is Gay there a bunch of stupid fags!!!LOL stop buttin in peoples lives.Thats fucked up what he did but i just hope he can still play for tha falcons!i bet if yall were stranded with a animal u would kill it instantly! So shut tha fuck up u gay Fags I eat anmals and wear leather deal with it and shut up . if yall got some probs eat some KFC Bitch!LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Roy says:

    PETA Racist hypocrites! Oh you love jeering a famous black man don’t you. Screw your fascist racist organization. It’s not about justice for animals but rather it’s all about lynching a black man. You should be ashamed.

  • Mike says:

    Maya there are too many “Mikes” here. It’s getting confusing between the proPETA and antiPETA Mikes. I’m the proPETA Mike Gotta come up with a better handle.

  • Ana says:

    David Thank you for your sane comments. It seems that the animalhating PETAhating sector can only resort to cursing and to making absurd sexual comments about animal advocates. This is an animal rights blog discussing issues pertinent to its agenda. Along with the dog fighting victims are the other victims that have not received any pressthe cats kittens rabbits and other dogs used to train and make the pitbull dogs “angry and mean”. They died violent deaths or died slowly from their wounds. Thank you to all of us that are trying to gain justice for animals!!!

  • Maya says:

    Hmm Mike was that an answer? If it was such an outrageous question and the answer is so obvious please enlighten me. Why I ask again is a human’s life more important than an animal’s? I’m waiting.

  • Katie says:

    Everyone needs to just calm down. All that cursing isn’t going to help in any kind of way. It’s only showing ignorance and immaturity. This has nothing to do with race. Anyone who has any morals knows right from wrong. I think the electric chair is a little extreme but anyone including Vick who is proven guilty of cruelty to animals needs to be repremanded accordingly. Just because some people say that it is just a dog doesn’t mean that they are worthless. All of you who are using race as an excuse need to ask yourself how we are ever going to live together in peace? You are the ones who actually sound racist by calling white people “hillbillies slavemasters.” Someone wrote that black people are thought of as “niggers” I don’t recall reading anyone being called that in any of these comments We all know what happened in the past with slavery and I for one think that it is a disgrace for anyone to be discriminated against because of the color of their skin. That was never part of God’s plan and neither is cruelty to animals. And to Michael Vick “What does sex have to do with any of this?”

  • Ana says:

    Michael Vick I do have 3 advanced degrees. It is obvious by your demented anger and lack of writing skills that you did not get past grammar school. My profession is very legal I don’t fight dogs like you do which is illegal. But so is pushing drugs. I am still laughing at your impotent anger and pathetic words towards me!!! ha ha ha ha

  • Ana says:

    Michael Vick Your comments directed at me are pathetic and cowardly. That’s precisely why you have dogs fight. A mentally limited idiot like you can do no more. I am laughing at your comments. You sound like a little boy very little. Hopefully you will land in jail for your illegal dog fighting antics.

  • Canaduck says:

    Haha I can’t believe people think this is a racial thing. I had no idea what Michael Vick looked like when I heard about this and I still despised him. Don’t cause division where there isn’t any. It’s a waste of time. Of COURSE blacks are still discriminated against in the U.S. but this is not one of those situations. I’d suggest you find a real case of racism and focus on that rather than defending an evil man just because he is of the same race as you.

  • Karah says:

    I own three dogs of my own and I just can’t come to understand how somebody could be so cruel to these wonderful creaters. They bring a smile to my face each and everyday!! I just can’t understand how anybody could do these awful things. It makes me sick. Those poor helpless animals.. If only he could be treated the way he treated these dogs! If only he could feel the pain they felt…Him and everybody eals involved should be put away for life. This is murder.