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Vegan Waffles Take Over the World!

Written by PETA | May 22, 2008

Food Network / CC

On Saturday, May 24, vegan waffles really could/will/might take over the world … Godzilla-style! That’s right, Pittsburgh is hosting the world’s first multi-city vegan waffle party.

As well it should! This is a good way to end World Vegetarian Week, and after all, everyone loves basking in the light, crispy, delicious glory that is the waffle, especially when waffles are bejeweled with yummy chocolate chips, flaked coconut, and walnuts; smothered with Earth Balance buttery spread; and topped with light and luscious Soy Whip. But what we really don’t get is why anyone would ruin a perfectly fabulous masterpiece by throwing in bovine mammary secretions or a hen’s … umm … menstrual stuff.

Plus, when you hold the cholesterol and saturated fat from the disgusting milk and eggs, you can go a little crazier with the Soy Whip! Yum!

—AlkaPosted by Alka Chandna, Laboratory Oversight SpecialistIn other news, see how Oprah is doing.

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  • Maya, CVT says:

    Vegan breakfasts are amazing because I don’t feel like I’m gonna barf from the heavy dairy afterwards. Light breakfasts are still sweet and delicious! Thank you for the idea!!

  • luz rodriguez says:

    were can i get the recipe. i just started to be vegetarian doing it slowing to get my husband and son to go on this trip with me. learning alot

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mark I’d say give Oprah some time. I think what she’s doing is amazing. We all arewere guilty of animal transgressions and I have a feeling she may come around on the other stuff. Certainly kudos to her for keeping an animalfree diet in the media forefront.

  • lynda downie says:

    Yay Pittsburgh Well done Alka. Yeah I’ll pass on those bovine mammary secretions and hen’s menstrual stuff.

  • Mark says:

    I wish there were a way to get the animal rights message to Oprah maybe an open letter in a magazine? Her magazine?

  • missy says:

    kudos to pittsburg for their progressive party theme! i think i’ll go have myself some waffles to celebrate!

  • Krysteenah says:

    These look so Yummy! They will be on my table tomorrow morning for breakfast or maybe tonight for dinner! Thanks for the recipe!