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Vick Codefendant Pleads Guilty …

Written by PETA | July 30, 2007

… but first, here’s a comic from the wonderful Dan Piraro that I think just about sums it up:


One of Michael Vick’s codefendants, Tony Taylor, changed his plea to guilty today. Taylor admitted to the court that he helped buy pit bulls and puppies and executed animals who didn’t do well in performance tests by shooting and electrocution.

PETA is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone suspected of dogfighting.

PETA demonstrators outside Taylor’s hearing today

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  • Mike says:

    WOW. Maya I used to agree with your posts. After this…I am speechless. You seemed like such an intelligent person but did you honestly ask why a human’s life is any more important than a dog’s? “Its better to stay silent and let people think you are a fool than open your mouth and prove them right”

  • Sarah says:

    screw peta…yall are so stupid

  • ann says:

    msboss michael vick michael vick 2345 etc it is ignorant creature like u gave the black people the black eye. how pathetic !!!!!!!!

  • David Risley says:

    Dear God msboss you’re brilliant! Your support of Vick is like Ann Coulter to the Republicans you soil his name even more than you help it. We need more of you to stand up take a bow and show the world what kind of people supports men with these allegations under their belts. So come on out all you swear totin’ racecard pullin yeehaw yodlin folk and show ‘yer faces. But please for the love of the bible dont represent it dont “run and tell that”. Your interpretations are a bit off as I dont think God of any sort would really appreciate you speaking on His behalf. Mind you I am not religious religious with a label I mean but I appreciate religion and those who use it for the good of man yours seem to inspire hatred. Do you think others of your faith would appreciate your vitriol? How can you call us racist and then make reference to hillbillies as if they represent all white people? And you used the n word I didnt. Keep it alive msboss. I wont but you can. Everybodys blood is red including yours so get off your high horse. When the story broke I didnt even know who Michael Vick was by face I didnt care. But I did care about what he was being accused for. I didnt see his picture until way later and tell you what I still dont care about his face or skin. For you and the NAACP to pull the race card is such garbage this isnt about you or your skin color or Vicks this is about the DOGS and their violent treatment those same dogs who come in brown black white grey charcoal and dont look at each other with disdain based on their skin we should take their lead. I hope we dont forget THEM if this inflames into another politicsoaked legal puppetshow race war. Bottom line if this was Bobby Petrino outrage would be just as rampant. I have to tell you though I can appreciate it now that the NAACP is stepping in with their delicate slightlyaccusatory tongue it is spreading the story even farther reaching out to even more people who would otherwise not pay attention to this story so good on em. And one more thing you all might be surprised to know that your common animal lover is also a people lover and does support human rights this topic just happens to be about dogs so quit the nonsense of accusing us of having no regard for other humans its just a dumb notion. Love ya! Bye!

  • Mike says:

    Remember PETA didn’t start this whole thingthe feds did. If you want to accuse someone of racism accuse the feds though I certainly don’t believe this is a race issue. Tony Taylor isn’t admitting guilt because he’s gone honest all of a sudden. He’s pleabargaining to get a lesser sentence by implicating Vick. Taylor indicated the dogfighting was financed almost entirely by Vick. In other words according to Taylor Vick was fully complicit in the dogfighting. I think it’s about time these boards were actually monitored for the lunatic fringe element. Some of these morons get a big thrill from saying “fuck” on the internet. There should be guidelines. Any profanity or ad hominem attacks will automatically disqualify your post. There’s way too much chaff here and much too little wheat.

  • Ariel says:

    Since Tony Taylor is making a plea bargain against Vick I wonder if Tony is a “racist”??? Or maybe he just wants “to ruin Vick’s life” because he’s “jealous of Vick being a wealthy celebrity”???…hmmmm… Gee where have I read those types of accusations before????

  • stasya berber says:

    a man who admits to abusing animals giving them cruel lives and even crueler deaths doesnt deserve to be defended no matter what card you play. using race should somehow make us feel sorry for him? the only ones being supressed here the ones without voices and sadly most of their lives have been silenced by the hand of michael vick. animal cruelty means disprespect to all life. I have lived with animal abuse in my own home and i was too young to stop it from happening to my family pets and to my self and hopefully publicity about mr Vick will stop the suffering of animals and people alike in the future.

  • wildchild says:

    peta is bunch of bullshit..who give a damn about a damn dog..or any other fuckin dog that can kill or harm a human..peta get off vick and I am going to continue to fight my dogs. TO HELL WITH PETA!!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL ALL PETA MEMBERS…I WISH THE WORST ON ALL OF YOU BITCHES

  • Ronald Hopkins says:

    Why is it that you guys are so on Michael Vick. But we have Koreans Eating dog and not one of you went over there and tried save one of them. We have people that hunt deer every day and not one of you jumpped in front of a bullet. Lets just call it what it is the man is in the lime light cause seriously if this was the regular average joe you people would not be making a big deal out of it. Finally to Maya If you were on top of a skyscraper and you had a 3 month old child in one hand and a pit pull in the other you can only save one which one are you going to save.

  • SUSAN says:

    To msboss Please give us names or addresses or the location of those “hillbillies” up in North Georgia that fight any animals we would like to arrest and convict them too. You could even do it anonymously just report it to the local police or the FBI or here at PETA. I do not care who it is famous or not white black or purple wrong is wrong and ALL animal fighters belong in jail. Do you think God cares what color your skin is? I do not think God does but likewise God would condemn not based on skin color but on actions bad and good. God would not condone this kind of violence and after all God knows who fights animals breaks the laws and sins even if the rest of the world does not know. Ultimately animal abusers cannot hide from God nor God’s punishment for this type of cruel violence. The Bible and God both state to abide by the state’s laws and aniaml fighters are breaking those laws as well as any law of human decency.

  • memories says:

    I guess msboss is a little angry and I think heshe may be a product of breeding from Michael Vick Ignorance Breeds Ignorance. Also I guess heshe may be a little angry because Vick really is guilty or he would not have to hire almost a whole law firm to work for him. I hope he has to spend a lot of his money as he won’t be making anymore.

  • BullyDawg says:

    One thing that needs to be done is follow up on exposing ALL dogfighting not just what Vick is involved in. There’s fighting going on in LeFlore Co. Mississippi for example httpwww.clarionledger.comappspbcs.dllarticle?AID20070731NEWS70731016 I encourage everyone here to post any stories you have heard about dogfighting in YOUR area and let PETA know about it!

  • Angee says:

    I am so tired of this being called a “RACIAL” thing. Come on now. Does anybody really think if this was Payton Manning or Matt Hasselback we would pat them on the back and say “Nevermind your white please keep torturing and killing dogs” Umm no. Michael Vick being black means absolutely 100 percent nothing to me. I wish people would just take a look at their dog or cat and imagine somebody dipping it in water and electrocuting it. Or even better imagine somebody slamming it’s head into a wall over and over. Is that a black white thing really? We are not keeping our eye on prize here. With any color you get some bad ones and some great ones. Michael Vick just ended up being a bad one dressed like a great one. Now lets remember why we are here and save some animals.

  • juice says:

    why dont u protest the people causing the genocide darfur u know something important then animals and mike vick.

  • Stephanie says:

    I hope those involved get what they deserve…how much of a big man do you have to be to harm those who cannot speak for themselves???? This angers me when those with money use it for such negative reasons. Why not help those in need??? This is such a serious issue harming of animals is awful.It needs attention brought to it and to see people posting such stupidity here is depressing. Why not use that energy to do something positive. It is not a race issue…why is that always brought up? That is not what is important and I hate that selfish way of thinking if you want racism eliminated quit bringing it up! Stick to the real issue here…animals have no one to speak for them PETA needs to be applauded for what they are trying to do to help not only the pitbulls but all animals. And “rappers” don’t need to be quoted here…JayZ uses dog fighting in one of his videos…wow what a big man he is….fighting pitbulls. I think all of you who posted such negative comments here need serious education…pick up a book help those in needvolunteer do something. The point is animals are being harmed…it doesn’t matter who is doing it or who did it. It needs to be stopped so please stop bringing in your sick selfish close minded issues here. It is 2007 get with it!

  • Michele says:

    The only reason some people here are raising the “race card” is to deflect away from the real issue which is plain and simple ANIMAL ABUSE. If any of the antiPETA folks took a fraction of the time that they spent trying to put together what can barely be called a sentence they would know that PETA has been dealing with animal abusers from all races and walks of life. The post that was after this one is about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who are both white and the politicians and lawmakers being targeted regarding the Mike Vick situation are mostly white. Just spend 10 minutes on PETA’s website in the section with “action alerts” they are targeting companies politicians celebrities and noncelebrities who are black white hispanic european rich poor skinny fat whatever. If you are an animal abuser and if PETA becomes aware of the situation they will target you if authorities do not appear to be taking the appropriate steps to stop the abuse. If you are not an animal abuser but for whatever reason keep being brainwashed by the morons who insult animal activists without reason take the time to read through the various sections of this website. I DARE YOU to watch PETA’s videos ALL of them KFC circuses using wool and leather for clothing vegetarianism animal testing etc.. This is real stuff not just someone making baseless allegations. It is pretty horrendous stuff to watch but if you have one shred of compassion you will be affected by what you see and maybe you can start taking steps to doing even the smallest thing to help animals. I am not a religious person though I have values that are Christian but was nevertheless horrified to read msboss’s post. She is clearly an emotionally disturbed person who should not be considered as representative of black people nor of religious individuals. And lastly WAY TO GO to PETA and EVERYONE who did something to raise awareness of the situation regarding dog fighting. Even though this campaign started due to Mike Vick’s specific situation everyone is talking about dog fighting now even people who previously never even knew this sort of thing was going on. All of those individual emails letters and phone calls make a huge impact and everyone should be proud of their individual and collective efforts. Vick is going down one codefendant at a time and more animals will be safe!

  • jen obamba says:

    msboss you are wrong making a racial issue out of this case! my husband is african not africanamerican and our whole family is very animal loving! me and my husband are against dogfights and condemn vick’s criminal acts in every way! we talked to many africans europeans and americans and they are all against vick! go on peta you do a great job!

  • Susannah says:

    To ms boss It isn’t “racist” to condemn dogfighting. I wouldn’t care if Michael Vick was AfricanAmerican ItalianAmerican WASPAmerican or antiAmerican but I do care about dogfighting and want to see it severely punished up to the limits of the law. Dogfighting has even larger ramifications to it than the cruelty inflicted on the animals. It is also primarily associated with drug culture and criminal behavior and no amount of ranting is going to make it otherwise. This isn’t about Michael Vick per se or about race. It’s about cruelty to animals and the necessity for putting an end to it.

  • Janet says:

    MsBoss Please do not use the name of my Lord or His Words to defend your racism and ignorance. If you had actually read the Bible you would have picked up on the fact that mistreatment of animals such as that perpetrated by Esau Nimrod was condemned by the rabbi in the old testament. As for the war issue you probably complained along with the rest of america and called us “unpatriotic” when us “liberals” complained. Regarding the comments on slavery as a person of black ancestry you should feel sympathy for animals that are enslaved merely because they are weaker than the men who oppress them. It was people just like the animal liberators of today that abolished slavery and fought for civil rights. Oppression is wrong no matter who is the victim and the perpetrator. By the way there is this great tool on your computer called “Spell Check”. You should really check it out. No it doesn’t mean Jesus approves if the red lines appear under your words it only means you can’t spell.

  • carmen says:

    I wondered how long it would take for race to come up? Well are Africal Americans the only ones that are allowed to be passionate about protest? The right to free speech is only allowed by them?

  • Nathan B. Jackson says:

    msboss I am an African American an animal lover and a member of PETA and I fully approve PETA’s actions and decisions. Don’t make a racial issue out of ignorance. PETA is fighting for the right thing! The way you talk makes me feel shame. I also think at our African heritage and our African tribal ancestors never were speciesists until the white man invaded the continent and brought us to America in slavery. But now we are here and have to make the best out of OUR AMERICAN NATION! Brothers and sisters don’t bring shame on African heritage please please please!

  • Poornima says:

    hopefully this development will eventually lead to vick’s conviction. in reaction to the infamous earlier comment why make it into a racist issue? 2 wrongs don’t make a right I look forward to the guilty being punished this time.

  • ann says:

    msboss what r u shouting about here? r u manic depressed? or r u a retard? may i suggest u quickly go to ur local clinic get a prescription of PROZAC? reading ur comments gives me a headache pls use small letter or get lost.

  • ann says:

    vick’s co defendent tony taylor is plea bargaining now. headline news tonight says vick was in 7 dogfights while taylors were still ” associated” with him before 2004 hopefully with his confession and help the authority can nail vick the other thugs and round up all the spectators too and put all them in jail . ohby the way remember to throw away the key to their cell too.

  • Longcut says:

    MBOSS I am not a member of P.E.T.A I am simply an outsider who is slowly gaining interest. That being said I can honestly say that you just made the biggest ASS out of yourself. I read your post and I was literally laughing out loud. As I agree with you that many blacks have come very far you are obviously not one of them. Maybe you should harness all that hate you have for the “WHITE MAN” and use it for more productive things. I will not go as far as to say you should care for any animals or have any children for that matter but as a Veteran myself maybe you should volunteer at a Vets hospital. Also I want to know what bible you are reading because I do not think my grandma would have made me go to church three times a week if I was picking up your ignorant poorly used vocabulary. Have a nice day and God Bless P.E.T.A and of course you MBOSS because I am sure he is really happy to have you representing him. I am being sarcastic MBOSS just incase you are too ignorant to understand

  • SuzyQ says:

    The federal indictment against Vick and company is a good use of my tax money. Go Feds! Go PETA!

  • Matt says:

    I must say that this is a very bad situation for Vick. He does have the right of do process. I must admit Iam supporting Vick as he go thru the process of the Law. Now Ive been a Pitbull breeder for about 11 years not once have I faught one dog. Not because I was afraidI knew it was Illegal. Vick is the big name on this ticketbut believe me peta people this thing is bigger than Vick it is international as well as in the states also you would be surprise who is involve this is not just a so called Thug sport. Its not just local guys trying to earn a hussle on the life of a dog. Sorry to say. Lets just hope those cops in New Orleans get the same punishment for the assassination of some 20plus dogs at a school shelter during katrina and gave there word to the owners there dogs would be safe. One family came back to get their dogs3 out of 4 dogs were killedbullet in the back of their heads.The one that got awayOh he was a black pitbull that hid behind a desk. its on the internet look it up.Peta you have made your point in Atlanta with the plane flying over calling them dogkillers please don’t judge everyone by one person’s ignorance. In that case we all are guilty of one thing or another. While Vick may derserve the electric chair according to one’s comments we deserve the same. Those that prejudge Vick cheat on there taxescommit adultaryovereat and over endulge in alchahol so I guess if you havent done any of these then you are the ultimate canidate for Heaven. Let us all reason with our own lives.

  • A says:

    Ms Boss Shame on you for suggesting a race issue… “Thou shalt not kill” does not apply to murder of one’s own kind only but to all living beings and this Commandment was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai. Leo Tolstoy “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” Leonardo da Vinci artist and scientist

  • m.vick is innocent says:

    i think the only reason m.vick is being treated like this is because he is black. this stupid as peta group lol is just doing what white slave masters use to do by making money of hard working black people. u bitches are mad that m.vick has money and is able to provide for his family. in the words of 1 of my favorite rappers anybody associate withpeta need 2 just kill u self

  • petrillo says:

    Vick is a sick man. Yes he is sick because the allegations say so. Um… Child predators are sick. Rapists are sick. Serial killers are sick. Dog fighters…well…um I think…maybe. No I can’t really say they are sick. I do think however think they have an abnormal aggression for a blood sport. Then again so does Americans. Come to think about it I really don’t care. Sorry. I tired of hearing about this tired subject. Post all your whining when hes found guilty and not before. It probably will make some you all look more credible instead of looking like some media puppets. And the mob gathersoh and yes a human life is more important than a dogs. We don’t eat dogs we keep them as pets that why empathize with them. What about those rednecks that cock fight? What? Huh… Oh thats right THERES NO CELEBITY TO LATCH ONTO AND CRY TO GET LYNCHED.

  • Raina says:

    Well said to everyone but ms boss . Msboss what you need to know is that the issue is animal cruelty dog fighting stop trying to make it a racist thing it isn’t are you aware that Russell Simmons is voicing his own outrage about Michael vick and dog fighting along with many others like Moby and various animal organizations. Ms boss you are a heartless person you have no compassion for anything you are very miserable you are lost in darkness you are mean spirited your heart is empty and you have no soul.

  • michael vick says:

    wow Donna Sandell electric chair? people who murder humans don’t even get the electric chair! dumb bitch

  • michael vick says:

    MSBOSS keep on preaching! fuck these racist sons of bitches what they need to do is have some sex or something because they’re all probably virgins! and i see that dumb broad ANA is in this blog as well so i’m going to tell you this shut the fuck up bitch because tricks like you can suck a nut! you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about!

  • valerie says:

    Msboss you are certainly not going to heaven with your views on animals and all of God’s creatures. In the bible it says we are the custodians of animals and need to take care of them. You are obviously a fake and a phoney and are writing on this board to show your hatefulness which is not the Christian thing to do. You also need to learn how to spell and write better so why don’t you go back to school and make something of your life and become a better person. This space is for animal lovers not for haters like you

  • Wendy says:

    Vick should probably follow his lead. Although what this guy did was disgusting I do think that it’s good he manned up and realized that he was in the wrong. The first step to changing your ways is to admit them. Hopefully through all of this he has learned a lesson…and hopefully while he sits in jail he will also be able to learn more lessons.

  • Maya says:

    Ana you’re so right about that. I don’t try too hard to understand people any more but I do cling to my science to keep me sane By the way it’s interesting to see people like ms boss on here. Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point cited an experiment that reminded me of this. In NYC police were trying to reduce crime on the subways and they kept increasing police presence to stop crime. Then one researcher decided to remove all graffitti from the subway trains and to prevent theft at the token station. Well it made an enormous difference. Crime went way down. Removing images of disrespect and criminal activity reduced crime. The point is if you have an environment that is hostile and negative you’re inviting nasty people like ms boss. If your environment is “clean” and respectful that’s what you invite. As long as PETA shows nasty images they’re going to have these psychos wasting everyone’s time on the boards. Just thought I’d mention that.

  • Desiree Lee says:

    I would like to see msboss reply to the comments about her. I’m pretty sure she can’t rebuttal. I appluse to amanda for her mature reply to msboss’s coment. I myself don’t feel so cool about it.

  • Michael says:

    I don’t know why you are all concerned about Mr. Boss. It’s just Vick. I heard since he has the time he is on these blogs trying to do some damage control and PR.

  • Mike says:

    The 18page original indictment can be found at this link httpwww.thesmokinggun.comarchiveyears20070717072vick1.html Apparently though there will be a superseding indictment in August which could mean even more charges against Vick. Taylor is probably just pleabargaining to save his behind at the expense of Vick’s.

  • stacy says:

    How can msboss use that type of horrific language and bible quotes in the same sentence? “Christians” like that just baffle me on every level. Not only their blatant cruelty for “gods creatures” but their hypocrisy as a whole. Show me one passage in the bible where Jesus pitted innocent animals against one another till the death and to gain profit no less or even for thrill. Then show me where Jesus said that killing shootingand hanging a weaker being a living breathing feeling being was loving and christian like. Vick and the others will get what they deserve and race wont matter. They are murderers. And whats worse they pick on the weak. Their lives had value too msboss. You came to a site that is dedicated to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves and you abuse even the readers here just as Im sure you abuse animals that are so unlucky to cross your path. I am sad for you that you lack compassion as a human being. I am sad for any thing whether it be a child or animal whose little life is left in your violent compassionless hands. God bless.

  • A says:

    MSBOSS I see that you mentioned god I cannot read your entire comments becuae it is in all caps. First of all maybe you should pray is that sort of language used in your church? Fk ya praise the lord!!! As far as the slavery comments.. Chris Rock put it best in his comedy special…All black Americans that complain about slavery and the white man trying to keep them down get in line for a one way ticket back to Africa. I do hope your flight does not land in the Congo.Heard of Darfur? If Vicks is found guilty will you say the government framed him or right an apology letter here on PETAnot in all caps. please do tell me where this church you attend is because I would love to go to a church that preaches like you do! Hell yes Amen!

  • Robert says:

    Wow MsBoss July 30 at 5PM you are in serious need of medication!!!You probably can take us to a bunch of dog fights because that is the type of person you are brainlessmisinformedand just plain fucking STUPID !!!You talk about God and the likesand by the way God spelled backwards is dogI don’t really think you or people that think like youVick are going to ever get to heavenat least lets hope notwe had to deal with your dumb torturess asses here on earthbesidesall dogs go to heaven and they dont want the likes of you up there!!I am so glad to see all his sources of money slowly going byebyethat’s how you hurt a rich bastard with no other feelings or emotions or soul in his bodytake his money away.Next lets hope to God that we can take at least 6 years of that so called “mans”life away!!! Dogfighters arn’t smart peoplethey are spineless monsters who want to be menbut will never be and so they kill dogs.Oh yeahMsBosswhy don’t you report all these dogfights you can take us to and try to collect the $1000 reward for there arreststhen you can use the money to maybe get an education and quit babbling bullshit !!!

  • Kelley says:

    To msbosswhat on earth are you talking about?? For someone who writes about the bible and prayer you certainly have a dirty little mouth and a major hostility problem.

  • Ana says:

    msboss You are truly ignorant. You badly need an education. First you insult and curse animal advocates and then you name Jesus you make no sense. It was difficult reading what is your inability to write a sentence but your spelling also is atrocious. When you make a point be logical in your approach. BTW I have protested the war and speak against the war in my history classes I also am a dedicated animal advocate. BTW is the NAACP fighting for the rights of Whites or Latinos or even women for that matter? Hip hop continuously denigrates women in their songs what are you and the NAACP doing about that? If you are so concerned about the war go out and do something about it desist in denigrating others who truly love and advocate for animals. It is so counterproductive. You say not to judge Vick but you and all of the other animalhaters and PETAhaters have judged all aniaml advocates and have resorted to childish tactics by namecalling. Whew such ridiculous efforts! Maya I am truly upset that the shelters closed and that the clinic went out of business. The animals suffered as a consequence of all this. You proved my point though animals get very few donations from the public. Why people begrudge others that want to help innocent suffering animals is beyond me.

  • Amanda says:

    Well said Spiderwoman. You are a true epitomy of humanity. I have thought long and hard about the response of msboss but it appears to me she has a hard time using her words anyways. Love and light to all of my PETA supporters antiVic supporters and even Ms.boss.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    This whole issue becomes increasingly interesting. Concerning animal abuse and it’s unanimous approval of certain classes specifically in favour of dog abuse reaches similar dimensions as in China! It’s incredible but true a western socalled civilized nation reveals to be on the same level with the third world concerning it’s bad treatment of animals. specially certain backminded classes of the american society seriously refuse to accept the indications and guidelines of the law! This is not just tragic but a catastrophe regarding America’s leading role in front of the whole world. A nation which was till now a great example for the other nations collapses morally because of the stubbern disobedience of some criminal idiots refusing to admit their bad treatment of animals resp. dog fighting. It is very important that Vick’s codefendant pleads guilty for the whole issue! Nevertheless i just can wish and hope that the american law shall punish the guilty criminals with all the possibilities at hand because it’s clear behind every broken law is a dirty business and it’s shameful for Mister multimillionaire Vick who wouldn’t need all this dirty money but who indulges obviously in this matter out of personal passion and this is the true sadistic monster crime! A small criminal does it for the money a big criminal does it for the pleasure this also regarding bullfight and hunting! So you certainly understand that i’m not a racist but a misanthrope and this is worse a racist can be educated a misanthrope remains with his idea till he dies. It’s irrevocable irreversible and sealed! And all the animal haters have to swallow this because they made of me what I am! But for to show you your miserable attitude for the next earthquake I’ll send you my rescue dogs! Thank you!

  • msboss says:

    Thats a bunch of hogwashyou racist pigs could care less about a fuckin dogi can take your dumb asses to plenty of dogfights.Take your ass up in NORTH GAand fuck with those hillbilliesthat fight dogshogsbullsand chickensAND ANYTHING THEY CAN MAKE A COUPLE OF $$$$’S.Take your hypocritical ass up there and fuck with them.Tony Taylor has nothing to tell because it didn”t happen.Vickwill be may i repeat he will be cleared of all charges now run and tell thatyou fake ass dog lovers.What about our kids that are dying everyday in this inhumane war yeah what about all the body bags coming through our postal servicewhat about it those are humanbeingswhy your ass is not speakin out against that bullshityou are using VICK to show african americans niggers as u would call usthat there are still some racist fucks out here that hate black people hold on you talk about VICK needs to die Bitch plsthey should have hanged some of yaw’LL SLAVEMASTER’S FOR THE LYNCHING OF OUR ANCESTOR’sKEEP IT REAL MFTHOSE WERE SOMEBODY’s loved one’S THAT WERE HANGED BY THERE THROATCAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKINSO LIKE I SAID BLACKS HAVE COME TO FAR TO LET A SMALL GROUP OF IGNORANT ASS HILLBILLIES THAT DON’T REALLY STAND FOR ANYTHING BUT SLAVERY TRY TO TAKE US BACK IN TIMEU CAN TRY EVERYTHING AND IF ALL FAILS TRY GODU KNOW PRAYER WORKSif u are such loving people and u don’t condone killing of animalsoh yeah MICHAEL VICK IS NOT A DOG HE’S ONLY HUMANVICK KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZEAND THATS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS CHRISTAND HE WILL SEE U THROUGHWE LUV UAND WILL NEVER TURN OUR BACKS TO UBEFORE I CLOSEREMEMBER THE WORD SAYSTHAT NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST U SHALL PROSPERLET ME BREAK IT DOWN TO THESE HILLBILLIES THAT DON’T KNOWTHAT THE SAME PITHOLEU ARE DIGGIN FOR VICK IN NO TIME ALL OF U WILL FALL IN ITI DIDN’T SAY IT ITS IN THE WORDNEVER FIGHT EVIL WITH EVILOPEN YOUR BIBLE AND READ IT SOMETIME!!!!!

  • Maya says:

    TO ANTI PETA PEOPLE I read a lot of comments asking why Vick is getting singled out. Let me answer that because it’s all over the news and he’s a celebrity. My friend J just had to close her animal shelter because she did not get any donations. My wildlife center closed last year because I did not get any donations. The innercity 24 hour vet clinic in our area that treated strays for free just went out of business. All of us had websites. If we had spraypainted a celebrity or made a spectacle of ourselves we would have seemed foolish but at least we would not have lost our animal resuce centers. At least PETA is saavy enough to know what gets attention and money. TO PETA SUPPORTERS I know you’re passionate about this story but PLEASE give 100 hits once in a while to stories like the fish quilt so other animals can get some attention too. And lastly to those who are about to say why do we care about dogs when kids are suffering I ask the question again give me a logical reason why you think that a human’s life is more valuable than a dog’s.

  • Donna Sandell says:

    This dogfighting is not to be tolerated. Vick should get the electric chair for participating in such a heinous crime. Spectators should also be hauled in to jail. It’s an outrage. Are we still in a Nazi Germany mentality? A Gladiator mentality?

  • Andrea says:

    While what Tony Taylor did to those poor dogs is disgustingI applaud him for being man enough to finally stand up and say “Im guilty”.