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Veterinarian Auctions Off Birds

Written by PETA | June 13, 2007

I honestly don’t know how these people get their licenses, but a Florida avian veterinarian named Susan Clubb has just made the astounding decision to auction off 600 exotic birds she’s been using for breeding. Apparently (I wish I were kidding about this), Dr. Clubb is selling the animals because she “needs the money” as a result of a divorce. Leaving aside for a second the question of why anyone would consider divorcing a woman who likes to exploit sick birds and sell them to the highest bidder, we need to get this auction stopped right now. You can learn more about the whole sordid affair here, and we’ve included contact information so that you can ask her to reconsider this supremely lousy idea. Please be polite if you do decide to contact her—the goal here is to help these abused animals, not to antagonize someone with an obvious compassion deficit.


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  • Todd says:

    Susan Clubb saved the life of my beloved YellowNaped Amazon when another vet told us she would have to be put to sleep! I wouldn’t trust my pet’s care to ANYONE else!!!

  • Jen says:

    I must say anyone who knows Susan Clubb will look at this site and either laugh or be angered by your ignorance. Susan has done amazing things for animals all around the world. I have worked with her personally. Noone should have the right to talk so poorly of someone if they do not even know what the person is like. Her birds are VERY well taken care of. She has saved the live of many birds. She does research to save birds from diseases like PDD. You should not judge someone unless you know what you are talking about to begin with. Obviously you people do not know much about birds. If you did you wold know who Susan is and your opinion would be different. So maybe you all should do a little research before you comment on something you know little to nothing about.

  • Andrea says:

    It saddens me that so many people just jump on the bandwagon without doing any research themselves…just taking for fact what they are being told. I know Susan Clubb. She has been my vet for over 5 years. I drive over 60 miles each way to have my birds seen by IMHO the best. Her dedication to her field and the avian community are unsurpassed. A little research by visiting her website cyberparrots is recommended before comdemming her as an EVIL breeder. Prior to the auction her birds were not sold to the general public. Contrary to what is being written here you do not get rich raising parrots unless you are a production breeder which she is not.

  • sonia says:

    John I’m not an expert but a parrot can’t pluck the feathers off the back of it’s head unless it has something like beak and feather disease then this parrot is supposed to be like that. I rehab parrots here in Australia and they are usually wild parrots or pet that have been released so not an expert on the exotic one so could be wrong.

  • john says:

    I must of missed where Peta is volunteering to help pay for Dr. Clubb’s expenses to help take care of the birds. And of course they use a photo of a plucked parrot very commonand not one of her beautiful rare exotics never before seen.

  • Gabriella says:

    Haley Go back to class preferably health class and learn about the chicken you’re eating. So gross. I hope you don’t try to make a living from the pain of others!

  • madhavi says:

    i doubt vetrenarian is THAT poor as to become homeless and how do you think the birds feel?! I mean im more annoyed bad enough that the birds were taken out of their natural habitat. Oh an also whoever needs to “get a life” ya they are atleast sincere enough to care about the birds. So basicly im saying That the birds should have originally been left in their natural habitat in the first place the veterenarian shouldn’t be breeding them and Im kinda ticked of about the whole “get a life” thing.

  • Veronica says:

    Give me a break. It sounds like she and her husband have got a lot of money if her friend says that their property is worth around two million! She could live like the rest of us maybe and down size a little. Why can’t she and her husband just split up the birds among themselves? I agree with the previous poster…she should not be breeding in the first place. In my opinion birds should be left in the wild where they belong. Get a cat or a dog if you want a pet. Birds should be flying and fish should be swimming.

  • Tamara says:

    Shameful and sickening. There should be some kind of law against this or an ethical violation from whatever the Association of Veterinarians is that this woman belongs to. I think considering the amount of birds she has the USDA should be contacted. This woman may be technically a good vet but I would not want her treating my birds. She has no compassion for the loving beautiful creatures she treats. I don’t care if she comes to your house on a Sunday or not. My avian vet has met me at his office at 10 pm on a Sunday night for a sick parakeet who would not have made it till Monday morning. So don’t use that to judge this woman’s ethics. In my opinion she has none.

  • Ana says:

    Please ignore Haley who is an ignorant nasty little girl with no heart or common sense. She needs education of all sorts to develop some character and a modicum of integrity of which she is in sore need of. Making profit from the misery of any sentient being is always wrong unethical and cruel.

  • Gabriella says:

    That shameless “vet” is tryng to make a living at the expense of the animals. She is shameless and is sending out a wrong message as long as you need money it does not matter who you hurt. why does she aliving from exploiting those birds? She obviously does not care about whether the birds will recieve the treatment and care they need. She’ll only look for the highest bidder. That’s the unethical part. Good luck if she’s your vet!

  • Maya says:

    Jojo You are obviously a very kind friend and client of Dr. Clubb. I admire that you took the time to stand up for her. My motto is hate the sin not the sinner. The fact is that I have worked as a vet tech and wildlife rehabber for over 10 years and in animal shelters we see just these kinds of birds get neglected. You know as well as I do that statistically if she sells that many birds without any kind of veterinary reference some of them will get neglected and live in cages all their lives. Don’t pretend that’s impossible she’s not even screening them. Shame on her for doing this. You can say she saved a million birds and kittens and that still won’t make up for selling off all these birds like cheap furniture. I’ve worked for minimum wage no health insurance and have been homeless before. If I was desperate for money there’s no way in hell I would have chosen this career. If I couldn’t stand the risk of living in poverty I would have chosen a differnent field. It comes with the territory friend. And what about all those neglected birds in shelters and sanctuaries who could use a good home? It’s no different than breeding kittens when millions of homeless cats will get passed up for purebreds. It wastes lives. Its unethical and severely unbecoming of the highest level of animal caregiver. Shame on her! Again I admire you defense of her but this one action of hers is unethical. Period.

  • kelly says:

    Susan Clubb has been running a bird mill. No better than a puppy mill. That is HURTING birds not helping them. I would hope that an eye is kept on her future “activities.” Who knows what profitable scheme at the expense of animals will be next.

  • jojo says:

    Hi all. i don’t post here but i was doing a google search on what is happening in my backyard. And wanted to say a few things in defense of Dr. Clubb. Susan is my vet I live in loxahatchee and i’ve known her for over 5 years. She and her staff are by far the most wonderful people i have ever encountered. There are many avian vets in this area. I’ve used them all In one way or another. My birds are alive and well happy content and thriving because of her commitment. She is a dedicated veterinarian and this should not be questioned. She has come to my home on Sundays many times to help a sick animal. How many vets do that? She has not charged me when money was tight. how many vets do that? She is willing to work on other exotics i own and is dam good at it. How many vets have that experience? The point is say what you will but you are all passing judgment without first hand knowledge. Her reputation in the field is unsurpassed. She has touched the lives of almost every veterinarian in this country. If not by her research then by the text books articles and research she has written. Which are used all over the globe. Your vet knows Susan. Your vet was taught in some way by her. Your vet uses her techniques in the field. Your vet studied under her or read her books. Or your vet has hear her speak. In some way or another every bird in this country has benefited from her knowledge and research of the species. Her research is not to be put in question. NOR her ethics in the field of avian medicine and research. Her practice which I have seen first hand are not to be questioned. She will and has done what is right for the bird at all levels and at all times that i have been involved in. And she has never lost that love of it even to the point of crying with me when an animal has passed. i can’t say enough about her and her practice her staff and her facilities. I have seen the animals in the facility the ones that you can see most are in closed aviaries and for good reason. They are gorgeous and well cared for. I don’t know where people find the audacity to out and out lie about things to get there point across. As in the case of one PETA article claiming some of her birds are plucked and deformed. Proof please! and not just a photo or heresay. Whether or not you are for or against this auction or pass judgment on her personal life bear in mind there are two upstanding humans involved. This is NOT a backyard breeder or one that is housing hundreds of birds in their rickety home. This not an endeavor that was taken lightly 20 years have gone into this business mostly blood sweat and now tears. These are two people with no choice doing what they have to do to divorce in the state of Florida. Either Dr. Clubb and her husband must sell it ALL sell the property and practice and divy up equally OR she must sell the birds and buy him out trying to save what she has worked hard to achieve. The laws in Florida are very clear. They have been married for over 29 years. Living on that property most of that time. SO in the REAL scheme of things she is doing the lesser of two evils. These birds are the height of her knowledge. They are NOT going to be sold to just anyone. Especially some of the larger costing ones? Who here has 25000 and up for a breeding pair of Hy’s? Life happens. And this is part of it. The animals will be fine. And the ones that won’t I bet she won’t sell. She is selling to the highest bidders not the lowest. That in itself will weed out the dredges who are just looking for a quick buck in breeding. This leads me to another point. Where did you get YOUR bird from? Breeding is not going to stop. Backyard breeding is deplorable. This is not a backyard breeder. This is her life’s passion. Her birds I bet are the best most cared for in the industry. So truly if you have all this passion for stopping something. Stop wasting it on a truly beneficial industry leader. Go stop that backyard breeder who has hundreds of birds in nasty cages all in a small little house who never sees an avian vet…. Property in this area in S. Florida is going for over 180000 an acre. And the prospect of buying out her husband is not cheap considering i believe she is sitting on 20 acres I don’t know for sure. that is probably in the $2000000 range just to buy out his share. This is not chump change. And who of you have that kind of liquidity to buy out your husband? And please don’t say anything about thinking ahead. After 29 years of marriage don’t you think there was a sense of longevity and security this wouldn’t happen? This is not something most of us think about in any scheme of life. Especially after 29 years. So as you all pass judgment think about what you would do in this situation. Sell it all? lose the practice the buildings for surgery and research facilities? the home and the property? 29 years of investment? And ALL the birds in a divorce settlement? OR amicably try and buy out the husband who is the one who wants this. And save some birds the practice and property and all that she has built in the 20 or so years living there. This is a no win situation for anyone involved. So either the owners do it now. OR the courts will do it later. And make no mistake the courts in Florida will force the sale if its not amicably solved this way. So just because Susan is a well known and well respected part of the avian community lets just dump all over her and kick her when she is down shall we? Who’s next? JOJO

  • Haley says:

    She sounds pretty nice to me. And i hope you PETA people buy every single bird it would be the right thing to do right?…

  • Maya says:

    Oh geez Emma. That’s awful. I’m glad you shared that info anyway. Can’t the USDA do something if we all complain? This is terrible. If our laws in the US don’t prevent this kind of thing we’re no better than places that allow animal torture. The laws need to change right now. I guess I have some hardcore letter writing to do….

  • Haley says:

    I used “fancy birds” on purpose obviously. At least I have mastered the art of spelling unlike most of the people on here. Honestly I hate birds. Cats can kill them for all I care. Except for chicken… chicken is good. And I’m saying this while eating a chicken finger plate from Zaxby’s. I don’t have children considering I am only fifteen. You PETA people are hilarious. Wow you said that she should get on welfare before she sells some birds. No disrespect well maybe a little but that’s a stupid idea. The amount of money paid to people on welfare really isn’t that much and it can be lower than the poverty line. And this is coming from a child of someone who grew up on welfare and food stamps…

  • Emma says:

    I wrote an email to this person and here’s her reply I am not planning on separating any pairs. They will be sold as pairs. Please feel free to adopt by bidding on any birds in which you are interested. If PETA wants to purchase the entire group they are certainly free to come and bid as well. I would be happy for them to purchase the birds. But they will need to register today. Susan

  • Gillian Frid says:

    Well Haley It would seem that you need some education Quite a lot I would say.”Fancy birds” huh? These poor creatures have been used by a supposedly well qualified and well respected avian veterinarian for personal gain. In other words these parrots have been bred over and over again and the babies sold for profit probably to people like youwho are ignorant on the subject of taking care of parrots and what a lifetime committment it is. Now she wants to sell them off at auction to more ignorant people. These birds need to be placed in a sanctuary where they can live out the rest of whatever life is left to them and receive good housing nutrition and most of all love. Too bad she is divorced her problem not the birds. She has alternatives she can apply for subsidized housing welfare the whole 9 yards. The birds have no choice they will just be farmed off to some ignoramous or let go would you like that to happen to YOUR children? It could happen you know so think about it.

  • Emily says:

    In response to Hayley’s comment I would like to clarify that the real issue is not that she is finding new homes for her birds because she can no longer afford to care for them and asking for an adoption fee. The issue is that she is doing so via a live auction with no screening whatsoever of the people who will be taking over guardianship of her birds. It is unethical to auction off sentient living beings such as parrots through an auction in which the higest bidder wins the bird regardless of the type of care they will give it. She can still request the same amount of money for her birds but it is her responsibility as guardian of those birds to screen potential adopters to ensure that the birds will be placed in homes in which they will be well cared for.

  • Maureen says:

    I thought vets took an oath to protect and care for animals. If they exploit them they are in the wrong profession!

  • Maya says:

    Please Jack do me a favor and encourage PETA and your blog readers to stay on top of this. Few things make me angrier than this heinous act. I’d like to remind people that many of these “exotic” pets wind up in animal shelters and if they survive the atrocious care they get from pet stores breeders and the original owners they often wind up at shetlers. By getting them at a shelter you prevent breeders from making money and the animal shelter I worked at only charged $6 for reptiles and birds when most of the surrenderers had paid between $200 to $500 for the same animal. If someone is desperate for an exotic let them know. Sometimes you can get on a wishlist and be called when an exotic gets surrendered. The other hope I have is that PETA finds ways to make the USDA stop these breeders and change the laws so that this practice stops. I think it is a good idea to contact her but if that doesn’t work I think only massive petitions to change the laws and campaigns to show what terrible diseases these exotics get in captivity. I’m sure PETA is doing this already. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • I am me says:

    Hmm Haley did you read the part where she said she was a vet. She should earn money in other ways like..umm I don’t know.. getting a JOB. Thats what the rest of us do to make a living.

  • Joanne Contessa says:

    Please consider the welfare of these birdsreptiles. Donating them to a rescue organization an avian area at a zoo or something is more appropriate than “Selling to the highest bidder” I am amazed a veterinarian would behave in such a manner. An importexport retailerdealer yes. A vet never. This is a very sad situation. Please do not move forward wthis sale.

  • Debbie says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I thought people became veterinarians to help animals and make their lives better not to contribute to an obvious abuse problem.

  • kelly says:

    There are too many veterinarians involved in breeding mills. For example there are vets who support the puppy millpet store horrors and consumer ripoffs. It is time for the public to demand better of these “professionals” who get their degrees at universities that WE pay for.

  • Haley says:

    Hmmm… so you’re telling me that you’d rather lose your homelive out on the streets and go hungry than sell or exploit as you refer to it some fancy birds? If the answer is yes You need to get a life and a clue.