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Update: Judge Orders Seizure of Animals!

Written by PETA | March 1, 2011

This morning, after being presented with evidence—including video footage from PETA’s investigation—making the case that animals warehoused in Elizabeth Owen’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, storage units are in need of emergency intervention and care, Horry County Judge Bradley Mayers signed an order to seize custody and control of the animals because of animal neglect. The order requires officials to seize Owen’s animals—a German shepherd named Hope and some 300 cats who have lived for months or years on end (some for their entire lives) in cages and crates stacked on top of each other at the “Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary.”

The order reads, in part, “Sufficient evidence of a pattern of behavior wherein [Owen] fails to provide adequate veterinary care to ill and suffering animals has been established necessitating emergency care.” According to one news story, “Judge Mayer [sic] said after reviewing evidence he would not feel comfortable allowing the animals to remain in Owen’s care.” We agree wholeheartedly.

The animals will be immediately evaluated by a veterinarian and sheltered. They will finally have a clean, soft spot to curl up, the ability to groom themselves without swallowing their own waste, room to stretch and walk about, and desperately needed veterinary attention. Future court hearings will determine when the animals can be offered for adoption and find the permanent, loving homes that they deserve and should have been afforded long ago. Judge Mayers’ compassionate decision marks a long-overdue new beginning for these animals, many of whom have been caged in Owen’s dungeon-like, stifling warehouse for years. Stay tuned for more updates on this case.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post  

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  • Rhonda Zorn says:

    Please stop the suffering of these animals! Take them all away from this awful place!!!

  • Tamara Sampson says:

    Why hasn’t Sacred Visions Animal Website been taken down? It is still actively taking donations & asking for donations.

  • sandy Molina says:

    My Heart goes out to these innocent creatures and wishing them a healthy recovery.. So sad but Im so relived that they are now saved and in good care.

  • IWork4Dessert says:

    I fully intend to take a day off and fly up there to help out.

  • Tonya says:

    Finally, some justice for these animals. Let’s hope they get the care they need and love they need. I wish I could do more.

  • LISA ONOFRIO says:

    THANK YOU PETA and THANK YOU Judge for doing the right thing and giving these little babies a chance. NOW the next step is to prosecute Elizabeth Owen to the fullest extent possible. She deserves to be punished the same way … do unto her as she has done unto them, it is however only fair. Now I know I’m not being “nice” and turning the other cheek but I can’t anymore, my faith in the human race has depleted immensely over the past few years. The more I hear and see what humans are doing not only to animals but to the environment and the other humans as well, I’ve just lost all respect for them. The only humans I do have faith in are those who are doing good and helping those that can’t help themselves. God Bless you PETA!! I don’t know about anyone else but this had such an impact on me. When I read about this and unfortunately watched only part of the video because I thought I would be sick, I got up from my computer, ran outside and cried uncontrollably for what seemed like forever. I did get sick, I was unable to go to work for a couple of days and didn’t leave my house because I didn’t want to have anything to do with people. Yes, this may be extreme but this is what it makes me feel when I hear or see any harm come to animal that has done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve such horrible and horrendous treatment … from a humans. THANK YOU again PETA for doing what you do and to all those humans that do care about animals and help, you all deserve a place in heaven.

  • Jenny says:

    Oh, thank God! And thank you to PETA, to all who wrote, called, and the officials who took action. I pray these beautiful cats will never suffer again. *crying*

  • Michelle D says:

    there should be an option of adoption to neighboring areas and states as well..i fear as the one poster said that these cats may be put down never to have the good life of fresh to play with and a warm loving home 🙁

  • Tamara says:

    Thank U for the update!!! I am so relieved knowing that these animals were seized and they will now get the proper vet care and loving attention that these angels deserve!

  • Anne says:

    Gosh that is horrid ! thanks to peta and judge ! ^ ^ _

  • Lina says:

    Oh my God.. It’s terrible to see the condition of the cats.. It’s a crime to treat helpless creatures like this!! I hope the awful woman gets her due at court. It’s terrible.. I thank from heart the judge and PETA, and pray that all cats survive in the end and find a new and PROPER home.

  • Leann Weich says:

    Thank God for the wisdom of this judge. Hopefully these wonderful, God-created animals will find peace and happiness and love. I hope this person not only rots in a horrible prison ,but after she dies she gets the hottest spot in HELL. Justice for her would be solitary confinement with a sandwich and 1/2 glass of water a day and certainly NO medical treatment!!!!

  • Lindsey Nagel says:

    Uh Oh! The state has custody of these animals? I am seriously doubting that these poor creatures’ reprieve will last very long. How long does the state usually give the animals to be adopted before they start with the euthanasia? A week tops? 🙁

  • Minttu says:

    Thank u PETA! I feel so bad for these poor cats… I cant watch this vid again..makes me so sad…I hope these cats find good and loving homes<3

  • karyn says:

    This is great news! Congrats! I wish every bad animal place would be shut down! I hope these cats have a good life ahead of them. Good luck and keep up the super work!

  • Nancy Custodio says:

    Is was a very sad the situation of those poor creatures. But I rejoice very much when I knew the news that a human judge, God bless him and PETA, stops that horrible abuse. People, I love you very much. God bless you all for your kindness and the compromise in caring God’s beautiful creatures. Thanks. Thanks a lot!!!

  • lynne says:

    Dont know if the women is deluded, deranged, or was after cash, attention, pity any who supported her and didnt bother to go see the cats, bad enough animals suffer in fur farms, labs, farms and abbatoirs, for sport tradition, but in an animal sanctuary, the pits. Well done peta, and the judge, good on him being an animal lover, like judge judy, good luck to the cats.

  • VC says:


  • Janine says:

    This is fantastic news! I have been thinking about these cats from the moment I saw the footage. Well done to PETA, Judge Mayer and all the petitioners for their compassion and respect for all life.

  • carol says:

    Finally, thank you PETA for all your hard work in securing the release of these poor animals!!

  • ShareyaTabor says:

    Will any of those kitties be up for adoption? I’d take one! ^_^

  • Lahneen Gallo says:

    And this is why I give to Peta!!! Well done, although we should probably wait to celebrate until after the aminals are seized. Will wait for updates.

  • Caroline says:

    Wonderful news! Love to all compassionate people at PETA working endlessly for the animals and to the judge for making the right decision. I pray that the cats will be adopted by loving people and have the loving life that they deserve!

  • Judy Bail says:


  • noi says:

    Yes PETA! Good job. Love PETA very much. May god bless all the people in PETA & those who join this organisation. Love cats n all the animals in this world