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Vet Quits Over Animal Care Concerns

Written by PETA | December 17, 2010

Conditions for animals who were tormented in experiments at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW-Madison)—where sheep were abused and killed in cruel and illegal decompression experiments, among other horrors—are apparently so bad that they have prompted one of the university’s own veterinarians, Richard “Jim” Brown, to call it quits over animal welfare concerns.

Some of the issues Brown complained about included that pigs were transported in an open pickup truck during the bitter cold of winter, rats and mice died after being deprived of food and water, and insects were flying around in a room in which a primate was undergoing surgery, creating unsanitary conditions. Brown’s complaints were apparently met with contempt, and he says that he faced reprisals for speaking up for animals.

These allegations aren’t surprising, considering UW-Madison’s sordid history of Animal Welfare Act violations and its refusal to release information related to the university’s invasive and deadly taxpayer-funded eye-movement experiments on monkeys and cats. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently investigating UW-Madison for its ongoing failure to comply with federal animal welfare laws.

Will the loss of one of its own prompt UW-Madison to clean up its act? We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, let’s continue to speak up for the countless animals who are suffering in laboratories at UW-Madison and on college campuses across the country.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Don Lipmanson says:

    Appreciate PETA’s involvement with Dr. Brown; it is precisely this mobilizing of people and resources by PETA that precipitates the reforms we animal rights advocates are looking for.

  • Brenda says:

    Thank You Dr. Brown for standing up for the animals!! Glad I read this I was thinking about bringing a new kitten to this clinic to be spayed and declawed. No thank you. I will not support them after reading this. THANKS AGAIN !!!

  • Jim Brown says:

    Seriously, folks. Copy this article, the link, whatever, and forward to your representatives in DC. The University of Wisconsin-Madison alone gets a billion – that’s with a B – dollars every year to support this madness. And that money comes out of your paycheck. You are paying for this. No matter what our opinions are regarding animal rights, we’re all tax payers and don’t want our money wasted. Stop the funding, we can stop the abuse, the corruption and the waste. And it starts with a letter to your representative requesting an investigation.

  • Carla* says:

    Jim Brown, thanks for commenting and your commitment for what you believe in!! You are a hero to those animals!! God bless you and you’re an inspiration to do my part.

  • Jim Brown says:

    After 5 years of trying to ‘fix’ the horrible situation in Wisconsin, I realized that the system was too corrupt. The only way to stop this nonsense is to cut off the money. I’ve contacted with my congressional representatives – have you? In the meantime, there are an awful lot of cats and dogs that need attention at local rescues – this poor economy is no excuse for inaction, and I’m keeping very busy!

  • Ken Dalrymple says:

    I want this stopped Immediately.  I am about to Stop paying taxes altogether as our monies are Not going where they should, and Obviously Archaic and Non-sensical experiments are continuing and there Better be some people facing charges and Real jail time over this.  Enough is enough.  

  • Tricia says:

    Cheers to this courageous vet! It takes guts to quit a job in this economy. I hope those sadists who torture animals rot in hell. And to think that they claim they “love” the animals that they work with.

  • mary green says:

    We just need more people in the world like Jim Brown … people who will stand up for right…. THANK YOU JIM BROWN