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Vegan Police Officer

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

CrimeShareTV/Creative Commons

Remember the story about the vegan firefighters in Austin, TX? Well, now there’s a police officer giving them a run for their money, literally.

In a bid to whip his fellow officers into shape, Sergeant Scott Cary started a department running team and went vegan. It’s a pretty cool story, and you can check it out here.And if you’re waiting on a doughnut joke, it’s not gonna happen. As Scott says in the article, “The days of coffee and doughnuts are over. It’s a latte with soy milk and a bagel.”

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  • Kayla says:

    Finally! A veg police man! Nice to know they exist becasue I want to be a forensic person and I don’t want to be surrounded by people trying to get me to eat meat

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Sorry Mars you’re still wrong. It’s a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. I provided a referenced quote to prove that Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. Just because you want him to be one does not change the fact that he was not. Where’s your verifiable proof? No Maher said “First of all ANYONE with common sense should know by now how bad soy is for someone. The information is all over the place about soy.” Fine no Maher if you are so concerned about the health of the vegetarians here provide some links to some credible verifiable sources that denounce soy and not our friendly antisoy meat industry apologists Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.

  • observer says:

    you peta guys and gals are great!!!! really know your stuff going up one side down the other and putting a bow on top too!!! sending off mars and the like all packaged with the truth!!!!

  • BullyDawg says:

    Alexa good for you for doing what you can! Just one thing…you said that you eat fruits and veggies but “not too much.” PLEASE try to eat more fruits and veggies…you should get at least 10 servings a day and when you find out what “a serving” is you’d be surprised how small it is!. Just one snack cup of applesauce is a whole fruit serving for example! We want you to grow up to be strong and healthy so you can continue the good fight! There IS such a thing as too much tofu! And I just realized I officially sound like a mom…

  • Mars says:

    “It comes from a tortured suffering creature ” Wrong again. Meat comes contented animals.Torturingsuffering ruins meat just like doing the same thing ruins plants.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Sorry Mars you’re still wrong. It’s a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. I provided a referenced quote to prove that Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. Just because you want him to be one does not change the fact that he was not. Where’s your verifiable proof? No Maher said “First of all ANYONE with common sense should know by now how bad soy is for someone. The information is all over the place about soy.” Fine no Maher if you are so concerned about the health of the vegetarians here provide some links to some credible verifiable sources that denounce soy and not our friendly antisoy meat industry apologists Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.

  • Black Cat says:

    Mars your last sentence ‘is it too hard for you to believe that true evil comes from the heart of man not what he puts in his mouth’ shows me directly that you don’t know anything! Don’t you know that the meat which somebody puts into his mouth does not grow on trees. It comes from a tortured suffering creature and having no mercy with this tortured suffering creatures shows me that you are a putrified heartless rascal! Don’t get me wrong I don’t care if you are a meateater or not but you are heartless and this is the point! I have no human sympathy for you!!!

  • no Maher says:

    First of all ANYONE with common sense should know by now how bad soy is for someone a young person in particular. I myself am for the most part a vegan every now and then I’ll drink some cow’s milk. I sure as hell am not going to destroy my thyroid by drinking that damn stuff and the information is all over the place by people who have NOTHING to do with the meat industry. They are just concerned scientists and doctors who don’t want junk be fed to people especially infants who could be effected negatively for a long time because of it. Vegans think that every last thing they eat is just perfect in every way well guess what you twits like Michelejust like the world where all the cute cuddly little animals can’t all live together in unison veganism isn’t perfect. If abortion should be legal because of choice then people should be able to eat what they want without the animal dictators harassing them. I’m really getting sick of the people haters in this world by the way just beacuse someone care a lot more about a person doesn’t mean they’re “animal haters”.

  • jupiter says:

    hey mars you are really fed up with poison and you are poisonning this peta blogs in continuation i think even in your darkest dreams your sick head is just repeating peta peta peta peta peta! my compliments peta is your daily mantra! concerning vegetarianism on the website godsdirectcontact vegetarian and vegan elite of the world you can see about 800 vegetarian personalities! this does not mean that there are not other vegetarians khomeini and arafat were also veg! in the same way as you are a nonveg asshole there are also nice nonvegetarians with even some concern for other living creatures! so you see for me you are just ridiculous!

  • Mars says:

    Mars it’s a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. Just because you want it to be so does not change the fact he was. “Is it too hard for you to believe that true evil comes from the HEART of man not what he puts in his mouth? ” Glad to see you admit the truth!

  • ALEXA BRIGGS says:

    I LOVE YOU PETA PEOPLE! YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! Your right rat king George Bush is an ass….that made me day…. I’m 13 and i’ve been a vegatarian for 2 years the first year all i ate was pasta and never told my parents we never ate at the dinner table. they finally found out bc of a stupid friend but now atleast my nan knows and buys my yumyum tofu! morningstar farms is the $hit!!!! my aunt who is basically my best friend is a butcher but loves her dog molly a rescue. i foster dogs and that’s the reason i went vegetarian i couldnt look into their eyes and say that i love them but would eat their friends. i lost 15 pounds since going veg i exercise the same very little other than walking my dogs haha if i didnt go veg all i would eat was ribs kfc chicken wings and macaronino wonder i was a fat a$$…. now i eat veggies and fruits a little bit not too too much and a bunch of tofu. my friends vegheads or not lurveeeeeee my tofu and ive “corrupted” 2 ppl into going veg. i tried going vegan for about a week but i failed only bc i was eating stuff that i didnt know had dairymy goal when i grow up is to go full fledged vegan. my dairy products are organic atleast please dont get mad at me PETA people im sorry i cant fully give up dairy!!!! i feel bad enough as it is i live on the river and my parents fish and that used to be my ONLY bonding with my dad and he got soooooo mad at me when i stopped. too bad i dont give a $hit. ive also learned thanks to a peta person how to better my birds lives. i bought them a HUGEEEE cage to keep the dogs away from them but i try to get them out everyday they basically live outside of the cage during the winter. they ate one of my spider plants ‘ haha idc i love my birds they have great namesrainbow and sunshine i got them when i was 4 hahahahahaha cant you tell? i now recycle almost everything and conserve so much my older sister called me hippie and we get into fist fights about it idc my sister deserves it but she tried veg for a week bc i said it would help her lose weight shes mad skinny as it is she lasted a week bc she got hungry and ate chicken. my brother makes fun of me too people eating tasty animals ring a bell? hes a jerk and a jock. all he eats is freakin protein bars and protein shakes and salad when hes on a diet. but when hes not all he eats is ribs and steak. i love flavor flav the rapper who is crazy funny and i would love to just marry him hahahahahaha hes like 50 but he goes to KFC and eats lots of chicken ‘ but hes really cool OTHER than that…. sorry for the randomnes….. AND SARGEANT CARY YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Commercial you are not at the top of the food chain. Get in a cage with a lion or hyena and then tell me about it. Also can you tell me how you think the PETA websites resemble the Nazis? No Maher said “By the way there are many many many scientific studies that show that soy milk and other soy products are very unhealthy.” Would you mind posting links to a few of those many many many studies not just ones from Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. It’s very important for the meat industry to try and condemn soy because they feel vegetarians depend on it and they want to scare them back into the meat religion. Anyway I’ll wait patiently for your references. Kelly a capital bit of humor.

  • Ana says:

    duuuuuhhh You are in desperate need of an education. To compare PETA to the Nazis makes no sense since they tortured both human and nonhuman animals. Nazis relied on proganda and threats to coerce people to accept their warped ideologies. Nazis were murderers they were both hateful and violent. PETA uses ample scientific data to support the benefits of veganism. “Pointless and senseless” to be vegan? You mean living a nonviolent lifestyle is all that? You need to get your priorities straight. Animal rights philosophy is not based on violence but on justice and compassion for all beings. I thinking fighting for justice and compassion is the ONLY thing to fight for. This world would be a better place. Your twisted comparison of PETAveganism and nazism lacks logic and is “pointless and senseless”. I would rather see a cow live peacefully… sensibilities are highly evolved.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    “common sense tells you that we didnt climb this far up to the top of the food chain by being nice to animals and not eating them … .duuuuuhhhh.” who climbed what? meat eaters couldnt even climb an escalator who this stuff was invented for in the first place. all that vegans want is to prevent humans from becoming the first species to become extinct due to obesity and the inability to have sex as well as destruction of our only home due to pasture what common sense? common sense that those societies who respect other races religions and sexes and sexualities are usually the richest and most powerful ones in the world? It is due to this respect for the individual that a society prospers and what is true for the economy is even truer for ecology the foundation of our economy respect for animals would push us even higher not lower. Just as we have learned to respect women and benefit from it as we have with other colors and it would be even more so when it comes to other species and nature who we dependent on as children to their mothers. The same ideas that led us to realize that democracy is better than tyranny will enable us to end our pathetic jihad on the animals and nature. No blacks are not on this earth to be slaves.. jews not on this earth to.. animals not on this earth to a gorilla who is almost as intelligent as any other human driving a car today is vastly more intelligent than a dog or a lion. A strong gorilla the strongest among us apes can live an entire life without killing a single animal. Why do some humans not trust in Einsteins words that following the lion as a role model is the wrong direction and that we should stick to enlarging our circle of understanding not making it smaller again! For the first time in history in the US the average human lifeexpectancy will decrease! What does this tell us? Just like the Southern Sates we have to wake up and open up to a free market economy and free market ecology. Ask Harvard Stanford and MIT economist and ecologists and nutritionists and theyll tell you all you need to know good is better than bad I am sorry but if I had to choose between feeling good in my only home my body and feeling uncomfortable all my life I chose the former I am in my body 24h a day but only eat for about 2 hours or so to prefer some special taste for minutes in exchange for feeling miserable more than 22 hours each day is a sign for ADDICTION! When I have to choose between wasting my childrens money and resources or not Id choose the latter. There is enough great entertainment in life with music movies books friends and family good vegan food like pasta pizza cakes puddings or even vegan sausages as well as other exploration and adventures business and humanitarian work etc that we do not really need slavery and murder to enjoy life especially if it means to consign fully sentient beings to nightmarish lives of immobility fear and pain just because we can and feel addicted to it and have no real hobbies and interests left as well as major social inhibitions regarding fellow humans! North to South WAKE UP YOU DO NOT NEED SLAVES TO BE HAPPY EVEN IF YOU CANNOT IMAGINE IT RIGHT NOW.

  • Michele says:

    “no Maher” Sigh you people just won’t do any research before you shoot off your mouths will you???? There is famine in the world because of the forests and other lands being destroyed for massive cattle and other farms and because so much water and grain is used to feed these animals. It takes 17 pounds of grain to make just 1 pound of beef. How many people could 1 pound of beef feed? A whole heck of a lot less than 17 pounds of grain and it would not be inedible if it was grown for human consumption instead of cows you twit!. To quote some of PETA’s literature “Of all agricultural land in the United States nearly 80 percent is used to raise animals for food… Twenty times more land is required to feed a meateater than to feed a pure vegetarian”. Do the basic math! and go to for the rest of the facts on veganism. And about your asinine comment about not feeding soy milk to infants of course one should not feed soy milk to infants just as one should not feed meat to an infant DUH! And if you think cow’s milk is good for infants you are still being deluded by the dairy industry that only wants your $$$. And to “commercial fishing rocks ! and eat a couple pounds of meat a day …” wow I wouldn’t be so proud of the way in which humans have supposedly climbed to the top of the food chain…

  • Milarepa says:

    to commercial fishing rocks you eat a cow me not! this is the difference between modern western barbarianism and the thousands of years old indian culture for us hindus i’m swiss the cow is the milk giving mother in sanskrit cow go means earth and the bull is the earthploughing father! the word cow has it’s origin in sanskrit like many other western words. i love hindu culture because she respects every kind of life and is much superior to western socalled ‘civilization’ which doesn’t make anything else than distroy the essential meanings of life! You have no idea about real life and your comparison from PETA to NAZIS is a heavy dirty accusation! But I guess that you are speaking in the name of some consumer money makers or you are so stupid that you don’t know what you are talking about! Know this you bloodsucker the nazis stole the holy symbol of the swastika from indian culture and made a blasphemic sign of it. The Nazis have nothing to do with saving lifes but they killed millions of innocient human lifes! Did you see PETA killing human lifes? What I deeply hate in dirty existences like you that you are an uneducated liar and you come here for to make yourself big! You are nothing less from the dust in the wind! Less from a devil’s fart!!!!!!!

  • commercial fishing rocks ! and eat a couple pounds of meat a day ... says:

    Obviously this wont show up on this board but someone will hear my angered crys of disbelief. After reading your different sites I am really disgusted at how much this peta orginization resembles that of the NAZIS. Being a vegan is the most pointless and sensless thing anyone could do for themselves and needless to say so is trying to force upon people to do so. Animals are meant to eat and nothing more common sense tells you that we didnt climb this far up to the top of the food chain by being nice to animals and not eating them … .duuuuuhhhh. Be a vegan fine but trying to keep people who enjoy meat from eating it is the dumbest thing to fight for in the world …..EAT A COW .

  • kelly says:

    Mars’ DaDa

  • kelly says:

    Hey Mars! Phone home! Rick Berman wants you home for dinner

  • foxy says:

    Mars leave your M and put a hole and then look into the mirror!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Mars are you trying to say that being vegan will make you evil? That’s quite interesting… think about all the evil people from the beginning of time… Attila the Hun… George Bush… the very person that betrayed Jesus… None of them were vegan were they? Is it too hard for you to believe that true evil comes from the HEART of man not what he puts in his mouth? And about your response to Mike Q animals are being bred and raised for food which is where the pollution problem comes in. It’s not natural for thousands of cows pigs chickens or any other animal to be crammed all together in one tiny area. When there’s not enough resources animals regulate their breeding in accordance to the amount of food available. In case you don’t understand that it means that you won’t ever find thousands of animals living and crapping together in one area.

  • rat king says:

    mars you think yourself very smart but you are a dumbass because you forgot one veg head stalin! this means vegetarianism is not a sign of holyness but of intelligence! you got the point? now go to swallow your dead corpses!

  • james says:

    i had been a meat eater for 21 years and i always had problems with my body and losing my little fat i had. i went vegan last year and have been hardcore about it. lost 20 pounds and am in the shape i was trying to be in while eating meat.knowing what i know now and knowing how my body reacts when i eat certain foods has only made me believe in veganism more. so to all those people knocking veganism to feel good about the fact that you eat meat and think its alrite. you get no sympathy from me. its not our choice to chose what dies and what we eat. earth provides that for us and if you listen to someone else telling you to eat meat your their tool. i’ve never had much respect for cops. most of them anyways. my dad being one. but if they all got themselves into shape and did their real job this world would be a way better place for everyone. im glad to see one cop making that change. may the rest follow suit. go vegan!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars it’s a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. Dione Lucas a European chef was an eyewitness to Hitler’s meateating. In her Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook 1964 Lucas drawing on her experiences as a hotel chef in Hamburg during the 1930s remembered being called upon quite often to prepare Hitler’s favorite dish which was not a vegetarian one. “I do not mean to spoil your appetite for stuffed squab” she writes “but you might be interested to know that it was a great favorite with Mr. Hitler who dined at the hotel often.” He ate meat just like Himmler Goering Adolf Eichmann Joseph Stalin Mao Pol Pot post a link that proves otherwise Attila the Hun Idi Amin Saddam Hussein Harold Shipman Timothy McVeigh et cetera. You’ve been spending too much time on the vegetariansareevil website.

  • Michele says:

    Mars there would be a HUGE reduction in pollution from animal waste because there would be no need to BREED billions and billions of cattle pigs chickens etc just for human consumption. So if that many animals were not being bred there would be billions and billions fewer animals on this planet. Duh! Why is that so hard to understand? Did you think that these billions and billions of factoryfarmed animals were just roaming around until someone decided to round them up and use them for food and clothing? NO! They only exist because of human interference in particular through artificial insemination. I had said that one should read through some of the facts before commenting so I guess you did nothing of the sort. Any “farmers” or others who would no longer be needed in the factoryfarming industry would still have plenty of work to do they could be supporting the produce industry or they could take part in the efforts to reclaim all of the forest and other land that has been lost to factory farming. What the hell is the significance in your comment that Pol Pot Charles Manson and Hitler were vegetarians though there is debate about Hitler being veg or not? Just because some “bad” people were veg does not mean veganismvegetarianism is “bad”. I asked for ARTICULATE commentary not nonsense. What is BAD about being vegan????????????????? Wow it must be terrible that my wardrobe does not consist of the flesh and fur of animal carcasses. And geez I don’t have rotting animal flesh in my colon. Oh I forgot my lifestyle spares the lives of hundreds of animals every year what’s with that eh? Whoops sue me for trying to be compassionate to those who do not have a voice! And I guess I should be punished for being healthier. Yeah that’s pretty bad all right… If you are SUCH a wonderful person Mars then get off this site and go to something helpful for the children in Darfur or the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    One of the top authorities in the world on famous vegetarians is Rynn Berry. It is a total myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. Einstein said that if he had to isolate all his knowhow in helping the world to just one recommendation only the VERY most usefull in being the MOST effective would to switch your diet to vegetarian.

  • no Maher says:

    Hey Michele I don’t know about all those things happening if everybody went vegan. People are hungry because of poverty not because mostly inedible food is being given to animals. Finding a way to end poverty will cure the world’s hunger crisis. NOT just simply going vegan. By the way there are many many many scientific studies that show that soy milk and other soy products are very unhealthy. Just for example it screws up your thyroid and should never be fed to infants.

  • Mars says:

    “Also do not give us the “animals wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t breed them to eat” nonsense.” You did that yourself. Quote “Is it bad to reduce pollution from animal waste?” Why would there be a reduction in animal waste except if there where fewer animals? Ask Pol Pot Manson and Hitler how being a veg head worked for them.

  • Michele says:

    Shawn don’t you read anything on this site???? By going vegan one can reduce the risk of heart disease cancer diabetes and osteoporosis and one can lose weight in the process. Going vegan also saves the environment and would almost completely eliminate world hunger. Oh yeah it would also save billions of animals every year. So none of that sounds very “unnecessary” to me!! I would like any antiPETA andor antianimal people reading this blog to provide any ARTICULATE reasons for veganism being a bad thing and I don’t mean whining about it being inconvenient or some other lame excuse. Is it bad to want to be healthier without harming anyone or anything? Is it bad to save animals? Is it bad to reduce pollution from animal waste? Also do not give us the “animals wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t breed them to eat” nonsense. Oh before coming up with any responses READ PETA’s factsheets and other information about veganism and diet from Way to go Sgt. Cary you are a role model to all!

  • Anna says:

    That is a healthy choice to loose weight!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    I have a lot of respect for cops. After all they are willing to risk their lives for strangers who they have never met before. Just like Jesus only they rarely get their own religious following that is in modern times the privilege of the criminal?? Further they are alone out there oftentimes against criminals who are better equipped than themselves compare this to a US soldier who has the best multibillion dollar technologies behind him and vast teams etc. A soldier is a hero when he loses his life in battle his family received medals and honor and what not a cop on the other hand never mind. This story gives me tremendous hope that the sad status quo could change in theory. Unfortunately I have seen too few fit cops in real life. Most of them are overweight if not obese. Those few who are considered sporty are simply pumped up gymballoons who could not catch my 6 year old nice without the risk of heartattack.. how on earth do they get their sticky finger to the trigger anyways at least without causing some amok themselves? So.. Mr Scott Cary.. you have changed that in your little universe? Kudos! Good for you.. good for everybody! Back to soldiers though have you seen the images on TV? what on earth are these OVERWEIGHT boys and girls doing in the desert they should be in rehab? hello? what do these soldiers eat? Rambo I was healthy and fit.. Rocky V is a big joke! The Michelin Man is not a raw model! Another 10 years and Homer Simpson will be considered physically attractive? This also leads me to the question of how Dick Co actually manage to lift a gun let alone aim and fire it properly. I doubt that alcohol was the core problem Mr President save the American soldier do not send dead corpses to our freedom fighters and maybe less will come back dead themselves..!

  • Shawn says:

    Soy milk and bagels are smart but going vegan? Gosh. That is unnecessary.

  • kelly says:

    This is so nice to see a guy who is not going to let himself get pushed into an early grave or wheelchair because of meat consumption Meat is killing Americans and aging them before their time Why can’t more people take control and have more respect for their bodies like Sgt. Cary is?

  • Jaclyn says:

    Wow!! That is such a motivating story!