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University Must Return $1.4 Million

Written by PETA | April 30, 2009


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Hold onto your hats, folks. The University of Michigan has been forced to pay back $1.4 million (yes, that’s with seven digits) after it “accidentally” used federal grant money for experiments on animals that it continued long after its approval had lapsed.

The massive refund came to light after PETA filed a Freedom of Information Act request and uncovered documents indicating that U-M had violated federal regulations and guidelines on numerous occasions, including allowing animals to die from starvation and dehydration, performing unauthorized surgeries, and “inadvertently” throwing dozens of animals into a trash compactor.

One U-M experimenter injected a rabbit with an unauthorized anesthetic, which meant that the rabbit had to be euthanized after suffering necrosis of ear tissue and trauma to the eye. In another incident, half a dozen animals died when the chamber in which their cages had been placed caught fire. Some of the animals died of smoke inhalation, while others drowned as their cages filled with water from the sprinkler system.

Most importantly costly, as it turned out, U-M was charging the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the care of animals who were no longer enrolled in approved experiments. In a March 2007 internal investigation ordered by NIH, U-M determined that over a period of six months, there were 33 incidents in which experimenters continued to test on animals even though the experiments did not have the required approval from the oversight committee.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when the folks who are supposed to implement universities’ so-called “animal care and use programs” just … well … don’t, and when big, bloated bureaucracies like NIH—which gave U-M $423.2 million in 2008 alone—throw money at guys in white lab coats without bothering to check and see what they’re actually doing with it.

We’re now calling on NIH revoke the University of Michigan’s “assurance,” which allows U-M to receive federal funding to perform experiments on animals. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • 4mula1 says:

    im from michigan you know. there all big hunters ten nugents a hero michigan is 1 in cruelty not just unemployment i say fight cruelty. buy foregin!.. put em all out of work! sick cruel people

  • marjee diambrose says:

    It is so disturbing to know that some human beings can find so much pleasure in pain. To inflict such torture on defenseless trusting and innocent creatures. Even to make certain their cries of agony can be silenced by cutting their vocal cords. I can only imagine the agony that they endure day after day. The only relief can come from death. We can only keep being their voices and never turn our backs we have to do whatever it takes to free all god’s precious creatures.

  • Vegetariansmakebetterlovers says:

    stifles giggleDiane it wasn’t AAG it was Grant that was being a butt here. Whoever posted their name goes below their post. Yet I agree with you! And as Mike Quinoa said how WOULD this raise your tuition? Because government lost trust in universities so they’ll stop funding them by making you pay more? wel that’s a logical explination but thankfully it shouldn’t happen. I hope the University of Minnesota doesn’t pull any stunts like this because I want to go there and they better be trustworthy…paranoiud eyeshift

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great spade work PETA. You gotta love the FOIA. Grant Why would this raise your tuition?

  • Saucy says:

    Good work PETA. Hit them where it hurts in the pocketbook. Money is the only thing the greedy understand.

  • Diane says:

    Shame on you AAG. I must add very selfish! You’d prefer to see cruel animal treatment in order to protect your pocket. You’re just as bad as the rest of these guys at UM.

  • Margarita says:

    These is one of the best news that one can expect to hear an university being held accountable for their misuse of funds and torture to animals.

  • Grant says:

    Thanks Peta for raising our college tuition cost. I am sure the thousands of college students struggling to pay for school will be happy to know what you have done.

  • AAG says:

    Poor lovely innocent tortured animals!!! RIP!

  • jess says:


  • Meg says:

    That’s disgusting. Not that I’d ever go there anyways it’s just another reason not to. I can’t think of a better way to NOT get the best and brightest students from around the world than promoting unethical unnecassary animals crulety ie “testing” andor “disection”.

  • kelly says:

    The university system is FILLED with cheats and liars like these researchers who are breaking laws and stealing money. I wish that there were more STUDENTS with ethics who were whistleblowers. No matter how many degrees they have too many university people are white collar criminals.

  • Chris says:

    I live in the Ann Arbor area. The University of Michigan certainly holds high credibility in academics and it’s a shame that they insist on continuing these practices. It’s an embarrassment.

  • Jaquie says:

    If there was no money involved we would not hear about this story. There seems to be little or no regulations regarding animal testing you just have to read the story about the Korean scientist who created a glow in the dark beagle dog how many dogs did he torture and kill before he got his result and you have to ask why on earth was he allowed to do this.

  • sheri says:

    I cant believe in the united States we have such cruel heartless people who get paid millions of dollars and they torture beautiful animals!! Its ungodly! How would they like it if it were them! I am an Esthetitian skin care and I know these experiments are sensless most of the products made now are herbal and organic for skin and hair I have worked in the skin care industry for 19 years and I know for a fact we dont need to test on animals! I will stand up for animals till the day I die I love them God gave them to us and it wasnt to beat them and torture them! Even in the old testament in Proverbs it tells about a good man taking care of his beast.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    You know we live in a fallen world when famous Universities encourage students to torture maim and kill animals for ineffectual purposes.