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University of Utah Update: Lawsuit and New Video

Written by PETA | January 12, 2010

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated the promised release of Robert—the tabby who was purchased by the University of Utah (the U) for $15 from the Davis County Animal Shelter and used in a cruel experiment in which his skull was cut open and electrodes were implanted in his brain. Robert has been adopted into a new home, but the majority of the 105 dogs and cats who were purchased from Davis County Animal Control last year remain caged in the U’s labs and won’t be given the same chance.

In the two months since we first released footage of our undercover investigation inside the U, PETA has repeatedly attempted to obtain documents related to the purchase of animals like Robert, but county officials have failed to cooperate, in what appears to be a violation of the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act. So this morning, PETA filed a lawsuit against the county demanding access to these documents, which will shed more light on Davis County’s betrayal of both animals and community members who are unaware that the beloved companions they surrender may be mutilated and killed in laboratories.


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Today, PETA is also launching a new video called “Betrayal of Trust,” which reveals the plight of some of the dogs and cats whom the U purchased from local animal shelters for its cruel and deadly experiments. The video contains footage from inside the Davis County Animal Shelter and the U’s animal laboratories, including a clip of Lady, a friendly German shepherd whom the U purchased from the shelter for $20. Experimenters cut open her neck and implanted a medical device for a heart experiment. At the end of the experiment, Lady will be killed and “go to the dump,” as one vet tech in our new video explains.

PETA’s working overtime to ensure that shelter animals will no longer be betrayed by Davis County and the University of Utah. Please take just a few moments to help by contacting the school and demanding an end to this shameful practice.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • M. Williams says:

    This is for all admin staff, instructors & students who so callously inflict horrendous pain & suffering upon innocent & defenseless animals; support it; and take A “blind eye” for such egregious acts of physical & emotional cruelties all in the name of research & science, & BRAGGING RIGHTS SO YOU CAN PUT YOUR NAME & THE SCHOOL NAME IN SOME ACADEMIC JOURNEL,OR WHATEVER YOU MUST DO TO GET YOURSELF PUBLISHED. Well it is a bunch of academic crap for no philanthropic or compassionate reasons. It’s about what is in it for me. UNSCRUPULOUS–SHAME ON YOU ALL. SHAME ON YOU ALL FOR BEING SUCH HYPOCRITES. If any of you are religious, ESPECIALLY SHAME ON YOU ALL for what you do God’s innocent creatures & that part of the bible that mentions dominion overall–THIS WAS WRITTEN BY MEN NOT GOD (CREATOR.) It is bad enough to inflict misery on the adult animals, but how dare you do such horror to the babies, especially newborns, who have no way to defend themselves or escape their horrendous plight. How dare you take small kittens from their mother & inject their brains with chemicals for them to suffer & die. For educated people, this is absolute barbarism & extreme inhumane treatment of these animals. I wonder if, those of you with family, you would be willing to volunteer human babies & justify what you do in these lab experiments. I do NOT care what the research is, the use of animals is just NOT right or necessary any longer with the advancements in computer technology to run your model experiments. If any of these research projects are to predict, correlate, “guestimate”, conclude, purport, etc., application to human biology, I know that the results obtained from animal experiments are NOT reliable because though we -all mammals- share genetic DNA, their systems are NOT like our own. I also suspect that the name you or whoever are trying to make for yourselves at VERY PAINFUL & FATAL EXPENSES of innocent animals is “criminal” on so many levels – bragging rights as it were, & then those huge research grants for your department & the school, must be making the the head of the university real happy – why? MORE MONEY TO PAY YOUR FAT SALARIES, YOUR HIGH DOLLAR ACADEMIA LIFESTYLE & WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE. SHAME ON YOU ALL & YOU ARROGANCE. Best say some prayers now & hope you are not caught on the receiving end of what you force these beautiful & innocent animals to have to endure.

  • Gloria Ulmer says:

    Animal cruelty like this should not be tolerated. For scientific experimental purposes there are other means that are not beings. If the University of Utah does not cooperate the best is awareness and media attention.

  • erin says:

    you people are monsters have you no feeling for living felling breathing beings ? what you are doing is horrible and very wrong and i hope are put to a stop soon.

  • Jade says:

    Sent an email and actually got a response.

  • Jackie says:

    It is unbelivable the won’t cooperate. Do you think sending them bags of our vomit in disgust at this might work? I guess you’d have to come up with trashbags with the PETA logo on them. On second thought I’m not sure if I could hurl on command for a protest. Actually that’s not healthy at all is

  • carla says:

    Email sent along with my OWN not so kind words for these monsters!

  • sheela says:

    Plz PETA DONT STOP and keep up please dp and also please let us know which other states do this give animals to science madness. Please dont stop until you get all the cats at least out of there ! HUGS and prayers for success

  • Morgan L says:

    im glad they released poor robert but they still havent done enough. what’s up with big business’s thinking they can break laws and ruin the lives of creaturs that cant defend them selfs? im glad we stopped talking and took some action. can we sue the university too?

  • Ana Becerra says:

    Give me a break people… Rather than writing useless messages of sadness and disgust toward these people call the cops and call the ASPCA… ANIMAL CRUELTY IS ILLEGAL IN TTHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The cops would take them in jiffy and those found guilty would be jailed. If you really want to do something rather than whine on message boards call the ASPCA and the OHIO police department to investigate animal cruelty…

  • Hope Wygand says:

    Where is the link to contact the school? This is wrong and disturbing! People are so cruel!l

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The University of Utah has no shame or compunction in reference to crimes against God’s creatures. Did they ever hear about creation care.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    the reason they don’t want the media all up in their business is because they know what they are doing in wrong and they don’t want to be caught with the blood of helpless animals on their hands! They need to swallow what’s left of their pride and expose exactly what they are doing to the rest of the world and fix it!

  • Kelley says:

    I do not believe a word they say. Do we have confirmation Robert is in a real home with people who care about him?

  • Mary Strant says:

    Isn’t Minnesota that only other state in the country that allows the same practice as Utah? Namely if your pet is not microchipped and pickedup as a stray a family cat or dog can be sold for medical science. Perhaps as effort needs to be made to stop both states from this barbaic practice. thanks for all you do.

  • Saucy says:

    Animal Rights Now! What is happening to education in this country? What a disgrace. What’s the lesson? How to violate life. How to have to no respect for other living creatures. Life is cheap. We are in big trouble in this country when our institutions of higher learning are low life animal abusers without a moral compass.

  • Chris says:

    Figures they won’t cooperate. They know what they are doing is wrong and they just don’t want to deal with the public outcry. I hope Karma bites them in the butt.

  • Aneliese says:

    Unbelievable that they won’t even cooperate. Email sent.