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More on Veg-Friendly Ballparks

Written by PETA | August 26, 2007

Yo, I just had to give you this little update to the Veg-Friendly Ballparks entry from a couple of weeks ago. Check out this MSN story, a version of which was just in USA Today. Boo yah.My friend Ian, a rabid baseball fan, is seriously contemplating a “scouting” trip to sample the food at the top stadiums. What can I say? The man is dedicated.

Once again, Ian with his favorite Tides player, Mike Cervanak, and fellow PETA employee Erin. Ian likes to eat veggie dogs at Tides games.

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  • Sad97 says:

    Attend seminars offered by your institution in topics like grant writing funding special grants tenure review teaching improvement.

  • steve says:

    sorry michele it wasn’t me i’ve been away from my computer for a week enjoying life and not watching over your usual propaganda…. i never bring up hitler but i still am reminded of peta’s feerless leader ms newkirk’s famous quote… 6 million jews died in the death camps but 6 million broiler chickens die every year….

  • Michele says:

    What does Adolf Hitler have to do with vegfriendly ball parks? You are just spouting nonsense for the sake of stirring things up and not because you have anything insightful or new to say. I thought you had finally left the animal rights people alone I guess you just enjoy coming back for more criticism.

  • Geoff says:

    Ergo what Steve? Stalin was a meateater. OK your turn.

  • steve says:

    funny Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and not for health reasons he did not like the thought of animals suffering.

  • Antoinette says:

    I think the new yankee staduim opening in 2008 will be veg…i hope

  • Michele says:

    steve PETA has a budget that is developed by the funding received from PETA members and other donations. If you want to “wake up” as you are telling us to do then you might actually read PETA’s financial statement. They only spend just over 4 of their budget on staffing and other admin costs. Last time I checked 4 was not a “majority”. Most of their budget around 80 which is a majority according to some basic math principles is spent on direct programs that help animals. Have you not had enough yet of trying to debate with people who actually have rational comments and facts to support their statements? Give it up already get your own life on a blog for extreme PETA haters and let us enjoy our own lives helping animals. This is what PETA supporters do this is what we choose to spend our time doing and you are not going to convince us otherwise. So go away!

  • steve says:

    to all of you in your quaint little unrealistic world where real people have to make livings and they do not want to be told how to run their lives… please wake up…. peta with their 60 million dollar budget spends the majority of their $$$ on staff and putting any business that works with animals and animal products out of business… not helping animals and for you pathetic petaphiles who do not believe that your alf buddys which probably some of you are do not exsist and do not beleive that they threaten lives harasse burn labs down let minks out of their farms to get run over by cars … please wake up and read the alf and biteback websites.. and for those of you who feel that peta does not threaten with boycott and harassement if a company does not follow their agenda… then please stop believing the crap you are putting out on this blog…

  • gino says:

    to observer no i’m just one gino but i know what you mean! anyhow i think that we should give a chance to naughty boy steve considering that i think that in his special way he is trying to explain to us that he also loves animals and i think it’s true! i also think that he is persuaded that peta is forcing something on someone and i just want to make him understand that this is not true! peta is guiding not forcing! you are a very good observer and i hope that also in future you shall enrich this blog with your presence! i’m a long time animal advocate and i tried every kind of possibilities to make people love the animals. sometimes i was successfull and sometimes i failed… but i think that sometimes it’s even necessary to make a fool of himself to get some results! me i’m a hardcore animal protector but it’s impossible to catch someone with hardness! when i see that there is a honest feeling in someone i try my best but i’m without mercy towards a rascal animal torturer like a bullfighter this kind of people i would kill without batting an eyelid and i wish for them to burn eternally in hell where they belong to!

  • observer says:

    two ginos on these blogs now or one with?????

  • Ana says:

    Not one person has been killed by any type of animal advocacy but I have seen animal advocates beaten by cops and members of businesses that live off of the backs of animals. There is no evidence that ALF members have threatened the life of anyone or has taken a life. But there are prolife members that have killed doctors nurses and blown up clinics. The first women’s movement committed arson and vandalized property the women also chained themselves to buildings in Washington DC and when arrested and jailed were forcefed when they refused to eat the Underground Rairoad was illegal. Apparently there are a lot of untruths concerning ALF members who do not threaten ANY life. You should be more concerned with the Ku Klux Klan which threatens and has killed many types of people. Also there are real terorists that are threatening Americans’ wellbeing. Please do not try to erode the animal rights movement with specious arguments. You want propaganda?…listen to the meat and dairy industry and vivsectors claiming bogus cures and magical pills for health. Let’s get back to the topic veggie stadiums. Thanks Michele for a well thought out answer. BTW as an educator I have to work in schools loaded with meat and leather BUT when I can educate pupils about crueltyfree living and some make the change….now that’s progress. Living in a box does not change minds…but we already know that right Michele.

  • observer says:

    steve Admit it. gino ana michelle john and animal lover were more than enough to prove you wrong. so now you want to go on to alf. sorry pal wrong again. peta is way over your head and now you are drowning in your propaganda myths about alf too. get the facts right man. hey guys and gals steve’s special interest in peta says he’s in bed with Richard Berman. RB gets mucho moola from the CCF for doing smear campaigns against peta. get ready for this the CCF is funded by the meat tobacco industries. RBs propaganda machine campaigns are aimed at making myths out of the risks of eating meat and smoking. Says physicians are myth scammers too ‘cuz they tell their patients its risky to eat meat smoke. guys and gals steve is in bed with RBs lies and garbage. uh steve disclaimers are in most types of publications out of legal responsibilty.

  • gino says:

    referring to your last statement i’m very glad to see your good side knowing that there was an animal in your life which you loved and accompanied on it’s last way with your faithful affection! you did a great thing loving a creature and including it in one’s family here you did your very special personal animal protection and i’m sure that people hearing about it shall appreciate and respect this so much! in the same way everone of us is doing what he or she can to give an other living being a better life! one is a vegetarian another one doesn’t wear fur anotherone doesn’t wear leather one doesn’t go to zoos or the circus this doesn’t mean that you have to do ALL this at once! i know people who don’t eat fish but they have no personal animal to care about you had one! you see what i mean! we are not perfect or saints but peta as an organzation is talking about all these things for to make us understand these points and adopt one or several of these capacities. but we are all different and it’s impossible for the human being to fulfill all these things together! me i’m a vegetarian but my 14 year old sun wants to eat meat so i cannot force a vegetarian life on him! if i would do this in his later life he surely would be a great meateater because it shall always remain in his head that he missed something! but there are also other children who like to be vegs! me i became veg after talking with a 7 year old girl who went to a ballet school. she impressed me so much that i started to think much about then i knew 2 sisters they were daughters of a butcher and the two were vegetarians and they finally persuaded me to go veg! but maybe this is not your thing but you never should feel yourself guilty or complexed or in a need to defend yourself because you also do a very good thing which others can’t do! just be as you are! that’s ok!

  • silent tongue says:

    steve i’m very content at last to know a good side of yours and i’m sorry that your dog died! anyhow i hope so much that your family shall give you some happiness! concerning ingrid’s handbook statement this is a legal obligation which every association is forced to focus on like on this blog if you look on the right side here you can read under ‘disclaimer’ that the views here are not always reprepresenting peta’s views etc. such things you can find on every homepage or blog in internet this is normal and has nothing to do with the personal character of the peta team! i hope for you and all the concerned parts here that you shall find your peace with peta and it’s members! perhaps we could share more than we know if we just would behave a little bit better! thumbs up!

  • BullyDawg says:

    Michele thank you for the story about the boy and the butterfly…it brought a tear to my eye! And it just goes to show that you’re never too young to appreciate the beauty of animals!

  • Seven says:

    steve NBA Basketball recently moved to a synthetic covered ball to ditch the leather. It was a shortlived phase however it is a work in progress and surprising at all that it was implemented. I played baseball and did not wear leather cleats or used a leather glove. There are alternatives out there and as awareness grows so will the utilization of these newly developed professional products. They just need to be marketed and catch on. endsteve

  • steve says:

    all i hear about is how i do not give rational arguements and baseless lies and i miss out on all of your important points…… and i hear about a bunch of intelligent scholars who loved animals.. well as stated in the past i love animals too. my 12 12 year old lab just died on friday… i spent a good amount of $$ to remove a mass from my dogs spleen not knowing whether it was cancerous or not… why? because the dog was part of our family and i loved her… but as much as i loved my dog there would still not be any contest on what i would do for my wife and kids in comparision. and with all of my ignorance lies and deceit…. why did ingrid newkirk in her ANIMAL RIGHTS HANDBOOK put in a disclaimer ” WE CAN’T AND DON’T GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF ALL OF THE INFORMATION.” and if you don’t beleive me go look at the handbook or ask ingrid…. i certainly did not make it up like a good amount of propaganda that comes out of the peta machine…… ps mr or ms observer… which part of my diatribe is irrational?????? and where does the fact that the ALF members who treaten lives harasse vandalize and will potentially kill someone in the name of animals which part of that is rational?

  • Michele says:

    “Hypocrite” Noun a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. Synonyms dissembler dissimulator phoney phony pretender. My “real motives” have always been to protect animals. I do not wear any animal products nor would I buy them for anyone else. My fiance gets ties made out of polyester not silk. I shop at Payless for shoes and purses and I avoid the very very few products that they sell with small amounts of leather. I would never go to circuses with animal acts. I purchase crueltyfree products from my local grocery store or online from PETA and Pangea. Saying that I should avoid going to sporting events where they use leather equipment is like saying I should only go to a dentist who does not wear leather or that I should never shop at a store that sells meat. By going to a sports arena and purchasing vegetarian foods I am “voting” with my money. The same goes for the products I purchase that do not involve cruelty to animals. Obviously companies are responding to consumer demand for crueltyfree foods and products and that includes baseball stadiums. That does not mean that I ignore the issue of leather in sporting events I have already made my voice heard by writing letters. Some animal rights individuals may choose to boycott a sporting event that involves the use of leather and there is nothing wrong with that but just because I do not make that choice does not make me “phony”. Anyone who has seen PETA’s videos must realize that this is not something that people have fabricated to satisfy their own agenda. Also the “propaganda” is scientific information that has been supported by hundreds of other valid studies. If you want to hear some real “propaganda” take the time to really look into the information being disseminated by the dairy industry. PETA does not make money every time someone goes vegetarian or adopts a pet from a shelter but you can bet that the dairy industry is going to do everything it can to convince people to continue drinking milk! Thank you to the people like Ana john goodwell observer animal friend etc etc. You are all true animal lovers and I am so glad there is a forum for us to discuss our mutual concerns and to celebrate the victories that happen every day because of organizations like PETA and the likeminded individuals who do their part. I wanted to share something with the compassionate people who read these blogs. Last week I was at a public pool and there was a butterfly flitting around the people who were sitting swimming and walking around. The butterfly was seemingly just trying to find a place to land where it could be undisturbed. There was a boy who was about 7 or 8 years old and when he saw the butterfly he started trying to swat it with his hands and he had a real determined look on his face. I knelt down and held my hands out to see if the butterfly would land on me. The boy immediately stopped trying to hit the butterfly and instead also starting holding out his hands to see if the butterfly would land on him. He was now smiling at the butterfly… It does not always take a significant effort to get someone to start thinking about animals in a more humane way.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Steve sigh I give up. I’m really here to ask when are you guys going to get after some of the NCAA football stadiums? 15 days til the college season starts and I need to get my veggie feed on! Some veggie tailgate recipes would be good too!

  • observer says:

    steve what’s a hypocrite?

  • john goodwell says:

    steve i understand your points and as a caring consumer you are free to do what the law allows but you are too much focusing your eagerness on peta. peta is just one in a million to speak out against animal cruelty. since ancient times the greatest souls on this planet have spoken out in exactly the same way as peta does! but your continuously making bad remarks just show me that you are not educated in world sciences like philosophy psychology arts and literature and many others so you force me indeed to recall some of the worlds elite animal protecting forefathers and great celebrities! without them this world would not be a planet to live on! and why is it that these famous people always cared about the two people and animals in the same way! all these thousands of elite people CAN NOT be wrong! so before you continue to show us your uneducated face please study the master works and lifestories of sri ramacandra sri krishna maharaja bharata narada muni mira bhai king akbar king ashoka plato sokrates plutarch sophokles euripides seneca buddha guru nanak kabir john chrysostomos lao tse william shakespeare saint francis of assisi saint anthony saint bernard saint rita saint john of the cross sri chaitanya ibn arabi al ghazali dante alighieri leonardo da vinci tizian voltaire schiller goethe joseph von goerres dostojewsi leo tolstoi henry dunant founder of red cross victor hugo henry david thoreau abraham lincoln zola theodor storm mahatma gandhi franz kafka george bernard shaw lord byron humboldt eichendorff rilke cavour giuseppe garibaldi schopenhauer vincent van gogh james ensor romain rolland upton sinclair gabriele d’annunzio maria montessori paramahamsa yogananda rosa luxemburg hazrat inayat khan pir vilayat khan sven hedin adalbert stifter dr. albert schweitzer dr. martin luther king astrid lindgren enrico caruso marguerite yourcenar luise rinser elias canetti thich nhat hanh rabindranath tagore leonardo boff pablo casals fernandel prof. theodore monod and so on and so on this is not even 1 pct of the ancientones here i have to stop if not the peta haters shall again reproach my evocation of reservoirdogs! but i think that just an educated person should open his mouth or write something in public! otherwise it’s either boring or ridiculous. because i studied the works and biographies of many many elite forefathers i feel and i know that peta is on the right side and they are contributing to a better world in focusing on the fact that we should avoid as many animal products as possible including every kind of animal accessories in every kind of clothes i think this should be clear to every normally thinking person!

  • animalfriend says:

    listen steve once and for all it’s you who should stay out of PETA’s face! you are on the wrong train here! we got our ideas here and you have yours but don’t always play the ignorant part just for to make us loosing time with you! it’s not about nudes and publicity here but about important facts which i don’t want to mention here just for your passtime but i want to discuss them with others here on the blog with animalfriends and protectors and people with some degrees! you play the misunderstanding part here and the blogs shall continue just to handle with your poison now i stop this statement here and go to write something concerning lovely and intelligent karate ace and animal protector jean claude vandamme instead of loosing useless time with a sucker like you!

  • observer says:

    steve No rational arguments coming from you except one. your’re right. humans and animals will never be on an equal footing ‘cuz animals don’t make irrational comments like yours and we need to keep reminding ourselves there are extreme irrationals like you who yap yap yap but don’t say anything logically proven. uh steve whose face showed up here first yours or the rest? points made. Kudos to gino ana michelle points made well.

  • steve says:

    gino… which one of dandy dan mathews publicity stunts are considered ” scientific and professionally accented?” the running of the nudes i’d rather goe nude the lettuce ladys storming enemys offices? which one of these is professional and scientific? and my good friend michele who never wants to dignify any of my comments with a response but always seems to respond. my rational arguement is that if peta was successful with their entire agenda of total nonanimal use…. the world would be turned upside down millions of people would lose their jobs and human race would find its equal footing with the rats and bugs… i do watch your videos and do read your ” socalled propaganda fact sheets” and that’s why I write. Because you and your extremists friends scare me with your views and i need to keep reminding you that there are 2 sides to these issues… my side the common sense and realistic view point that the majority of the world want animals treated in a humane manner but they will never be on equal footing with the human race…. and i write because i believe if you do not want to eat meator go to the circus or wear leather or fur and do not want to accept medical advances based on animal research thats fine but if i want my freedom of choice to do any of the above…. stay the hell out of my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ps michele… you may go to a hockey game where they are wearing leather skates leather gloves and leather pads… only if they are serving the right meal…. how do you spell HYPOCRITE ?

  • Ana says:

    Michele and Gino I agree with your responses to Steve. He just totally ignored my logical and responsible response in order to just continue in circles his argument. Just being hateful of PETA. PETA hard hits all the time and gets lots of criticism for it. It takes courage to advocate for animals as we all know. I get plenty of hateful comments when I protest on multiple issue I keep doing it because the animals need us. Michele as an avid hockey fan I would like to see veg choices. I have pretzels and knishes to choose from when I attend games. Maybe this season there could be some changes.

  • Michele says:

    People like steve do not ever have any rational arguments about the issues PETA deals with on a daily basis so they have to resort to the tired “why don’t they focus on such and such instead of this issue?” Boring! I will not even dignify steve with a response because he has clearly never read through PETA’s numerous fact sheets or watched their videos. And way to go Blue Jays!!! and to the other teams whose venues now offer yummy veg options as well Now let’s put the pressure on hockey arenas since the new season starts in a couple of months… I might be persuaded to see an Ottawa Senators game live at Scotiabank Place if I thought there was something decent to eat there!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Steve I agree with you. You have many many many ideas. Can you lead us on any of your ideas? Can you maybe start organizing some groups for us to do the work that you seem to be so emotional over?

  • gino says:

    steve indeed i ask myself why such people like you are still posted! but peta really goes behind everybody in this world concerning fur meatindustry and every other bad treatment of animals! if the blogowner has fun to post you here so be it i have no time to care much about you so write what you want but i say this also to the blog owner such people are putting the whole blog on an infantile level instead of giving a more scientific professional accent and visiting readers shall leave this site with a smile on their faces! but let it be me i have other things to do!

  • Ryuinfinity says:

    Woohoo! Go Blue Jays!

  • steve says:

    ana…. what i’m saying is that peta has no balls… they attack only the companys that they feel they have a chance for a successful public relations coup…. such as companys that use such a small amount of fur that it doesn’t really matter…. but peta masterminds know how foolish they’d look going after sports …. so they don’t … and thus it will not hurt their socalled powerfull reputation… and gino… if i am brainless… and i have nothing pertinent to say… why does the blog master keep putting up my comments….

  • gino says:

    hey steve brainless voluntary maniac concerning your statement no comment!!!!!

  • Ana says:

    Steve Shutting down sports makes no sense working with teams to change sports equipment to nonleather ones does. Schools vivisect all types of nonhuman animals. Should PETA have proposed to shut down all schools? No the logical move was to work with school authorities to change policies in some states students are exempt from vivisectingdissecting and educators must provide a substitute lesson or as in several instances these practices were totally eliminated as a requirement when they were easily replaced. Not using animals for dissectionvivisection in science classes on any level is the goal closing down schools would be absurd and counterproductive on all levels.

  • steve says:

    hey gino….. what the hell are you talking about???? do we speak the same language??? don’t comment about me… comment about my statement…..

  • gino says:

    well i think on these blogs we got not just two mayas but also two steve or one with schizophrenia! but anyhow here is a great website which i can imagine would also be a great idea for steve there you shall see that millions of people around the world are caring about humans and animals in the same time and they got even ingrid newkirk as a role model! check it out!

  • Patrick Thrasher says:

    To those fans of teams that didn’t make the list the Phillies recently lost their 10000th game the first team to do so not just in baseball but in any American sport. I’m glad Phila was able to win Something.

  • Anna says:

    Well my favorite team made the Honorable List. Good job and thank you to all the stadiums that care.

  • steve says:

    why would peta even involved with talking about sports parks when all of sports uses animal products AND YOUR JUST WORRIED ABOUT WHAT THEY’RE SERVING….. where are the protests of all of these leagues?…. why doesn’t peta try to shut down all sports baseball leather gloves leather cleats and horsehide baseballs…. football leather balls and cleats basketball leather balls and sneakers hockey leather gloves goalie pads golf leather golf shoes leather gloves SHOULD I CONTINUE???? WHERE ARE YOU PETAPHILES?

  • Anonymous says:

    Well New York City once again….no veg friendly stadiums not even MSG!!! Shameful! Especially when NYC has so many vegvegan restaurants and Moo Shoes! I hope this changes.

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