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U.S. Global Exotics Defunct, Former Owner a Federal Fugitive, New Footage Released!

Written by PETA | May 3, 2010

Here’s a beautiful—and lifesaving!—sight for the millions of animals who suffered at the hands of owners and employees of the international animal dealer warehouse formerly known as U.S. Global Exotics, Inc. (USGE):


USGE Before


© Don Feare
USGE After


Yep, that’s right—just months after the PETA Files first gave readers a tiny glimpse into PETA’s investigation of USGE, the multimillion-dollar business is closed, the filthy warehouse is up for sale, and USGE’s former owner, Jasen Shaw, is on the lam! A federal arrest warrant is out for Shaw, alleging violations of the Lacey Act, a federal wildlife protection law enforced by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. Shaw and his wife, Vanessa, are believed to have fled the U.S. and may be hiding in their native New Zealand.

We can finally release additional videos, photographs, and investigation findings that offer even more insight into the hideous pet trade. Thanks to our findings, not one more snake, lizard, frog, sloth, wallaby, hamster, chinchilla, ferret, tortoise, or other animal will be imported from breeding mills or kidnapped from their natural homes to be shipped to USGE’s filthy warehouse—and denied food, water, veterinary care, and fresh air; locked inside a filthy, crowded container; or frozen to death.

But millions of other animals are still suffering in the pet trade at hellholes such as Sun Pet—which purchased hamsters from USGE and then sold them to PETCO stores—and they need our help!

We can make a huge difference by urging our friends and family members never to buy animals from pet stores and letting PETCO and PetSmart know that we won’t be spending so much as a dime in their stores until they stop selling all animals.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Mimi says:

    Thanks PETA although we couldn’t save all the ones they aready had, we are able to save millions in the future….Jasen Shaw can run, but he’ll never be able to hide….Now he will get a taste of always looking over his shoulder going to strange places, never knowing who to trust…Just like those babies did at his facility….Karma is a witch

  • RANDS says:

    My husband worked for the Shaws as a teenager. They ever paid their employees under the tabel to avoid paying taxes.

  • ian says:

    i cant believe they just let anyone work at these animal warehouse it would be great if we can revolutionize the animal trade by using law and animal lovers because if there is one major company in the U.S. that knows what they are doing and how to do it it can change the world. Us humans are the reason why animals suffer or go extinct but it doesn’t have to be this way I would like it if anyone has or knows anybody with a animal forum reptilesinsectssmall animals ect. to inform everyone about this tragedy and encourage them to help out these are animals not something you can just forget it’s hard to imagine a world without animals they are what keeps the world in awe.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    Radio Lab on NPR discusses consciousness and how humans compare to other animals in that regard they take a really naive approach but the science of consciousness could ‘pave the path’ for animal rights. They said chimps can’t synthesise abstract information on one episode but then on another said a chimp Lucy made her own words using vocabulary she had been taught she called watermelon ‘candywater’ and a bad raddish ‘hurtcryfood’ or something like that… Radio Lab isn’t genius but it’s touching on important issues. The science is in to say for sure that pigs for example are conscious like human children are but the goal is to get that tidbit of truth to that huge coldhearted religious group of people gotta love em lest you be hated.