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Video: Veterinarian Smashes Squirrels’ Heads

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 5, 2012

Veterinarian Gene F. Giggleman has been formally reprimanded and fined $2,500 by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners based on allegations of unprofessional and/or dishonorable conduct following PETA’s investigation at U.S. Global Exotics (USGE), a massive exotic-animal dealer where Giggleman was the attending veterinarian.

Giggleman’s Cruelty

In this previously unreleased video footage, Giggleman smashes squirrels’ heads into a cinderblock and recommends that workers cut sick snakes’ heads off or “freeze ’em solid” in order to kill them.

The board found that Giggleman lost his controlled-substances log and falsely signed legally required documents attesting to the health of animals he had never examined so that they could be shipped overseas for the exotic-pet trade.

Despite the board’s findings, he is still licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and has retained his job as a professor at Parker University in Dallas.

Giggleman’s Former Employer on the Lam

PETA’s undercover investigation of USGE provided evidence of the abuse of more than 27,000 animals and resulted in the seizure of the animals and the closure of the business. Facing federal charges in connection with violating a wildlife protection order called the “Lacey Act,” including smuggling, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting, former USGE owner Jasen Shaw and his wife, Vanessa, fled the country and are believed to be hiding in New Zealand. Interpol has issued a notice about Shaw and his arrest warrants.

What You Can Do

Giggleman is still under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his actions at USGE. Help ensure that Giggleman is held accountable for all that he did at USGE by urging Sarah R. Saldaña, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Texas, to charge Giggleman with felony and/or misdemeanor violations of the Lacey Act.

Contact Saldaña through her office’s public information officer, Kathy Colvin.


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  • Marisa says:

    this guy is the one that needs to be put down or cut his head off! he is a monster and doesn’t deserve to keep teaching anywhere near animals.

  • Lenne says:


  • Nicole says:

    What a disgusting human being !!!!

  • gladys says:

    This asshole should be punished to the fullest extent. I he can’t do his job the right he should not be doing it. Sorry but does not matter what kind of animal it is it is an animal thast deserv es to be treated with kindness not cruelty. Sorry but who evewr agrees with his way of handling animals then he needs to be treated the same way. How about when he gets older and cannot take care of himself someone bashes his head in and “then says oh well it was cheaper that way than have his insurance company pay the costs to keep him alive”.. Sit his ass in jail and then let the other prisoners take care of him..

  • Karen says:

    He is far from being a doctor of veterinary medicine. Revoke his license!!!! Thank you to the undercover agent of PETA!!

  • Cadz says:

    “acceptable method of putting the squirrels down.”?? well then TX is retarded and for ANYONE who thinks thats ok. Idiot.

  • ANA ELIAS says:

    It has been documented that animal abusers usually end up abusing children and adults. Arrest this fake vet, Giggleman, before he escalates his career in cruelty! Shame on him! A. Elías

  • Truth says:

    In reality people the whole bashing an animal in the head with a blunt object has been around for centuries. The whole is considered an art in some countries. The best of the best do it in one shot as painlessly as possible. It’s not intended to be cruel but to end suffering and no those shots aren’t worth just 50 cents. They are worth more than that and tend to vary according to the size of the animal. Those shots also hurt a lot more than they lead on to say. There is a reason convicts receive more than one shot. One is a numbing agent that kills the nerves so he will feel less pain and another stops the heart while the third attacks everything else I believe. It has been a while since I cared for human killing. I rather think they should feel all the pain. But as for the head bashing thing, it too can be painful but doesn’t last as long as the shot does. Also the freezing the snakes thing, is something that would like falling a sleep and then just passing on. As most doctors will tell you, freezing causes any body to shut down similar to sleeping but it takes it much farther causing death. It is painful for a while but it numbs its self as well. I do believe this situation should have been better handled but with the quantity as large as it was, it really wasn’t the worst choice that could have been made. I don’t agree with any kind of animal cruelty but sometime peta tends to show choppy evidence and only half truths with exaggerations. If you ask me they should worry more about the killing of marine animals in coast of the USA that is considered “traditional” in some areas. You should have all heard something about it by now.

  • Carole says:

    Something like this really hurts my heart. I really get a pain in my chest every time I hear of animal abuse. My whole family is this way. I was taught by very good parents to love all animals and living things. I think that people that abuse animals must not have a soul, or Satan has already taken it over. These are God’s creatures, just as we are. They deserve to live or God would not have put them here. Now I get to cry for these babies. This world has become so cruel.

  • adam gallant says:

    I may just have something worth giggling to.

  • Erika Fernandez says:

    really do not think 2500 usd will be sufficient for a guy who is doing much more than that and making terrible things to the poor animals. This is the video evidence, but there must be more than it has done in his office. Revoke the license it and put in jail …!

  • Dr. Sylvania says:

    My investigation shows that this is an acceptable method of euthanasia for small animals. It is quick and relatively painless. It is accepted practice for all veterinarians.

  • brooklynbrit says:

    so Realitycheck, you think that because a board in TEXAS says it’s OK that you see no problem with crushing an animals head? In what world do you believe that ANY cruelty is OK because they were being killed anyway? How about a 50 cent injection putting them to sleep???? Realitycheck better not have any animals of his own if he doesn’t see that.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    so sad.

  • Debbie Stronkowsky says:

    Time to “do unto others”. These fur babies have feelings!!! Wild or domestic-if you cant treat them right leave the field. We dont need you.I make sure I am with my fur and feather friends when taken to the docs-if you dont like what they do, say something-change docs and tell people.We need to stand up for thes creatures!!

  • Angel says:


  • realitycheck says:

    Hold on there a minute. Dr. Giggleman was reprimanded for record keeping by the TX vet board. They saw this video and after hearing the reasoning and method behind this were satisfied at circumstances and acceptable method of putting the squirrels down. This is a great job of putting together an extremely inflammatory video but as with most things you see does not accurately reflect the truth.

  • Lisa says:

    Soo glad im not American cant quite believe you allow Vets to smash animals heads in and still let them keep their license, yes we all disgusted in his behaviour but lets think this is a vet who we trust to do the best for our animals how many of us have pets and when they are not feeling well we take them to our vets trusting them with our animals we put our animals lives in their hands scary isnt it when you see Giggleman smash animals head in. A vet is as important as a Doctor i have 12 rescued cats one who has a medical condition so know how important it is to have a vet you can trust i have a fantantic vet i lost one to liver and kidney failure in January was very sudden and a very emotional time but my vet did everything she could to save her but to avail but knowing that she did everything she could do to save her makes it alittle bit easier when your pets passes away. MY cats all behave with her she talks to them and calms them down thats what i call a vet.

  • kathy says:

    Any man that abuses animals and nature is a coward and would abuse women and children. He should be abused himself and see how he likes it. His license should be revoked and never be allowed near an animal again.If there is a hell I hope he gets the winning ticket to get first prize.

  • Michelle Vella says:

    And Vet’s are suppose to be animal lovers hahaha… what a joke although, horrific things are done by some it doesn’t mean all are the same but, then again one has doubts. I hope this ‘ not human ‘ is severely punished and his licence taken away completely so he can’t continue practicing it gives me shivers just to think what else he has done as I am sure he has done a hell of a lot before been caught. Well done PETA continue your good work and remove these ANIMALS from the face of the earth.

  • Reagan says:

    We will contact Sarah Saldana regarding this mass murderer with a license to kill disguised as veterinarian. We live in Texas and will make all attempts to legally pursue action against Mr.Giggleman.

  • Deborah DeNard says:

    In reply to the comment from ‘innategirl’ you’re may right, we don’t know him. But Dr Giggleman – stupid name really because this is no laughing matter) has shown himself to the world through his actions. His cruelty is apparent, his poor lack of judgment and reasoning is apparent, his value and love for animal life is non existent, he has revealed himself as a heartless jaded man who welds his veterinary license as a right to kill. $2500 is a pittance to this man, he’s probably made millions being involved in the exotic animal trade – I bet he’s giggling all the way to the bank. As a fellow New Zealander I feel ashamed of Jason & Vanessa Shaw, they are money hungry avarice people who need to be justly dealt with by a system that really holds people accountable. I choose to support PETA and any animal rights group or organization that is dedicated to changing our world for a better, kinder, loving and educated place to live.

  • el says:

    I would be truly concerned about what this “doctor” has in his own freezer.

  • elena consigli says:

    chi usa violenza su esseri indifesi è privo di moralità e deve essere rimosso da ogni incarico e multato e recluso per i crimini contro la vita.

  • johnny mendoza says:

    i almost feel ashamed to live among such cowards, but so long as i know there are people like you guys out there, life seems bearable. thank you peta and thank you all its supporters. you guys make my day every day

  • neuyy says:

    stop abusing animal.

  • linda chase says:

    This person is mentally ill and should be put in an institution and treated. If that does not work someone should smash his head against a cinderblock or just freeze him. This is outrageous at best and the state of Texas should be ashamed to have not gotten this person help and serious prison time in addition to taking his assets and allocating them to animal shelters. Taking away his license should not even be in question. What kind of organizations are they supporting and who was responsible for overseeing this nut and his associates? Why are the others not being charged and brought back to the U.S.?

  • sandy says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted that slime like Giggleman are still allowed to practice medicine. Any “thing”, for certainly this monster doesn’t qualify as human, that takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of other beings should be locked away in a mental institution for many, many years of therapy. To add insult to injury, this creep is getting paid for his sickness! It is well documented that serial killers start off torturing and murdering animals. Wouldn’t be surprised if Giggleman had a stash of crush videos in his house. What a sick SOB!

  • Eric Brooks says:

    I can remember reading a quote from Isaac Bashevis Singer, that goes something like….” When it comes to animals, men are Nazis” I had hoped something like WW2 may have taught us everything we needed to know about becoming a proper species, but sadly this appears not to be the case. The Slaughter Houses really are just CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR ANIMALS. And when it comes to DR GIGGLEMAN, and so many others that perform TORTURE AND VIVISECTION, we learn that “DR JOSEPH MENGELE” still lives, & is multiplying. The worst monsters in our history have always preyed upon the innocent and most vulnerable. The animals will never harm us, and they are tortured and murdered by the billion. This obscenity has to be stopped, now that we know of it…otherwise we will never be clean again.

  • Mairead Ladyman says:

    What a disgrace for a human being. I’m sure if he were a ‘human doctor’ though that he would sent to jail for man slaughter if he performed any cruelty towards his patients. And he gets away with only a fine. He should have his license taken away.

  • Innategirl says:

    You don’t know him!

  • madhu anderson says:

    This is so violent. How can Dr. Giggleman, a shame on human race still has his license. Just $2500 for this horrific act, what’s wrong with all of us? This so called veterinarian must be in jail, we trust vets to save our animal lives not to kill them in such a horrible cruel way! I can’t hate the whole human race just because of a few selfish, ignorant humans.People dedicating their WHOLE lives to save animals still exist example PETA. We must punish people like Dr. Giggleman with heavy penalty, cancellation of his licence and with prison time for doing violent horrific acts like this. and Jasen Shaw, his wife Vanessa who are hiding in New Zealand like cowards must be tracked down and get prison time too.

  • Madhubala Anderson says:

    This is so violent. How can Dr. Giggleman, a shame on human race still has his license. Just $2500 for this horrific act, what’s wrong with all of us? This so called veterinarian must be in jail, we trust vets to save our animal lives not to kill them in such a horrible cruel way! I can’t hate the whole human race just because of a few selfish, ignorant humans.People dedicating their WHOLE lives to save animals still exist example PETA. We must punish people like Dr. Giggleman with heavy penalty, cancellation of his licence and with prison time for doing violent horrific acts like this. and Jasen Shaw, his wife Vanessa who are hinding in New Zealand like cowards must be tracked down and get prison time too.

  • Dagmar B. says:

    “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” — Leonardo da Vinci, artist and scientist I hope this will come soon.

  • Robert says:

    And he’s not in Jail for what reason ? Why is this idiot teaching ? Teaching what ? Come on Texas, show some balls.

  • Chesternikus says:

    Man is the only animal that kills when he is not hungry. destroys the tree that give him shade. spits in the water that he drinks….. So sad there is people like this doing what they do.

  • Veterinarian for Justice says:

    People like this should be put in prison for the rest of their lives. let the other prisoners rape then and torture them. Perhaps, that will be a lesson for the rest of their sorry lives

  • Nancy Wang says:

    My own dog died because the vet clinic I took him to had me leave him there overnight for weeks only to find out they did not have anyone staying with injured/sick animals overnight. Then, once when I visited I saw a sign on the inside of the door that said “Do as many tests as possible. That’s how we make our money.” And still, shocked as I was, I didn’t say anything. They did nothing for my dog who was injured, not sick, and he ended up getting pneumonia. I think they let him lay there day and night. Instead of starting right away on medication, they convinced me to first do an invasive test to see what kind of pneumonia he had. The test killed him. My loving dog of 15 years.

  • Sharon J. Kennedy says:

    How did this vet acquire a license in the first place? There had to be indicators that he was not fit to practice. It is high time that we all take responsibility for the crimes that go on the community. It is up to the legal profession to start building stronger laws on behalf of the vulnerable in human and aninal societies. Instead they avoid their responsbilties by refusing to prosecute individuals who do malicious harm and injury. We should have classes begining in grade 6 on how to file and complete lawsuits in a civilian run court to bring these criminals to justice since the system we have now fails animals and children. In Ontario, we have social workers placing foster children in homes with convicted perverts under the lame excuse that social workers are desperate to find homes for these kids and they have no choice but to farm them out to sexual predators. No comment and no action from our civic, provincial or federal government, but then this is a nation that bashes baby seals over the head…..We want God’s blessings then we better come out and start doing the justice needed to build better communities and nations.

  • paula says:

    take away this heartless monsters license. i would be afraid to take my family to see him. what a horrible human.

  • Francisca van de Oudeweetering says:

    Throw this animal abuser that calls himself a veterinarian in JAIL!!! And fine him $10,000 so he will think twice about hurting innocent animals again!!! And take his license as a veterinarian away ASAP! The laws have to change on animal abuse and the killing of animals. The politicians have to protect the well being of animals in the world and punish abusers and kilers by putting them in jail and fining them. Put them behind bars for 10 years or more. Otherwise the abuse and killing of innocent animals will continue. Politicians have to take action NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhoda Vandermeyden says:

    I just contact Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas expressing my shock that this vetinerarian did not have his medical license revoked. If you Google “contact Governor Rick Perry”, there will be a choice to go to his web page where you can complete a form, requesting a response. This man should be put in jail and never be allowed to practice medicine again.

  • Rhoda Van says:

    This so-called vet was given a license to save and/or cure animals of illness and instead uses it as a license to KILL. I wonder if as a child he tortured animals, or if he was abused. This not a person with a sane mind. What vet school did he go to? What school gave him a license? If PETA digs deep enough, I bet they could find out a great deal more about this sub-human life form.

  • Jane Gardner says:

    The people that are doing these cruel acts to these amimals should have the same thing done to them STRAIGHT away AND to their own pets to let them know what it’s like. That should make them think twice about their actions. If not, they should be locked away for LIFE. ! ! ! ! !

  • richardblue says:

    the aniamls so small and need our heip and protection. We never do it but take away their lifes. They do nothing wrong to humans but we so call civilize human beings just kill them as we wish, never consider their pain, suffering. We should feel ashame and repent if we think we deserve for name of children of God. We should act like God-always merciful and love to any kind of beings.

  • Lisa Copeland says:

    Why is this doctor still allowed to practice veterinary medicine?? I wouldn’t bring my cats to whom. I wouldn’t bring a dead animal to him. People like Dr. Giggleman disgust me. I agree with the comments about how the human race is selfish. I cry when I have to trap a sickly feral cat that needs to be euthanized. TAKE THIS MANS JOB AWAY FROM HIM!!!HE SHOULDN’T HAVE THE PRIVELEGE OF WORKING WITH ANIMALS!!!!

  • Rogeria N Silva says:

    É preciso assar o registro deste indivíduo.

  • Susan Dykhuis says:

    I demand the right to do onto the abusers of members of species other than human exactly what the human or humans have done to members of other species. What these 3 people have done needs to be done to them immediately where there are witnesses and camcorders recording the process. As a human being I am totally disenchanted with others of my species who behave in a cruel fashion toward other species. Makes me embarrassed to be human. The fine for this kind of behaviour should be the death sentence. Murder is murder. We humans don’t get to decide we can murder others and not be punished.

  • Pat Hartsoe says:

    This man deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. His vet. license should be revoked AND he should be fired from Parker University. This is sick. He must be stopped!

  • John F. Riley says:

    Unfortunately there are some seriously sick people in this world – and he still has his vet’s license!