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Universal Disdain and Outrage at UniverSoul Circus

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | August 12, 2014

Based on a veterinarian’s assessment stating that an elephant traveling with UniverSoul Circus is suffering from apparent painful lameness, likely caused by arthritis, PETA sent an urgent letter asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to investigate the circus and to ensure that no injured or lame animal is forced to perform. The expert, who reviewed video footage of a recent UniverSoul performance, concluded that the elephant’s severely limited motion in her rear limbs is indicative of serious arthritic and degenerative joint disease.

The duo providing this circus with elephants, Jorge and Louann Barreda, have a history of failing to provide adequate veterinary care to ailing elephants: In December, they were cited for failing to give veterinary care to an elephant who had a swollen area on her face that was secreting a heavy discharge. And two weeks ago, PETA sent the USDA an urgent complaint regarding another elephant traveling with UniverSoul who was apparently suffering from a large lump on her back.

What You Can Do

Ask the USDA to seize the Barredas’ ailing elephants.

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  • This whole circus crap is cruel and vicious!!! All these animals need to be rescued ASAP!!! I want to know along with other supporters is Nosey going to be?? This poor elephant needs our help immediately! Please can you tell me what is the next State Nosey will be going to so we can protest!!??

  • Jane Riva says:

    I cannot believe that people still visit circuses with animals in. Surely these people must know of the cruelty that goes on. They must have no feelings whats so ever

  • Homa says:

    USDA please to seize the Barredas’ ailing elephants.