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Vegan Arm-Wrestling!

Written by PETA | November 19, 2010

I’ve always used arm-wrestling to settle disputes (e.g., to determine who gets the last Tofutti Cutie), so I know from experience that vegans excel at this sport. Just ask professional arm-wrestler Rob Bigwood. Ranked among the top 20 arm-wrestlers in the U.S., this big-time PETA supporter and animal rights advocate says that he feels “stronger and healthier than ever” since going vegan a year and a half ago. Check out this “tower of plant-protein power” in all his awesome arm-pinning glory:

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Way to go, Rob! What you do certainly helps to topple stereotypes. And proudly wearing your PETA tee during matches, just proves you’re a bad ass.