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Vick Admits to Playing a Role in Dog Deaths

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

In a plea agreement entered today, Michael Vick, who was indicted last month for his role in a professional dogfighting operation, admitted that he had provided “most of the ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ operation and gambling proceeds” and admitted playing a role in the deaths of at least 6-8 dogs earlier this spring (some of these dogs were strangled or drowned). You can read CNN’s story about the plea agreement and comments from the public here.

It’s up to a judge now to decide Vick’s sentence and fine. I was appalled to learn that the maximum jail sentence for Vick’s offense is only 5 years.

If you’re like me, and you want to do something now, let the powers that be know right now that you won’t tolerate this kind of cruelty, contact the NFL and urge them to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its “Personal Conduct Policy.” This case has shown that NFL fans are just as disgusted by cruelty to animals as by any of the other antisocial behaviors outlined in the policy. Click here to contact the NFL now, and be sure to pick up a “Dogfighters are Cowardly Scum” t-shirt from Café Press.

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  • tspoon says:

    Mike Vick has pleaded guilty and made a statement. He realizes that he mad mistakes. I am upset with his actions so now I hope that he reflects on the lives he has effected and thinks of ways to do right. He is being punished big time so dont think that is all…. Make your personal actions show your remorse.

  • a normal person says:

    hello people of peta I realize that you care alot about animals which is fine but lets look at something that really matters to our country….THE WAR… we are spending too much time caring about dumb ass mike vick while HUMANS are being killed in iraq. IF dogs were able to go to iraq and fight maybe I’d be a little concerned. Since animals aren’t humans and are somtimes our food I think that this isn’t such a big deal. Of course I don’t think that it is right but I feel that this country like always is focused on the wrong things. I mean Katrina victims are still floating around in New Orleans and we are worried about these dogs….LETS FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS!

  • Renee Coleman says:

    God is going to judge peta just like they judged mike vick. White folks love dogs more than they do black people. He does not deserve to have his career and his life ended over some dogs. The very dogs yall are defending would have ripped you to shreds had they gotton a whole of you. How many pit bulls have killed children? what happened to their owners… nothing but a fine! But no he is black and talented so you have try and destroy him! I pray for all of you peta people youre the one s that are cruel!

  • Charlotte says:

    No one condones what Vick has done but there is in this country a division in living standards and treatment between those people who are the marginalized in our society and the middle to upper class people. There are no excuses for maladaptive behavior in adults but our environment plays a large part in what we are made of. To prevent cruelty to animals we must begin by ending cruelty to our fellow human beings and instilling compassion to our society. Children must have good mentors for modeling a life of kindness and peace. Because peace must prevail in the world before mistreatment of animals is irradicated. The perspective of the world we live in is out of balance. There is little respect for human life and without that there is no respect for other living creatures.

  • observer says:

    gary the parent are you capable of reading and knowing what you read??? to help you understand simple explanations that have been written on here almost every single day peta is an organization for animals rights. got that??? moving on. there are special organizations for specific causes. got that??? moving on. peta is not a law enforcement organization to stop kids from being snatched up raped child porn child predators. LAW ENFORCEMENT DEALS WITH THAT!!! GOT THAT??? moving on. all of us organizations don’t overcross into each other. and don’t play law enforcers. got that??? moving on. BRINGING THIS AROUND. ANIMAL ABUSE HAS BEEN AND IS CONNECTED WITH CHILD ABUSE AND MURDERS!!!!!!! ONE OF PETAS AIMS IS TO EXPOSE AND STOP THE CRUEL LAW BREAKING ANIMAL ABUSERS WHO WE KNOW WOULDN’T THINK TWICE ABOUT CHILD ABUSE AND BREAKING ANY OTHER LAWS ‘CUZ THE ANIMAL ABUSERS ARE COLD HEARTED SCUM WHO DON’T HAVE RESPECT FOR THE LAW OR FOR ANY LIFE!!!! AND THAT INCLUDES HAVING NO RESPECT FOR YOUR KIDS WHO THEY WOULD ABDUCT TO ABUSE!!! do you understand from this that peta is an organization for animals rights ‘cuz if animals don’t have legal rights then animal abusing thugs would be freer to break the law without being exposed at the level of innocent animals???? had peta known about jeffrey dahmer torturing and killing animals then peta would have exposed him before he started killing people!!!! jd is not the only one who started out with animal abuse!!!! the prisons and streets are full of his kind to some degree!!!! and peta wants vicious animal abusers exposed ‘cuz they can get to people!!! what the judges decide after the animal abusers are exposed is up to them!!! got that??? we protest animal abuse animal torture ‘cuz of knowing what vicious animal abusing thugs are capable of doing to all innocents starting with animals and we have compassion for all innocents!!!! got that??? vicks is a vicious animal torturer and killer who needs psycho treatment!!!! got that??? now can you help me to understand what you are doing about kids being snatched raped child porn child predators?????

  • Tracey says:

    PETA and everyone else need to sit down and shut up. When dogs viciously attack children and adults do they protest then. Michael Vick is only human and we all make mistakes. Everyone need to quit judging this man. Did anyone ever ask the question as to How many other NFL players are involved in illegal dogfights? Don’t no one think about that. As far as I am concerned Roger Goodell and Arthur Blank may be involved in something illegal. Only the truth behind the decisions Michael Vick made lies between him and the Lord. He does not have to prove anything to anyone but himself. I am so sick and tired of people judging each other. People always say it does not have anything to do with race but it surely does. We can not chose who people elect to hang around. Michael Vick does not portray himself as being thuggish or hood. I am so sick of this prejudiced against Michael Vick.

  • Kathleen Hopkins says:

    We who consider ourselves above God should not wonder how another human such as Michael Vick could think act and believe that dogs are nothing more than a couch bucket or other useful and equally disposable object. We taught Michael Vick to push fight and win at all costs in his career. Why do we imagine that he would act any differently towards his dogs? We are nothing more than hypocrites as we sit cheeringly on the sidelines of sporting events and encourage our fathers uncles brothers and sons to “hit him harder!” Shame on them shame on us! Violence begets violence!

  • Lee says:

    Is anyone ready to transfer this anger on to other issues that also need our attention? Vick will get what is coming to him now let’s just keep up the anger and start directing it at the greedy monsters that run our corporations our goverment and our country. Would be nice if we were calling for Bush’s head right next to Vick’s on that platter.

  • CPMc40 says:

    Michael Vick is guilty and will pay for his crimes. But I hope that there is room for forgiveness out there once he pays his debt to society. I must say these comments are very tame compared to some of the ones posted on FOX Sports. I do question how a high profile black celebrity can bring so much attention to the cause when the organization is pursuing so many animal abuse cases from equally high profile companies. Many of the media issues PETA had were largely ignored and as far as I can tell the Ringling Bros. is still going very strong and people eat out at KFC all day and night. Vick is wrong no doubt about that and he certainly isn’t a victim but I do not see the hatred towards other organizations you have accused of similiar crimes that is directed toward him. People have obviously hated him all along because he is a black man with a lot of money. And it seems to me that Vick rained on PETA’s parade judging by how quiet the organization has been since he decided to plead guilty. Before his plea there were PETA representatives on television crucifying Vick in the court of public opinion. PETA genuinely seems disappointed that Vick decided not to put up a fight. Stilllook at the fruits of your labor. Check out the sports blogs where some of the fans border on being serial killers and stalkers. Can you honestly say that you are pleased that Vick has become a target of some of those borderline sociopaths? These are probably some of the same people who sent hate mail and threatened to end Hank Aaron’s life for simply breaking a home run record.

  • vronca says:

    I’m w Gary we are more concern about animals than we are concern about children that are dying every day from starvtion. What is this world coming too. I’m sure those kids that are dying of starvation would gladly eat a dog to stay alive. I am a pet owner and I guarantee you that I would rather let the dog die than go lacking from food.

  • THE TRUTH says:

    I understand that the whole DOG fighting thing is out of control!! I would just like to know what PETA is doing about horse racing. The abuse of illegal steroids to create faster more powerful horse to me is just as bad. Could the problem be deeper rooted then just pitbulls. I mean I am lost you have a man sitting on top a horse and actually beating the crap out the horse for the sport. And no one says anything. I mean we have politicians royalty and powerful people at those races where is PETA? You have pookie and jojo at the PIT Fight and PETA is all up hell fired and on the rampage. I am just saying fair is fair. Now I do believe Vick should be punished but not to the extent at which everyone is taking it. It blows my mind how people claim to be just for the cause… And hold signes up wanting to kill a man and save a K9…I mean people get real! What i would like to see is half the so called animal right folks. take it back to nature and see who actually hunts and whoactually becomes the hunted…..WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • nan mcclain says:

    MaryKay Hatton requests that she get no more emails for the Judge she needs to get her own work done.

  • Barbara says:

    All professional sports need to include this in all athletic contracts. Qyntel Woods who plays in the NBA was also indicted for allegations of dog fighting when he played for the Portland Trail Blazers in 2004.

  • keith says:

    Now Come Everyone .. Economics .. Supply Demand. Rid the world of scum like Vick .. and everyone benefits humans and creatures alike.

  • nicole amendolare says:

    I am a proud pitbull owner and I am beyond disgusted by the Vick trial and lack of punishment. I was sickened to find out now there is another “celebrity with pitbull abuse” The actor rapper dmx. I have pasted the Fox News Article here. Also they dug up some bodies of the dogs and one was burned to dealth. What is going on? DMX should be found guilty for starving 15 pitbulls with no water and food. Please lets do something PETA and PETA MEMBERS!! THANKS Distressed Dogs Seized At Rapper DMXs Home Twelve pit bulls were removed from rapper DMXs Phoenixarea home by sheriffs officials. Internet rumors have been circulating about possible ties to the Vick plea bargain but no actual connection has been made between the two. Maricopa County Sheriffs deputies removed the dogs in a raid. Authorities also found numerous firearms. DMX whose real name is Earl Simmons was not at home during the raid. DMX is no stranger to dog abuse. Sheriffs office spokesman Capt. Paul Chagolla said We served an initial search warrant for animal neglect and 12 pit bulls were removed. There are weapons in the home and we are in the process of obtaining an amended warrant. The pit bulls were tied up on the property. Authorities also found buried dogs when they dug up the back yard. One had been burned and the cause of death on the other dogs was unknown because the bodies were decomposing. Chagolla said no arrests have been made in association with the raid. Ongoing investigations would determine what charges may be bought and against and whom. According to news reports DMX pleaded guilty in 2002 in New Jersey for animal cruelty for neglecting 13 pit bulls. He did a public service announcement against animal abuse as part of his sentence. The 12 pit bulls are currently in the care of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office and are staying at a nokill shelter. Chagolla said that it is not certain if the dogs were involved in fighting activities. One sheriff said that it appeared that the dogs were not involved in dog fighting and that it is more of a case of animal neglect and abuse. The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office received a tip more than a week ago about dogs being kept in inhumane conditions at DMXs home. Officials visited the home and then called one of DMXs attorneys and told him that the conditions for the animals at the house needed to improve or they would take action. The dogs were not being fed or given water. Authorities returned to the house on Friday. DMXs lawyer Murray Richman said the rapperactor hasnt been in Arizona for at least two months and was extremely disturbed to hear the animals werent being cared for properly. We had a caretaker that wasnt taking care thats what happened Richman said. He loves dogs. He loves these animals. Those dogs are practically his family. Richman added that he hadnt been told about the problems of animal neglect on the property until after the raid on Friday. Officials said they spoke to another lawyer who works for DMX. Firearms were also found on the property and authorities are seeking additional warrants to determine if the guns are legal.

  • julie says:

    Would “Mike” be an alias for Michael Vick? Seems mighty defensive for what is an indefensible act. If you hate Peta and Peta members so much get off of our forum and whinge and whine to people who care what you think. Seeya. Please seek professional help for your delusions

  • nanci little says:

    Cruelty to animals is sadism in its purest form. Animals cannot help themselves or speak out against their abuser and cannot ask for help thus the perfect victim for a sadist. Getting enjoyment feeling pleasure and power from inflicting pain on another being may be acceptable in your eyes on a football field. Off of the field it should not be acceptable in ANYONE’S eyes and that should include the NFL itself which holds itself up or should to the highest standards as many children aspire to one day be ‘one of those guys’. Cruelty to animals should red flag a player as having a big big problem. First of all it is an illegal act and should be treated as the crime that it is. Secondly cruelty to animals is very often a precursor for domestic violence to follow. In fact it is often used as a tool to hurt children and women in relationships with these abusive type personalities. Sadism in a more complicated form is the pleasure that such a person derives from the pain caused by the animal’s abuse to the helpless humans also under his control. PETA should be applauded for standing up to the NFL and all the others who would turn a blind eye to the sadism rampant in our society. Recognition of it punishment for it and less of it can only be a good thing.

  • Curious says:

    Who cares about his career ending? What happened to the saying “You do the crime you do the time”? It doesn’t matter if he is rich or poor black or white it just doesn’t matter. He bred them forced them to fight and killed those who didn’t fight greatly. HE MURDERED AND LIED AND DESERVES TO GO TO PRISON!

  • Anonymous says:

    Robert perhaps they are one and the same? either way obviously trolling.

  • Greg says:

    Seems to me you get more time for killing an animal than you get for killing certain races of people. Let Vick pay a fine and go ahead with his life even though I do feel it is wrong to be unkind to animal they have no spirit as mankind and they have no redeemer as mankind have in Jesus. The Lord did not come to redeem animals he came to redeem mankind so in that light how valuable are they. In the Old testament God gave commands to sacrifice animals even though I know this is on a different take still they are ONLY animals in a sense. People pour gas on ants all the time killing thousands of them and no one says a word and what about mosquitoes I killed thousands of them in my life time what is the dividing line. Let him without ANY sin cast the first stone at Vick. Not every law in the earth is just.

  • Laura says:

    Why do you think people are better than animals? People that think like you are cruelgreedyselfish and stupid! If you believe the Bible GOD saved the animals he just used Noah to do it! If you don’t believe science proves they were here first! We know the Mike’s mentality one of them WATCHES South Park! HA HA. YOUR IQ’S ARE IN THE RED!!!

  • Anthony Gigliobianco says:

    folks2day is 82507 was wondering if anybody saw a rap artist arrested 2day for dog fighting. Also I was wondering how some ofyou respond to people who say this is getting more attention than wife beating in the nfl.

  • Tammye Schillinger says:

    PETA ROCKS!!! LONG LIVE PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    It is very interesting that the Vick supporters who used to say “why are you protecting a breed of animals who have killed children etc” are now saying that we are bad for having Vick’s remaining dogs euthanized. These poor dogs would most certainly have been aggressive toward children and others because they were trained to be vicious. No doubt if anyone had tried to rehabilitate these dogs and someone got hurt you can bet that the animal activists would be criticized yet again… Yes it is unfortunate that their lives could not be spared but they were so damaged by Vick and his buddies that there was really no other humane choice. Fortunately these dogs did not have to spend the rest of their albeit brief lives fighting and being tortured by cruel pathetic men.

  • 007 says:

    beatrice! so what’s your point if there is one?! let me ask you… who are “they” that you refer to to give credence to your inane analogy?

  • Mike says:

    So Rob explain your reasoning for me being and embarrassment to the human race. Because I think that a human life is worth more than a dogs? I’m not supporting Michael Vick he did a crime he should be punished. But I think it’s absolutely absurd that people think he should do so much time. The crime is worth 1218 months for a first offense no more. If you can do 18 months for manslaughter then you shouldn’t do more for “dog slaughter”. People need to chill no one cares when the humane society kills THOUSANDS of dogs and other animals a week. Or if it was just another Joe Shmo dog fighting but when it’s a BLACK NFL quarterback everyone wants an “example” set. When it comes to the court of law he should be tried as if he were an every day citizen. The NFL should be the ones to take other action. Not by baning him but by suspending him for a year after he gets out putting him on probation and making him do community services with a group like the humane society or PETA. Quit breeding hate. Give people chances to change before condemning them to life in hell. Only God can judge. But maybe you won’t see it until your son or daughter get’s killed by a drunk driver and he gets out of jail before Mr. Vick. Way to go Rob.

  • Gary says:

    Can someone help me understand this? There are thousands of people around the world dying by the hands of humans in more tourturous ways and we here nothing. Vick kills eight dogs it front page news! That do not make since to me. We have KIDS being SNATCH UP GOING MISSING RAPED CHILD PORN CHILD PREADATORS and our focus is on vick and animals? I understand the curelty to animals is not right as I am a Proud dog owner But can we put life into a better priority. Now PETA can send thousands on thousands of letters emails money and everything eles what is PETA prepaired to do About “OUR KIDS” thanks Gary pet owner PROUD PARENT

  • observer says:

    ana most of this whole world makes me want to vomit!!! you’re an outstanding teacher for your students and you give outstanding education on this website too!!! but how could anyone get through to dumb here???? all the education given here over and over and over and they still say the same dumb things!!! it must be a plight for teachers just to teach students how to comprehend what they read. and the ignoramuses on this website obviously prove they have reading and learning disabilities!!! their repetitious stupid comments are a waste of space on here!!! it’s a shame that peta allows trolls on here too! a waste that takes away from peta’s dignity!!! the pro sick vick lame brains commenting against peta at the protest well they’re just groping resorting to their stupidity ‘cuz that’s all they have to rely on.

  • observer says:

    mike one you were released from the psycho ward too soon!!!! deranged!!!! mike two you are severly severly severly confused!!!! sick vick committed a lot of crimes against humanity. his vicious behavior is anti civilized!!! has been breaking the law for 5 years!!! supporting illegal gambling vicious cruelty now affecting kids who thought he was their hero put embarassment on his team disgraced the nfl added disgrace to our country!!!! you said slaying animals is wrong. then you said they were put on this planet for us to sacrifice and eat!!! wrong wrong! only people who practice voodoo and devil worshippers sacrifice animals!!! only savages enjoy eating a carcus the body of a dead animal!!! pick up some road kill for yourself to eat!!! you’re right about one thing. animals are not our equal. they are better than us!!!! they don’t plan vicious events. they don’t break the law. they don’t emotionally hurt kids. they don’t shame or disgrace anyone. they don’t have dumb reasoning!!!! very viable reasons!!!!

  • Susan says:

    Everyone keeps trying to point the finger away from what Vick and the other three did by pointing to other issues of shame for this country. We know what he did it cannot be hidden by the thin veil of “what about this bad act or that bad act”. The animals that are euthanized humanely did not have to tear each other apart have body parts and eyes pulled out and made to do this for hours on end until exhausted and they can’t go on and then they die by being killed by the more powerful dog or electrocuted or drowned or etc. a long slow painful death. A lethal injection is at least a painless way to die. If you have to die wouldn’t it be better to be in a painless way?

  • Longcut says:

    To those that are arguing that we should have saved the dogs used by Vick for his sick acts you are being ridiculous. It seems that because you no longer have the “innocent untill proven guilty” argument you have moved on to “why didn’t PETA save the dogs” Not only have these dogs suffered extensively emotionally that have suffered physically too. Vick will never play professional football again. Hopefully those supporting him and dog fighting also understand that as part of his plea agreement he also is responsible now for turning over all evidence that he has of the various dog fighting operations that he has been involved in. The time has come for those that involve themselves in this sick act are held accountable for their ignorance.

  • Robert says:

    Notice the 2 negative posts up aboveone from a Michael and the other you guessed it Mike.Are these people that really want to be like that sicko vickoor are they just giving the name Mike and bad name?

  • susan Johnson says:

    At first I wanted to cut his balls off…etc. took a day to rethink..Vick is to the NFL what the dogs are to him…Winners? money and life..losers death. This is a man who makes Bush look intelligent.No excuses just a sad thought about folks who no respect for themselves or any other sentient being unless money is the gauge…read greed

  • Rob says:

    Re to mike’s posting 719p 824 mike You are a stupid embarassment to the human race. You’re mother the whore must be proud. Rob

  • Kerry H says:

    I think there should be a boycott of any TV show that features this creature trying to say he is sorry.. The man is hiding behind his lawyers..He is a coward.. Even in pleading guilty he still did not take full responsibilty for these terrible crimes.. He is a coward pure and simple.NO TV station in this world should give this man a forum to even try and say he is sorry..because with todays plea he showed he is only sorry he got caught.. This creatures cares only for himself and nothing more. I think PETA should step up to the plate and ask people to boycott any TV show that even dares to give this man a minute of air time. I think a boycott of any company that even dares to advertise on a show like this.. Then maybe we can get some justice..

  • kelly says:

    Michael your stupid comments remind me of how much ignorance animal control and shelters have to deal with from people who supposedly “love” animals Dogs that are bred and trained for fighting are NOT PLACEABLE no matter what some nutcase dog “trainers” claim. There are extremely aggressive and dangerous animals in particular to small children and other pets. These dogs have been ruined by creeps like Michael Vick. And placing aggressive dogs and having a mauling or killing will just ensure that other pit bulls continue to be maligned. We need to stop the breeding! Not only the fighting. And we must never ever place dangerous dogs.

  • Beatrice says:

    Can somebody let me know while people are so against micheal vick about the killing of dogs that they want out of society themselves because they are so vicous against other animals. Did anybody gom to coloinal downs and protest the dogs they kill because they don’t race well?

  • Whitney says:

    I think that having this man just sit in prison is an absolute waste. The amount of money he makes playing football is obsurd and where he is going to get hurt the most is not in prison but in his pocketbook. I think that he should be allowed to play football under intense probation but his salary for the next ten or fifteen years should be donated to anticruelty societies. This way he is literally paying for what he did and participating in helping prevent such things from occuring again.

  • Linda says:

    Part of his sentence should be a large fine with all of the money donated to animal charities. I am shocked at the ignorance of any people that are minimizing his actions it really shows how clueless so many people are. While I hate to see any animals euthanized I think these dogs needed to be euthanized for so many reasons. I am sure some could have been rehabilitated but the risk that they would be sought out by other dog fighters was far too great. Thousands of perfectly sound dogs that do not need to be retrained die everyday save them instead…

  • lyn says:

    I am so appalled and livid with the plea agreement. I hope that this judge will throw the book at him and put him away for a very long time. Do you think for one minute that if Vick was innocent that he would plead guilty? And how convenient that he denies gambling. He know that the NFL would kick his butt out of the league forever. He is guilty as anyone could ever be. Look he has the financial means to buy the best lawyers in the world and they are asking for a plea deal? I bet the information that the government has on Vick is so disgusting and vile that the public would be absolutely sickened and shocked. I pity the people who are defending him. The facts are that he lied and he knew what was going on and he was involved from beginning to horrifing end. Shame on people who want to make this a race issue. Listen up! If you break the laws of this land you must pay the consequences…get over it! I hope the dogs get justice for the pain and suffering they had to endure. Sadly the dogs were euthanized but I think a firm and just verdict will be some small vindication for them. bless their little souls!

  • Mike says:

    So you’re saying that a dogs life is worth more than a persons? I don’t condone dog fighting in any way it’s wrong. The slaying of animals is wrong. They were put on this planet for companionship sacrifice and food. Whether you like it or not. I see know problem with hunting or fishing as long as you’re eating your kill. But for you to say that he should get more than 5 years and never be able to play in the NFL again? that’s absurd. No way Mike Vick should do more than a rapist who looks at 520 years or the Drunken Manslaughter 510 years or even the drug trafficking 315 which are all crimes against HUMANITY human is the key word. Animals are in no way our equal you have no viable reasoning to think so.

  • Ana says:

    observer It really is disgusting isn’t it. Where is the justice for the poor suffering animals??? I want to vomit!! Michael According to many sources these dogs cannot be rehabilitated.”….allowed to fight they had a chance to live” makes no sense. What!!!???

  • Mike says:

    Go save the thousands of dogs from the Humane society who get put down daily. oh wait that kind of dog killing is ok but we should hang mike vick for being apart of the killing of 8 dogs. Peta is out of control. All of you are out of control. HAHA I bet you really do mate with animals like in south park you sick bastards.

  • stephanie green says:

    not only should we be contacting the NFL but I noticed in a Nike that there is a flash of two pit bulls mouths wide open in an agressive manner face to face as if ready to fight. To me Nike is part of the problem.

  • iAnna! says:

    He deserves to be locked up with NO pay. He lied to everyone and he killed innocent dogs.

  • Kerry H says:

    Yes he has admitted his role..Or did he?? According to him he did not place bets or recieve any money from the fights.. His lawyers crafted a very nice work of fiction for the courts.. Once again this man is lying to save his ass.. Hopefully the judge and NFL will not believe him..

  • Michael says:

    Mike Vick is under fire for having a hand in killing up to 7 or 8 animals. Of course PETA and I are outraged. But what of the thirty or so animals ‘rescued’ from Mike Vicks Virgina property? All were subjected to euthanasia. At least if these Pit Bulls were allowed to fight they had a chance to live. PETA stood by while these animals were destroyed. All domesticated dogs can be rehabilitated with time. PETA did nothing as their bodies were injected with lethal doses. Stop patting yourselves on the back. Thanks for nothing

  • jeanne says:

    It’s a dogeatdog world

  • observer says:

    the prosecutors agreed to charge vick with the low end??? this is a disgrace to america!!!! but hey nothing new. the money making celebrities WHITE AND BLACK plead guilty and get a slap on the wrist!!!! vicks financial restitution is only a piss in a hurricane!!!! this country is run by disgraceful cowards sick lame brains!!!! up to 5 years??? more like its going to be a few months!!!! what happened to up to 20 years for racketeering???? oh wait. those laws only apply to the average joe!!!!! I hope the voters of virginia help poindexter find his way to the unemployment office next election!!!!! sent my email to the nfl and will by buying the t shirt!!! pete rose got in big trouble just for betting on games. removed from the sports hall of fame. now this vicious thing vick gets treated in comparison as if he did less than that!!!! this country sucks!!!!!!!

  • Ana says:

    Jack I also am upset that he can get only 56 years for his whole involvement with the dog fights. And of course many other creatures died other dogs cats kittens and rabbits. I read the comments on CNN and ESPN and it is very disconcerting. Too many are defending eating animals and too many write disparaging remarks about PETA activists and PETA. The same old “I bet they eat animals” “they wear leather” while protesting Vick’s illegal activities. PETA is only “after Vick because he is a QB”. All laughable those are their lame arguments to denigrate activists and PETA and especially the ones at the protest. I was able to attend the protests and made it my point to wear canvas sneakers not pleather. What I have learned by reading these comments which is very sad for all animals is the way people belittle the acts of violence animals endure and also those people that speak up for them. My only wish after Vick serves time in jail is that more dog fighters also serve time. We need to continue to fight for changes in the legal system so that animals will not only get more protection but crimes committed against them will receive more jail time.