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UFC’s Vicious Vegetarians

Written by PETA | April 8, 2011

Meat-munchers have nothing on leangreen vegetarian machines. As the front page of the UFC’s website shows, the competition is getting fiercer as more fighters follow in the footsteps of Jake Shields and Mac Danzig and get in prime shape with vegetarian and vegan diets

Mac Danzig went vegetarian after seeing pigs being sent to slaughter and is now a vegan powerhouse in the ring.

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Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Maddi says:

    No animal has been harmed in the feeding of my diet since January 31st. 🙂

  • Lauren k says:

    I love Mac Danzig and the Diaz brothers! They are awesome fighters! Now I have to check out Jake Shields. I am a vegan and I love to hear about awesome vegans and vegetarians. And I freakin love the UFC! Nice!!!!

  • :D says:


  • UFC MMA FACTS says:

    -THE CURRENT STRIKEFORCE CHAMPION IS A VEGETARIAN. Nick Diaz, Vegetarian, is the Champion of STRIKEFORCE. -VEGETARIAN, JAKE SHIELDS, IS THE ELITE XC COMBAT CHAMPION LifeLong Vegetarian Jake Shields won the belt and holds the title as ELITE XC Extreme Combat Champion. -WEC CHAMPION, URIJAH FABER, FOLLOWS A VEGETARIAN DIET. Beloved MMA Fighter Urijah Faber follows a plant based vegetarian diet and won the WEC WRECKAGE Championship belt. -A HEAVYWEIGHT VEGETARIAN IS IN THE UFC HEAVYWEIGHT HALL-OF-FAME Randy Couture, Heavyweight UFC Champion, and one of the greatest fighters in the UFC of all time, trains vegetarian. -WOTC WARRIORS OF THE CAGE FIGHTER ERIC “THE BENGAL” CASTILE IS VEGETARIAN Eric “The Bengal” Castile, won his bout beating his opponent in a TKO by strikes, at the Warriors of the Cage Fighting championships. -A VEGETARIAN WON THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER SEASON 5 Nate Diaz, vegetarian, beat all other meat eating fighters to take the championship in The Ultimate Fighter 5. -A VEGAN / VEGETARIAN WON THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER SEASON 6 Vegan and MOST MUSCULAR fighter on the show, Mac Danzig, beat 16 other meat eaters to take the UFC Ultimate Fighter championship 6 belt, and awarded the six-figure UFC contract, and all this despite that he was fighting competitors above him in weight class. Danzig has 20 wins. More wins than competitor Donald Cerrone has fights. -A VEGETARIAN BEAT ALL OTHER MEAT EATING FIGHTERS BUT ONE IN THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER SEASON 2 A vegetaria, who was picked last, beat his meat-eating first opponent, then beat another meat eating opponent, made it to the semi-finals, won that and then made it all the way to be the contender for winning the entire Ultimate Fighter championship. He made it all the way as the Headliner telecast live on TV for the Finals where he finally lost to Joe Stevenson. But for one (a decision), a vegetarian nearly won the championship in Ultimate Fighter Season 2. -THE DREAM 3 GRAND PRIX FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP WAS WON BY A VEGETARIAN Nick Diaz, a vegetarian, won the Welterweight title at DREAM3. -BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS FIGHTER IS A VEGAN Vegan Ricardo Moreira is a fighter in the Bellator Fighting Championships. – UFC FIGHT WINNER ANTIONIO McKEE WHO ESTABLISHED RAMPAGE JACKSON’S GYM IS VEGAN Antonio McKee is a highly muscular ripped MMA Fighter who fought in the UFC. He fought 31 bouts, with 25 wins and only 4 losses in his entire career, in fact, the vegan was undefeated in every one of his fights for a length of nearly 8 years. McKee is the individual who is credited with the founding of the Elite MMA Training Center where Quinton Rampage Jackson trains. Antonio McKee is entirely vegan. – A VEGAN IS A NATIONAL POWELIFTING CHAMPION Noah “THE TANK” Hannibal is a vegan power lifting champion. The vegan who packs incredible strength pound for pound for his size bench pressed over 400 pounds and deadlifted over 500 pounds. This year a Vegan won the Gold in the Heavyweight division of the Australian National Bench Press Championships. – THE 2011 TITAN FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS FIGHT WINNER IS A VEGAN Huge muscular fighter Jason High tapped out his meat eating opponent at the TITAN Fighting Championships in January 2011 to win. The 13-3-and-0 Vegan was then immediately given a multi-fight contract by STRIKEFORCE and should be debuting in fights sometime this year. -HUGE MUSCULAR 220 LB HEAVYWEIGHT NFL FOOTBALL HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER IS VEGETARIAN MMA fighter and NFL PRO FOOTBALL Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker who won his premiere bout dominating his opponent, is a vegetarian. Walker is a professional football player. He is a huge 220 pound heavyweight. Ripped and Muscular. In his training workout, he accomplishes up to an astonishing 3,000 pushups and situps per day. And when other meat-eaters have now passed their prime, the vegetarian is now a Mixed Martial Arts fighter and severely dominated every one of his opponents so far, and is doing this at 48 years old. Pro Football superstar and now current UFC Strikeforce Fighter Herschel Walker is Vegetarian. -A VEGAN IS NOW RANKED #3 IN THE WORLD IN THE UFC Jon Fitch, a Graduate of Purdue with a championship record of 97 wins, is a vegan who is now ranked #2 in the UFC, and #5 pound for pound fighter in the world. The vegan Fitch appeared on the television show MYTHBUSTERS, where he was called on to demonstrate punching force in a test of the myth that someone could punch their way out of a coffin as in the movie KILL BILL. The sensor topped out and measured Jon Fitch’s punching force at over 1,500 pounds of force. Fitch’s latest bout against BJ Penn was announced as a draw, however scientific fight measurement firm FIGHTMETRIC measured in the 3rd and determining round that Jon Fitch racked up over 102 Punches and BJ Penn managed to get off only 2 punches in the entire round. -THE #2 RANKED FIGHTER IN THE WORLD, JAKE SHIELDS, IS VEGETARIAN. Jake Shields is a life long vegetarian, hasn’t lost a bout in 6 years, and is now ranked #2 in the world in line and contending for the UFC championship title belt. -2 OUT OF THE TOP 3 WELTERWIGHT FIGHTERS IN THE UFC ARE NOW VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS A Full 60% of the top championship contenders in the welterweight division of the UFC are either vegan or vegetarian. Jon Fitch, Jake Shields are both vegan or vegetarian, leaving GSP to round out the top 3. Now that Strikeforce has been absorbed into the UFC, Strikeforce Champion Nick Diaz is also now in the UFC, so that means 3/4ths of the top fighters in the UFC in the division are now either vegetarian or vegan. -THE TOP BODYBUILDING SOURCES OF PROTEIN ARE VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN Visit any bodybuilding nutritionstore. You do not find drinks of meat. No fish protein bars. No pork shakes. No electrolyte drinks with pieces of beef floating in it. Virtually all of the products, protein bars, protein muscle building shakes, powders, etc are all VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN as the best source for building huge muscle. Examples are Whey Protein (which is lacto-vegetarian), Albumin Protein (from eggs, which is ovo-vegetarian), and Soy Protein (which is 100% complete, and vegan), and Hemp Protein (which is 100% vegan protein containing all amino acids). If meat were the ultimate source of protein, they’d sell it. Educated Bodybuilders already know, that meat is less than suitable as a source of bodybuilding protein. Nearly every protein source for Bodybuilding and muscle is vegan or vegetarian. -280 POUND HEAVYWEIGHT UFC CHAMPION EATS VEGETARIAN 280+ Lb Muscular HEAVYWEIGHT Champ and JiuJitsu Blackbelt Frank Mir is Vegetarian. Even though Brock Lesnar has now been beaten several times, Frank Mir was the 1st one to Beat Brock Lesnar. *Yes, Brock Lesnar was beaten by a vegetarian -FOR ANY OF THOSE ABOUT TO BOAST SOMETHING ABOUT HEAVYWEIGHT BROCK LESNAR Brock Lesnar (who may or may not have a stature build from roids) ate meat and obtained an intestinal disease called “DIVERTICULITIS”. His eating of meat resulted in infected intestines. Lesnar’s meat based diet resulted in him getting stricken by diverticultis, in which his gut became filled with white pus and bacteria. This is why Lesnar had to pull out of the UFC and failed to be able to participate in the UFC for nearly 1 year. Lesnar’s heavy eating of meat landed him in the hospital, in pain, and where he nearly died. Diverticulitis is caused by among other things, a lack of fiber in the diet (vegetarians do not have this problem), and the eating of meat. Brock Lesnar’s career was nearly ended by meat. -BROCK LESNAR WAS SICKENED, HOSPITALIZED, AND NEARLY DIED, FROM EATING MEAT FROM LESNAR’S OWN MOUTH: Upon finding out that a low-fiber diet played a role in his potentially career-threatening condition, Lesnar told the media on Wednesday that he drastically altered his eating habits. “What got me here was a total protein diet, not enough fiber,” Lesnar said. “I totally changed my diet” now says Lesnar. P.R. Cole, who provides dietary consulting to professional MMA fighters, says “There is a proven cause for it and it’s a low fiber diet,” said Cole. “A condition known as diverticulosis is very common in the Western diet. Very Low Vegetable Fiber, Meat.” Quote from Brock Lesnar: “I felt like I was on my death bed, I really did, because I was very sick. This illness, it kills a lot of people and it’s one of these things I never knew I had.” Lesnar collapsed in November during a hunting trip. Lesnar admitted to what put him in the hospital, unfortunately being an avid hunter, member of the NRA, erroneously eating like a “carnivore” and he admitted a lack of vegetables on his plate. Lesnar now eats among other things, broccoli, and says he has changed his diet to incorporate more vegetables and fiber. Lesnar said. “I’m 32 years old and for something like this to happen to me, I definitely had to re-evaluate.” Says Lesnar: “You realize there’s nothing more important in life”. -THE GREATEST UFC HALL OF FAME FIGHTER OF ALL TIME IS A VEGETARIAN. The one who started it all, the one who seemingly came out of nowhere, and fought opponents weighing up to 250 pounds, outweighing him, the fighter who beat olympic wrestlers, punchers, kung fu experts, beat every karate blackbelt, beat pankrase fighters, beat greco-roman wrestlers, beat opponents from just about every other martial art at the time, is a vegetarian. This man fought when there were no weight classes. This vegetarian fought when you had to not just fight 1 known opponent weeks or 4 months from now and had time to prepare, but this man fought and had to fight and beat 4 or 5 fighters in just 1 night! That means if you got hurt in the first fight and got a black eye, you had to fight the next fighter with that. That man’s name: Royce Gracie! He is the winner and grand champion of the very 1st UFC of all time. Royce Gracie followed a plant-based diet and is a pesca-vegetarian. He will have this place in history no matter what happens. He is in top position in the MMA Hall of Fame. A vegetarian is the grand-daddy of all UFC fighters. -BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU WAS CO-CREATED BY A VEGETARIAN Gracie style Brazilian JiuJitsu is the vital essence of every single UFC and MMA fight you see today. The Gracie family is who developed the Gracie style of Jiujitsu that came out of Brasil, and rocked the world in UFC 1 as Royce Gracie used it to defeat every other fighter and take the championship, leaving spectators with their Jaws dropped wondering what just happened. Gracie Jiujitsu was co-created by Helio and Carlos Gracie. Both Helio Gracie and Carlos Gracie developed the Gracie Diet. Helio followed a majority plant-based diet. Carlos Gracie however, went even further, and was a Vegetarian. Carlos and Helio Gracie set Brasil on fire with the strength and fighting capability of this what appeared to be a tiny man submitting and beating all these other opponents in Vale Tudo fights, sometimes lasting hours, not these 3 minute things today. A vegetarian diet allows ones cardio capacity and conditioning to go through the roof. This is how they could fight steadily for hours, a plant-based fighters diet. Carlos and Helio co-developed Gracie style Brazilian Jiujitsu, the component without which no MMA fighter today can lack. Thus, the root of nearly all MMA today, is owed to a vegetarian. Any time you practice Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu, remember that you are practicing the art of a vegetarian. -A VEGETARIAN CREATED THE ENTIRE UFC! The man who invented the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a vegetarian. The UFC was invented by a vegetarian. (No, not Dana White.) Rorion Gracie, as part of the Gracie Family, came to the United States, and had the idea where fighters of all disciplines could battle it out to see whose art was the best. No holds barred. Rorion Gracie, a vegetarian, invented the OCTAGON. It was like nothing anyone had seen before, and so brutal and shocking that at the time many states, even officials where aghast and tried to ban it because the fights in Rorion and Royce Gracie’s bouts were so brutal. The world was not ready for it. Thus after venues wouldn’t host it as much since the fights were so hard core, Rorion Gracie is who finally sold the UFC name to Dana White and Zuffa. And this is the UFC today. But to any person, who watches, follows, or participates in MMA, and says anything about meat or being a vegetarian, know this: Every time you watch MMA or the UFC, every post you make, every match you cheer in the sport, the mixture of fighting styles competing, the entire paradigm of the shape of the OCTAGON, you are beholden to a Vegetarian who invented the origin of all of it. -THE BIGGEST BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD is a VEGETARIAN. Vegetarian is 7 feet 3 inches tall, 435 pounds of muscle. Vegetarian Bodybuilder is 200 pounds more muscular than Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Vegetarian Bodybuilder Dwarfs Olympian Ron Coleman. Bigger than 7 time Olympian Dorian Yates. Enter “Worlds Biggest Bodybuilder Vegetarian” into Google to see for yourself. And now you know.

  • Edie Summers says:

    Exactly. Seeing such wonderful creatures as pigs scream as they fall to their impending deaths should shake anyone with a conscience to the core. Good for him.

  • Aneliese says:

    A lot of guys I know LOVE UFC – now I have a reason to love it too. =)

  • melisa-marin says:

    😀 awesomeee