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Vegan Hawks Player Salim Stoudamire

Written by PETA | April 10, 2007

Salim_Stoudamire.jpgThere’s a great interview in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution with Atlanta Hawks Guard Salim Stoudamire about why he went vegan. The interview’s been doing the rounds of the basketball blogosphere, and I came across a nice little piece about it today in one of my favorite basketball blogs, True Hoop, which you can read here. In the interview, Salim talks about the health benefits he’s experienced since switching to a vegan diet, but I was excited to see that he had a little shout out for the animals he’s helping out with his diet too:

“I don’t think you should eat something that had a mother. I don’t think that’s right.”

It’s always great to see professional athletes talking about veganism, because they’re great examples to point to when people have questions about whether a vegan diet is healthy. As Salim says, “My endurance has gone up, and I haven’t gotten tired at all during the whole season.” Which is a pretty ringing endorsement if you ask me—as is this little move he puts on the Grizzlies’ Mike Miller. That’s what you get when you try to take a take a vegan to the hole, Grizzlies. Salim, you’re a badass.

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  • Accompagnatrici Venezia says:

    I just tried to watch a National Geographic video on YouTube to find a message saying that the copyright holder had blocked me from viewing it because I’m not in the USA.. . Similar to HULU, and Comedy Central.. . Why?.

  • shore tours in Russia says:

    I just book marked your blog on Digg and Stumble Upon. I enjoy reading your commentaries. good luck

  • Eric Van Buttler says:

    It is a goodly thing to be a triller and not a killer,lets not make our bodies cementeries,think if you eat that which is of pain and suffer you should bet that whats going to be in you and with you,in my honest optimization,PEACE AND GOOD HEALTH. E’

  • Paul says:

    Vegan basketball player… The NBA uses a LEATHER ball…

  • Lucy says:

    I don’t think we have to worry about the guys eating the Basketballs LOL! Some strict vegans will avoid animal products in everything they use and wear. Others are vegans in the sense that they do not consume any animal products.

  • Celery Stick says:

    NBA basketballs are made of leather.

  • Mike says:

    Doug Don’t forget quinoa which you can buy at the Bulk Barn in Toronto.

  • doug says:

    Hemp protein is also a complete protein. We dont only have to rely on soy for our amino acids.

  • Mike says:

    Coach Wiki the two athletes I mentioned in the top postScott Jurek and Ruth Heidrich. Then explain to me why these two vegans are “less of an athlete”.

  • Elizabeth says:

    It is a MYTH that plantbased proteins are not complete. Soy protein is a complete protein. Soybeans contain all the amino acids essential to human nutrition which must be supplied in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the human body. What makes soy protein far superior to meat is the lack or lower levels of fat cholesterol and lactose. Soy protein is an excellent way to get nonanimal protein in your diet.

  • doug says:

    I am so surprised at all these negative posts about animal protein. So many misinformed people. Please go to Best fitness website ever!!!!!

  • Hillary says:

    So Salim Stoudamire was one of our Arizona college basketball stars a few years ago. Just sayin’. I’m kinda proud of us Arizona kids.

  • nino capula says:

    one of the greatest athletes of all times is vegan carl lewis and also the founders of the different martial arts traditions issue from purely vegetarian buddhist and hindu societies till nowadays bruce lee jet li jeanclaude vandamme jackie chan etc. are all vegetarians!

  • Phillip says:

    the best source of protein is through animal products. the proein content in nuts beans soy products etc. is adequate for most people but not for professional athletes.

  • Chicago Gal says:

    Um Doug see post April 10 2007 904PM… what makes you think dietary protein comes ONLY from animals?

  • Coach says:

    he is going to become less of an athlete because of the lack of protein in his diet. morals or not facts are facts

  • doug says:

    Okay so I have something to say about this. I used to work at The Air Canada Centre and helped feed the Toronto Raptors and when other teams visited we made them food as well. You should have seen what they ate. Absolute garbage! Chicken fingers and fries whole pizzas etc. I made my transition to Veggie while working the grill in a steakhouse there. It always made me wonder if there was a Vegetarian Basketball player in the NBA? Thank you Jack for pointing out Salim. Maybe he could use a personal chef? hmmmmmmm

  • Mike says:

    My new favourite Canadian spelling NBA player! If you guys don’t know about Scott Jurek or Ruth Heidrich you have got to research those vegan athletes. They are amazing!