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The (Vegan) Land of Oz

Written by PETA | November 9, 2009

For cowboy Rocco, the path to happiness and longevity is paved with green bricks of vegan deliciousness. When Rocco first appeared on The Dr. Oz Show four weeks ago, the 53-year-old meat-eater had the heart of an 85-year-old and was on the deadly road to cardiac arrest. Within minutes of meeting Rocco, Dr. Oz made his diagnosis: Rocco was addicted to animal products with saturated fat and sugar contents so high that Rocco was dying of heart disease and diabetes without even knowing it.

But Rocco’s condition was, thankfully, reversible. Dr. Oz put the cowboy on a 28-day vegan diet, and in just four weeks, Rocco lost 6 inches from his waistline and his glucose level went from a near-lethal 172 to a normal 99.



“If I can do it, anybody can do it,” said Rocco. In a mere month, Rocco’s cruelty-free diet saved his life, and his continued vegetarian lifestyle guarantees him a longer, happier, healthier existence.

Now, if only Rocco would ditch ranching for animals’ health

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Gina says:

    There is no reason NOT to go vegan, absolutely none!

  • laura says:

    3 !!VEGAN REVOLUTION!! 3 it can save America.

  • ratking says:

    sorry for stepping in again i just read an important statement from actress asin. there were rumors that she was contacted by peta for a veg ad and refused it. now she said that she was outraged by this lie because she was never contacted by peta and that she is actually a vegetarian. please go to have a look on the following website bollywoodgreat.blogspot

  • NT says:

    What a great story!!! I am so proud of hearing the word “vegan” on TV as often as I’ve been hearing it lately. A revolution is happening I really believe it.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Plaudits for this man but the onus is on him to adopt a crueltyfree lifestyle.

  • Allie says:

    I saw this actually! It was fantastic to see a vegan diet being praised on TV for the health benefits. Woo Hoo!