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U.S. Senate Wants to End the Seal Slaughter

Written by PETA | May 11, 2009

The number of people who are willing to stand by as the Canadian government allows seals to be slaughtered each year by the hundreds of thousands is decreasing fast.

Recently, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed U.S. Senate Resolution 84, calling for an immediate end to the annual seal slaughter. This vote comes less than a week after the European Union voted to ban the sale of seal fur in its member countries.

The most powerful leaders in the world have voiced outrage about this barbaric tradition, and their cabinet members are in full agreement. Even Canada’s own senators have tried to introduce bills to end the slaughter.

WAKE UP, CANADA! The rest of the world is trying to open your eyes, and you’ve hit the snooze button too many times already.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Jacob says:

    I have no idea how Mr. Retro got past the dumb comment filter.

  • Hannah says:

    Why are people bringing the Inuit into this? We’re against COMMERICIAL seal hunting hello. The Inuit only hunt adult seals and the Inuit seal hunt only take up about 3 of total Canadian seal hunt anyway. Besides most Inuits don’t even live in Newfoundland. The commercial sealers only make a very small fraction of their income from seal hunting. There are better alternatives to sealing such as ecotourism so why not just stop the seal hunting? As for you people defending sealing because “seals are overpopulated and they would eat up all the cods if we stopped hunting” first of all there’s a problem with Canadian fishers overfishing so why not mention that? And seals don’t only eat cods they eat natural predators of cods too. I do care about the genocide in Darfur and such and in fact I’ve donated many times to causes concerning human rights. However this is PETA and we’re talking about animal rights here. If I were on saythe UNICEF website then I’d be talking about abolishing child slavery. But no I’m on so I’m defending animal rights sheesh.

  • Will Train says:

    i’m living in a pretty hip town WilmingtonNC and they have newspapers magazines etc. but never have I seen anything about canadian seal beatings. glad i tuned in here. What does your average knucklehead do for this problem?

  • carla says:

    DDD… I am supporting Peta. But people who come on here and do not should go do something else instead. That is what I mean. your stupid.

  • DDD says:

    STOP seals should live. and its what nature intended for them to become overpopulated. Plus they are BABY seals. HELLO. Like they could overpopulate when they are still babies. So overpopulation not an excuse. Carla you telling people to do something and not doing anything yourself is stupid.

  • carla says:

    Scuze me Ms. Dye.. why are you even on here? This is a site because we are fighting for our beloved animals. Why the hell do you care what we are doing? You go do something else instead!

  • Caitlin Dye says:

    Why are you people fighting? You’re promoting peace for animals. How about peace for humans? I agree that slaughtering seals IS wrong but shouldn’t we be out there doing something about it instead of commenting on some website?

  • Isaac says:

    To the comment saying “These creatures are more than a bit overpopulated folks. They are starving to death. Now you consider the slow process of death through starvation vs having your skull cracked open” THIS ISN’T ABOUT BEING “MERCIFUL” this is about humans killing innocent animals. When they die of starvation its because of nature. Nature has its course leave it be. TOO MANY times have we humans interfered with nature and now where are we? Holes in the ozone layer toxic waste in the oceans and drought. Do you think we’re being “merciful” now or helping any sort of life form? I think not. Your just coming up with silly reasons to make yourself feel better about the situation.. people I say stop the slaughter. It is not fair. Its not right. Thats all i have to say.

  • carla says:

    Jack.. slamming seals over the head is sick cruel and barbaric. And we are killing them for their skin. Your a fool…

  • DDD says:

    Mr. Retro If you really wanna get eaten by animals then take Titus with you. And Gabe you suck. Why do people kill seals? Because they enjoy it? Why do they enjoy it? Because they THINK that they have nothing better to do. Killing something is not something good. While all you people out there who think we kill seals because we can and we have to. How are the seals going to live if people are beating them with metal clubs with hooks on the end and the people are saying They are going to grow overpopulated!!!!!!!!!!! carla. If you really cared about the entire world you would care about the ENTIRE world. That doesnt mean all the animals running around trying to survive. While instead of actually DOING something about it you sit and curse at people. And have you ever killed an annoying fly ant etc.? You probably have. And have you felt sorry about what you are depriving from them. Dont say you are trying to protect animal rights when all you do is curse at people. Help stop the slaughter without yelling at other people to do something. And ONLY telling people to go out there and do it isnt helping.

  • Amy says:

    I just wanted to say that while I’m sure there are many PETA members who are against all forms of hunting that you must admit that are still many who are involving themselves only because of the baby seal imagery. If you read through the posts there are lots of comments about ending the BABY seal hunt. Anyway it just sort of proves the point that PETA is misleading the general public in order to get them involved by making us imagine cute little baby seals being killed.

  • Jack says:

    I like many other Canadians support both the rights to hunt and fish for food and ceremonial purposes of all of our aboriginal peoples as well as the right of nonaboriginal fishermen to practice a sustainable seal harvest. I would ask PETA this how is the seal hunt any different from the annual caribou hunt or the salmon fishery on the West coast or the cod fishery off the Grand Banks? It’s not the only difference is that the seals happen to be more cute than a codfish or a caribou. Those who have ever lived off the land know that there is nothing unnatural about eating meat and killing another animal to get it but they also know that sustainability is the only way to ensure the survival of both you and the species you are hunting. Is hunting seal now less sustainable than engaging in largescale industrial farming with petro chemicals? I think not.

  • Julia says:

    GO SENATORS GO! we can stop this cruelty!

  • Gabe says:

    Clubaseal is funner than whackamole. I watched the video and did not think that it seemed that inhumane compared to real animal cruelty. It seems more they need to make sure people are using the hakapiks properly. I think it is more humane to kill something by a quick smash than hung up to bleed to death.

  • carla says:

    Um. Mr. Tim Smith. Obviously we are against slaughterhouses along with the seal hunt and many many other sickening tortures that any animal has to endure at human beings selfish acts. What tunnel did you climb out from under????????

  • carla says:

    Louis. As an American citizen I am opposed to any killing I don’t give a st whether it is here in the USA or Canada!!! It’s all one world and who the hell cares where it is. It’s wrong on every level and in EVERY country! So wake up and smell the coffee dude

  • carla says:

    Chris… not only are we not buying your maple syrup or your cereal… but also travel to Canada and all seafood.. Get a grip. Canada has a bad name right now. And it’s your idiot leaders who took you there. It sounds like you don’t really give two shits about these poor seals. Your a pathetic jerk.

  • carol marchuk says:

    I have never seen anything so inhumane in my life. If you have a heart you could not possible agree with the treatment of these beautiful creatures. God pray for all of us….

  • Tim Smith says:

    The twaddle perpetuated by baby seal clubbing fans “it’s no different to a slaughterhouse” “why aren’t you fighting for other animals who are being slaughtered” “it’s humane” is simply that twaddle!

  • Louis Cypher says:

    Now is this ever the pot calling the kettle black. Americans asking us Canadians to stop a seal hunt. A nation of people who seem to enjoy shooting and killing just about everything that moves including each other quite often. I tell ya what … I support the end of the seal hunt when you give up both hunting and gun ownership. Until then just shut up …. please.

  • someonesowheresomeplace says:

    this “statemenet” faild to say that the inuit sue the seal as food. so people look into the story form other points of veiv.

  • neda says:

    the seal slaughter video was so sad but i burst into tears when the baby seal screamed

  • carla says:

    Mr. Retro.. Let’s throw you out to the forest so that you can get eaten by our beloved animals. One less ahole in the world is ok with me.

  • carla says:

    Steven. First of all…your a jerk. Secondly.. we don’t care if you don’t care what the US Senate Says. Maybe the damn Canadian Government should step up to the plate and stop this discusting brutal killing of innocent seals. It sounds like you condone it which makes you an ahole! USA

  • Mel says:

    I am Canadian and feel that it is essesntial that this “hunt” be abolished. I’m tired of the excuses made by my government and do not want this to go on another second. It’s nonsense. The hunters governemnt supporters and others who are for the disgusting seal slaughter better hope they aren’t born again as a seal because well maybe Karma would bite back . . . or should I say club back. . .

  • Tim Smith says:

    Granted Jennie and I myself have “postponed” a trip to Canada until the sealclubbing ends. There are millions who feel this way. When the sealclubbing ends…things will be different. Millions of people will start travelling to Canada again…and the current boycotts in place will be revoked.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    Dear Mr Retro Humans eating humans is a truly bad idea for so many reasons including health reasons. I’m surprised you’ve suggested such a thing. Do you REALLY think that is a good idea? I think you might lose the support of ALL your fellow humans not just animal rights carers. As for testing on humans that already happens. I often see requests for human volunteers at my University. I’m pretty sure most of those volunteers aren’t PETA members. The fishing industry is already collapsing because of overfishing by humans. If humans stop fishing and leave it to the seals I’ll hazard a guess there will be a pretty good balance. Yes you are right animals are not people. But All animals feel hungry and thirsty just as we do. When they are delighted they skip with joy just as we do. They value their family they love their friends. They hurt like we do. Animals may come in different packages but inside they like us are just emotional beings. They are full of thoughts and full of feelings. Animals are individuals like us. They may not look like us but they are like us in all the important ways. And I wonder how many of us realise as the British philosopher Henry Baston once said That they are actually other nations. Thats how we can think of them. Other nations who have their own cultures their own languages their own interests just as people from other countries that we meet who may be remote to us have theirs. Granted these animals may not have all the desires we humans have granted they do not comprehend everything we humans comprehend nevertheless we and they do have some of the same desires and do comprehend some of the same things. The desires for food and water shelter and companionship freedom of movement and the avoidance of pain. These desires are shared by non human animals and human beings. As for comprehension like humans many non human animals understand the world in which they live and move. Otherwise they could not survive. So beneath the many differences there is sameness. Like us these animals embody the mystery and wonder of consciousness. Like us they are not only in the world they are aware of it. Like us they are the psychological centres of a life that is uniquely there own. We patronise them for their incompleteness for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren they are not underlings they are other nations caught with ourselves in the net of life and time fellow prisoners in the splendour and travail of the earth. Many of the words above are borrowed but no less relevant herethan the sources they originated from.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    Dear Luke Who would go to see seals? Please go to your local travel agencies. Ecotourism is big business the world over. There are many people who want to see live wild animals in the wild not nesessarily tearing each other to pieces. Dear Chris The thing is the soldiers all chose to be there and take part in a war killing each other. The donkeys didn’t but they are invisible to most humans. Recently we had bushfires here that killed 173 humans. Millions of animals died wildlife and livestock but the only figure you eve hear is 173 humans as though the others don’t count. They need to count. Dear Jack Actually most us think about all these issues AND seals AND all the other animals whose lives are being abused AND global warming AND ….lots of other things. Just because we posted a post here does not mean for the rest of our time we aren’t doing LOTS of other things. As for soldiers fighting for us they are fighting for us so that we CAN do these things. They are fighting for our freedom. We are soldiers in a war also the greatest undeclared war in human history the war against the animal nations. We are fighting for THEIR freedom. But we aren’t killing humans because we respect all animal life. We are just trying to change hearts and minds like Mahatma Ghandhi did with non violence. If we don’t change if we don’t get this world back in balance nature is going to do it for us. Nature has a way of wiping out entire species. There will come a virus we can’t stop. We’ve already seen bird flu swine flu. We are causing those with our current practices. Saving animals getting the balance back will save our own skins. As a biologist I know the fragility of ecosystems. We are pulling out species after species and most people don’t realise the interconnections. Pull out enough and the whole system collapses like a pyramid with its middle or base blocks removed. We are at the top of the pyramid. We should be worried about every block beneath us. Because if they fall we do. So when you ask why do we fight to protect donkeys or seals or any other animal? Because at the end of the day by protecting them we are potentially saving ourselves.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    Thank you Jamie for this pearl “We have to kill the animals or they might die.” It’s beautifully understated irony. Beautiful. It made me laugh in an issue that should make any compassionate person cry. I’m going to frame it as the perfect comeback to any people who start using that argument for killing animals. “We have to kill the animals or they might die?” Raises eyebrow. I’ll count the seconds till they start blushing from embarrassment.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    Dear Tyler We oppose ALL hunting not just seals. There is action being taken across the world defending ALL animals farmed AND hunted. There is no respect or compassion in hunting or killing an animal. People don’t come first. They put themselves first with total disregard for all other living beings they share the planet with. When we place animals equal to us animals who are so often so alien we find it hard to relate to them then we may learn respect for the differences we see in each other as humans and stop hurting each other also. Differences are differences. They are not wrong. Animals do not deserve a death sentence just for being different. Each animal is whole and complete. Please look at the dvd Earthlings and the PETA podcasts Invisible animals and Nonviolence includes animals. Try to look at the world from another’s eyes. I used to hunt fish eat meat. I used to ridicule vegetarians. I used to share your views in many ways. And I used to call myself an animal lover. Then I saw Earthlings and all that changed. I now advocate for animals. I am currently trying to prevent two koalas from being incarcerated in a display cage. Also several retiles. Who are not cute. But they are sentient beings who haven’t committed a crime. They don’t deserve to be in prison. The seals haven’t committed a crime. They don’t deserve the death penalty. In 100 years I won’t even be a footnote in this century’s greatest social justice movement animal protection. But I’ll be a part of it. And generations who follow will be able to hold up their heads in pride and say our forebears fought for the animals. I pray yours do not have to hang their heads in shame and say our forebears did nothing or worse opposed animal protection.

  • Cathy says:

    I am also a Canadian who is disgusted at our government and the seal hunt. I get so angry when I hear people say that the seals are eating too many fish or they will starve unless the slaughter takes place. Human beings have fished out our oceans and we should be doing something about it. Our government should be setting up hatchery facilities all over the east coast where these sealers can be employed to implement the raising of fish from the egg stage to release stage. We created the problem we should be rectifying it.

  • Jennie says:

    For those of you who are making spurious arguments that the seals need to be killed to prevent “overpopulation” here are some things for you to consider 1 Before humans became so dominant on Earth who were maintaining populations from the topdown? The answer other predators which by the way we have conveniently removed. I have always laughed at the argument that humans need to hunt deer “because they starve otherwise” considering we raise beef cattle on public lands and then shoot all the natural predators. If deer weren’t forced to compete with beef cattle and if native predators like wolves weren’t villified and persecuted there wouldn’t be any overpopulation problem. 2 And as for whether it’s preferable to have animals die from human or natural causes that’s beside the point. When one species becomes dominant in an ecosystem it usually follows that there is a loss of biodiversity. We can safely say that humans are reducing biodiversity. The species that help to keep human populations and therefore human influence “in check” are few. 3 I notice how humans hold themselves separate from all other species when it comes to addressing overpopulation. Five billion people is way too much for this Earth to support for a sustained amount of time. 4 You really have no legitamate arguments for killing defenseless animals. You clearly have no science education and when other people do you can’t fool them either. To all the animal lovers reading this I think we need to condemn prohunting arguments and the people who make them even when they are illiterate and obviously just trying to intimidate. You’d be surprized by the number of people who change to help other species when you spread both scientific literacy and compassion.

  • Steven says:

    I don’t see why anyone is getting excited over this. First off why would Canada care what the U.S. Senate is saying? It’s a statement not a law affecting trade thus it has no consequence. Second Since it’s a statement and does not affect reality then this smells like nothing more than a soothing move to the animal rights movement at best and a diversionary tactic at worst to steer attention away from other ethically questionnable practices in the U.S.

  • Chris says:

    Wow Rob that’s some hard hitting stuff. Not buying maple syrup and cereal?! You might have just secured your spot in heaven next to Che and Harvey Milk. You took one second out of your day at your local store and said no I will not take this. I will not sweeten my pancakes. No I will not have a bowl of your seal killing cereal. You stood up and shouted to the Gods that your act of Friday night activism will turn the tides. You paused your Tivo because you care. And I’m sure that Canada will pause and listen. They will stop and wonder why something feels different one morning. Somehow they’ll feel empty. Like something is out of place. Then it will hit them. ROB didn’t buy our maple syrup. Oh God you mean Rob didn’t buy our cereal either? Then after a moment of silence the country of Canada will mourn the loss of Rob and the five dollars he was going to spend on their gross national budget.

  • jaylen says:

    why would you want to do that kind of thing to animals. im glad that they arr taking action to stop this.

  • Shaheen says:

    To those who cite seal slaughter is merciful because of seal overpopulation There are how many billions of humans on the planet not only using but wasting resources that are not ‘ours’? Oh and taking someone off life support who is suffering and has requested it is unethical? I think you get my point.

  • diana says:

    im very very glad they cant stop to kill those poor animals

  • Rob says:

    While at Trader Joe’s shopping I put back the maple syrup I was going to buy Puffins cereal also both from Canada. We will never visit Canada again and many more feel this way. The boycott is on Canada wake the heck up!

  • Chris says:

    The point of any argument or debate is that it has sides. You can’t have a one sided argument. It lacks balance. I keep hearing responses saying basically ‘why are you here this is a PETA website.’ That may be true but what sort of stance are you taking if all your comments are just patting each other on the back and not actually talking about the issues?

  • Linda says:

    Thankyou US Senate. Since Prime Minister Harper is bending over backwards to impress the US this move should certainly yank his chain!

  • melissa says:

    yay us senate! who in their right mind wears seal fur anyway? those people are so sick.

  • Tim Smith says:

    Ahh the trotted out excuse “we use much more than just the fur.” Tyler I suggest you watch the videos on youtube False comments 113 in particular the one “we use much more than jyst the fur” and see for yourself. And why are all these dissenters coming on here and trying to P everyone off with their recycled garbage which was most likely fed to them by the DFO? Sighs.

  • Mr. Retro says:

    Damnit people. Seals are carnivores and we are their only natural predators. If we stopped hunting them the fishing industry would collapse and many people would become poor and starve. Animals are not people. They do not think like people they barely even come close to people. Treating them cruelly is abominable yes. But guess what? All of those animals you are protecting wouldn’t care for a moment if they saw your corpse lying in the forest. A good portion of them would eat you or make you into a home. Also veganism is well known to cause sterility on occasion so don’t expect to raise your kids vegan because you might just not have any. Humans Omnivores. Ethical treatment means treating them nicely it means nothing about not eating them. If you want to get rid of animal testing and meat eating so bad suggest yourselves as the alternatives. Get eaten or tested on so the animals don’t. Then everyone is happy.

  • Neal says:

    While many of your arguments make some measured amount of sense Titus has a point to a certain extent. Most seals are shot quite humanely and not clubbed clubbing is only used if a bullet fails. Furthermore I find it a little hypocritical that folks so divorced from the natural food chain deign to comment on it. It’s easy to say these things when the seal hunt doesn’t put food on the table at home. Not the salient point though. While Newfoundland and Labrador sealer may survive and find new labour the Inuit of Canada’s far north who have lived off of and traded seal products for centuries are going to be irreparably harmed by this. They are living beings whose lives will be hurt and little to no provision is made to mitigate this. Some of the more enlightened Nordic countries of Europe who well know that animals can be hunted and used by human beings in a responsible manner especially during the cold winters knew this and bought Inuit seal products. Now they cannot and a culture millenia old is being hamstrung by people who have likely never been near a seal in their lives. I’m not saying that the hunt can’t stand to be changed but I would save the PETA rage for factory farms and genetic engineering where animals are being tortured rather than just hunted as humans have done for thousands of years.

  • carla says:

    Love your comment Kelly Sparks. Titus deserves zero attention.. he is obviously a moron. And I love that Statement about the greatness of a nation. People who are bringing up OTHER issues such as economy war yada yada yada… hello.. THIS IS PETA. LEAVE US ALONE IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT OUR VIEWS.

  • carla says:

    scuze me JACK. This IS Peta. We care about animals. Get over it and get off the site if you think different. Your an ignorant jerk.

  • carla says:

    Titus. Wake the fu… up. Slaughtering seals is barbaric. It is not OUR place to take it upon ourselves as humans to decide that we need to kill animals because they may or may not starve. And how the hell do you know if they starve you ignorant fool. Maybe we should kill homeless people with a hit to the head to! Arn’t they starving also??????? Who the hell made us GOD?

  • Kelly Sparks says:

    First of all Titus Wake up and smell the death!!! Look up the definiton of the word “evolve”…. That’s what we humans are here to do. You are out of touch. Where do you get off deciding what life gets to live and die? There will never be a world of peace while killing of any kind takes place Slaughterhouses seal hunting animals in labs etc. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated Mahatma Gandhi We have to wake up and have much more empathy than exists right now to progress as a nation and as human beings.

  • Carla says:

    OMG!!! I’m sooo happy to hear the good news!!! I’m a huge animal lover and it kills me inside to know that people would harm a beutiful animal this way!! how would they like it if they got hit in the head over and over again while your screaming and crying in pain!!! And the poor mother seals have sit by and watch their babys get killed and for what…to be sold in a store. That god somethings being done!!!!

  • megan says:

    i think that this should be stopped