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Video: Veterinarian Smashes Squirrels’ Heads

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 5, 2012

Veterinarian Gene F. Giggleman has been formally reprimanded and fined $2,500 by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners based on allegations of unprofessional and/or dishonorable conduct following PETA’s investigation at U.S. Global Exotics (USGE), a massive exotic-animal dealer where Giggleman was the attending veterinarian.

Giggleman’s Cruelty

In this previously unreleased video footage, Giggleman smashes squirrels’ heads into a cinderblock and recommends that workers cut sick snakes’ heads off or “freeze ’em solid” in order to kill them.

The board found that Giggleman lost his controlled-substances log and falsely signed legally required documents attesting to the health of animals he had never examined so that they could be shipped overseas for the exotic-pet trade.

Despite the board’s findings, he is still licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and has retained his job as a professor at Parker University in Dallas.

Giggleman’s Former Employer on the Lam

PETA’s undercover investigation of USGE provided evidence of the abuse of more than 27,000 animals and resulted in the seizure of the animals and the closure of the business. Facing federal charges in connection with violating a wildlife protection order called the “Lacey Act,” including smuggling, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting, former USGE owner Jasen Shaw and his wife, Vanessa, fled the country and are believed to be hiding in New Zealand. Interpol has issued a notice about Shaw and his arrest warrants.

What You Can Do

Giggleman is still under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his actions at USGE. Help ensure that Giggleman is held accountable for all that he did at USGE by urging Sarah R. Saldaña, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Texas, to charge Giggleman with felony and/or misdemeanor violations of the Lacey Act.

Contact Saldaña through her office’s public information officer, Kathy Colvin.


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  • mary says:

    Yes he should have his licence revoked. There is absolutely no excuse for this. People trust to have their animals taken properly care of, but I assume when the word gets out he wont have a practice anymore, licence or not. Karma is watching.

  • THERESA says:

    $2,500 fine – what a joke!

  • Petra Schneider says:

    Er darf auf keinen Fall seine Approbation weiter führen und muß massivst bestraft werden! Eigentlich dürfte er nur noch aus Klos trinken und sie putzen müssen. Solche Kreaturen,die den Tieren Leid antun,sollten in ein Alligatorbecken geworfen werden. UND DAS ALS MAHNMAL FÜR ALLE TIERSCHÄNDER! Ich bete für die Tiere!

  • LINDA BADHAM says:


  • DianaMariaa says:

    This animal abuse needs to stop now . I am only 12 years old but i cry all the time because of these animals getting hurt . And i really want to do something about this .

  • Helen says:

    I truly can’t believe what this world is becoming and our government doesn’t give a S**t! Strength is in numbers – we just have to keep fighting! Besides his license being PERMANENTLY revoked – he needs jail time and fines for animal cruelty!

  • snake owner says:

    The hit on the head is common practice, especially in the practice of snake care. Death is basically painless, because with proper force they are dead before they know what has happened. It is the safest, quickest, and easiest way to kill a rodent and it is done to provide the best nutrients to a pet snake, without th erodent suffering. For instance, a conscientious snake owner will “bop” the designated rodent on the head to kill it, and then feed it to a snake, instead of allowing the snake to strangle ajd suffocate the poor thing to death. As for decapitating the snakes, it is instant but I would agree unnecessary, because freezing the snakes would show them no harm. They are ectotherms, which means that their body temperatures and metabolisms are regulated by outside temperatures. By putting them into cold temperatures they feel no pain. They simply go into something similar to hibernation (depending on the snake species) and, although they do freeze to death, they do NOT have any awareness or feeling of it happening. He is not a terrible man, he was just doing his job. By all means, support animal rights, but be sure you know you are actually supporting their rights and not the propaganda put out by those with mediocre knowledge on the subject.

  • Jane B says:

    I agree with those who are disgusted with the human race…I do find it an effort to carry on and try and be cheerful when there is such callousness and cruelty. The only reason I keep going is because I have elderly relatives and pets who rely on me. It seems to me that humans have evolved to have a mean and selfish streak which makes us want to dominate and hold power over everything. This is a generalisation I know, but I believe we have have got as far as we have on this basis, and despite our intelligence, we cannot seem to move forward as a species and leave these characteristics behind in favour of more compassionate and caring behaviour. I really don’t care if humans all die out eventually. Too often we use our great intelligence to inflict great evil, and for that we don’t deserve to survive.

  • Stacie says:

    WTF? I thought veterinarians were supposed to help animals!

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    This Giggleman is a disgrace to the veterinary Profession. He should never ever be allowed to care for animals again. Put him in jail, better yet, in the freezer! I am appalled that some humans can be so cruel, so heartless. Thanks PETA, as always you take care of these horrors against Animals!

  • Lori Santos says:

    PROTECT AND RESPECT ALL FORM OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MAN NEEDS TO BE BANNED FROM HAVING A PRACTICE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eliana Nikitin says:

    Gene Giggleman should be sentenced to jail! How dare we allow him to practice and how dare we allow him to teach. For what? To show students that it is Okay to kill without any regard of life? A veterinarian has been given a gift to help and save animals. To know that he used our trust in him to kill is just beyond words. He is bound by Law to protect, to save and NOT TO HURT! Gene Giggleman is a disgrace to the Veterinary code as well as a disgrace to society. Gene should NOT be allowed to practice as a doctor of veterinary medicine in Texas or anywhere else. Gene Giggleman should NOT be allowed to teach anywhere here in the USA or in the world and should be FIRED as a professor at Parker University in Dallas, TX. Gene Giggleman should be reprimanded by revoking his license as a Veterinarian, firing him from teaching as a professor and jailing him to a maximum prison sentence.

  • lulu says:

    @Greta Vivante- I agree with you wholeheartedly. mankind and the daily abuses and horrific acts we commit upon other species of this planet make me ashamed to be a member of the human race. I struggle daily with my utter disillusionment and grief at what goes on every single minute on this planet. we don’t deserve to be here… we don’t deserve to share in this earth and this universe, given the outrageous crimes we perpetrate against the other living beings, who have every right to live out their lives in peace and harmony… mother nature is the ONLY one who has any right to take life as she sees fit; we have NO right… the only reason I am even able to get out of bed in the morning and go about my day sometimes is because of Peta, and my awareness of what they do and strive to do every day to fight these outrages… they are (at the very least) one of the true saviors of this earth (the best IMO), and I will do everything I can until the day I die to support them in their efforts…. for not only do they save the lives of animals every day, but I think they are also saviors of humanity… saving us from ourselves, and from evolving even further into our malicious malevolence, and utter disregard for the sacredness of ALL life. after I graduate I plan to also work full time to save animals from cretinous scum (like dr. giggleman above…) thanks Peta, for giving me hope and for shining a light on these cruel realities… because if you don’t, who will?

  • Vinnie says:

    I guess this vet or beast deserves the same kind of treatment,but very slowly….no prison time for him. Sorry,if this offends anyone,but no animal deserves to die this way.

  • Maria says:

    He is ordinary killer not veterinarian.

  • danielle summers says:

    How could anyone be so cruel, especially a veterinarian, who you would expect to care for animals, not abuse them. A $2500 fine is a mere slap on the hand.

  • sandra says:

    ok well if i want to become a vet is because i like to work with animals and love them too. what kind of idiot becomes a vet and does this type of things to those poor creatures. well only a piece of [email protected] does these kind of acts. He should be tortured that same way to see how he likes it. And its BS that officials havent taken away his license. They’re IDIOTS.

  • Tracy says:

    Have emailed Sarah asking for action to be taken against him and others like him.

  • Carol Borzotta says:

    It is so distressing to know that it’s always a possibility that we put our pet children in the hands of a cruel and conscience-free human being. I have had first-hand experience with a vet I brought my cats to for years, only to have her mutulate my Jeffy, who eventually had to be euthanized due to her hack job of an amputation of his leg. It still sickens me after almost a year of this occuring. Jeffy is gone now so nothing can be done, but I think several times and do the research now before I have any procedure done on my cats. Vets are people who are subject to mental illness and a lack of scrupples.

  • ChrissieJ says:

    We are now at the point that we don’t know who to trust. The people who suppose to care for animals and have their best interest at heart are now just as guilty as other animal abusers. It’s like a child being sexually abused by a parent – no one to trust,if you can trust your primary care giver. Sick world!

  • Fran Bryerton, Canada says:

    An example of this man needs to be made to send out a strong message that cruelty of this type to innocent creatures will not be tolerated. He deserves to be prunished and charged to the fullest extent of the law possible for the barbaric acts he has committed. His training as a Veterinarian was to save and care for life in the best possible and if needed end life humanely and painlessly as possible, not the barbaric acts he has chosen to use. The courts need to take a strong stand and show us this will not be tolerated any further. Any living creature needs protection from people like him and only the courts can do this.

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Honteux, abjecte, ce sont des êtres vivants ignobles individus !

  • JOAN says:


  • Erin says:

    I so agree with you on that

  • Martha Winsten says:

    There should be no tolerance for cruelty. This man should be charged and jailoed for what he did.

  • bev says:


  • Nina Belanio says:

    This is ridiculous. So much for being a vet!

  • marisa guedes says:

    Bastard! This vet must burn in hell!

  • jenna Reeves says:

    I just got the information, what a shame, what a horrible and ugly person, disgusting. Veterinarian? A butcher morelike. Go and hide you mad idiot.

  • lynn says:

    take his vetinary licence off of him. Fine him, sentence him. Hope fully in prison some one would BASH HIS HEAD IN TOO!! So fed up every day – every where- humans having no respect for any other species. When is it going to stop!! It seems it is getting worse and worse every day!

  • la marca monique says:


  • Dawn says:

    This scumbag should be thrown in a cage away from all life!! This piece of trash is a vet?!!

  • Chrystal D says:

    This makes me SICK. This idiot should have his head crushed, beaten, mutilated.

  • Greta Vivante says:

    I so mich agree with Lisa!!!!!!!!! This is so freaking frustrating!!! I can’t even express how tired I am of this endless cruelty! Everywhere, every day, again and again and again… why is it amoral for us to kill each other, but absolutely fine to kill other species? WHY? Why is this violence allowed? Why so many of us prefer to close their eyes and pretend that this is not happening?? All the time I hear them saying “oh, this is not true, nobody’s doing any of those ugly things – they just want your money, they just want your “donations” I don’t care for what reason (even though there’s no way one can call THAT “reasonable”) it is done – innocent creatures are being tortured and killed, by US, and WE dare to call ourselves “civilized” and “sapience”????? I am sorry to say that, but this world really needs an apocalypse. We don’t deserve this life.

  • Caroline says:

    He’s a professor at a university, and he’s still got his job? You have to be kidding me! I hope his students have enough care and compassion for animals that they will boycott his lectures and demand that his tenure be revoked.

  • Kristina says:

    didn’t watch the video, reading what this creature was doing is enough for me. His license should be suspended & he should be charged with felony. His act is an animal cruelty & any one like this shouldn’t be allowed anywhere around any sort of animal. When someone like him face full charges, it gives a message to others like him & can prevent any further cruelty.

  • Mary Lou Chretien says:

    These are supposed to be human beings , and a so called .dr. in my eyes he is disgraceful and should be ashamed to be in society. These animals should be treated with respect and love and compassion. Where did you get your so called Licence? You need help..

  • Linda W. Seely says:

    This veternarian is a rotten no good coward and should not be in our society. He is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. The devil in hell would not be around him. The poor defendless animals. He is no man……he is a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • susana salinas says:

    I will try explain in my “english”( is not born language)I feel so sad.. so sad watching people doing this kind of cruelty.. it need to stop!! we need to be the voice for all this inocent animals.. we jus WE WE WE lets sing! and push for put all those people behind the bar…JAIL!

  • Lisa, Johnson City, NY says:

    I honestly don’t get it, I don’t!!!!!!! How can anyone condone a human being displaying so much rage and evil against another living, breathing creature?? These animals have feelings just like we humans too, they feel pain, they may not be able to scream out like we do but they hurt. How can you NOT do anything about it? What does that say about the person who doesn’t do anything? Seriously? This kind of behavior is shameful, disgraceful, atrocious and barbaric! I don’t know about you or anyone else out there & how they feel about animals & what we humans are doing to them but I am sick & tired of reading, seeing & hearing what humans are doing & continue to do to innocent animals all over the world every second day after day after day after day. How can a human be sooo callous and have that much evil inside them that they could/would cause so much pain to an innocent, helpless animal? What gives humans the right to abuse anything? We humans are definitely NOT superior or better than anything else on this planet. I can not iterate this enough that we were NOT put here to abuse, torture &/or kill ANYTHING & animals were NOT put here for us humans to do despicable & gruesome acts upon! The pain & suffering we humans are causing animals is disgraceful, appalling, atrocious & barbaric & is totally unnecessary! It is astounding that humans are so unbelievably cruel and evil. There is this saying … treat others like you would want to be treated. We humans were not born into this world to be evil (or nice), it is a CHOICE, a CONSCIOUS CHOICE! All humans have a choice to help or to hurt. I have to apologize but I am VERY passionate about animals & what humans are doing to them & I have no respect what so ever for anyone that harms animals. They need us, they need GOOD humans who care about animals to step up & not turn the other cheek. We need to stand up for them & their rights & they do have rights! ALL sentient beings have rights! Harming animals for anything what so ever is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! Plain and simple, black and white, no ifs ands or butts about it … it is WRONG! PROTECT & RESPECT ALL FORMS OF LIFE!!!

  • Kaajal Ahuja says:

    He should be given life imprisonment and its ridiculous to allow him to practise as a vet even at this point.

  • Lisa, Johnson City, NY says:

    This evil and vile human being needs to have the same thing done to him, he needs to know what it feels like. Dr. Giggleman needs to be abolished! This goes for ANY evil and vile human being who abuses another living creature, the same thing needs to be done them … over and over and over and over, it is however only fair. I despise humans who can do this and in my minds eye … do unto them as they have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil and vile humans like that have no place what so ever in this world, they do not belong here. I was brought up by wonderful parents who loved and respected ALL living creatures. I am a nice and kind person BUT when I hear, see and read about what these evil and vile humans are doing it’s because of them that the niceness goes right out the door. Sorry mom and dad, I can’t help the way I feel when one of the creatures I was brought up to respect is in harms way, I would and will do what I have to do to protect those that are being harmed even if it means my life. These evil and vile humans are destroying anything that is good in this world. Hate is a strong word BUT I truly HATE any human that abuse others, it’s because of these evil and vile humans that make me very shameful and embarrassed to be part of this vicious human race.

  • Denise says:

    As a wife of a veterinarian I was shocked and angered that such men are still practicing! This is a huge slap in the face to those vets. that ARE compassionate. We need to have this man removed and send a strong message that such behavior will no longer be tollerated or accepted!!1.

  • SUE KREMER says:

    what is wrong with people who treat animals like this? what does this person think to make this be ok with him? please put this person or anyone who abuses animals. they should all be punished and prosectued just like someone who abuses a human being.

  • SUE KREMER says:

    what is wrong with people who treat animals like this? what does this person think to make this be ok with him? please put this person or anyone who abuses animals. they should all be punished and prosectued just like someone who abuses a human being.

  • Jay says:

    It is just another disgusting act against innocent animals. He should be put in a cage of wild Apes & have them trained to do the same to him! Our laws in this country need to be changed to be made much more strict & penalties much more tough for those who break them against all God’s creatures. Anyone who had this man as their Vet should know that you can be SURE his animal cruelty didn’t begin & end w/just squirrels. That’s not how their minds work. Anyone who’s loved pet died or was never the same after being treated under this man’s hands should be highly suspect as to the reasons why. I shudder to think if he has any of his own, what they live with!

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    This person should not have been a vet. When you are a animal doctor you have to be kind to all animals either pets or wild ones. I have a vet in Milburn NJ and he is great with my dog.

  • Amy says:

    This “thing” is wasted skin and there is no punishment bad enough for him–burned alive would be a consideration!!

  • Jenn says:

    @kimberly – I am sorry you had to see that..especially someone you trusted with YOUR animals. I can’t imagine how you must feel. The man is insane and has zero regards for life, it’s plain to see