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USDA Revokes Zoo’s License

Written by PETA | August 25, 2010


Animals suffered and died left and right at a shabby Florida roadside zoo, which is aptly called Vanishing Species Wildlife. The outfit routinely took animals on the road to fairs, schools, and summer camps even when they were sick, hungry, dying, and stressed. Good news: Federal authorities have revoked this zoo’s license!

Schools and parents, take note: Paying animal exhibitors to hold presentations for your children supports cruelty to animals. Don’t patronize any business that exploits animals for profit—please remove field trips to zoos and circuses from your school’s curriculum.

Educators who would like free materials designed to teach students to be compassionate toward all living beings can click here.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    The article stated that Vanishing Wildlife has until the middle of next month to “get rid” of it’s animals. That is not much time. Pray that they find a proper sanctuary for them and do not sell them to another zoo or worse a game ranch where their heads may end up on someone’s wall.

  • Ralph says:

    They probably revoked the license because they were bringing the animals to locations that had children and the liability was too high. Or in short they were permitted to only be “roadside” and not travel. They violated it so their license was revoked. I find it quite interesting that you haven’t posted the story as to why the license was revoked so I question the blog.

  • shifa says:

    this is sick!!they shud not only revoke the license but htey shud also sentence the mindless j’s in prison