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USDA Cites University of Utah for AWA Violations

Written by PETA | April 22, 2010

This just in: In response to PETA’s undercover investigation of animal experiments at the University of Utah (the U) and the complaint that we filed with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U has been cited for nine violations of federal animal protection laws, including the following:

  • Causing a kitten to die from dehydration
  • Keeping calves restrained for days at a time without the ability to properly stand up or walk
  • Failing to provide adequate pain relief to a monkey after surgery
  • Failing to properly treat injuries in pigs
  • Allowing extreme crowding in guinea pig cages
  • Socially isolating a monkey without approval and failing to provide him with proper environmental enrichment
  • Performing surgery on a rabbit’s eyes without proper approval
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  • Hayley says:

    Great work PETA we’re right behind you. Exposing the unthinkable creates a chance for change and inspires hope. Thankyou so much x

  • Rosilda Kaczarouski says:

    It is unacceptable! It seems mankind will never learn animals are the real owners of this planet, so we should respect and care about them, not make them suffer on behalf of our own good. I preffer die than use any medical improvement achieve by making animals suffer.Shame on this university! close their doors! murderes!!! Thanks PETA for for being their voice! RK Brazil

  • Linda says:

    These are sick, sadistic people. Why? Why do these “so called humans” get away with this?” What this says about humankind as a whole frightens me . We actually have to fight against this?!!! It took this long to stop it?? Who let this happen? I’d like to know who was the very source, the root, that so called human should be jailed for these crimes. Get to “The root of the problem.” Where’s all the media?!! Damn, make a fuss, make a world wide headline…

  • Andrew Taylor says:

    Ba57ards – that’s what. Who here has e-mailed them? I have, numerous times! On top of that, the atrocities of the earthly world are not forgotten in the second. These sinners are playing with God.

  • AnnMarie Hodgson says:

    Hey guys most of you in Utah are Mormons. So please try to behave according to the book of Mormon and not according to none sense. Have respect for life. If you want to experiment on something do it on pedophyles murderers…. Not on innocent creatures!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  • mary Ann LaJoie-Sandroff says:

    The univ of Utah has proved to be living in the dark ages. Bone up. There are alternative methods to animal testing. This cruelty has got to stop. You are now training another generation of students who will become the next group of animal terrorists. This is unacceptable. Close down all animal testing labs and get with the alternative simulator proven methods. shame on U. of Utah.

  • Hannibal says:

    It is prudent for me to state that the ever satisfying and fulfilling ability of one to munch and crunch a luscious chunk of flowing plump feral brute tissue is mercifully one of the greatest delights of man. When a brute lacks the sociable and reputable ability to converse astutely among its coexistents the only course of action naturally to take would be for it to serve its function in a submissive arrangement therefore through its categorical understanding it warrants fulfilled handling. Rational reflection dictates incompetents assert what they acquire and that which is acquired is to be enjoyed.

  • Tracy says:

    The Animal Welfare Act needs to obviously change BIG TIME! Thanks PETA for standing up for those caught up in the inhumanity of those who think only of money to be made don’t care about the animals. Keep up the great work PETA!

  • silvana says:

    dont be cruel with animals you are rapers of GodS creation.

  • Lynette says:

    To say that scientists don’t act this way is the biggest misconception in the world! They do and many times with a selfrighteous air it’s amazing to me that there are those who are extremely blind to the fact you know the saying “Don’t confuse me with the facts!” CU in Colorado also was convicted of this and when we all found out it changed quite rapidly everything! Thank God! I just wish for one day the abusers would have to undergo 14 of what they put their defenseless animals thru and believe me it would change immediately!!

  • Sherry Prince says:

    There are so many sick people in this world that do horrible things to animals. These are the people that are mentally disturbed. .

  • Derick Williamson says:

    I am a hunter and i dont even agree with what they are doing there.

  • paula says:

    this is so sick. what is wrong with people??

  • Madelyn says:

    It is really hard to watch I do everything I can to help including heating a vegan diet……pls keep up the good PETA I saw in Time Magazine the other day about a Snow Lepoard that died a shock in a cage in Afgan because someone trapped it one of the planet’s few remaining regal animals so sad I cried for it.

  • Charles Tripi says:

    Once again PETA has done its’ job!

  • kentasha watts says:

    this iz so disgusting and a disgrace 2 human race animals have rights

  • Claire H says:

    Hello PETA. I apologize my friend Cate M. thought she was sending that message to UTAH and by accident sent it to you. Thank you so much for helping many animals in the world from suffering by animal abuse. We too are trying to make a difference in the world. Keep trying and at some point animal testing will become illegal.

  • Nadine W says:

    OMG!!! thank you PETA that you are trying to save our animals from suffering due to animal abuse.Tell UTA that they are the most terrible humans that I ever in my whole life heard of and that Everybody in this whole world could never ever forgive them!!!! We are doing a project about how awesome you guise are and how terrible the UTA is to animal torture!!! Ill make an newspsper article about you guise how good you are and how not funny and terrible UTA is!!!

  • Cate M says:

    WHAT THE HELL!? Who would do such a terrible thing to innocent living animals? Shouldn’t PETA just take prisoners instead of putting them in jail and test on them? They deserve that a lot more than those poor animals. This is what makes me ashamed of being human. Humans are the only species of animals that torture animals in terrible ways. This is not funny at all. It is serious and I hope someone will stop all of this animal testing in the long run.

  • Sophia says:

    This is absolutely revolting I’m just in high school but I absolutely disagree with this. I will promise myself and all my friends that I will not go to this school nor let any of my friends go to this school. And the lady at the end? She doesn’t really care. If she cared she’d do something about it.

  • Irina Seifert says:

    That is horrible

  • Viola says:

    this is disgusting and sick. does they have been punished for this cruelty?????

  • M Nielsen says:

    Letting a kitten die of dehydration? How did this advance science? The U of Utah should hang its head in shame for using animals in this way and for callous disregard of the suffering of animals. Shame shame shame. I’d like to know the Mormon Church’s position on this subject.

  • Kylee VanDenHeuvel says:

    Alright what kind of people can do this to poor defenseless animals. These people have no souls. Animals value their lives as much as we do. This is completely unacceptable and sick. These animals did nothing to go through the pain and torture just to satisfy peoples wants for meat. I am now a Vegetarian because I believe animals have rights to their lives just like humans do. This is just inhumane for people to do. And I am no longer eating meat for the sake of animals. They deserve to live. The people that do this to them should be treated the exact same way they treat the animals. Abused and Tortured. When people do this to them they can’t do anything about it but scream. The shameless people who do this to them DO NOT care one bit for these animals. They are just like us they feel pain they scream too. It is not fair at all. They deserve to live. I think everyone should be a vegetarian to stop this violence. And let the animals live. SHAME ON HUMANITY.