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Vegan Mother Earth Reigns Over Gore’s Book Signing

Written by PETA | November 13, 2009

Yesterday, at Al Gore’s book signing in Beverly Hills, it wasn’t the former vice president who drew the most attention from the throngs of onlookers—it was our sexy Mother Earth who turned heads. The crowd showed Mother Earth all the love she’s not getting from Gore, whose hypocritical addiction to meat is getting in the way of his call to go green.


Vivaciously verdant Mother Earth caused many people to skip Gore’s event.
Mother Earth


Even Gore has admitted that going vegan helps save the environment. And the official handbook for Live Earth—the concert series that Gore himself helped organize—states that not eating meat is the “single most effective thing you can do” to curb climate change. So why hasn’t he taken our effortless Pledge to Be Veg yet? Apparently, the simple, delicious truth is just too inconvenient.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Chris says:

    Congratulations to PETA on making Al Gore understand the issue of livestock better. But dear commenters don’t go overboard in your fanatism. Better attack your enemies than your friends. How about the Exxon boss?

  • Susan Hoppler says:

    Al Gore said to Dianne Sawyer recently in an interview that he “put his money where his mouth is” by buying ecofriendly stocks. He needs to put his mouth where his ethics are and go vegan cutting down on meat is not enough and he needs to not be such a weenie and just do it!

  • Ken says:

    Maybe he eats only freerange beef now. That’s not nearly as bad for the environment since the cattle aren’t fed exclusively on corn.

  • Donn says:

    The Inconvenient Truth whatever never saw it never read the book’cause when I was 10 years old20 years ago! I was made aware about the consequences of global warming. When I heard about Mr. Gore trying to save the earth I never believed it. He’s a celebrity! private jets yachts the entourage that you have when you travel with your Suv’s and luxury cars the mansions. Please spare us the bs and stick to hanging out with your celebrity buddies. THIS IS OUR HOME! And it’s not gonna wait for people like Al Gore to take notice and reduce his meat consumption. Years from now the future generation will inherit this planet and wonder ‘What the hell were we waiting for?!’ Let’s save it.

  • mahadevan says:

    for those vegans bless you

  • Michele says:

    Ross congratulations on your decision to go meatfree and that’s great that you have been able to convince others of the reasons to go veg!

  • Ross Alexander says:

    Just a few months ago I was your average meateater. I felt so overwhelmed when I first became aware of the horrible problems of eating meat I stopped eating meat but still felt helpless to fight the problem. Then I realized something over the past three months because of my new vegetarian lifestyle my girlfriend and father have both joined me. I read that about one hundred animals lives are spared per year when someone decided to become a vegetarian and sticks with it. Because of my decision to become a vegetarian I have effected those closest to me enough to join. This is what change is. This is how it happens we all do our part and it slowly begins to work. Maybe three people will turn into six and 10 and 20.

  • cindy says:

    How would you feel if a dog was kicked your cat was cut up alive? That is what they are doing to cows pigs and chickens. You would be arrested for cruelty if you hurt a dog or cat. Why is it ok to electrocute cows and chickens? They have heartbeats too. It’s horrible and the meatindustry is paying off politicians because we are paying them billions of dollars at Mc D’s BK everywhere!!! If the public could please be aware THEY WOULD STOP!!! It would force the restaurant chains to offer delicious food without the slaughter!!! Everyone should be aware..

  • JB says:

    I think we should be a little more patient with him. At least he does realize the true cause of global warming. You never know he may be taking small steps toward becoming Vegan. It’s not something that most people can accomplish overnight. I have a feeling he’ll come around eventually.

  • Eye Witness says:

    going green without including the animals sake is like a rolls royce without wheels it doesn’t drive! so i think that for instance ingrid newkirk and wayne pacelle are more usefull and important to resolve environmental problems than al gore who apparently just wont miss his daily steak and doesn’t care that exactly in that way millions of people don’t have their daily bread because the meat of the rich devores the bread of the poor!

  • Scotty says:

    PETA is always clowning in a positive way. I hope to work for you guys one day.

  • Tahler says:

    Awesome! Keep up the campaign. Gore is a hypocrit.

  • carolyn says:


  • Richard says:

    Al Gore HAS admitted that meat and animal products are significant contributors to global warming. He now says he has cut back considerably on his meat consumption. In his new book “Our Choice A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” he includes a two page photo of a feedlot operation with hundreds of cows. Gore states Most of the methane from agricultural operations comes from livestock and livestock waste. He goes on to say that it takes more than seven pounds of plant protein to produce one pound of beef and more than 6000 gallons of water.

  • Barbara says:

    Exactly! Gore is a hypocrite! Do you remember in his film how he bragged about his family having “raised cattle”? How he mourned for those days? He’s a big fat hypocrite.

  • Jessica says:

    very upset about this. i thought he cared more….his movie is quite the disapointment to me now…

  • simara says:

    right on VEGAN is the best lifestyle morals and ethics anyone can have it’s great that its good for the planet and healthy but most of all it saves the lives of animals

  • Jason Read says:

    Vegans are hot but Mother Earth is an absolute knockout! Yowsers!