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Update: Diddy Still Selling Dog-Fur

Written by PETA | December 27, 2006

Diddy flaunting his dead animal coat


When Diddy promised to remove the raccoon dog fur coats which were mislabeled as “faux” from his store and stop production of the cruel garments, some people began to think that the rapper might actually care about something other than bling. Now it appears that they might have jumped the gun …

According to the New York Post, as of Christmas Eve, Diddy still had yet to take the dog-fur coats off the racks of his Fifth Avenue flagship store:

Combs promised the Humane Society on Friday that the winter jacket adorned with the fur of the canine species known as raccoon-dog was being pulled from his Sean John line, and vowed that, in the future, the garment would be made with faux fur only.

“I was completely unaware of the nature of this material, but as soon as we were alerted, the garments were pulled off the Macy’s floor and Web site,” Combs said in a statement through his publicist, Hampton Carney.

“I have instructed our outerwear licensee [G-III Apparel] to cease the production of any garments using this material immediately.”

But the $280 snorkel coats were still on display in the windows and on the racks at his Fifth Avenue flagship.

And the coats were still erroneously labeled as made with raccoon fur – not that of the strange-looking dog.

Macy’s did pull the coats from its stores and Web site. The retailer had compounded the controversy by erroneously tagging the coats as containing “faux” fur.

Even Combs’ store employees were confused, first saying the fur was coyote, then rabbit.

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What’s next Diddy, kitten-trim earmuffs?

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  • Brittani Levesque says:

    cold hearted.

  • LuAnne says:

    who cares if Doloris offended the chinesemaybe if they got off their asses and did something about the way they treat animalsmaybe people like Doloris and myself would have a higher opinion of the chinese.but then what do you want from a country that sells lead tainted products.

  • doodle says:

    I feel that I have to rebuke this statement by Dolores “The Chinese have no regard for animal welfare nor do they have animal welfare laws…I hate China for everything it stands for and mostly for the way they treat animals it is absolutely horrific. ” Firstly by saying “the chinese have no regard for animal welfare nor do they have animal welfare laws” you have just offended close to 1.37 billion people. This is absoulutely untrue. Chinese news reporters have conducted their own investigations into this matter and have published news articles about it in major beijing newspapers. A great majority of the chinese care greatly about this terrible business. While the brutal slaughtering of animals for fur in China is very real I think is unnecessary however to label the entire Chinese population as the culprits. One cannot blame the situation entirely on China. Additionally it might help to know that the small minority of the chinese who are doing this are struggling to keep their family fed. I suggest one to look at all sides of the issue before labeling the fault at one particular group. It may also help to know that 80 percent of the fur exports from china are destined for the USA Europeand Japan. The reason these markets are set up in the first place is because of the demand from consumers in richer countries…and celebrities like Diddy here.

  • G says:

    Puff Daddy I love the fur coat….keep it up

  • Steven Rettke says:

    I would have to agree these stars only care about trying to impress. One day we will have laws on the books that prevent any type of torture. I can’t believe these stars. They don’t even know they have a line of clothes some of them until they are addressed by the media with concerns about their clothing. Also the whole name thing my parents were in LA a year ago at the Four Seasons they are retired and DIDDY had the nerve to say he wanted their table my parents said get real dude we paid for our hotel room here and we are eating here move on thus he had to sit somewhere else. Your money is not any better than anyone elses.

  • Adrian says:

    PDiddy. Ive never liked him nor his music. bNOW I KNOW WHYb What a jackass.

  • Nicola Grobe says:

    Hello Elizabeth thank you for caring so much about animals. Thank you for telling about the website I will look at it today. I feel exactly like you Amber and Dolores and all the wonderful PETA members. I wrote a number of letters to the Chinese government in regards to the dog beating. It makes me feel like I’m broken in the middle of my chest. Much love to all of you caring people. Nicola. RE Posted by Elizabeth December 28 2006 0230 PM

  • Blitz says:

    I’m against wearing fur and think it’s just stupid to kill an animal so you can have a trim on your hood. It’s also stupid how there are laws that protect only certain animals.

  • Marcia Hodge says:

    Diddy to me has no talent I never like the thing he calls music but now this….if I ever respected the man…now he is nothing but garbage to me

  • Elizabeth says:

    To Amber I hear what you are saying but actually the dog fur comes from China not the US. The Chinese have no regard for animal welfare nor do they have animal welfare laws. Dog and cat fur is illegal in the US but is smuggled in because of the lack of label laws. If an item is under $150 they don’t have to label it or they can label it faux fur. I hate China for everything it stands for and mostly for the way they treat animals it is absolutely horrific. They recenlty beat to death tens of thousands of dogs peoples beloved pets because of a rabies scare. Makes me sick!!! Anyway just wanted to let you know that the dog and cat fur farms are not in the US but other fur farms are such as fox and raccoon. Someone needs to make all fur illegal worldwide. Depresses me every day that some people just don’t get it. Thanks for caring about the animals it seems you feel the same way I do. Be careful what you buy even though it says “faux fur” doesn’t mean it is. Go to to find out how to tell real fur from fake.

  • Dolores G. Llamas says:

    Is there some way that the video in the previous blog can be sent to Diddy? And to Beyonc? And to Nicole? And to Paris? And to everyone else with no regard to the torture animals endure when they are repeatedly bludgeoned and their skin is peeled off of their poor bloody bodies?

  • Amber says:

    You know people sit there and complain about the chinease eating cats and dogs well that’s the direction we’re headed. I mean come on as if other animal fur isn’t bad enough dog? that’s all i can say.