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More on Vegansexuals

Written by PETA | August 13, 2007

This vegansexuals story just won’t die. I can’t believe all the play it’s getting, especially on the Internet. There was a film crew in the office the other day shooting for this local piece, and it really got me thinking about how, at least here at PETA HQ, the vegansexual thing just doesn’t play. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. I’ve even heard rumors from old timers that Ingrid once forbade intra-office dating, simply on the grounds that she wanted the staff out meeting new people to make vegan.

Take my old boss, for instance. She has a foolproof system for taking the average unsuspecting meat-eating sailor or merchant marine under her wing and turning him into a hardcore vegan animal rights activist within a month. No joke. She’ll show up with these dudes and you can just tell that they’re completely helpless under her vegan goddess natural foods tantric love spell. Of course, once she gets them good and indoctrinated, she cuts them loose and finds her next prey, and with Norfolk being a big Navy town, with new guys arriving in port all the time, there is always another “victim” in line. Sometimes I feel a little bad for them, especially the ones that roll up wearing dress blues in their fancy raised pick-ups and by the time they leave they’re well on their way to joining an organic commune or living in a van and playing hacky sack all day. OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, enjoy the video. And fair warning to the meat-eating readers out there, most animal rights folks aren’t of the vegansexual persuasion, so that hot guy or gal you’re eyeing at the bar just may be on their own personal mission to turn the world vegan one person at a time . . . by any means necessary.


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  • Anonymous says:

    no entiendo ingles ‘

  • Justy says:

    I appreciate this discussion. I broke up with a meat eater about a year ago. We had been together for almost 2 years. I was vegan he was not. That was an issue but the bigger issue was the lack of mutual respect. I really tried not to force any of my ethics onto him. I tried to accept him for who he is and live my vegan life. ButI didn’t really see that we had a future. I couldn’t even talk about vegan issues that really inspired me because he would take that as me trying to change him. I think we both knew that we’d have more of a future if we had more similar lifestyles so under the surface we were harboring the hope that the other person might change. That tension will manifest. I’m a naturally expressive person. I felt like I couldn’t even engage in a real discussion with him about the pro’s and con’s of veganism. I was open to his perspective. I think that he was afraid of mine. While I’m open to dating a meat eater again it’s not my preference. I dream of finding a nice vegan man. But I’ve had two dates in the past yearboth with meateaters. I kissed one of them and he had milk breath. It was disgusting. He also said something like “but the meat tastes so much better when the animals suffer…” Ok that was a no go. Then the other guy was really open to learning about my lifestyle but there was just no chemistry on other levels. I’ve tried some veg dating services. Slim pickin’s in my area. So I don’t know what’s next. I just know thatif it’s with another meat eaterI’ll proceed with caution. I’ll be clear about my ethical standards and my passion for animal rights. I won’t force it down their throat but I certainly won’t hide it. I’m interested in a partner. I do think I’d be happiest with finding someone likeminded. But as far as casual dating goes I think I need to be open. Who knows?

  • Heavy says:

    hugo pottisch why the fuck isn’t this guy locked up or at minimal medicated?

  • Ushko says:

    Okay as a vegan I can honestly say that the only thing that has ever lowered my sex drive has been being pregnant and due to having hereditary complications being told by the doctor that I was NOT ALLOWED to have sex…I must say it felt like the two longest months of my life! I would once a day if I could but my husband only seems to be interested about twice a week…but news flash most of my married friends when discussing this subject seem to be interacting once every two weeks I think this Tucker person has it backwards my husband is vegan as well whereas about half of our friends are meat eaters and the other half vegetarian. Tucker’s research needs some serious improvement!

  • veg-head says:

    i’m 12 vegan its hard to find a good veggie guy my age… but i still can’t stomach the thought of making out with a meateater… i mean what would it taste like! ew.

  • Leah says:

    body fluids smell different when spiced with animal. I remember when I first went veg I noticed right away my body odor and number 2’s smelled a lot milder. Granted I still smell but it’s veg smell. I can’t stand it when someone sits down next to you in class and you know what they had for their last meal.

  • MOONCHILD says:

    I find vegetarian lovers to be more adventursome than meat eaters.

  • Lara says:

    I dunno!! I’ve been vegan for about 4 years now and my boyfriend of 2 years is a meat eater we’re really happy and have a pretty good sex life!! Though I’m not happy about him eating meat it’s his decision just like mine is about being vegan.

  • Michele says:

    Mars I eat a more varied diet because I am taking the time to ensure that I am getting a balanced diet and to discover new recipes with things like lentils chickpeas and other legumes and with ingredients like coriander or curry. When I used to eat meat and other animal products I did not have to think much about making a meal. Maybe some vegan meals are less convenient than animalbased ones but I will no longer sacrifice an animal’s life for the sake of my own convenience. And in fact there are many vegan microwaveable meals just like “lean cuisine” that are very convenient. I do not see it as limiting my choices at all but rather opening myself up to learning about more interesting choices. I get to help animals eat healthier and save the environment as well. And as long as I do not buy too many of the “convenience” type of vegan meals I actually spend less money than when I was not vegan. If anyone is interested I have a recipe for a “Summer Salsa” with things like mangoes grapes lime juice coriander etc. You eat it with nacho chips. It is fabulous and the only “hard” thing about making it is that it involves a fair amount of chopping. Whenever I bring it to gettogethers people rave about it and always insist that I send the recipe. Anyway I can post it here if anyone wants.

  • Mars says:

    I actually eat a tastier more varied diet now than when I was eating meat and other animal products. How did you get more variety by limiting your choices?

  • Frances says:

    What next an article “Christians only have sex with other Christians!”. Isn’t it understandable to want to bond with people who have similar beliefs? I know people who vomit at the taste of meat why would they want to kiss somebody who not only disagreed with their beliefs but tasted like the thing they hated? Besides that it’s not the majority of vegans or vegetarians for that matter and yes vegetarians will do it too why were vegans only included?. The fact is some people are tolerant and hope that the other person will come to share their views. Others don’t want to pressure people into believing the same thing so they find an ally. What’s hard to understand about that? I can’t believe how pointless the whole debacle has been.

  • Michele says:

    Sue you really need to get a crash course in nutrition and get your “facts” straight! Meat has NO fibre and is loaded with fat and cholesterol even the organic meat!. The nonorganic stuff is even worse because it is loaded with concentrated pesticides antibiotics and growth hormones. Gross! Humans can get all of their protein calcium and other dietary needs met on a plantbased diet and the only nutrient missing is B12 because B12 is a microorganism in soil that humans used to consume when eating fruits and vegetables from the ground now we have to wash the crap out of them to get the pesticides off so the B12 is gone. You can choose to take B12 as a supplement but it is also readily available in certain foods that are fortified such as soy milk and some faux meat products. The traditional North American Diet is way too high in protein which causes permanent kidney damage over time. This effect would be the same whether you eat poultry beef or fish. People who drink cow’s milk are more likely to have osteoporosis than those who do not consume dairy products. This is because the protein in dairy products is acidic and then calcium is subsequently leached from your bones into your bloodstream to counteract the acidity so you end up with calcium LOSS from drinking milk. But the dairy industry does not want people to know that!! The mercury from fish causes permanent brain damage. You can get salmonella from contaminated eggs even if you don’t eat chicken. The contaminated spinach in the USA a couple of years ago was found to be caused by E.coli from a nearby cattle ranch. The water runoff from the cattle feces contaminated the spinach so an otherwise healthy food was poisoned because of the socalled “need” for beef. No one can force you to become vegan but you are deluding yourself if you think your omnivorous diet is healthier than a plantbased one. Going vegan is easier than most people think though it can be helpful to have support if you are unsure of how to approach it. I actually eat a tastier more varied diet now than when I was eating meat and other animal products. In fact I rarely eat “tofu” but get my protein from other soybased foods. Check out the late Dr. Spock’s book regarding children’s growth and development or better yet do some research on Dr. Neil Barnard and the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine There are also tons of free vegan recipes online.

  • Sue says:

    No one could turn me into a vegan. The fact is meat is the most nutrient dense food especially if from pastured animals.

  • observer says:

    jeff said from Ghandi “Even if you are a minority of one the truth is the truth.” face the facts peta alone has a membership of over 1.3 million and unknown thousands of animal lovers who support peta and countless millions in more animal organizations big and small. jim malicious boneheads like you about life are scary. Go back to your hobby of getting a hand thrill from your playboy mag.

  • jim conley says:

    you all need a hobbie or something you have one thing going for PETA that is the tities of Pam Anderson get a life eat meat it tastes good and these animals are raised to be eaten who cares how they are treated if theyre going to be food

  • Jeff says:

    So in the above post about a vegan dating a meat eater and the support they get… Do you mean about converting the vegan back to a meat eater? or converting the meat eater to a vegan? The above article make Peta look like a cult. which obviously it is this makes it seem scary

  • Jessica says:

    I know that after a lot of time and energy spent bugging a friend that I knew cared about animals as much as I do it was her boyfriend that finally got her to start thinking about it.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    One major benefit of vegans dating meateaters is that the process of going vegan can be really hard especially when you have no support. It’s always good to have some positive reinforcement from your significant other and you’ll be able to see that changing your diet won’t turn your world upsidedown.

  • Jason Levy says:

    I loved the video!

  • Basilisk says:

    The original post mentioned a study showing that meateaters stink. Indeed they do. There is a foul exudate emanating from their pores that I unfortunately must inhale every time I ride the bus. It is even left behind on the seats! It isn’t only meat that makes one smell like rancid lard it’s any animal product. Years ago a Viet Nam war vet told me that an indigenous people in Viet Nam called the “Montagnards” informed him that they could smell Americans hundreds of yards away. They told him that the peculiar stench was caused by drinking milk!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    I love those IceT lyrics I think they are very fitting to the discussion? KKK Bitch Aw yeah what’s up out there? BC’s in the house. Right about now I wanna tell you a little love story you know what I’m sayin’ this is a Body Count love story check out the lyrics you know I’m a tell you ’bout what happened when we went down South last year on tour. Out on tour yo I been all around the world went to Georgia met this fineassed white girl blonde hair blue eyes big tits and thighs the kinda girl that would knock out most guys. She got wild in the backstage bathroom sucked my dick like a muthafuckin’ vacuum said “I love you but my daddy don’t play he’s the fuckin’ grand wizard of the KKK.” I I I love my KKK bitch love it when she sucks me though I I I love my KKK bitch love it when she fucks me though I I I love my KKK bitch she loves it when I treat her bad I I I love my KKK bitch mutha fuck her dear old dad. You know what I’m sayin’. 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We love Mexican girls Black girls Oriental girls it really don’t matter. If you from Mars and you got a pussy we will fuck you. You know that’s all we’re sayin’ word. So every year when Body Count comes around we throw an orgy in every little Southern town. KKK’s Skinheads and Nazi girls break their necks to get to the party. It ain’t like their men can’t nut their dick’s too little and they just can’t fuck. So we get buck wild with the white freaks we show them how to really work the white sheets. I know her daddy’ll really be after me when his grandson’s named little IceT. I I I love my KKK bitch love it when she fucks me though I I I love my KKK bitch love it when she sucks me though I I I love my KKK bitch she loves it when I treat her bad I I I love my KKK bitch mutha fuck her dear old dad. Veg Boy “Cause meat eaters want it more and have energy cuz they eat meat. PETA is trying to take control…” Most meat eaters can’t see their own feet let alone their penis if they are male! Many females who practice meatism further can’t masturbate for the only reason that their belly and arms are so fat that they cannot reach down properly anymore… it is a sad story… Of course they “want it more” because as one of the projectors has stated they are starved for sex and compensate with the energy draining meat and milk products… and if meat eaters have more energy then smokers have healthier lungs! Clint Eastwood Orlando Bloom Leonardo di Caprio Carl Lewis Joaquin Phoenix … Gorillas what do you mean? How is PETA trying to take control? Have they forced Clint Eastwood to eat vegan? Have they forced any of us to do anything? Or are WE forcing someBODY to do stuff for US and PETA is merely against US forcing those WE have control over to say.. live in their own shit and piss for all their life? Please elaborate! Regarding the argument to respect ones partner of course one should. Unconditionally that is…!!! Scares me to think that only because your partner supports the beating of children the raping and fisting of children the forcing of children to sleep in shit and piss that one should not respect and love hisher partner… Jokes aside of course I have sex with meat eaters what else are they good for other than that?! If only they were better looking..!!! They spend most of their time and money on torturing killing and destroying what nature God has grown and what our children need for their survival? But I would not call a sexbuddy a partner as long as he does not prove that heshe can be trusted. If taste is more important than ethics and the avoidance of tremendous suffering and needless killings if convenience and misguided variety is more important than the survival of our children I would not enter ANY form of relationship other than a purely sexual and materialistic.. I can understand the problem when you are young and the first sex also means that you have reinvented love and that your love will last for ever and is oh so different and powerful than everybody elses etc. But if you are past your teens you must have learned what to look for in a partner better? Everybody thinks of him or herself as good or deserving justice this diluted selfimage leads us to identify with the good guys in Hollywood movies when we all clearly are the bad guys every day Basically you DONT want to be in a relationship that is build on vital lies!!! Actually you don’t wanna live in a culture which is build on vitallies? This is why people get active for animal rights.. to all of you! Hugo

  • Steve says:

    i had a “fake’ vegetarian girlfriend once…….. she condoned my lifestyle was indecisive sp? and worse of all cursed my dog. i will never date a girl again that promotes a veg or semiveg diet. there are probably hundreds of honet hardworking vegs out there but she left a bad taste in my mouth

  • Veg Girl says:

    OK sorry Hugo I took it in the wrong way. Oops. Do you actually live in your own shit and piss? lol. Anyways Yeah maybe Vegans should do it with vegans. Cause meat eaters want it more and have energy cuz they eat meat. But PETA is trying to take control. Anyways I dunt know I mean whatever the girl or boy feels like doing it with and they are comfortable with their partner that’s what really matters.

  • Alex says:

    This topic seems silly. If we turned it the other way around wouldn’t it? “Meateaters” only wanting to be with “meateaters” “Oh yeah I dated this Veggie chick and she tasted too much like cucumber so I dumped her ass.” And thoes of you wanting to try to convert people to what you think. Why try and conform all these unique and wonderful people? That’s like telling a vegetarian to eat a steak rare so you can taste the blood honey. No let people be. And if some of you think it’s weird to date someone who’s different. I suppose that’s your problem. I’m a vegetarian have been for years. I could never go back. I’m basically dating a carnivore. I love him all the same though. But I would never change who he is. That’s all up to him. We’re strong and I think we balance eachother out. Balance is the key.

  • Chris says:

    There was a similar situation on a TV show that I saw this weekend called The Two Coreys where the PETA rep who was vegan was asked by one of the Coreys that if they got married would he have to quit eating meat and she said yes. In my opinion that’s a little extreme. What is wrong with eating meat? Not one vegan could answer that question for me with something that actually makes sense. Not even my own wife who is vegan. Because I eat meat and she does not doesn’t mean that I lack compassion. For dinner I cook my wife an all vegetable meal but for breakfast and lunch I EAT MEAT. What makes our relationship work is that we respect each others conscience.

  • Oobeedoobee says:

    Looking at the title I thought this story was about people having sex with vegetables. eeewwwww!!!

  • Jason Levy says:

    Veganism is a lifestyle. It makes sense for people to want to be in a relationship with others of their same lifestyle. Of course there is nothing wrong with dating a meateater Jack makes a great point with this I’m just saying that it would make sense to be with someone who shares your same beliefs values lifestyle etc. My girlfriend ate meat when I met her and now she is vegan.

  • Amihan says:

    I think I do agree with the idea of going out with a nonvegetarian guy. I don’t see the point why not? Get to know him better and it would be an opportunity for me to share with him the benefits of being a vegetarian. You’ll never know. Maybe you are the person who can influence him.

  • ms says:

    grow up i am a vegetarian prac a vegan…. my boyfriend is a board certified meateater and you know what? I love him just the way he is….a relationship is about mutural respect…. not trying to convert people to your ideas!!

  • Rik says:

    Ok i’m all for animal rights and respect to wishes of people who dont eat meat. BUT saying eating meat causes impotence? Puhlease! I fathered 3 children during the height of my meat eating days. Back then there wasnt a meal i had that didn’t have some type of meat. I do have to admit i do eat lesscompared to back then but i also eat less of everything else i dont descriminate . Back to the original story i went to school with a girl whose mother was a strict vegatarian and a die hard animal rights protester. The husband? And avid hunter with several trophies in the house their marriage couldnt be better.

  • Sue says:

    Zinc deficiency can be a cause of impotence so vegetarians need to make sure they get enough zinc.

  • Michele says:

    Abby you have a wonderful opportunity to show those nonvegetarian guy friends of yours all of the great food they could be eating if they just stopped eating meat. Just bring a bit extra to share at school or wherever and maybe you will convert someone someday. Also you could tell the guys about all of the cool celebrity vegetarians out there like Alicia Silverstone Prince JD Fortune Jorja Fox you know the CSI character “Sarah Sidle” etc etc. Just look on websites that name celebrity vegetarians and you would have a lot of conversation material. Good luck and have fun too!

  • Jessica says:

    It seems silly to me. Of course people are going to want to screw people they share interests with over people of opposite views. Sometimes you can hit it off with someone who eats meat but it takes a lot of agreement in other areas and a lot of willingness from them to agree that you have a valid viewpoint. Same goes for political religious world environmental and fiscal stancesbeliefs.

  • Anne says:

    I was planning on going with a guy then he confessed he had dined out on veal andor foie gras that evening. Ick. Much prefer a friend with compassion . . . . Guy’s no longer in my life good riddance!!!

  • Kimberly Smith says:

    For a number of years I would not allow any meat or meat products in my house. Trying to find a roomate was difficult. I then concluded that it could be a positive situation in that it could really give me an opportunity to go to work on someone turn them into a veg. However kissing someone who is not a veg. grosses me out. I tried with someone and began to crave dairy products. when prior to that the smell alone yes even in whole foods was very offensive. Don’t recommend it. To all you meat eaters out there keep your tongue in your mouth when kissing veg.

  • Kaye says:

    My husband went vegan about 6 months after we started dating. He might have never stopped eating meat at all if we had never gotten together and been exposed to a more compassionate lifestyle. I like what the above article says “being vegan isn’t about being in a club.” I would however never have married a meat eater.

  • Veg Girl says:

    I personally prefer nonmeat eaters merely because animal rights is such a huge part of my life and I cannot see spending the rest of my life with someone who has an opposite view on that. I have a lot of friends that are meat eaters but as far as being intimate…I’ll stick to the compassionate ones!! Besides some things do smell rather bad out of a meat eater!!

  • Abby says:

    Well i think dating someone that has the same eating habbits as you is a great idea. But i’m 14 so it’s hard to find a guy my age that’s vegetarian…

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Wow Hugo you could not have said it better! Posts like yours are why I still even bother to read the PETA files and I’m not being sarcastic! You’re quite a character and you’re not ashamed of it I really like that! Keep up the good work I can’t wait to read more about your opinions!

  • Mackenzie says:

    Hugo you are such a porno. you are a sex starved freak. Go get a life.

  • Erica says:

    Apparently no one told my vegan husband he’s supposed to lose his sex drive!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    PS I love single mothers who eat meat the most cause then i can involve their children… I call it vealsex.. you know what I mean… oh so tender! You should see the emotions.. the climax!!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    I too think that vegans being with meat eaters is a good thing… after all I have less inhibitions when it comes to all the SM games knowing full well how much animals lovers enjoy SlaughterMeat… We vegans usually prefer sLaughtermEat..? Anyway what I routinely do when i get more intimate with flesh lovers is Tie them up so that they cannot move anymore then i leave them like that for hours days… I beat them until they bleed but do not take care of their wounds.. I fist them deep… I peel their skin off and wear it as “leather” One of my favorites sleeping in your own shit and piss that really gets them going.. if all fails and they do not show an reeraction pump them up with hormones and drugs… yeah baby!!!! YEAH!!! I love it they love it it’s all about the numbing pleasure… I recommend it at least a few times a week you know a “balanced natural” life I call it!!! As God wanted it to be… but not before marriage mind you. Again I still do not get those vegans who refuse to screw a meat eater… what is next no more sex with child molesters or racists??? Keep it real folks! Stay liberal or you are no better than those fundamentalists…

  • kelly says:

    Come on Tucker! It’s all those fat guys that eat meat that are popping the Viagra!

  • Maya says:

    Tucker Carlson is so funny. At one time he was all proPETA now he’s flip flopped? Odd. Maybe too much pressure from the right wing. Anyway I think vegans “being” with meat eaters is a good thing. My boyfriend is a meat eater but in the past 5 years he has cut way back on meat and his son is now completely vegetarian. He says it’s mostly because of the veggie meals we cook together. So how will meat eaters change if they don’t have someone by their side being a good influence on them? Oh well freedom of choice anyway.

  • D.J. says:

    PETA is full of queers.

  • rimi says:

    this would be the great hour of the antibloggers taking the vickcase for a sexcase! where are they now? come on take your chance and speak!

  • ROSA says:

    In younger years when I was already a vegetarian I knew some nonvegetarian men but sooner or later they turned veg! Today I would choose a vegetarian directly!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I don’t know I kind of like the term “Vegansexuals”! And the study does have some truth to it meateaters smell like meat just like alcoholics smell like alcohol and smokers smell like smoke!