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Vegetarians Smell Sexier!

Written by PETA | February 13, 2007

Even if the cruelty of factory farming, the increased heart attack and cancer risk, and the environmental devastation caused by the meat industry don’t convince you to go vegetarian, I’m certain that the prospect of being the sexiest smelling person in your office will sway you. According to a recent study published by the NIH,

Results of repeated measures analysis of variance showed that the odor of donors when on the nonmeat diet was judged as significantly more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense.

Hott! Scientists sure do know how to make stuff sound sexy when they want to. Unfortunately for me, my fragrant vegan odor doesn’t have much effect on my female colleagues, since (as you might expect) pretty much all of the dudes in my office are rocking a nonmeat diet. But if you’re looking for a way to make yourself stand out from the competition with the dreaded Valentine’s Day holiday looming, it may be worth a shot. Just so I’ve got my bases covered—for those of you who are already vegetarian but still smell kind of funky, you can find a whole range of cruelty-free deodorants here.

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  • Fikile says:

    pressuring labs to treat anailms as humanely as experiments allow ?This means that absolutely anything can be done to an animal in a lab if it is deemed necessary for the experiments what needs to be questioned is the experiments themselves. As it stands anailms are burned, poisoned, mutilated, forcibly addicted to dangerous drugs, and ultimately killed. The harm to anailms is not fairly weighed against the perceived benefit to humans. Seemingly any chance at a benefit for humans is considered weighty enough to trump an animal’s most fundamental interests.

  • Bill says:

    Meat does not cause “stink”. It is toxins in you system from many sources that case the “stink”.

  • fernandes says:

    I know lots of people have answered the original poster but I think it’s good to show the astounding variety of arguments on our side. 1 Why shouldn’t we try to persuade people if we think we’re on the right path? It would be wrong to FORCE people into giving up meat but there’s nothing wrong with trying to reason with them. 2 Lions are not human beings they are not endowed with opposable thumbs or ethical thinking they cannot but eat what they’ve evolved to eat. Humans on the other hand not only have the ability to manufacture things and to care about the suffering of others but also have the most comprehensive diet of all animals. We were able to take over the earth not only because we think but also because we eat nearly anything. Ethical thinking shows us therefore that if i’s true that our choices are so vast we don’t really need to feed off of the suffering of other creatures. There’ll always be tons of other options.

  • Mark says:

    I just wanted to point out that the study quoted above was not published by the NIH. The study was done by scientists at Charles University Prague Czech Republic and was published in an Oxford University Press journal called Chemical Senses. The reference is The effect of meat consumption on body odor attractiveness. Chem Senses. 2006 Oct31874752. There is no apparent affiliation with the NIH.

  • Kim says:

    I’ve heard that if you go camping and you eat bananas or other sweet smelling fruit that you will attract more mosquitoes. Garlic is known to keep the little blood suckers away. But the catch is that if it’s keeping the bugs away it’s probably keeping your fellow campers away too! Ha! Yeah but I have noticed that some meat eaters give off a bitter kind of smell. I don’t know what I smell like because I’m around me all the time. Also no matter who you are if you wear the same sweaty shoes every day they will stink no matter what. Swamp foot!

  • Lisa says:

    That is such an interesting article I’ve always wondered about that. For me I didn’t go vegan for health reasons it was a decision based on knowing what the animals go through during their lives in order to feed us. Lions do not torture and abuse their prey from birth to death they kill them when they have to. Animals that you end up on your plate have likely been born into a life of hell. That is so utterly cruel and unnatural.

  • driftwood says:

    I have always thought there was something to body odor scent in relation to diet. I have noticed that the Big Burger eaters really do emit a strong and unattractive odor in breath sweatetc. Since I was 18 yrs oldtoday Im 33 I moved towards the vegetarian diet. I can survive just fine on salt crystal deodorantjust for back up security and my feet have never stunk. This is an interesting study!

  • gigi says:

    Unless you have seriously studied Veganism your comment is totally without merit. The truth is that we are most closely related to the monkeychimp kingdom and they are mainly vegetarian. It is unnatural for humans to consume the milk of another mammal and mother’s milk is meant for their babies not other adult humans. sadly the baby calves are taken from their mothers and given formula so that humans can have their milk.. do you call THAT normal???. Meat eaters DO smell in a scent not the way Vegans do and being at the gym myself 5x a week trust me the meat eaters “stink” when they sweat. Humans are created to use our brains and to think rationally. Since we are 98 or higher in DNA to that of the monkey kingdom it is more natural to eat the way they do. Human intenstines are not created way too long to property digest meat and it is rotted by the time it reaches the colon thus a much larger chance of having colon cancer tape worms etc. The “lactose” intolerance problem is apparent because humans are simply not “created” to properly digest dairy products. There are tons of other ways to get calcium. Milk actually “leaches” calcium from a person’s bones. Look at all the elderly people with osteoporisis and other bone issues. They most likely have eaten dairy their entire lives. Once I gave up the dairy my digestive tract issues cleared up with very little gas pains etc. The Vegan diet takes human intellect to an entirely new level. Try it you’ll see the difference. There are tons of recipes out there and you’ll save the cruelty and killing of an animal at the same time. My family is always asking me “what is in that” and “it tastes so good” etc. and I can proudly say it is Vegan without compromising taste. Gigi

  • Dinah says:

    Many times I have read from different sources that if you eat meat and dairy your digestion slows down and your immune system is suppressed you also age faster and get sick more often. I gave them up and my well being improved dramatically. There is a huge interest from the dairy industry in keeping you as a consumer so they promote the outrageous lie that dairy products are the “best” source of calcium and good for your body. This is a scam all they want is your money think about it you can get all that calcium and protein and nutrition from plant sources without all the side effects and without the cruelty and guilt associated with factory farms.

  • Tom says:

    I’m all for being against fur because its a luxury and completely unneccessary but trying to persuade the whole world to go vegetarian?!?!? Thats just going too far. Next are you going to hunt down lions because they’re meat eaters? Maybe you could offer them lettuce instead of antelope. Meat is a viable part of our diet something that has always been part of our diet. Promote organic meat rather than no meat at all its more practical and has more chance of success