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‘Unthink KFC’ for Good

Written by PETA | May 6, 2009

You may have heard that hideous fast-food bird abuser KFC is currently doing its darnedest to promote itself as an icon of healthy eating. ROTFL!!

It’s started grilling dead birds, as opposed to frying them, and so it’s encouraging people to “unthink what you thought about KFC.”

I can only assume that it’s referring to our thoughts about how unhealthy KFC is—which, admittedly, is one of the things I think about KFC. Of course, I mostly think about its awful animal welfare record, which it doesn’t appear to be asking us to “unthink.” (Possibly because, well, it’s still awful.)

Give me a break, KFC. You can put a shiny “Healthy!” sticker on it all you want, but cholesterol-filled, artery-clogging flesh is still unhealthy, whether you fry it or grill it—and grilled chicken has been shown to contain carcinogens. I think I’ll pass on the three-piece breast and thigh meal with an increased cancer risk on the side. Thanks anyway.

I can think of a better response to KFC’s new grilled chicken—how about we grill KFC? Click here to write to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and ask it to investigate KFC’s false animal welfare claims.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Ellen says:

    KFC still doesn’t care your eating meats filled with chemicals that are released when tortured traumatized. If you don’t think your body can be “effected” by eating tortured traumatized meats then it is apparent you already have brain damage. For those protesting KFC protest the whole company which is YUM! brands. These include the companies AW Long John Silvers Pizza Hut and Yum restaurants!! If we allow companies to sell us tortured animals for consumption then they will take it a step further and feed us animals filled with chemicals oh wait! they already do!! Well then all that is left for you folks to allow these companies to do is collect roadkill for your FAST food meal…mouth watering huh!

  • tazzie says:

    hi why is oprah promoting them? anf not alll of us know the truth. im only 10 but me and my m8ts are trying to stop him so w here going to do a play so that people know the truth

  • T.J. Marian says:

    idk why you guys are blaming KFC for this all they do is buy the chicken and cook it its their suppliers like Marshal Durbin that you should target not them

  • Edison Li says:

    The beginning of second Holocaust. Fowl War I. So far 848000000 times 85 chickens have perished under a ruthless man. The colernal.

  • brandi says:

    KFC is cruel to chickens and there food is also is nasty and unhealthy..

  • C T says:

    This is a Holocaust of a new kind… instead of people it’s poor innnocent defenseless animals

  • chiranjit karar says:

    these unethical corporates are curse for humanity.

  • Gabriele Wood says:

    I think celebrities sometimes don’t realize it but they are being tricked. They should confer with many before making commitments or taking large sums of money for advertising something and putting themselves on the line to be thought of as ignorant. They can always apologize though.

  • amanda m says:

    your comments wd be more effective if you focussed on the fact that kfc uses factory farming and in humane methods of killing chickens rather than decrying the ‘bad’ effects of chicken meat. many people still eat chicken and it is far healthier for a human than is eating red meat. The point is not to coerce or guilt trip people about eating meat if they change it will come about through the positive not the negative. The point IS about stopping cruel factoryfarming and inhumane slaughter methods. Yes of course if people were all vegetarians the problem wouldnt exist but that isnt so right now and isnt likely to occur overnightso lets get our priorities straight.

  • Audrey Dwyer says:

    I agree…what the hell was Oprah thinking!??!?!?!? I thought she was a PETA member? I went to her website and sent an email saying such letting her know how disappointed that she would promote this and informed her on what they do to these poor helpless animalsetc and that there is another way that PETA and members are trying to promote i.e. CAK!

  • John Graham says:

    What on earth is Oprah doing??? Boosting her already bulging bank balance of course.

  • D.B. says:

    I work at a Kentucky Fried Chicken and while I am currently a meateater sorry! I really wish I could go veg. but it’ll take time I agree that there is something very wrong with the preparation of the chicken. I have often noticed feathers still attached to the chicken meat and I hate serving it to people. But it was the easiest place to get my first job. I’m regretting it now.

  • Netanya says:

    Why hasn’t PETA helped we lone animal advocates in telling Oprah what a thoughtless idiotic thing she did or is the woman a xxxing hypocrite who doesn’t give a xxxxx I think shes a hypocrite and an idiot.

  • d says:

    Oprah you lost me as a fan. Shame on U for supporting KFC and the way they treat their animals cruelly. You lost my vote and you lost my respect…. D

  • Teri says:

    I have concluded that American’s don’t care about suffering when it comes to nasty dead animal flesh. They prefer to just order it to go in a styrafoam box and start shoveling it in their face before they are even out of the drivethrough. It’s like they have an addiction or something!!!

  • Patrice Snook says:

    Oprah needs to be informed and educated i trust if she what really happens to these poor chickens she would be sickened and embarrased. Somebody help a sister out. Snook

  • Alvin Tree says:

    Don’t you think grilling is healthier than deep fat frying? I think it is. And THAT is all this is about. One baby step. Sorry Oprah couldn’t correct all your concerns in one big swoop. Yes this is actually a positive thing. If you can’t see that then you are an agendafeeding overactive fanatic. Push your animal agenda. I agree that needs to be addressed. But that is not what this was about. Oh..and I’m sure removing the skin will be another step. Yes. But that is the next baby step!

  • Toni Miles says:

    I sent the following email to Oprah via her website. I hope people really point out her hypocrisy in giving out coupons for KFC while claiming to love animals. I do not eat meat but tried to make my email be one that would appeal to even those who are unenlightened carnivors. Here it is “I wish Oprah had given out coupons for Chipotle Grill instead of KFC. Chipotle is working hard to serve what they call “Food with Integrity” whether it’s produce or meat. I am hopeful they will soon open one in my town. They seem to be trying hard to help ensure that market animals are raised and slaughtered humanely and don’t advocate the huge factory farms that are cruel to animals and create unsanitary and often diseased foods. For some people chickens are petsjust like dogs and cats. At the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glenn NY we met poultry critters who were quite friendly and amazing and knew their names just like a dog or cat does. If dogs and cats were food sources in our country we’d be appalled at the conditions of factory farms and slaughter houses. I hope the future for market animals will be more humane than it currently is. It would be great if Oprah would encourage thisjust as she discouraged Puppy Mills. Kindness for Animals shouldn’t be contingent on species especially since humankind basically has dominion and control over them all. This dominion comes with responsibilities to them all.”

  • Jessie says:

    Ok.. Is anyone else as upset as I am that Oprah of all people is supporting such an aweful place? Her recent “giveaway” only caused millions of already suffering birds to die. And I am sure that KFC geared up productions in anticipation for Oprah’s big give away. I really thought that Oprah of all people would have been more sympathetic to PETA and the millions of vegetarians all over who watch her show. What’s next? Is she coming out on the show Monday wearing a baby seal outfit?

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    For those of us lucky enough to live in Santa Ana Or Orange California the KFC’s in these cities are not accepting the coupons at least as of yesterday. My reaction was “That’s okay I don’t like the way the suppliers treat your chickens anyway and since the only way I’d ever eat here is free you won’t be seeing me again.” My husband heard that KFC is giving out “rain checks” and wants me to call today to see about getting some…I don’t think I’ll do this but if he wants to I can’t stop him. He knows how I feel.

  • Courtney says:

    I am shocked that Oprah even promoted this…actually made me sick when I saw it. It is sad when money wins out over innocent animals who didn’t ask to be born just to become a KFC meal.

  • SYLVER-CLOVE says:

    oprahs a could she after all that talk about how inhumane a puppy mill wasshe gose and pulls this crap! And as for KFC i hope you rot in heck you scum.

  • Caleb says:

    I’m sorry but even though you may think it’s inhumane there is a reason that these animals have been put on earth. to eat. how can you “humanely” kill an animal?

  • Angela says:

    I haven’t eaten at KFC for a few years now since my kids and I got food poisoning from there once. I took the leftover chicken back and got my money back and haven’t been back since. We got really sick and had to go to the doctor.

  • Matt says:

    As far as I know… most of the recipients of the KFC freemealdeal were stable workingclass families that saw an opportunity and seized it. If Oprah thought her donation was going to help needy families perhaps she should have purchased home computers for all of America… then offer the online coupons.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I’m very upset to see some prominent Food Network stars in the KFC commercials. I thought they would know better!!

  • Donna says:

    KFC is a division of YUM! Brands Inc. which ALSO owns Long John Silvers and Wing Street. Are these restaurants equally evil in regard to animal welfare???

  • Tom says:

    While KFC’s grilled chicken may not be the healthiest options it was a help to many poor people who have nothing to eat to be able to print a coupon from the local public library computer lab and get at least one free filling meal.

  • Steve says:

    You can thank Oprah your person of the year for all this great KFC free food!

  • Andrew Gomez says:

    OPRAH! What were you thinking i cannot believe you would promote something so inhumane. And even after your Puppy Mill episode. I’m still a big fan but come on.

  • Angela says:

    KFC is gross anyway. Everyone should just stop eating it.

  • Robert Vasquez says:

    KFC needs to be outlawed because it continues to harm chickens inhumanely and maliciously. Please do not eat at KFC. All animals are God’s creatures and should be treated equally just like humans. Any type of torture is inhumane and should be discontinued. All living breathing creatures are God’s and should be treaetd with love and human care. Have a heart Robert and Norma Vasquez

  • Bry says:

    Hahahahaha!! The ‘grilling’ thing is so… XD I thought it’s dumb of them. Their still that chicken cruelty place is still torturing the chickens. KENTUCKY FRIED CRAP

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I know years ago Oprah used to give fur coats to her friends as gifts. Does anyone know if she still wears fur?

  • Susan Thorne says:

    I agree….why did Oprah promote KFC? She did a show about the horrors of puppy mills. She also did a show about how the farm animals were kept in such small confined areas and asked that California vote to change how they were housed. How could she have anything to do with KFC????

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Hellish and cruel Kentuckey Fried Chicken is the antithesis of the peaceful and vegan Garden Of Eden.

  • Johana says:

    I can not believe that Oprah is promoting KFC. She recently tried to go vegan for health issues. I think we should bombard her website and let her know the truth behind KFC!

  • Gina says:

    Only a dummy would fall for that…anyone who thinks eating dead animal carcasses is healthy is….STUPID!

  • Carey Bear says:

    I keep thinking how did this get by Oprah? I want to believe that she didn’t know the truth behind KFC. PETA needs to respond quickly to this. Oprah was PETA’s 2008 person of the year. She’s done a lot of good for animals. She even went vegan for 30 days! What the animals need now is for Oprah to remember her commitment to “conscious eating.”

  • Sammi says:

    I totally agree. I may not be a vegetarian but I do know that KFC is ridiculous and I’m furious at Oprah for supporting it. Maybe she doesn’t know? I hope she just realizes it and does a show about their cruelty. She’d definitely make a big impact.

  • Ellsbeth says:

    I say the same. Boil it of course KFC does that while they’re alive grill it either way YOU INHUMANELY KILLED IT!!!!

  • carla says:

    KFC is discusting!!!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Yeah my husband already has the coupons all excited that he is getting a free meal…meanwhile I will be standing outside the restraunt wearing one of my AntiKFC getups and hoping to start another AntiKFC conversation with him when we get home. Maybe PETA should sent Oprah a copy of “Meat Your Meat” or my personal favorite “A Cow At My Table.”

  • Rose Elysabeth Myres says:

    Oprah should give Equal Time to Animal Rights groups! Carnivores aren’t the only people who are hungryshe couldn’t think of allowing a free salad of equal value from a vendor PETA recognizes as a responsible company? Being an “animal lover” herself I feel she’s blundered a golden opportunity to call KFC on their meat procurement tactics.

  • brandie says:

    You can cover a turd in gold but it’s still a turd. KFC Kentuky Fried Crap

  • MeL says:

    What the Hell was Oprah thinking? She did a whole thng on puppy mills and exposed how awul they were…and here she is promoting KFC chicken?! I think she needs to evaluate her compassion level and see what KFC does to their chickens…cuz we all know!

  • kitty says:

    I think that it’s horrible that Oprah is promoting it! Out of all people!

  • Renee Nester says:

    Thanks to Oprah for promoting a free meal they’re going to be even more popular. Why didn’t she tell the true story behind their practices?