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Use Foursquare, Leave Tips, Eat Vegan!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 22, 2012

We all know how easy it is for vegans to dine out, with options popping up everywhere from five-star resorts to Chipotle. But people who are just coming around to the vegan way of eating or are thinking about making the switch could probably use some helpful hints about which restaurant dishes are vegan or could easily be made so.

Enter foursquare, an app for iPhone, Android, and more that allows users to “check in” when they are at restaurants or other public places and leave helpful comments.

How can you use foursquare to help animals? Simply share vegan tips with prospective patrons—comments such as “The vegan chicken fajitas rock” or “The faux-sausage and vegan-cheese pizza is awesome.”

Share Your Tips!

Got a good  recommendation? Then share it!

It’s easy. Just check in on the restaurant’s foursquare page:

Leave your tips:

And other users can see your tip when they check in:

It’s handy for seasoned vegans, too, when we’re traveling or just trying out a new restaurant. And if you check in at your favorite place often enough, you can become the “mayor” of the venue on foursquare. Some restaurants give discounts and freebies to their mayors. Who doesn’t love free food?

Let Us Know!

Did you share a foursquare tip? Let us know by sharing your link in the comments below.

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  • Courtney C says:

    this is SUCH a great idea. i’ve never thought about doing that before! I will definitely start doing this.

  • ME says:

    need ideas for lent Fridays besides fish help!

  • Erin Rea says:

    foursquare also has an Herbivore badge! When you check into 5 different vegetarian or vegan restaurants, you earn the badge. Check into 5 more, and you get to the 2nd level of the badge, and so on. It’s fun, cute (a brontosaurus), and a great way to show off your cruelty free eating habits! Another great foursquare feature is lists, where you can make a to-do list of all the awesome vegan spots you have or want to check out. I’ve linked my San Francisco list above so you can check it out!

  • The 92% Vegan says:

    I have been loving 4SQ for 2 years. At a restaurant I visited that has no vegan options on menu, I asked to meet the chef to discuss what options she could offer me; she offered to modify a few recipes to make them vegan (though I had to explain that this meant NO animal products… i.e. BUTTER!) She was very nice. I never thought about adding the tip to 4SQ about her being willing to modify, but I will now! Thank you, love you, PETA!