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Vending Machine Surprise ‘Moo’-ve

Written by PETA | July 9, 2010
Vending Machine

Healthy, humane alternatives to cruelly produced dairy products continued to make headlines this week. An executive order signed earlier this year by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has gone into effect requiring city vending machines to be stocked with soy and rice milks in an effort to curb obesity rates and improve consumers’ overall health.

Considering San Fran’s healthy and humane options in vending machines and L.A.’s dairy-free delight, the “Pamela Anderson” milkshake, California almost seems like heaven on Earth. Please take a minute to thank Mayor Newsom for his decision to provide his city with healthier, humane beverages.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Erin says:

    Kloe many local farmers refuse to use drugs or growth hormones in the feed of their dairy cattle. Meijer stores prides itself on their refusal to purchase milk from farms feeding their cattle growth hormones. Though the process may not be entirely humane cows milk is definitely a healthy alternative to soda pop. To each his own.

  • Sam says:

    Kloe I’m not a dairy farmer and I wish people would quit insinuating things just because I have a slightly different POV on the blog. I’m just your average joe who actually goes and reads and compares labels. I drink soy simply because it lasts longer and I do like the vanilla. I find chocolate to be too sweet and the plain to be tantamount to burnt toast. Note again I DRINK SOY MILK and yet am going to give a fair analysis based on reading the labels. And yes sometimes the soyrice milk isn’t healthier particularly the flavored kinds just like the dairy you’re mentioning. You have to read and compare before you make a choice be it soy cow’s milk juice etc. And ALL of them have added sugars and natural sugars. Anything we eat has that natural sugar and therefore the energy we consume. But all in all it’s up to the person to choose what they want to drink and their choice can be based on morals taste whatnot. I choose to drink soy because it does have similar amounts of nutrients and most importantly it lasts longer so in case I have to go on a trip I can come back and have something nutritious to drink.

  • Kloe says:

    Cows milk is LOADED WITH HORMONES AND DRUGS. That is what you are drinking when you drink cows milk. Cows milk is often flavored with sugar and it naturally has sugars. Sam the Dairy Farmer is apparently unaware that many rice and soy milks have less natural sugars than cows milk. Another great alternative is ALMOND MILK. These all have MORE nutrients than cows milk. By the way the dairy industry is trying to get around the healthful laws by offering corn syrup laden milk products in schools

  • Sam says:

    Otto simply put comments are based on facts I’m going to say is read the labels of soy and compare them to milk and you’ll see that sometimes soy isn’t healthier because it’s loaded with sugar and other items. And honestly how am I a troll or foolish for stating something you can easily find on a label? I do agree with Erin though it would be nicer to have a more humane approach to milking cattle as currently some of the methods pull on the teats too hard causing them to crack and bleed. And have that you have unhappy cattle that will kick and fight causing themselves more harm. Not good for the cattle and possibly people.

  • Joanna says:

    Now I love San Francisco even more

  • Erin says:

    I agree with Sam. Skim milk is a completely healthy though not necessarily humane alternative to soda pop being that a cup of skim milk contains 80 calories no fat or sat fat tons of protein and potassium and little cholesterol. Many soy milks are flavored and contain tons of added sugars which is why I choose not to drink them. Sugar in soda is the main reason why they are so unhealthful but replacing them with a highsugar rice or soy milk isn’t going up much from the problem. The health benefits from switching from soda to milk can be astounding. Now if only we can have humane milk production which may never exist…

  • Aleksis says:

    Healthy or not healthy if it’s cruelty free I’m all over that. Besides a trip to the vending machine should be a rare occasion. Thanks mayor Newsom!

  • Otto says:

    Good! The sooner we remove milk from these tpes of machines the sooner people will have to stop using them. If they won’t stop drinking them we’ll have to make them but getting rid of it! And Sam is just a troll from a sutpid anti peta website. What a foolish troll sam is.

  • Sam says:

    Healthful alternatives? I’m not so sure. Many of those soy and rice products contain sugar and other ingredients that make them not much different than the sugar pop. And I’m sure they’re going to include milk products in there too for the health issue so really not much of a win long term.