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Update: Jack Spade Victory!

Written by PETA | November 21, 2006

Update: Victory! After receiving a barrage of emails and phone calls from customers, Jack Spade has admitted that selling frog dissection kits was not a good idea, and has agreed to pull the kits from its stores. Hooray for common sense! Check out the Reuters story here.

jack spade dissection kit.jpg

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  • Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with this? The store also sells leather products

  • bob says:

    i think it’s great! it will teach children a great deal about biology and it’s not the watered down stuff you get in schools at the moment. i think it’s insanity that they’re being critisised for this. And i also think that this will not be posted as despite being a comment it goes against what the site owner wants to hear.

  • pcb says:

    In response to a comment make by Jack Mou…. DOUBLE STANDARDS I’m sick of the hypocrisy by certain people saying they’re animal lovers when in fact they aren’t. If your convictions are so strong that you believe what you are doing is right then maybe you should try vivisecting and dissecting your guinea pigs. Bet you couldn’t!! Leave PETA alone.. And get a LIfe yourself..

  • Megan says:

    Dan and JackIf you don’t find dissection cruel you need a lobotomy. Hey there’s a thought for you…..lobotomies and dissection are about parallel in their scientific relevence. Please educate yourselves!

  • monica says:

    Wow we “truly have to much time on our hands”. Maybe you should take look in the mirror because if your coming on the PETA website just to say we’re wrong you obviously have no life. Of course everybody is intitled to their opinion unless it infringes upon others. So why don’t you just turn off the computer beat a rabbit skin it alive let breathe for a couple more seconds of its horribleunfulfiling life that was spend in a cage eat a burger that was once a cow’s liver and leave us the HELL ALONE!

  • heather says:

    at last!!! thankyou!!!!! they now have common sence!!!

  • Jack Mou says:

    I truly think you guys have way too much time on your hand. How about let’s focus on the big problem of this world? I quite honestly love the frog disection in my biology class which i’ve learned a lot from it. Using a plastic model of the animal is no different than teaching your kid how to drive in a mock environment and trust them to get their driver’s license and drive on their own. In addition I am a animal lover i have 6 guinea pigs which i adore and care for. But not allowing others to wear fur at their wish is like me telling you that you have to eat turkey for Thanksgiving. Perhaps I should force upon all of you to join the Church of Scientology! In conclusion there’s big things to interveen but leave the little people alone! Get a life!

  • Dan says:

    I have a question… of these “countless extremely efficient and humane ways to teach kids about biology” how many of them are the result of past experiments on such animals and how lucky are we to live in an age where we have the boon of the past research. Our lives are very comfortable in the modern day because of simple study including dissection. Shall we lose touch with this form of study? I think it is very valuable for people to have a base of understanding that involves biology and a level of said understanding that goes beyond the book or website. I do not think that a clothing store or whatever Jack Spade is is the proper place for such study. As for the “how many kids will be doctors” bit do you really think that “doctor wannabe’s” are the only kids that should learn a thing or two about the world functions? I will be perfectly happy if my kids understand the human body and animal body and how the world functions and will continue to function for countless years to come… I am sorry for the runon sentance. I say all of this as the bird in the kitchen is being picked clean. All the way to the bone. God bless canine teeth.

  • Devon Leung says:

    WTF? Who said that they don’t think this is wrong? First of all how many kids in your school are going to be doctors? Not a lot right? So not every single kid has to disect a frog. That’s just sick. In conclusion think before you speak dumb.

  • Jack says:

    “What is so wrong with these kits? it is helping people learn.” Hey Justin What sucks about these kits is that the cats dogs frogs and other animals used for dissection are horribly abused by the supply companies that kill them. These companies are notoriously shady A PETA investigation caught employees of one such company the same company that was providing the kits for Jack Spade injecting animals with formaldehyde while they were still conscious and killing other animals by drowning them. With modern technology there are countless extremely efficient and humane ways to teach kids about biology without resorting to cutting up dead animals. You can learn more about this issue at httpwww.peta2.comfeatclassroomcutups

  • Justin says:

    What is so wrong with these kits? it is helping people learn.

  • AnimlLib says:

    Hahaha yeah he’s probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. $90 dollar key ring… What the?

  • Janet says:

    yay! I got an reply back from them and they apologized. I forgive them.

  • nadia says:

    they must be out of their mind to use this form of “marketing.” How pathetic!!

  • sarah says:

    ok that’s the sickest thing i’ve heard in a while. is that even legal? i’ll tell them exactally what i think.