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Video: Veterinarian Smashes Squirrels’ Heads

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 5, 2012

Veterinarian Gene F. Giggleman has been formally reprimanded and fined $2,500 by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners based on allegations of unprofessional and/or dishonorable conduct following PETA’s investigation at U.S. Global Exotics (USGE), a massive exotic-animal dealer where Giggleman was the attending veterinarian.

Giggleman’s Cruelty

In this previously unreleased video footage, Giggleman smashes squirrels’ heads into a cinderblock and recommends that workers cut sick snakes’ heads off or “freeze ’em solid” in order to kill them.

The board found that Giggleman lost his controlled-substances log and falsely signed legally required documents attesting to the health of animals he had never examined so that they could be shipped overseas for the exotic-pet trade.

Despite the board’s findings, he is still licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and has retained his job as a professor at Parker University in Dallas.

Giggleman’s Former Employer on the Lam

PETA’s undercover investigation of USGE provided evidence of the abuse of more than 27,000 animals and resulted in the seizure of the animals and the closure of the business. Facing federal charges in connection with violating a wildlife protection order called the “Lacey Act,” including smuggling, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting, former USGE owner Jasen Shaw and his wife, Vanessa, fled the country and are believed to be hiding in New Zealand. Interpol has issued a notice about Shaw and his arrest warrants.

What You Can Do

Giggleman is still under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his actions at USGE. Help ensure that Giggleman is held accountable for all that he did at USGE by urging Sarah R. Saldaña, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Texas, to charge Giggleman with felony and/or misdemeanor violations of the Lacey Act.

Contact Saldaña through her office’s public information officer, Kathy Colvin.


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  • Betty Garrity says:

    Cruel is not the word for this Monster. Actually I am surprised that TSBVME actually did anything, probably because PETA was envolved, otherwise they protect the Vet ! Want to know how they usually operate, check out Bo Bo’s web site, pages The Board Exposed and Before The Board. Standard for most boards no matter the state. htto://

  • Lizie says:

    I’ve had the gentle hands of Dr. G provide care for my kitten (starting at 3 weeks old) as well as my dog, since he was a small pup. Can’t say I’d call him cruel, in fact the opposite. He’s a very loving man. Certainly using an efficient way to kill already SICK snakes and other varmints is better than adding more toxins to the world, even if it involves freezing them. Keep in mind, these comments here come from a person whose brother suffered a spinal cord injury (and is now paralyzed) while saving a family of squirrels. I’m an animal lover, too.. Dr. G’s practice has served my beloved pets very well and kept them healthy. If

  • Edgar Rivera says:

    ALL of you are indignated. DO your homework and find what it the common practices of Venetaries in Texas and around in the unites states. I do not support animal cruelty, but the irony is that this is not about one person, is about a profession that needs to RE-Think their doings. Any comments from “anonnymous” will be disregarded. If have an opinion identify yourself.

  • Rhonda Hammond says:

    I forgot to mention that I saved a baby squirrel, fed him & he lived for 9 years!! His name was Bubba! He came running when called for his p-nuts. I thought what was his jealously in the beginning was due to the sodium in his p-nuts may be causing him to have hypertension (I’m just a Pharmacist, not a Vet, okay?). He learned to share a little, but I had to admit that he was spoiled rotten!! He was something precious to watch when called. I miss that baby!!! No one does what that A$$ did to those helpless animals, still works & walks the streets…not the streets I walk!! He needs to be destroyed & what better way than prison w/a huge boyfriend named Bubba who wants him for a girlfriend, okay!!! Thank you for the space and time!!

  • Rhonda Hammond, RPh says:

    The Devil is waiting for this fool to die!! May he burn in HELL!!! How did he ever become a Vet? Yank his license & put him in Prison FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!!! He’s what we do NOT want nor need in a Vet!! Get rid of him fast!! Please!!

  • PrincesssK says:


  • Martin says:

    I can’t watch this, but I’m shocked and stunned. I’m just so let down by humans.

  • Wanda Hamsa says:

    Giggleman should be held accountable for these savage and barbaric attacks on these animals. These are living beings that do not deserve this horrible treatment by anyone and especially by someone that is supposed to be helping animals. This professor at Parker University in Dallas, Texas is a disgrace to his profession and certainly has a serious character flaw to treat animals this way.

  • Carla says:

    Giggleman should have his license permanently revoked, be charged with a Felony violation of the Lacey Act and spend real time in prison. He should also be registered as an Animal Abuser. Too many abusers get off with a mere slap on the hand. Giggleman is a sadistic, dangerous and unethical person.

  • giovanna says:

    MAN SHAME!!!!! Giovanna Italia

  • AniamlActivistAmy says:

    I keep trying to hit ‘Take Action’ button but it just sends me to a blank page. Can someone send me the link to it please?

  • Shana says:

    Are we sure he actually is a licensed vet? Seriously, He should loose his license, and fined for every single act of cruelty he gave out. People in the exotic pet trade should be shut down permanently as well.

  • D.V.M. Carrillo says:

    This is ridiculously crazy. That sick bastard will pay. Those poor creatures will have justice!!!

  • Sonia Canassa says:

    This Veterinarian Gene F. Giggleman will be punished by God. Those who live will see. It’s the law: what you make here, you pay here.

  • Angel says:

    What does it take for someone to lose their license? A vetrinarian is supposed to be kind and helpful to animals, and this guy is a monster, and he gets a slap on the wrist. This world is backwards.

  • luca says:

    there were/are some doctors in nazi germany (mengele and co)(and somewhere else as well)who did similar stuff with humans. So, how far is that guy from doing the same with humans? Something had to happen in his mind to enable him to be that cruel to those defenseless, harmless and innocent beings (and btw to himself). So what could it be? And what to do about it?

  • Antti Huovila says:

    Cruelly torture and treat animals like that…and you get a slap on the wrist and a small fine, steal 1000 dollars from the government and you’ll be sued for the rest of your life and you will never work in anywhere else than mcdonalds. Just shows that monetarism makes sad, cruel people who perform their acts of cruelty to animals -because they’ve been cruelly treated, prolly in youth, by other men and he can’t take it up with humans for he is too weak and cowardly- who are unable to defend themselves. Giggelman, you shall feel all that you inflicted upon those defenseless beings, if i ever happens our paths will meet. And who in their right mind gets that kind of pets? They’re meant to live in their exotic enironment and not in some rich snobs back yard. I will be taking those people to MY pets who ever take such an animal out of it’s natural habitat, to suffer in mans pathetic concrete jungle.